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What Kind Of Autism Does Symmetra Have

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What Is Autism In Girls

Autism in girls is an uncommon thing that the disorder can be appearing in a girl. Doctors tend to overlook this kind of psychological disorder in girls which can make girls less likely to get treated for this disorder.

This lack of attention has made girls less likely to show that they have this kind of psychological disorder.

This can lead to the loss of early intervention and some comorbid psychological disorders in the future.

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DaisyDaisy, with its simple flowers against a background suggestive of grass, was Morriss first wallpaper to be put into production in 1864. Traditional woodblocks were used for all his wallpaper designs, cut from pear-wood and printed by hand. He preferred the soft, chalky colours of distemper paint.

Inside The Latest Overwatch Short Story With Author Christie Golden

Despite having been immersed in numerous fantastical worlds and written over 50 novels spanning a multitude of universes, author Christie Golden talks about the Overwatch universe like its a home to her.

I love that its a world in which everyone belongs, she says. You can celebrate your own culture, or appearance, or beliefs, while also celebrating those of others. Strong teams, friendships, and bonds of respect can be formed with anyone. Ive always believed that theres so much more that connects us than divides us.

Those friendships, bonds, and connections are what she sought to explore in her short story, Stone by Stone, a narrative that takes readers on a journey of compassion and acceptance with Overwatchs beloved hard-light architech, Satya Symmetra Vaswani. We caught up with Golden to discuss writing Stone by Stone, her foray into the Overwatch universe, and being one within the Iris.

Lets start off with a bit about you and your writing process. Whats it like writing for the Overwatch universe versus Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, and StarCraft?

Ive been a professional author for almost 30 years, and nearly everything Ive written has been for various IPs . If I remember correctly, Ive been involved in 13 different ones!  So Im quite used to jumping into a world Im not familiar with and finding something that resonates. I think of it as approaching a building and finding out which door is the one thats meant to open for me.

The Difference Between Autism In Girls And Autism In Boys

There are several studies that are finding out about the difference between autism in girls and autism in boys.

One study first sought out the distinctions of the symptoms of this psychological disorder in girls and boys.

Girls have been found to be less likely to show symptoms of this psychological disorder that are considered as disabling like most boys who have this kind of psychological disorder.

This can affect how doctors can diagnose girls with this kind of psychological disorder.

The solution is not to make these affected girls exaggerate their symptoms of this psychological disorder like boys might have these kinds of symptoms.

It is more about changing some aspects of the diagnostic criteria of this psychological disorder to include girls that might have this kind of psychological disorder and are not diagnosed even though they really have this psychological disorder.

This can help girls who have this kind of psychological disorder to get treated immediately like boys do being blessed with the same kind of opportunity as well.

Although this is not an easy solution since research is needed to verify this kind of change in the manual of mental disorders.

However, this kind of change is not impossible.

Another study has decided to validate the appearance of this psychological disorder in girls by examining the brains of affected girls.

This only proves that girls have the potential to have this kind of psychological disorder like boys do. 

Relatability And Symmetras Autism

Theory: Symmetra Autistic?

Earlier this spring, Jeff Kaplan, game director of Overwatchreplied to a young fans letter about Symmetra. She is the only autistic character in Overwatch, and perhaps, in all AAA games. In Kaplans response, he stated that the Overwatch team felt Symmetra does a great job of representing just how awesome someone with autism can be.

As someone not on the autistic spectrum, but having known autistic individuals, I applaud Blizzards inclusion of Symmetra on the Overwatch roster. I personally feel like Blizzard is doing a darn tootin job of including a vast array of relatable characters. Players first learned of Symmetras autism in an online comic. In it, fans saw Symmetra before she joined Overwatch, as a young woman named Satya Vaswani, who seeks order in chaos. Once she dons her Symmetra garb, she shares that everyone has always said she was different. They asked where she fit on the spectrum. Symmetra said, It used to bother me, because I knew it was true. It doesnt bother me anymore. Because I can do things no one else can do. In essence, Symmetras need for order and regulation assisted her into becoming the Overwatch hero weve come to know.

