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Do Autistic People Go To Hell

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Hello Weary Traveler Where Are You Going Are You Going To Heaven Or Hell


The first image of heaven was formed in the primeval Church – at the time of the martyrs. It was believed then that heaven is a reward for physical suffering on earth, a thousand-year reign of saints with Christ. In the times of great ascetics and hermits, the opinion was formed that heaven is a purely spiritual space in which every saved person will be able to contemplate the beauty of God endlessly.

Many of us wonder if there is life after death. Anyone who believes in eternal life has always wondered what is there? will I be happy there?. Throughout our life, we commit minor or major sins and mistakes, which then affect where we end up after a death. But how can we be sure where we will end up after death, how can we be sure that we will end up in heaven, and not in purgatory or hell? We will answer these and more questions in today’s article. “Are you going to heaven or hell quiz” is the only answer to all the questions that bother you.

God Will Judge Muslims And All People Fairly And The Biblical Teaching Of The Resurrections Is The Key To Understanding How This Will Be Accomplished

Emma Van Sant/Unsplash

Muslims do not believe that Jesus was the Son of God or that He was sacrificed for our sins, and the Bible is absolutely clear that salvation can only come through Jesus Christ . On the other hand, God is merciful and “not willing that any should perish” . It seems contrary to His goal to condemn over a billion Muslims to hell without giving them a real chance to choose salvation. God will judge Muslims and all people fairly, and the biblical teaching of the resurrections is the key to understanding how this will be accomplished.

God has a purpose in bringing all of these people, including Muslims, back to mortal life in the second resurrection.

Common Responses To Grief

It is important to know that everyones responses to grief can vary greatly. Some people may react with anger, some with tears, and others may withdraw and become non-responsive. Some may; seem totally unaffected. For those on the autism spectrum, there could be a variety of emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and physical reactions to grief as well. Respecting the different responses togrief is important. All reactions should be seen as valid. An individual with ASD may respond to divorce or a death situation very similarly to other family members. Their reaction might also be delayed and/or more intense than expected. They might react with very practical questions and concerns as they search for ways to make life predictable again. Some of the possible emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and physical reactions are shared below.

Emotional ReactionsChildren and adults on the autism spectrum may react to others emotions and physical changes. They may feel anxious or fearful of what caused the divorce or death. In the case of a death, the individual may wonder if the same thing will happen to them or others they know.

;May become angry;May become aggressive and demanding;May be very anxious;;May withdraw and become unresponsive;May appear very calm: either seemingly unconcerned or totally in control

It is important to anticipate some of the cognitive affects listed below and realize support is needed.

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Heaven Is An Awful Place For People With Social Issues

The only thing to do in Heaven is socialize with random dead people who’ve run out of things to say anyway since they have nothing else to do for all of eternity. I think autistic people would find themselves much happier in Hell where they don’t force you to make small talk to anyone. Yeah sure, You occasionally have to deal with a red bipedal goat prodding you in the ass with a trident, But other than that Hell is an exciting adventurous place full of incredible geological formations and breathtaking wildlife viewing opportunities.

Creepy Things Casino Security Guards See

This Is Why You Are Going To Hell, Based On Your Zodiac ...

From watching movies, you’d swear that casinos are arenas in which savants win big, then battle security thugs before running off with the nearest call girl. Go to a casino yourself for an evening, and you’ll find it to be pretty harmless — the money that people lose to the slots is a fee they paid for the momentary thrill, right? Ultimately, the product casinos are selling is hope, even if it’s false hope.

The truth is somewhere in the middle. If you spend years watching everything that happens in the casino day after day, you’ll see what hives of scum and misery the places can be, even if they’re not run by the mafia these days. We talked to “Dylan” and “Tanya,” two full-time casino security experts. They told us that …

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Do You Have To Belong To A Particular Church To Be Saved

There are people who say we will go to hell for not being in a certain church. What do you say about the church being one, as a living body of believers, not being an organization or human institution?

We should have a high view of the church, because God has a high view of the church. However, our emphasis is not on the church as a particular institution or organization, but as something created by and organized by the Holy Spirit.

Its what Paul called the unity of the Spirit in Ephesians 4:3-6: endeavoring to keep the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit, just as you were called in one hope of your calling; one Lord, one faith, one baptism; one God and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all. This is a spiritual unity, not necessarily a structural or denominational unity. It is evident in the quick fellowship possible among Christians of different races, nationalities, languages, and economic classes.

