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How To Focus With Adhd Without Medication

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Tips For Managing Money And Bills

How I Manage My ADHD Without Medication

Money management requires budgeting, planning, and organization, so for many adults with ADHD, it can pose a true challenge. Many common systems of money management dont tend to work for adults with ADHD because they require too much time, paper, and attention to detail. But if you create your own system that is both simple and consistent, you can get on top of your finances and put a stop to overspending, overdue bills, and penalties for missed deadlines.

Tips For Managing Stress And Boosting Mood

Due to the impulsivity and disorganization that often accompany ADHD, you may struggle with erratic sleep, an unhealthy diet, or the effects of too little exerciseall issues that can lead to extra stress, bad moods, and feeling out of control. The best way to stop this cycle is to take charge of your lifestyle habits and create healthy new routines.

Eating well, getting plenty of sleep, and exercising regularly can help you stay calm, minimize mood swings, and fight any symptoms of anxiety and depression. Healthier habits can also reduce ADHD symptoms like inattention, hyperactivity, and distractibility, while regular routines can help your life feel more manageable.

Treating The Brains Dysfunctional Wirings

In addition to brain wave imbalances, ADHD and ADD patients also frequently exhibit abnormal functional connections between different areas of the brain, which results in less efficient and slower processing of information.

In these cases, the “wirings of the brain” are inadequate, and this facet of the disorder is also treated via our non-medication-based protocol.

An analogy to this situation would be a delivery driver stuck on the freeway in traffic with only 1 functional lane, making traffic move very slowly and preventing the delivery driver from making his delivery on time.

If the freeway were to create 4 additional functional lanes for traffic to move through, the traffic would move normally and efficiently, allowing the delivery driver to remain on schedule.

This is one of the core benefits resulting from brain map-guided neurofeedback if the functional connections of the brain improve, then one is likely to have a reduction of ADHD and ADD symptoms.

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What Causes Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder In Adults

The causes of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are unclear, but the condition often runs in families. There appears to be a genetic and neurobiological basis for ADHD. Usually, adults with the predominantly inattentive form of ADHD first developed it during childhood and adolescence. They were likely reprimanded in elementary or middle school, were consistently distracted and turned in incomplete work. However, because children with this form of ADHD usually are not hyperactive, the disorder might have gone unrecognized until they reached adolescence or adulthood. This is especially true for girls and women with inattentive ADHD. Girls may be more quiet and passive than those who do not have the disorder, and therefore they do not stand out in the classroom. At times, adult women can go undiagnosed until one of their children is diagnosed with ADHD. At this point they might recognize similarities in their own behavior patterns and seek professional help.

Researchers are studying environmental trauma and other issues related to pregnancy or early life exposure as other possible factors that may play a role in ADHD.

Get Adequate Restful Sleep

We Just Said No! Treating ADHD Without Medication, Volume 1 : A Step

People with ADHD have been found to have an increased prevalence of sleep-related disorders, including insomnia, sleep apnea, chronic sleep deprivation, and night owl syndrome.

Not enough sleep can worsen ADHD symptoms, leading to worsening inattention, increased impulsivity, and procrastination. Reduce screen time before bed, cut back on caffeine and alcohol, and try to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day to set a consistent circadian rhythm.

There you have it! Please share your tips and tricks in the comments below.

For general questions, reach out to hello@theaqapp.com.

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How Effective Is Behavioral Therapy For Adhd

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for ADHD can be an effective adjunctive treatment option for some individuals.

That said, the results generated through CBT can be further enhanced with treatment protocols like Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation.

With the help of these treatment protocols, patients afflicted with ADHD and ADD can learn to leverage the mind-body connection to reduce symptoms and minimize or eliminate negative emotional responses.

Adhd Vitamins: Iron Zinc And Vitamins C And B6

Several ADHD vitamins and minerals are key to producing and regulating neurotransmitter levels in the brain, especially when a child or adult is deficient in one of them. Vitamin C is a building block of neurotransmitters, while iron and vitamin B6 increase dopamine levels. Zinc regulates dopamine and may help treat ADHD symptoms in some children when used with conventional medication and treatments.

One small study showed ferritin levels to be low in 84 percent of children with ADHD, compared to 18 percent of a control group. Low iron levels and low zinc levels, as well correlate with severe ADHD, however, patients should not begin using supplements without the supervision and direction of their doctor.

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Why Cant I Concentrate With Adhd

When an individual has ADHD, it is hard to concentrate or focus. This is part of the definition of the condition. According to the American Psychiatric Association, nine symptoms of inattention may be present in ADHD. These can include:

  • Has difficulty staying focused at work, during play, or at home.
  • Misses important details.
  • Frequently misses deadlines or has consistent disorganized work.
  • Has difficulty following through with instructions or tasks.
  • Avoids tasks that take a long time or focus to complete.
  • Seems to not listen during a conversation.
  • Has difficulty or forgets to keep appointments, pay bills, respond to emails, or return phone calls.
  • Frequently loses things that are essential, such as keys, cell phone, wallet.
  • Is easily distracted.

