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Sensory Mats For Autism

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Fidget Books And Busy Boards

Sensory Blankets for Kids with Autism

Sensory Activity Book

These fabric books contain several pages of items for fidgeting. The seller is in the Ukraine, working despite the war, and could use your support so they can survive and continue sewing these beautiful books and quilts.

Busy Board

These therapeutic busy boards are made in Ukraine and feature lots of activities to help with fine motor skills.

Fidget Board

These fidget boards feature lots of buttons, locks, and tools, and will appeal to kids and seniors who once worked in construction or technical jobs. The seller is based in the USA and can customize boards or build one just for you.

How Do Sensory Sensitive Toys Help Those With Autism

The use of sensory toys can be a great way to help those with autism spectrum disorders learn how to relax, focus and calm down. The different sounds or textures that these items provide will allow them time away from whatever is bothering him/her. Learning to use these toys can help your child learn how to play more naturally over time.

Toys that stimulate the senses are a great way for children with autism to engage and learn about their world. Using these types of playthings can help them focus better, calm down quickly when theyre excited or angry, relax more easily after an experience where things were scary/tense, etc. Sensory sensitive toys help develop imagination skills by creating new stories based on what was seen and heard .

Who Should Not Use A Fidget Blanket

Busy blankets may not be appropriate for children under 3, kids and adults with pica, and individuals with cognitive disabilities who tend to rip and tear fabric. Although most makers of sensory activity mats sew the items on securely, if your loved one is able to rip the ribbons or fabric, small objects such as beads could become a choking hazard. Weve included activity mats with a wide variety of attached items so you can find one that is safe for the person who needs it. We also recommend that you supervise their use of the fidget quilt until/unless you can be sure of their safety.

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Awards Features And Stuff We’re Proud Of

Happy Feet Play Mats awarded Best Buy in the Independent sensory toy review!

Our Story

Happy Feet Play Mats is family run and born out of a passion for finding the best and most stimulating toys and accessories to support the development of our two beautiful children.

Our interest and passion for our children’s development comes from our professional backgrounds. This Includes practicing Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist with a keen interest in child development and a former sports coach with extensive experience in Young Athlete Development in Fundamental Movement Skills and Fundamental Sports Skills.

We were originally attracted to these orthopaedic play mats because we loved how they looked and when we looked a little deeper the health and development benefits became apparent. The mats are designed as orthopaedic play mats to promote healthy foot development, prevent and correct foot disorders and stimulate and develop those all important fine motor skills.

Most importantly they are FUN!

The endless combinations, bright colours, unique patterns and functional designs have meant that our children are seeing the health benefits of these mats but also have great fun playing on them too.

We hope you and your children get as much enjoyment out of these as we are.

Best Sensory Toys For Children With Autism

Sensory Calming Tactile Touch Mats for Autism  disAbility equip online

Sensory toys are fantastic. They are a joy for every child struggling with distorted sensory input. What’s there not to like? Your kid has the chance to do a sensory exploration and check out different feels, sounds, and smells. It’s a magical experience, but there’s science behind sensory toys: they allow children to regulate themselves. When exposed to external stimuli like lights or loud noises, it can trigger feelings of overwhelming. As a result, your child with an autism spectrum disorder has a meltdown. Sensory toys come in handy in this situation by acting as a calming medium that helps children process their emotions.

These toys are made to stimulate a child’s five senses: sight, sound, touch, smell, and taste. They come in different textures, colors, sounds and, most importantly, are safe to use during playtime. Since there are so many options, it’s hard to choose one since your child’s preferences might change like the weather. In addition, some toys work better in certain situations, depending on the mood.

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How Do Sensory Toys Help

Many autistic children have difficulties getting the correct sensory input. They have problems processing sights, sounds, smells, textures, or anything that might stimulate their senses. Sensory toys can mend this issue by offering:

An understanding of the body : jump ropes, modeling clay, bean bags

A comprehension of the head position and body movement : spinning, swinging, or rocking toys

A sense of touch : finger paints, bubbles, sand, or water toys.

Sensory toys are designed to stimulate and highlight these senses. They appeal to children on the spectrum because they calm the child and provide the sensory experience they desire. As a result, toys help kids engage with their senses, provide feedback, and regulate their sensory systems. They work in an enjoyable way that makes sense to the child. Oren Steinberg, the co-founder of SensoryTreat, says that sensory stimulation is effective. “A family-centered approach emphasizes parental coaching in the natural environments of the family.” That’s why many occupational therapists recommend the use of sensory toys.

As a parent, don’t forget to get involved to boost your child’s progress. Remember, though: sensory toys are not a replacement for treatment. It’s just a way for children to learn about their senses in a fun way.

