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Computer Training For Autistic Adults

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New Job-Training Program Created for Autistic Adults

According to Autism Speaks, up to 9 out of 10 adults with autism over age 21 are unemployed or underemployed. In todays society, students with autism spectrum disorder are still confronted with bias, prejudice, and lack of opportunities. Less than half of students with disabilities graduate from high school and even fewer are privy to meaningful jobs. Unemployment rates are extraordinarily high for adults with autism and yet there are few training programs for young students geared to this population.

According to a November 2015 article from The Hechinger Report, a growing group of educators see technology work as an ideal field for some adults with autism and hope that tech can provide a career path and a means to financial security. At the same time, employers are beginning to see advantages to hiring people with autism, many of whom have strengths that lend themselves to working well with technology, such as being able to stay focused for long periods of time and to perform repetitive tasks with accuracy.

Dr. Patricia Evans, a neurologist at Childrens Medical Center in Dallas, says people on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum often have an amazing ability to hyper-focus on a task.

They may really flourish at engineering-type tasks or computer design, where their interaction with people is somewhat limited, Evans says.

How Do I Access The Program

To register your interest in our Social Digital Enterprise Program , please complete the Expression of Interest Groups Programs form below, selecting Social Digital Enterprise Program in the options.

Autism SA is accredited and registered as a provider through the National Disability Insurance Agency . This means that you can pay for services at Autism SA with your NDIS funding, or you may pay yourself, through fee for service.

Autism Awareness Training Course

10% discount on 10+ courses 20% discount on 50+ courses

This introductory course is designed for anyone wishing to understand more about autism. It is suitable for anyone who supports autistic children, young people, and adults in a variety of contexts. It explores what autism is, and looks at the concepts of neurodiversity and the autism spectrum, as well as addressing some common misconceptions.

Youll learn that autistic individuals share common areas of difference, but will have their own profile of strengths and challenges. The course explores how those areas of difference might impact an individual. It will make you aware of the importance of understanding autism and give you knowledge of the diagnostic process. You will also learn how to provide effective, individualised support and benefit from practical supportive strategies. The course utilises ‘Choose Your Path’ opportunities to tailor your learning according to the context in which you are supporting autistic people.

  • Appraised by neurodivergent advocate and trainer, Tigger Pritchard
  • Developed by education professionals
  • Fully online course and assessment with no time limits
  • Approximate duration: 3 hours
  • On completion, certificate is posted the next working day

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Computer Games Could Boost Social Skills In People With Autism

Alla KatsnelsonSpectrumGame time:

Playing games designed to hone the ability to intuit others thoughts and feelings increases activity in regions of the social brain.

The unpublished results, presented yesterday at the 2019 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois, suggest that the games could help autistic people.

There is some evidence to support this hope: The same games improve theory of mind the ability to infer others thoughts and feelings in people with schizophrenia, according to work the team plans to present tomorrow. Like autistic people, people with schizophrenia struggle with theory of mind.

Computerized training programs exist for improving learning and memory, though their benefits for autistic people are unclear. This is the first program designed to improve multiple aspects of social cognition, says Kristen Haut, assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Rush University in Chicago, who presented the findings.

Haut and her colleagues scanned the brains of 51 typical adults as they read short narratives that described a persons thoughts, feelings or appearance along with something the person did. The participants then answered a question about whether the persons actions made sense, requiring them to understand the persons thoughts or feelings.

Expeditions In The Field

Microsoft partners with Autism Spectrum Australia to launch free Autism ...

The program is involving the students in events or expeditions to businesses and start-ups, such as the following:

  • Curriculum and Community Enterprise for Restoration Science Collaboratory in STEM
  • IBM ThinkLab Tour and Quantum and Watson Workshops and
  • Leadership in Technology Series: JPMorganChase Workshops.

The students are intimately learning more of the perspectives of scientists and technologists, and of the technological trends , than they are learning in the courses and the seminars, increasing their marketability in STEM.

These expeditions are generally held quarterly in the school.

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Where To Find Software Development Jobs:

There are many well-known platforms:

  • You can find jobs on Glassdoor, and in addition, see what current and past employees say about the employer, see example interview questions and even learn about the salaries for a specific role you are interested in.

  • AngelList is another website in which many startups and tech companies post jobs. You can find many remote jobs as well. The site serves more startups than big tech companies.

  • is a huge career/professional-oriented social network in which many jobs are posted.

  • I sometimes post autistic-friendly jobs for developers on Spectroomz Job Board.

  • Stackoverflow is the Wikipedia for developers and they post many jobs.

  • There are different platforms you can find remote freelancing jobs as a software developer, but if you are just starting its less likely youll find a full-time remote position. If you insist on working remotely as a freelancer you can find different projects on Upwork and build yourself there.


