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Financial Aid For Autistic Students

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Jackie Spellman Scholarship Foundation

Autism Financial Planning

Who’s Eligible

Students whose lives have been impacted in someway by leukemia or lymphoma, either as survivors or as an immediate family member of someone with the disease. Eligible students can be in their senior year of high school, currently enrolled at a community college or four year college or university as an undergraduate or graduate student.

What It Covers

Several scholarships are awarded to deserving applicants that range in the amount of $1,000 to $5,000. Only award winners will be notified.

Online programs are eligible.

How to Apply

In addition to a completed application, students must also provide a doctorâs letter, income information, two letters of reference, college entrance scores, and an official transcript.

National Ms Society Scholarship Program

Who’s Eligible

High school seniors or graduates with Multiple Sclerosis who will be attending an accredited post-secondary school for the first time. High school seniors or graduates with parents who have MS are also eligible.

What It Covers

Scholarship awards that range from $1,000 to $3,000 or more are awarded annually to a group of selected applicants to cover educational expenses.

Online programs are eligible.

An application along with supporting documentation must be submitted by the appropriate deadline.

The Assistive Devices Program

This program provides financial support specifically to residents of Ontario who have long-term physical challenges. These devices are designed to provide humans with more autonomy and control. Your child must have an Ontario health card and have been disabled for at least six months to be eligible for this program.

Wheelchairs, mobility aids, hearing aids, respiratory equipment, and visual and communication aids are all covered under this program up to 75% of the cost. An ADP authorized practitioner, such as an occupational or speech therapist, will determine what your child requires.

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Cvs Pharmacy Charitable Trust

Who’s Eligible

Students who are graduating high school or currently attending college and who are the children of full-time active CVS Caremark colleagues.

What It Covers

Scholarship award amounts are determined by the basis of school costs once other scholarships, grants, and awards have been deducted.

Online programs are eligible.

How to Apply

Qualified students should submit an application along with a student information statement, financial information questionnaire, student recommendation form, and an official school transcript.

Money Management Isnt Typically A Priority For Children With Autism Which Can Have Lasting Effects

Scholarships And Grants For Autistic Children

Depending on where a child with autism falls on the spectrum, therapy in the early years can be highly specific. For years, children attend therapy in order to improve reading and verbal literacy, strengthen social skills, and work on problematic behaviors. For the majority of children, money isnt a topic of conversation thats ever mentioned.

By the time an individual transitions to young adulthood, and begins planning for their independence, this is an area that tends to be underdeveloped. Banking, for instance, can be incredibly confusing and overwhelming. However, there are now some autism-friendly branches that aim to make this experience easier and less chaotic for those in need.

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Temporary Assistance For Needy Families

Temporary Assistance for Needy Families , also administered by states, provides emergency financial help to families and pregnant women that meet income limits and pays for immediate needs like food, rent or mortgage and medical expenses. Some states also provide child care assistance or other benefits.

The Canyon Rice Hope Scholarship

The Canyon Rice Hope Scholarship provides grants to children with autism and other developmental disabilities for therapeutic tools, camp fees and other expenses not covered by insurance. Grants are usually in the $100-$250 range in order to benefit as many people as possible. The grant is a program of Gateway Services in Franklin, IN. For more information, contact

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Cancer Survivors Fund Scholarship

Who’s Eligible

Students who are are enrolled or plan to enroll in an accredited undergraduate degree program. Students must also be cancer survivors or currently diagnosed with cancer.

What It Covers

Scholarship amounts are awarded on a case-by-case basis to selected applicants.

Online programs are eligible.

How to Apply

Qualified students should submit an online application along with two letters of reference, a letter from a physician verifying the studentâs condition, and a 500 to 1,200 word essay on how cancer has impacted the studentâs career and life goals.

The Autism Society Of America

The high cost of autism

The Autism Society of America offers awards for college students. The CVS/All Kids Can awards $1,000 to three individuals with autism accepted by a college or university. For more information, visit .

College Grants for Autistic Students Fund the Cost of College Education

College grants for autistic students help to fund the cost of a college education.

Besides several organizations, various colleges, universities, and technical schools specialize in providing higher educational opportunities for those with Autism Spectrum Disorder .

These colleges also offer an array of grants to help offset their tuition costs.

So if autism is part of your life, consider student-specific support to enhance other forms of financial assistance for college.

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A Note From The Suntrust Foundation

The SunTrust Foundation is dedicated to the companys purpose of Lighting the Way to Financial Well-Being by engaging organizations to advance financial confidence. Grants and activities focus primarily on financial empowerment, but also include education, health and human services, civic improvement and cultural growth. The SunTrust Foundation supports American Red Cross disaster relief efforts and contributes as a United Way Global Corporate Leader. Established in 2008, the SunTrust Foundation has proudly provided grants totaling more than $100 million throughout the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic regions.