How Many Turrets Can Symmetra Deploy

Symmetra can deploy three turrets in the game called Overwatch. She launches a small turret that automatically and directly fires speed-reducing blasts at the closest enemy within range.

She can hold up to three turrets that can be built on the battlefield at once.

These kinds of turrets are projectiles until they hit a wall at which point they will deploy when used in the battlefield.

How Do Others Feel

Even though I was excited about Symmetra, I wondered how others with autism felt about her. Did they share the young fans enthusiasm? Did they feel Symmetra was accurately portrayed as someone on the spectrum? If so, could they relate to her? After reaching out, two of my friends shared their thoughts with me. To protect their privacy, they are being referred to as Peter and Lucy.

The first friend I spoke to, Peter, was diagnosed on the spectrum as a child. I asked if he felt Symmetra was accurately portrayed as someone on the spectrum, and if he liked seeing autistic representation in Overwatch. Peter admitted he didnt notice she was actually autistic when the comic was released. I asked him if he felt the writers could have done something more to illustrate symmetra on the spectrum.

Looking back, Peter felt that her perfectionism, straightening a painting, and not doing well in a crowd are spot-on. I dont see how they could have done any better without making the point too blatantly.

When I first talked with Lucy, she was quick to tell me that Symmetra was her least played hero in Overwatch. Of Symmetras voice lines Lucyd heard, she didnt feel like they indicated she was on the spectrum. At the same time, Lucy said, the spectrum is so incredibly broad that its difficult to say what would be just the right spot.

Can 11 Year Olds Have Autism

But as with many teens, you may start to see behavioral and emotional changes happen when they hit puberty, usually at 11 to 13 years old. Signs of autism may also become more noticeable when they start attending middle and high school, where social relationships often become more central to a teens life.

Overwatch Director Confirms That Symmetra Has Autism

Symmetra is one of many Overwatch characters designed to be diverse and representative to players from all walks of life.

Answering a fan letter, Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that Symmetra, a support character best known for building turrets, is on the autism spectrum disorder . Her autism was hinted at in the Symmetra: A Better World comic published last year.

“I’m glad you asked about Symmetra,” Kaplan replied to a fan named Samuel , who wrote in to thank the Overwatch team for giving him another means of bonding with his brother. “It was very astute of you to notice that she mentioned the spectrum in our comic. Symmetra is autistic. She is one of our most beloved heroes and we think she does a great job of representing just how awesome someone with autism can be.”

With Overwatch, Blizzard set out to create a diverse cast of characters. Another comic published last December confirmed that is a gay woman. Although such character traits have no gameplay-specific effect on matches, the game’s commercial and critical popularity may encourage other triple-A developers to create more representative characters in their titles.

Just as importantly, the presence of characters like Tracer and Symmetra gives fans personalities to identify with and rally around, even if only for a match or three in a multiplayer shooter.

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    Yes, he hath come back!

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    In the next Overwatch update… yamakas.

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  • Overwatch Fan Theory Of Symmetra Having Autism

    Blizzard told Polygon and there was a note from Kaplan who is the creator of Overwatch that the characteristic about Symmetra was true.

    There was a theory among fans since last May when the game came out and this kind of character has her won backstory read.

    A better World is an Overwatch comic that talks about Symmetras backstory and seeing her different from other people.

    She was also found to be reflecting on her position in the spectrum.

    This is when fans were thinking about her characteristics and affirming that it was true about her.

    Symmetra has been known to do things that most people wouldnt do which made her less bothered about her difference among the people in her world. 

    The acceptance of her having differences among people made her a relatable character in the Overwatch game.

    If you are a fan of Symmetra, you can buy this bag with her picture on it on this website.

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    Just Found Out Symmetra Is On The Spectrum

    As somebody with autism, I never noticed.

    Can anyone explain why she is considered autistic? Or is this a poorly drawn out caricature of what people assume to be true about us

    To my knowledge:We never see her stim.