Notice that Ephesians 4:3-6 does not say, Endeavoring to keep up your ecclesiastical arrangements for centralization. Nor does it say, Endeavoring to keep the uniformity of the Spirit. So the emphasis here is not on a structural unity.

Structural unity can even work against true unity of the Spirit. We can perhaps see a purpose God has in preventing a structural unity of the church right now, to keep misdirected efforts of the church from fulfillment.

Presents An Interview With Psychic Mary T Browne And Discusses Her New Book ‘mary T Reflects On The Other Side’ Her Confidence In Her Predictions; Her Withholding Of Information; Where Her Knowledge Comes From; How The Realm Of Hell Scared Her; Psychic’s Difference From A Licensed Therapist

A free session with a psychic. Who couldpass it up? Go ahead, this one’s on us.

PT: How much confidence do you have in your predictions of your clients’ futures?

MB: I am not 100 percent accurate. I don’t think anyone really is. But I stand very firm on being accurate a good deal of the time. Even so, I hope people use judgment and weigh the pros and cons when I make a prediction.

PT: Do you ever withhold information?

MB: Yes, I do. When I was younger I may have been too harsh with information. But, after working professionally for 15 years, you learn that certain things will not help the person if said right then. For instance, say someone is very, very upset about her –it is not working at all. She is very unhappy and I see a divorce very clearly. But the client still needs to psychologically work through the problem; she still needs to feel she has done everything humanly possible. So, with information like that, the person needs to go through the steps.

PT: Where does this knowledge come from and how does it come to you?

MB: Sometimes it is images, which is called clairvoyance. When I see people who have died and passed over into the spirit world, it’s almost as if they are flashing on a movie screen in front of me. But most of the time the information comes to me in words through my head. It’s like turning on a radio. And it comes to me from, I believe, a spiritual place.

PT: Have you ever been scared by what you saw?

MB: Well I wasn’t reading your mind.

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We Dont Always Follow The Rules

There are many rules in life which we have to learn that are never taught. For example, we say thank you for a gift regardless of whether we like it, or asking if someone else wants the last slice of anything . The problem is, these subtle social guidelines are everywhere and, more often than not, autistic people break them without a second thought.

Obviously, it is not an autistic persons intention to break these rules, its just that, as the autistic mind works on absolutes , it can be a challenge to understand many of these acts wherein nearly all cases they go against how they would seem i.e. if someone asks how are you? they dont always actually want to hear how you are, they just want you to say fine and then you can move on.

Nevertheless, whilst autistic people arent great at getting the message when the message hasnt been made clear, we are incredible at memorizing what we are told and are brilliant at following instructions to the letter. Therefore, if theres some kind of rule that an autistic person doesnt seem to be following, just tell us. its not like we want to be naïve to this and, whats more, if you know we struggle and arent doing anything about it, well that, my friend, is perhaps more rude than anything we do.

I Am Autistic And Yes I Am Social

Will My Mentally Challenged Child Go To Heaven? – Hard Questions On Real Life

There are so many myths about autism out there, so many that are still fully believed and spread around. Even during Autism Awareness Month, these myths spread like wildfire with well-meaning posts describing us as something we are not, grouping us all together with stereotypes and perpetuating harmful stigmas.

Since I first went for my diagnosis as a young girl, I was told I must not be autistic because I wanted to make friends. That reflects something so many people believe that Autistic people arent social. We are all meant to be introverted recluses that hate people and have no friends. This myth isnt just wrong, its hurtful not just to Autistic adults like me, but to brave mums and dads of newly diagnosed children. It strikes fear into their hearts that their beautiful child might not have friends. That fear is not a reality we all live.

Its not easy by any means, but I am social. I do have friends. I go to the pub, I have a laugh, and I wouldnt trade my friends for the world. And I am still a valid and proud Autistic woman. Spreading the myth that we are all anti-social and have no friends is hurtful and rude, and while those of us with autism are able to brush this off for the most part, parents of newly diagnosed children dont have that. They often dont know that this is a myth.

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Im Autistic And Dont Want To Go To Hell Or Die

I think my reasoning is fairly simple and hopefully understandable for most people. Being on the autism spectrum I do not want to die just as most people dont want to die. Nor would I like to go to hell for eternal damnation, Just as most other people wouldnt want to be. Autism isnt a sin, Nor did I have a choice in my autism, Having been born with it.

Research Question #1 How Do People With Self

Our analysis of this particular research question revealed 5 major themes and 14 subthemes , described below and found in . Direct quotations are incorporated throughout to exemplify each subtheme. Additional quotations for each subtheme can be found in .