The SunTrust Foundation is proud to partner with Autism Speaks and sponsor this comprehensive toolkit to serve as a guide for financial and legal resources available for parents of children with special needs. Youve taken the first step to learn more about these resources. For more resources and support as you plan for the future, Autism Speaks is here to help. Contact the Autism Response Team at 888-288-4762 or .

Grants For Families Living With Autism

Raising a child with autism spectrum disorder can be very expensive. The child may need therapy for speech or social skills, or a specialized summer camp program you might also decide the child in your care would do best in a private school. It is estimated that the lifetime cost for a person with autism averages between $1.4 million and $2.4 million, depending on if the person has an intellectual disability.

Fortunately, grants and scholarships are available for families to offset the financial challenges that come with having a child or other family member with autism. They tend to be very competitive, and many will only pay for specific expenses, usually billed directly to the provider. However, a growing number of foundations are making autism a priority for non-profit grants, which means local organizations that serve families have a better chance of receiving funds than ever before.

Here are the basics about five notable national and regional organizations that provide grants for families who have a child with autism.

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Matthew Debono Memorial Scholarship Fund

Who’s Eligible

High school seniors and graduates, as well as full and part-time undergraduate or graduate students who have bone marrow failure disease.

What It Covers

The scholarship will award up to $15,000 in awards to selected recipients ranging from $500 to $2,000 each.

Online programs are eligible.

How to Apply

Qualified students should submit a completed application along with a personal essay, official transcripts, proof of medical condition from a physician, and household income information.

Financial Aids For Parents Of Children With Autism

Funding and Grants for Children with Disabilities

There are many aspects of receiving a diagnosis of autism for your child that can feel overwhelming. One of them is how much treatment can cost. Early intervention, therapy, and equipment arent cheap. But there are tons of grants for children with autism that can help ease the financial burden and streamline your focus towards helping your child develop and grow.

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Ncld Anne Ford And Allegra Ford Scholarship

Who’s Eligible

Graduating high school seniors with documented learning disabilities and a 3.0 or higher GPA who plan to attend an accredited four-year bachelorâs degree program.

What It Covers

The Anne Ford scholarship awards $10,000 to a selected applicant that is paid out over the course of four academic years . Recipients of the Allegra Ford scholarship will receive a one-time scholarship award of $2,500.

Online programs are eligible.

How to Apply

In addition to a completed application form, qualified students should also submit a personal statement, high school transcript, three letters of recommendation, standardized test scores, a financial statement, and proof of learning disability.

Kelly Law Team Autism Scholarship

The Kelly Law Team Autism Scholarship is a college scholarship that is awarded to students who have been diagnosed with one or more of the autism spectrum disorders. Applicants must be citizens of the United States and ready to enroll in a college, university, or trade school. Once the scholarship has been awarded, the money will be paid directly to the school the winning student chooses. Scholarships will be paid in the amount of $1,000. The deadline for submitting applications will be February 5.

The Kelly Law Team offers college scholarships to students with autism in the hopes of providing financial support, as well as the encouragement many students need when they choose to attend college. The Team has been offering scholarships since 2016. It is their sincere hope that the scholarships will have a positive impact on each student who receives one.

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Social Security Disability Insurance

Social Security Disability Insurance is another financial benefit through Social Security. This payment is available for adults who have a disability that began prior to age 22. SSDI can be considered a childs benefit because it is paid on a parents Social Security earnings record.

For a disabled adult to become entitled to this child benefit, one of his or her parents:

  • Must be receiving Social Security retirement or disability benefits or
  • Must have died and have worked enough to qualify for Social Security.

These benefits also are payable to an adult if he or she is disabled at age 18, and if they received dependents benefits on a parents Social Security earnings record prior to age 18. We make the disability determination using the disability rules for adults. SSDI disabled adult child benefits continue as long as the individual remains disabled. Your child doesnt need to have worked to get these benefits.

For more information on SSI and SSDI, see this booklet called Benefits for Children with Disabilities.

You can find many more SSDI resources and information here.

Fsd Science Graduate Student Grant Fund

Changes made to autism assistance program

The Foundation for Science and Disability works with the American Association for the Advancement of Science in an attempt to provide students with disabilities opportunities to earn degrees that allow them to pursue careers in science and research. The goal of the Student Award Program of FSD is to make sure opportunities are available for students with disabilities who are interested in pursuing degrees in mathematics, engineering, technology, and science. The organization offers college scholarships to autistic students in the amount of $1,000. The deadline for enrollment is December.