In addition, if you learn or know how to code you can also work as a Quality Assurance tester which is basically a relatively repetitive role of searching bugs and problems in a code other developers wrote.

QA has been mentioned as a good job for people with autism and Aspergers because of its low stress and repetitive nature. You can find these types of roles on the same websites I mentioned above and there are online courses for that as well. Here is an example of one course, but Im sure there are more.

Nxt Gen Coders Program Powered By Gamestop

In an effort to encourage the development of programs that teach digital skills to people across the autism spectrum, Autism Speaks and GameStop have teamed up to create the NXT GEN Coders Program. Powered by GameStop and administered by Autism Speaks, the grant will support programs to teach people with autism of all ages critical coding and computer programming skills. Applicants must be established organizations that offer coding and/or computer programming. Grant funding may go towards scholarship assistance for program participation to those in financial need and/or program enhancements to meet the needs of the participants with autism. Grants are up to $25,000.

Requirements to apply are the following:

  • You must be an established organization, with staff, infrastructure and a physical location that offers coding and/or computer programming.
  • You must have trained staff leading the program, or have a specific plan to acquire and/or train additional staff to work with participants with autism.
  • You must have a plan in place for sustainability of your program as well as follow up with graduates of your program.
  • Status: Open until August 31! APPLY HERE!

    Note: Recipients will be announced in November.

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    Great Jobs For Autistic People In A Huge Range Of Industries

    Jobs for autistic people are far more varied than you might realize. The stereotype of individuals who’ve been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder working alone in highly technical fields like information technology and engineering may hold true in some cases, but it doesn’t begin to cover all the job possibilities for people on the spectrum.

    In fact, what makes a job autism-friendly is usually more about the work environment than the career field. Generally speaking, the best jobs for autistic adults tend to be positions that:

    • Allow you to focus on one task at a time
    • Have clearly defined responsibilities and expectations
    • Emphasize quality and accuracy over speed
    • Involve some degree of structure and routine

    Fortunately, those conditions can be found in a wide range of different fields. People with autism have found success in writing, music, the visual and performing arts, accounting, law, finance, science, human services, and many other sectors.

    The information below describes more than 30 potential jobs for adults with autism across a variety of sectors. It also explains some basic facts about autism and explores the issues surrounding the use of terminology like “high-functioning autism” and “Asperger’s syndrome.” In addition, it highlights several strengths that are common among people on the spectrum and provides practical tips for how you can go about getting a job.

    Actor: $2188 Per Hour

    Autistic adults find jobs where attention to detail is key

    For some people with autism, becoming immersed in a role on stage or on screen can be deeply satisfying. In fact, well-known actors like Daryl Hannah and Anthony Hopkins have revealed that they have autism. You have to be able to memorize a script and repeat the same performance over and over again. Formal training can help you develop your craft.

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    Online Courses And Tutorials

    A variety of online courses and tutorials are available to families, support providers, life coaches and professionals who wish to deepen their knowledge or acquire credentials in supporting individuals with ASD and related conditions. Courses range from free introductory programs to professional development workshops to fee-based online courses that can lead to specialized certification. Some of these online providers offer courses specifically for individuals on the autism spectrum.

    The Autism Society

    This online course will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. The course covers the following areas:

    Introduction to the Autism Spectrum Overview of Treatment Options Transition to Adulthood What We Can Do Every Day

    At the end of the course you will be able to download a certificate of completion. The certificate is in PDF format and you will need Adobe Reader to open and/or print it. If you dont have Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can download it for free at .

    Ready to begin? Click here to begin the Autism 101 course. If you want information about autism and do not wish to take the course, visit our About Autism page.

    Autism Internet Modules, Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence

    NARPAAs e-Class: Electronic Curriculum for Learning Autism Specific Strategies

    Person Centered Planning Education Site, Cornell University, ILR School, Employment and Disability Institute

    Cal In Autism: Lessons For Design

    The majority of studies investigated for this review report on the use of programs created specifically for the research project and yet a minority provide any detail at all on the design process for those technologies. Poorly designed CAL may result in a lack of learning which unfairly suggests that CAL itself is a poor educational method and so it is essential to ensure highest quality in design. Opportunities to share good practice in design are lacking, for example in psychological journals publishing principally experimental studies.

    Should Autism Technology Be Autism Specific?

    The vast majority of papers included in this review report on the use of software which they have designed themselves for specific use with children with autism with only a handful of exceptions . Very few give any detail on the design process and how the final version described in the report was developed. Participatory design is considered to represent best practice when designing for any group outside the mainstream , including children or individuals with restricted communication abilities . In addition, good practice in design for autism should include consultation with parents and/or relevant professionals .

    Is Personalisation Important?