    We never see any form of compulsion/obsession

    We never see her struggle to make any meaningful/deep connections

    We never see her focus on one topic indiscriminately despite others trying to engage on other subjects.

    We never see her have a meltdown in response to stress

    We never see her become so overwhelmed that she cannot function

    We never see her fail despite her disability

    As somebody with autism, I want to see more people who can reflect the struggle I experience in day to day life. The constant fact that we dont get a choice in giving up, every day is a fight and we have to face the real consequences of our existence. Finding a job, meaningful relationships, and even just existing. As I finished my first year of my masters program, you can see my progress here:

    Every day is a fight for those of us on the spectrum. Constantly trying to redefine how we see the world, and how it sees us. You dont get to take a few stereotypes about us, attach them to a character and say Ok, theyre autistic.

    We never see any form of compulsion/obsession

    I feel like she has an obsession with perfection, shes all about order and harmonyidk if that means anything but ok.

    As for many spect of MANY heroes, Symmetra condition has been only exposed and never explored.

    Signs Of Autism In Girls

    Theory: Symmetra Autistic?

    The signs of autism in girls are the same as boys.

    As mentioned before, these kinds of signs are less noticed in girls since they can appear not to show the traditional form of this condition which is what most doctors are depending on. 

    The following are these signs of this psychological disorder in girls:

    • not responding to their name by the time they are 12 months old as observed by parents
    • preferring not to be held or cuddled by anyone
    • not following instructions from authority figures
    • not looking at something when another person points to it as observed
    • losing certain skills like no longer saying a word they could use before as observed
    • Having complications explaining what they want or need as observed
    • Having complications in comprehending how other people are feeling as observed
    • preventing eye contact as observed

    There are also other key characteristics of this psychological disorder in girls.

    These kinds of characteristics are the following:

    • having complications in adapting to a change in routine as observed
    • being atypically attached to objects or toys as observed
    • rocking from side to side as observed
    • spending lots of time organizing items as observed
    • repeating certain words, phrases, or sounds as observed
    • having an atypical response to certain smells, tastes, or sounds as observed, which might lead to a .
    • movement complications such as balance dysfunctions and fine and gross motor skills as observed

    Fans Celebrate Blizzard’s Acknowledgement Of Symmetra’s Autism

    For example, in a thread on /r/Overwatch with over 1,500 comments, several players chimed in to voice their excitement at Kaplan’s letter â and about Symmetra herself. 

    “As a 23-year-old on the spectrum, this warms my heart SO much,” AUTI5T1X. “I absolutely adore this game for its cultural diversity.”

    “I dunno about you guys, but this is really major good stuff,” DreadAngel 1711 . “Especially since I have autism myself.”

    “I didn’t even notice Symmetra’s autism when I read the comic, but she’s always felt like the most relatable hero to me, and it makes so much sense when I look at everything again,” ChemicalExperiment.

    It’s not just Overwatch players with autism who are benefitting from this revelation, either. It’s starting all sorts of educational conversations about people’s actual lived experiences. For example, there are several conversations in which someone asks a question about what autism is and how it works, as in this lengthy .

    And, in another thread that’s gained major steam, XeernOfTheLight about how much it matters to have a prominent character in video game who just so happens to be autistic.

    “I feel that Symmetra is a hero in more ways than one. Not only does she represent a portion of the population that is vastly underrepresented in media, but she does so in a way that shows how being with high-functioning autism is like. … Good on you Blizzard, for not making her make a big deal of it,” they wrote. “That’s the kinda representation I’ve wanted.”

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    Do I Have Autism Teenage Girl

    Behaviour signs of autism in older children and teenagers have unusual interests or obsessions for example, they might collect sticks or memorise football statistics but not really be interested in the game. have compulsive behaviour for example, they might line things up or need to close all the doors in the house.

    Is Symmetra Missing An Arm

    Yes, Symmetra is missing an arm in the game called Overwatch.