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Do Fidget Blankets Work

Yes, studies show that the use of a fidget blanket helps reduce behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia such as anxiety, irritability, insomnia, and agitation. They can have similar benefits for anyone who struggles with these symptoms, including autistic people and those with ADHD or mental illness. If you think you or your relative could benefit from an activity mat, give it a try!

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Best Toys For Autistic Kids

Is your child suffering from disabilities on the Autism Spectrum Disorder? It can be challenging for them to speak, interact, and control their motor skills. However, toys for autistic kids are a great solution to almost all these concerns.

Did you know you can improve your autistic childs senses while playing? According to a study by Indiana University, special toys for autistic kids can help encourage learning and interaction among autistic children. It is also possible to stimulate your childs five senses using the right toys.

This guide will share a list of the best toys for autistic kids and criteria for finding the suitable toys to aid your senses-deprived child.

Fidget Pillows Plush Toys And Soft Cubes

Sensory Mat

Fidget Pillows for Seniors

These sweet pillows are styled for elderly people with Alzheimers disease and dementia. The seller offers free, fast shipping from the USA.

Reversible Sequin Stim Pillow Case

My favorite soft stim reversible sequins! This pillow case can be customized with a photo of your choice, but it only takes 1 to 2 business days to print and ships from the USA, so this is a unique gift that will arrive quickly. You can buy just the case or the case and pillow insert.

Animal Fidget Pillow

These charming animal-themed fidget pillows are great for older kids, adults, and seniors to help with sensory needs.

Sensory Buckle Stuffed Animal

This adorable plush narwhal features several different buckles to fasten and unfasten. Kids with autism and other developmental disabilities will love it! Fast shipping from the USA.

Sensory Cube

This soft sensory cube has a big handle that makes it easy to hold, and lots of relaxing items to fiddle with on each side. The seller can customize items and is based in the UK, but ships internationally too.

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Hape Beaded Raindrops Rattle

This Ortho Don Sensory Mat is a brilliant toy for tactile sensory development. The set of eight interlocking tiles includes four different textures in multiple colors. The tiles can be experienced with both hands and feet, providing different sensory experiences.

The tiles can be used together as a mat or taken apart and experienced individually. There is color, shape, and touch to explore by walking, crawling, sitting, touching, or even just looking at this mat.

Easy to clean and store, this is a great sensory toy for engaging your childâs tactile senses as well as helping them visually process shape, color, and texture.

Help Prevent Sensory Overload While Promoting Focus And Calm With Our Picks Of The Best Sensory Toys For Children With Autism

Providing autistic children with sensory toys has a number of benefits. These tactile and visual toys can help children with hypo- or hypersensitivity regulate their emotions. This, in turn, helps give them a better sense of relaxation and focus. Sensory toys can also help children with autism improve their motor skills and even social skills.

Sensory toys can be an affordable and fun way for autistic children to self-soothe. They are designed to stimulate sight, sound, hearing, touch and even taste. Using features like interesting colours or textures, the toys give children a safe avenue to explore and engage their senses. This said, its important to bear in mind that the choice of toy will vary from child to child, and not every child will have the same responses to certain stimuli.

There is a vast array of options available when shopping for sensory toys for children with autism. Below, weve compiled a buying guide with some information about the sorts of toys available, as well as some pointers towards helpful resources on autism. Below that is our roundup of some of our top sensory toy picks.

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What Are Fidget Blankets

Fidget blankets are therapeutic lap-size quilts with various items sewn onto them for a person to play with, including buttons, beads, clips, gears, and plush toys. Some are designed to help develop or retain fine motor skills, and others just provide comfort and stress relief. The familiar objects on sensory quilts help users self-soothe and serve as a source of visual, tactile, and sensory stimulation. They often come in soothing pastel or cheerful bright colors and patterns, and may be themed around a particular interest, hobby, animal, etc. Fidget blankets are also known as fidget quilts, activity blankets, busy blankets, and sensory lap pads. Most fidget blankets are handmade by people running small home businesses.

Sensory Activities For Kids With Autism

This Liquid Encased Playmat is a sensory dream. No installation ...

Sensory activities for kids with autism are important to help regulate the sensory system. Sensory activities for autism include fine motor and gross motor activities.They are also fun and can promote increase learning, communication and interaction. Read about the 21 benefits of sensory play for autism in this post. For the best autism activities for parents, teachers and therapists, get my autism activities workbook bundle.

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The 10 Best Sensory Toys For Autism Of 2022

May 10, 2022

This post may contain affiliate links please see our terms of use for details.

  • Sensory toys are versatile and useful tools that can help children with autism in so many different ways.
  • Theyâre great for children with other kinds of sensory processing disorders too.
  • There are stimulating sensory toys that can be used to prompt reactions using multiple senses, develop motor skills, and help kids explore the natural environment.

But there are also calming sensory toys that can soothe, relieve stress, and help children with autism self-regulate when they are feeling overwhelmed or experiencing sensory overload.