    What Content Should Be Included in Good CAL?

    How Should Rewards Be Delivered in CAL?

    How Should CAL Be Structured?

    Design Conclusions

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    Coding For Kids With Autism: The Ultimate Guide For Parents And Educators

    Computer programming, otherwise known as coding, has become a much discussed among families with autistic children.

    Many researchers and educational experts believe that there is a natural fit between many of the skills required for computer programming and some of the natural skills possessed by children on the spectrum.

    Computer programming, for example, requires strong math, logic skills, and spatial reasoning abilities, all categories in which many children with autism excel.

    In this guide, I will attempt to provide parents of autistic children answers to some of the most common questions weve encountered operating a successful kids coding school which has provided services to hundreds of children on the autism spectrum.

    I have also assembled a list of resources that I think will be helpful, including advice on academic approach, curriculum, kids coding languages, and other guidance.

    What Are The Benefits Of Coding For An Autistic Child

    #iStartSmart Computer Learning Center

    There are both advantages and disadvantages of the infiltration of computer technologies in the lives of modern children, but the benefits of computer science education cant be undervalued, especially for autistic kids. The following eight points highlight the advantages that computer programming can shine on any developers life, however their impact becomes a lot greater for those on the spectrum, since they may struggle with assimilating into society more than others without the disorder.

    1. Computer coding skills can help an autistic child land a job in tech.

    Computer coding is a crucial skill needed for building a career in the field of software development and other areas like big data analysis, engineering, and science. There is a very high demand for computer programmers in the world right now, and it will continue to grow in the next years.

    2. Possession of programming skills helps children on the Spectrum understand other types of modern technologies as well.

    Generally, users with established computer coding skills are faster at adopting and learning other digital technologies and sophisticated devices, making it beneficial for both their professional and personal life

    3. Computer coding improves problem-solving skills and logical thinking.

    There is plenty of research that suggests that learning different programming concepts helps in developing problem-solving skills and logical thinking.

    4. Computer coding can improve interpersonal skills.

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    Curriculum Recommendations For Older Kids: Text

    CodaKid Paid

    CodaKids All Access Kids Coding Subscription provides kids with hundreds of hours of award-winning student projects, ranging from Minecraft Modding with Java, Roblox Game Programming with Lua, Game Programming with JavaScript, 3D game Development with Unreal, and more.

    One unique feature of CodaKid is that it provides online mentoring support from a friendly team of teachers who answer questions and even do screen-share sessions with students.

    If your children are into Minecraft, CodaKids award-winning Mod Creation 1: The Adventure Begins will teach them how to create Minecraft Mods using the Java programming language.

    Swift Playgrounds

    Swift Playgrounds is a free app developed by Apple that teaches the Swift programming language. It requires no coding knowledge, and is an excellent free resource for students just starting out. Activities start with simple puzzles and then progress to more advanced playgrounds designed by Apple developers.


    Codecademy provides free coding courses including lesson plans to help teachers plan computer science classes. Exercises are performed in browser and have automatic accuracy checking. Codecademys strength is in teaching older students who are interested in text based languages. The closed platform approach prevents students from the actual experience of creating their own software, but it provides a well crafted curriculum map.

    Khan Academy

    Technology For Some The Perfect Fit

    Autistic adults, as with any people entering the workforce, need to find careers that align with their skills and interests, position them for success, and build self-esteem and confidence.

    One viable career path for people with ASD is the technology space. Some have found that technology can truly be the perfect career choice for autistic individuals who have a flair for all things computers. Furthermore, in this field there is often little need for social interaction, allowing the autistic adult to work independently with just a computer.

    Still, for the autistic adult to thrive and contribute value to a business or organization, the employer must understand these employees, the support they need to succeed, and the contributions they can make to their companies.

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    Information Security Analyst: $104k

    Keeping networks and data systems safe from viruses and hackers requires careful analysis and keen attention to detail, which may be strengths of yours. Information security analysts are responsible for identifying weaknesses that could result in security breaches and developing standards and policies to protect an organization’s data. Security-specific certifications can boost your employment potential.

    Tech Companies That Hire Autistic Adults

    Computer Brain Training for ADHD , ADHD in Adults

    Autism spectrum disorder makes life more challenging than for neurotypical people. ASD makes it harder to communicate, build relationships, and navigate social interactions without awkwardness. Autistic adults may also have a low threshold for sensory overload, inability to adapt to change, and difficulty with executive function, including managing time, planning, and organizing.

    People with ASD, however, also share some distinct advantages. According to the Centers for Disease Control , about half have average to above-average intelligence. They also may have superior attention to detail, focus, observation skills, ability to retain facts, in-depth knowledge in their areas of interest, respect for rules, and integrity.

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