    From one of her event sprays, it was confirmed and accepted that she had both arms during her childhood years and given that Vishkar took her under their wing when she was a child its unlikely she lost it due to the crisis that happened in the game.

    Why Is Autism In Girls Missed By Most Doctors

    Autism in girls is missed by most doctors since there is an expectation that this kind of psychological disorder almost only occurs in boys.

    This is what leads parents, carers, and other loved ones to not look for this kind of psychological disorder in girls.

    Doctors are also expecting stereotypical behaviours of this psychological disorder such as repetitive patterns in girls to consider that they have this kind of psychological disorder.

    This is what makes girls less likely to be looked on for having this kind of psychological disorder.

    Screening tests that have been used to diagnose this kind of psychological disorder were also based on boys who had this psychological disorder.

    This can make these kinds of tests biased and would explain why girls who might have this kind of psychological disorder arent detected to have this psychological disorder.

    This is what makes affected girls more likely to have other psychological disorder due to this main psychological disorder that hasnt been treated at such a young age.

    There is a need to detect these girls earlier since there have been cases that girls are more likely to get stressed which can trigger the symptoms of this psychological disorder.

    What Do Autistic Babies Act Like

    Many children with autism spectrum disorder show developmental differences when they are babiesespecially in their social and language skills. Because they usually sit, crawl, and walk on time, less obvious differences in the development of body gestures, pretend play, and social language often go unnoticed.

    Reactions Of Fans Towards The Confirmation Of This Theory

    It Is Now Confirmed That Symmetra Is Autistic

    There was a thread in the Overwatch forum about the confirmation about the theory of Symmetra being autistic.

    One user named AUTI5TIX stated that as a 23-year-old who had this kind of disorder finding out about having one character that also has the same disorder makes his heart melt.

    Another user called DreadAngel 1711 thinks that the confirmation about Symmetra having autism is great stuff to know. Another user has even opened up about having this kind of disorder as well.

    This lead to the forum having various academic conversations about autism and how it could affect those who have this kind of disorder.

    You can learn more about autism as a spectrum and how it affects afflicted people by buying this book on this website.

    Reception Of Symmetra As An Overwatch Character

    As mentioned before, Symmetra is the least selected character in the Overwatch game where she had multiple revisions of her characters which made her a diverse character to play with.

    Players are going to be different in their roles in the gameplay where there are various classes such as defence, support, damage, and build. 

    Symmetra might not be the most applied playable character but most players who play Symmetra are those who are using her for single character and declining to switch to other characters.

    These Overwatch players made an online Reddit community to talk about the different strategies used in the game as a result of playing this game for hundreds of hours.

    Players have even suggested that Symmetra is useful when you seek to be more strategic and critical thinking in your gameplay.

    This characters hybrid roles can help you be more on the defence and attack at the right moment in the Overwatch game.

    Symmetra is widely used by players who have autism since they find her relatable to their disorder and makes them feel comfortable that gaming has taken part in the awareness of this disorder.

    You can show your interest in this character by buying her action figure on this website.

    Daniel Connelly Ps I Love You

    It’s, unfortunately, a rare thing to encounter a fictional character who portrays a positive presentation of autism, but an even rarer one to find an autistic romantic hero. Daniel Connelly from PS I Love You is an exception. 

    While some autistic people have struggled with the suggestions within the film that autism is synonymous for rudeness, others enjoyed the well-rounded character of Daniel and the way his character is far from defined by his autism. It shrugs off the suggestion that autistic people can’t enjoy fulfilling and deeply intimate romantic relationships and shows that they can be handsome, desirable, and many other things besides simply autistic. 


    What Does Masking Mean Autism

    Masking means in autism as being able to camouflage the symptoms of this psychological disorder to meet the required social expectations.

    This can make the affected person less likely to appear to have this kind of psychological disorder and this defence mechanism can also hide the persons need for support. 

    Overwatch Director Confirms Symmetra Has Autism

    Blizzard’s Jeff Kaplan sends an Overwatch fan a personal letter in which he confirms that the well-loved support hero Symmetra is on the autism spectrum.