1) Adverse reactions

This theme includes subthemes related to negative emotional and physiological reactions experienced in response to eye contact, and subthemes related to pain, and threat responses. Data in this theme provide support for the basic premise of the hyperarousal model, which predicts that people with ASD will experience affective arousal in response to eye contact.

Fear/Anxiety. The most common emotions reported in the data included anxiety, panic, fear.

Making eye contact feels sort of like the first breath one takes under water using scuba gear, where theres this moment of panic as your body says, No, no, youll drown!

Another said,

I get nervous but not like scared nervous just like umlike a shaky kind of nervous

Physiological Reactions. Negative physiological reactions in response to eye contact ranged from feelings of dizziness, lightheadedness, headaches, watery or tired eyes, increased heart rate, nausea, tremors, and overheating. Several people compared the sensations of eye contact to be similar to that of staring into the sun.

If I am forced to make eye contact, my body becomes tense, my skin tingles, my jawline becomes somewhat numb.

Another person said,

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Are Those Who Dont Tithe Or Volunteer A Burden To The Church

Ive heard a pastor say that people who dont tithe and/or volunteer at church are a burden to the church. What are your thoughts?

I dont think that is a good or helpful way to describe things. Some people come to church and need a period of just being poured in to.

I do believe that every Christian should have an intentional way that they serve God and further His kingdom. And, I do believe that every Christian should be a giver.

Yet, the statement in the question sounds like a way to use guilt as a motivation. We should never use guilt or manipulation as a way to motivate Gods people even though those methods often work!

It is true that we do need to get away from consumer Christianity where people come to a church or look for a church purely with the thinking, what are they going to do for me. That is not healthy, and it has done a lot of damage in the church.

But there are seasons when a believer just needs to receive and not be pressured to give or to serve. That will come later. One more thought: remember that not all service needs to be done within the church. There are wonderful ways to serve God and to advance his kingdom, apart from serving in a church. Of course, I praise the Lord for many faithful servants in churches and I thank the Lord for them. But you can legitimately and wonderfully serve the Lord outside of the walls of your church.

Bus Driver Tells Autistic 5

Why good people die earlier than bad ones.  Steemkr

FFRF sent a letter to the Juniata County School District in Pennsylania to strongly protest the conduct of a proselytizing bus driver.

A parent reported to FFRF that a bus driver in the Mifflintown, Pa., school district targeted her 5-year-old autistic child for religious indoctrination. The driver reportedly told the child that if she doesn’t believe in God, she will go to hell, describing hell as a place where “fireballs” will be shot at her. She also told the child that her parents needed to ask Jesus’s forgiveness or they would go to hell, and that it was “bad” that her parents did not have a bible.

Indoctrinating any 5-year-old child, but particularly one with a known disability, is “predatory and an outrageous abuse of her position,” charged Staff Attorney Elizabeth Cavell in the Dec. 14 letter. “The Supreme Court has stressed the importance of protecting students from religious promotion by public school districts.”

The parent reported the matter to the district directly, and was told by the transportation director that the driver would be immediately reassigned to another bus while the district investigated. “We commend the district for responding promptly,” wrote Cavell. “However, we write to underscore the seriousness of this violation and to seek more specific assurances of the district’s action.”

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Painless Euthanasia Is More Appropriate

The parents that want their autistic children to live are either constrained by law or idealistic. However, The truth is that the children are the ones who will suffer from misery while under pressure from societal standards. Euthanize and let them keep their innate smile. Hopefully, Next time they may be born in a healthy body.

Will The Church Endure The Tribulation

During a Revelation study this week there was a discussion on whether the Church will be taken out of or have to endure the Tribulation. Can you address?

I believe that the catching away of the church that is described in 1 Thessalonians 4 will happen before the tribulation, before the last seven-year period that precedes the glorious return of Jesus Christ.

I believe that this is the best way to bring together the many passages that speak of the return of Jesus to understand that there is, in a sense, two returns of Jesus one for His people, and one to return in judgment and even vengeance to a God-rejecting world.

Simply said, the first coming of Jesus had many different aspects, and it should not surprise us if the second coming of Jesus has at least two significant aspects.

I do understand that there is some video out there that seeks to answer or make the case against this belief . I was surprised to see that this video even quotes me and regards me an as authority for the pre-tribulation rapture position! My quick, first impression of that video is that it is almost entirely based on a narrow, inaccurate definition of the day of the Lord.

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