Sensory toys do not replace treatment by an occupational therapist or other expert interventions. However, they can help a child learn about their senses and how to manage them. They can also help autistic children with gross motor skills, social interaction, and anxiety.

But most importantly, a sensory toy is something fun that provides children with a safe and pleasant experience that they can enjoy while also learning about the world.

  • Body position and movement
  • Internal physical cues and feelings

Autistic children may be hypersensitive to any of the above. This means that they may find some sensations, like bright lights or loud sounds, overwhelming. As a result, they may try to avoid overstimulating experiences.

Benefits Of Getting Special Toys For Autistic Kids

ASD is also a sensory disorder. This means your autistic child might face problems in hearing, understanding, feeling, or reciprocating their thoughts. Therefore, by using special toys for autistic kids, you can help to stimulate their neurological pathways to send the right directions to their nervous system. Besides this, toys can help autistic children in many ways, such as:

  • Sensory toys will help relax, calm and comfort your child during stress.
  • Toys can allow you to teach new things to your child without much effort and tantrums.
  • In addition, you can improve social interaction skills among your autistic child using toys like negotiating, understanding other peoples feelings, and more.
  • Autistic toys can help your child with motor skills like picking things and moving their body parts.
  • ASD children can learn to communicate with other people through toys better.

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Yetech Fidget Cube: The Best Portable Sensory Toy

Price: £8 |

Having a sensory toy thats easy to take on the move with you is important. You never know where or when a child can become overwhelmed and you want to have somewhere to redirect that energy. This fidget cube from Yetech is small enough that it can fit easily into any bag and most pockets.

Each side of the fidget cube has a different function. These are:

  • A switch that flips up and down
  • A gamer-style joystick that glides in every direction
  • Three dials that resemble a combination lock as well as a silver rolling ball that clicks
  • A soft oval-shaped dip that is meant to resemble the shape of traditional worry stones
  • Five small buttons
  • A turntable that spins in a circle

This one small toy engages many senses with multiple textures, noise-making buttons and actions. Overall its a great tool for helping reduce stress or anxiety in autistic children, and to improve their focus.

Key features Materials: Plastic Noise: Yes Size: 6.2 x 6.2 x 4.6cm

Price: £30 |

The four tubes included in this set each have their own unique visual appeal. These sensory fidget tubes offer multiple shapes and textures to provide children with a visual diversion. There is even a tube with interactive options in case simply watching isnt enough to soothe the child.

The pack of four includes:

Key features Materials: Not listed Noise: No Size: 6.35 x 20.32 x 22.86 cm

Top Sensory Sensitive Toys For Those On The Autism Spectrum:

Sensory Integration Exercises Benefits Autism in Children

While it may seem like there are an endless number of options when looking for sensory toys and gifts, below is a list that you can use as a guide. These types may be best suited to help those with autism spectrum disorder learn about their environment or deal better in social situations.

Sensory Mats: Sensory mats are great toys for children with Autism. These small mats utilize a different texture for each piece. Children can then use their hands or feet to feel and play with the different types of textures.

Chew Toys: We all know that when were anxious, our brain sends out signals to find something calming. For some children with special needs who are constantly bombarded by incoming information and difficulty filtering whats relevant or important in life this can result in an overactive temperament which means theyll chew improperlyon clothes, objects or sometimes even themselves. These oral sensory toys can help lessen the need to chew by providing proprioceptive input that some children may seek out.

Sand, Slime, or Putty: If your child is tactile defensive, the perfect items to introduce them would be putty, slime, and sand. Other benefits that come along with playing with these toys are improvements in their sensory perception as well as fine motor skills and creativity.

Have you tried any of these tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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What Are The Benefits Of Fidget Blankets Compared To Other Fidget Toys

Fidget blankets offer several advantages over other kinds of sensory toys you or your family member may have tried. For starters, theyre quiet. Unlike spinners or cubes, most if not all of the items attached to them are silent when you play with them. So if you need to stim at work or school, sensory mats are a great option. Theyre soft and comforting to hold, and if you really want something cuddly, try a fidget pillow! Although busy blankets arent as compact as other fidget toys or fidget jewelry, its easy to roll them up and carry them in a backpack or purse.

Playlearn Cuddle Ball Knot Pillow

The Playlearn Cuddle Ball Knot Pillow is made of soft, plush fabric. It allows your child to wrap their arms in it, applying deep, calming pressure to the sensory system that helps with anxiety and promotes relaxation. Many children with autism and other special needs respond well to deep pressure as a way of calming the nervous system.

The Cuddle Ball provides warmth, comfort, and softness, helping children relax, self-soothe, and self-regulate when theyâre feeling hyper or overstimulated. Its interesting shape and soft texture also make it a tactile toy theyâll want to play with even when theyâre not giving it a cuddle.

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