    Many Overwatch heroes’ histories and identities have been fleshed out through comics, like Tracer’s sexuality in the “Reflections” comic and Bastion and Torbjorn’s unlikely friendship in the just-released “Binary” edition. And recently,  game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed an integral part of another hero’s identity. In response to a fan message, Kaplan confirmed that Symmetra has autism.

    One Overwatch enthusiast wrote the Blizzard executive a letter, mentioning how they bonded with their brother over the high-energy team-based shooter title and giving reference to one particular issue of the game’s comic series. Shortly after, it seems, Kaplan responded personally. The news first broke on an Overwatch  forum, and a copy of Kaplan’s response was posted to a Tumblr user’s . It reads:

    Also included with the response letter was a set of four Overwatch-themed magnets, which Samuel mentioned was an appreciated gesture: ” also sent me magnets and made me feel special.”

    In the midst of her hard work attempting to secure Rio de Janeiro, Symmetra must locate a contract once held by Vishkar Corporation, and she has a moment of self-reflection before she carries out her mission: “Sanjay has always said I was… different. Everyone has. Asking where I fit on the spectrum.”

    Overwatch is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

    How Do Kids Get Autism

    Genetics. Several different genes appear to be involved in autism spectrum disorder. For some children, autism spectrum disorder can be associated with a genetic disorder, such as Rett syndrome or fragile X syndrome. For other children, genetic changes may increase the risk of autism spectrum disorder.

    Autism Awareness: Are Video Games Beneficial To Autism

    Yes, video games are beneficial for people with autism and these forms of media can help those children who are manifesting their first signs of this disorder.

    As you can see from the fans reactions to Symmetra having this kind of disorder, they find it fulfilling and enlightening that a playable character has this kind of character that some fans of Overwatch have.

    Some researchers have found that video games serve as digital playrooms for children with autism.

    Parents have never seen their affected children so engaged, focused, and comfortable when they are playing video games.

    Despite these positive changes, studies have shown that video games can grab the full attention of people with autism that they dont focus on anything else that could be important.

    Some of these children may become inattentive or delve in obsessions when they are overplaying video games.

    Role-playing games have been popular amongst gamers today that they can induce intense interest in a player.

    Video games can also be time-consuming when the player has to spend some time saving and changing their character which can lead people with autism to overplay these kinds of games which can only turn to video game addiction.

    Side Note: I have tried and tested various products and services to help with my anxiety and depression. See my , as well as a full list of all products and services our team hasfor various mental health conditions and general wellness.

    ‘overwatch’ Reveals One Of Its Playable Characters Is On The Autism Spectrum

    Kellen Beck

    In a response to a fan’s letter, Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan confirmed that the playable character Symmetra is on the autism spectrum.

    An Overwatch fan named Samuel shared a letter he received from Kaplan on , in which Kaplan replied to the fan’s questions about Symmetra and confirmed that she is autistic.

    “Symmetra is autistic,” Kaplan wrote. “She is one of our most beloved heroes and we think she does a great job of representing just how awesome someone with autism can be.”

    The letter below started circulating on Tumblr Wednesday.

    ‘Overwatch’ director on the game’s diversity: ‘normal things are normal’

    The comic Kaplan references in his letter is called A Better World, and it’s all about Symmetra. It’s available to read online.

    In one panel, Symmetra is thinking to herself and notes how people ask where she fits on the spectrum, which seems to have prompted Samuel’s question about the character.

    Redditor WizardTyrone some other signs from the comic that hint at Symmetra’s autism.

    Kaplan recently discussed the role of diversity in Overwatch and the development team’s goal of inclusivity and open-mindedness at the 2017 D.I.C.E. Summit.

    “We wanted there to be heroes that felt approachable to each person,” Kaplan said at the conference. “We all like different things, we’re all attracted to different things that’s one of the beautiful things about humanity and making a game on planet Earth: how awesome the differences are.”

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