FSD works with the USDA Agricultural Research Service are not affiliated in any other way than working together to provide students interested in science and research an opportunity to pursue a career in that field. By working together, the two organizations can provide valuable assistance to students who are interested in the different types of science and research areas available through each organization.

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Special Needs Will And Trust

Some government benefits, such as SSI, are conditional on the family’s financial situation. Unfortunately, even gifting money to a child can influence their SSI eligibility. Therefore, it’s important to find out how much money a child can have before offering a gift or inheritance. Alternatively, money can be safeguarded by a special needs will and trust without worry.

A statement in the will that the money a child inherits is to be used only for things and services not covered by Medicaid, SSI, or other federal funds is highly significant â the child could lose federal benefits if you fail to include this statement until the inheritance is depleted.

Failure to establish a special needs will and trust correctly can result in serious consequences: the individual with autism may be required to compensate the government for prior services and other siblings’ shares of inherited money may also be jeopardized. When creating a special needs will and trust, it is best to seek legal advice from an experienced attorney.

Supplemental Security Income For Special Needs

The only source of federal income earmarked for children with autism is Supplemental Security Income , a form of social security benefit. SSI can be a lifeline for a family with a special needs child, keeping them out of poverty.

Since SSI is aimed at impoverished families, not every child qualifies because they and their family are subject to income limits. Children on Supplemental Security Income receive $791 per month. In most states, a child eligible for SSI will also be eligible for Medicaid.

To qualify for SSI, the child must have “marked and severe functional limitations,” as determined by medical evidence. Some examples include: down syndrome, cerebral palsy, autism, and blindness.

If there are no other children in the home, the maximum monthly amount of earned income a family can make for a child with autism to qualify for SSI is $3,301 for a one-parent family and $4,095 for a two-parent family. If there are additional children, the amounts grow. The monthly limits are $1,628 and $2,025, respectively, if all income is unearned.

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To Better Prepare For Independence Adults With Autism Require A Plan And Support

A lack of financial understanding can cause a significant gap, creating a barrier in terms of becoming independent. For those with autism, they often require a plan and your ongoing support, as well as tools they can leverage. The goal is to start as soon as possible.

The following suggestions are great financial resources for adults with autism and help guide you and your loved one along your unique journey. Be sure to adapt key steps based on personal needs, preferences, skill sets, and behaviors.

Berri Mitchell Scholarship Fund

Pin on PJ

Who’s Eligible

College-bound high school seniors with a history of asthma and/or allergies who have excelled academically and as a member of their community.

What It Covers

Scholarships in the amount of $2,500 will be awarded to selected applicants and forwarded to the applicantâs chosen university to cover tuition and other educational expenses.

Online programs are eligible.

How to Apply

Qualified students must submit a completed application along with two letters of support from teachers, an official transcript, and a personal letter from the student.

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Are Students Anywhere On The Autism Spectrum Qualified

When searching for college scholarships for students with autism spectrum disorders, its vital to understand that not every scholarship is the same. Each one has their own guidelines and restrictions that a person needs to understand before applying. Sometimes, the requirements may limit the scholarships for autistic students to those who are high functioning while others for people who are lower on the spectrum. It all depends upon that particular scholarship.

As a person is looking for college scholarships for autistic students, its important to understand that some are through the college, others are through autism disorder groups, and some are from individuals or private groups. Each one of them has the right to place limitations on the college scholarships for autistic students based on what they feel is most important in the candidates they select.

Besides college scholarships for students with autism, a person may also qualify for government assistance through grants and loans, just as any other student would. Therefore, a person with autism can apply for state and federal assistance and receive funding for school. Rather than taking into consideration the students medical condition, state and federal programs look at the prospective pupils income and his or her familys income. Additionally, a person with autism still qualifies for grants and scholarships based on the program he or she chooses. A person can also look into assistance for people with autism.

National Resources For Autism Education

The Autism Society of America awards scholarships each year for deserving students pursuing higher education. The organizations Foundation acts as its philanthropic arm, providing scholarship for undergraduates and graduate student studying autism. Some scholarships are reserved for graduate and post-doctoral work in the research of autism, with an emphasis on prevention, cure and the amelioration of autism.

In addition to efforts from the National Society, the ASA works with local chapters to administer educational assistance targeting regional members and colleges.

Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation assists families by working to increase Autism awareness, and the group also provides grants for education. Some funding is institutional, earmarked for schools to use in ways they see fit. Some assistance helps college students directly, providing money for tuition and other education expenses like computers.

Eden Autism Services is a valuable resource for Autism training, support and education. The group recently awarded funding from the Charles H. Hoens, Jr., Scholars Program, worth $1000 annually to each successful applicant who has autism, and who has been accepted to attend a post-secondary college, vocational or trade school.

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