A person under age 18 with six of these might be classified with inattentive ADHD. Adults that have a chronic issue because of five or more of the above symptoms and little to no symptoms of impulsivity or hyperactivity may have an inattentive presentation of ADHD.

Get Started With A Drug Free Adhd Brain Training Program

HOW to STUDY with inattentive type ADHD|| My tips for studying without medication

Many people with ADHD think their options are limited. If you struggle with ADHD, you should know that it has been proven to come from the way a persons brain is performing. You should also know that brain performance can be improved to help reduce and alleviate symptoms. Its true!

Adults and children suffer from ADD/ADHD and learning problems.

One of the most noticeable deficiencies in an adult is a lack of attention to detail along with poor organizational skills. They may act without thinking more frequently when dealing with a learning disorder.

Children are likely to lose or misplace things continually. They are easily distracted, restless, and impatient.

Children appear to be unable to listen or carry out instructions.

Wait! What? Yes both adults and children exhibit any or all of the behaviors mentioned above. Restlessness is not only observed in children, as an example!

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The Latest Treatment Technology: Neuromodulation

In addition to qEEG brain mapping and neurofeedback, the Drake Institute now uses Neuromodulation technology that consists of a low-intensity pulsed electromagnetic generator , transcranial Direct Current Stimulation , and transcranial Alternating Current Stimulation to treat ADD & ADHD symptoms.

How does it work?

Simply put, Neuromodulation can stimulate a brainwave pattern that the patient is deficient in. In turn, the dysregulated brain will then mimic or emulate the stimulation to produce healthier brainwave patterns.

This technology has had such a tremendous impact on our success rates that it is fully integrated into our treatment protocols available for each patient, resulting in faster improvements in symptom reduction and more normalization of post-treatment brain maps. In other words, it gets the brain healthier, faster.

Like all treatment protocols used by the Drake Institute, Neuromodulation Therapy is a non-invasive, safe, and clinically effective treatment option for individuals looking to reduce their ADD symptoms.

Ways To Address Add And Adhd Without Medication

1. Protein: Kids that consume more protein have been shown to have improvement in symptoms. The sources of protein should vary widely, for example through legumes, yogurt, protein shakes, eggs, fish, white meat chicken, pork and a moderate amount of lean red meat.

2. Omega 3 Fatty Acids: There have been a few studies that link the symptoms of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder to low levels of essential fatty acids and to low ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids can be consumed naturally through walnuts, spinach, other leafy greens, fish and flax seed or taken as a supplement. Research on this and other supplements is inconsistent and not conclusive. The alternative approach is therefore not as predictable as evidence based treatments such as stimulants.

3. Diet restriction: The famous one is the Feingold diet, which mostly cuts out artificial colors and flavors, also any food with natural salicylates. The list of these is long, including lots of fruits. Salicylates are also in antiinflammatory medications such as Aspirin. The actual response rates to this diet are low.

4. Sugar: Cutting back on sugar has never been shown to effectively treat ADHD, experts still think it makes sense to minimize sugar intake and artificial colors as both have been shown to increase hyperactive behavior. It is also recommended to minimize or avoid caffeinated beverages.

15. Equine assisted psychotherapy has been shown to help kids with ADHD.

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What Are Symptoms Of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Inattentive Type In Adults

According to the American Psychiatric Associations diagnostic criteria, there are nine symptoms associated with inattention. Although nearly everyone experiences inattention problems at times, people with the predominantly inattentive presentation of ADHD frequently experience the following symptoms. These symptoms may intrude and interfere in their daily functioning at work, with family members or in social situations. The nine symptoms associated with the predominantly inattentive presentation of ADHD are:

  • Often has trouble staying focused on tasks at work, home or play
  • Frequently does not pay close attention to details or makes careless mistakes at work or while doing other tasks
  • Often has trouble organizing tasks or activities
  • Is easily distracted
  • Frequently does not follow through on instructions or fails to complete work assignments, chores or other activities
  • Often forgets doing routine chores
  • Avoids tasks that require long periods of mental focus
  • Often loses items needed to complete tasks or activities
  • Does not appear to be listening even when spoken to directly

Adults may have predominantly inattentive presentation of ADHD if they:

  • Experience serious or chronic problems due to five or more of these symptoms
  • Have no other mental health disorder that could be the cause of these symptoms
  • Have few-to-no symptoms of hyperactivity or impulsivity

Other psychological conditions, such as depression or anxiety, can also accompany ADHD in adults.

Schedule Work Time And Break Time

Pin on adhd

If your child is struggling with sustained focus, try to schedule 20 minutes to focus and complete work. If your child feels like they can still sit and focus, have them keep going a little longer. If not, take 20 minutes to do some fun movement and then return to another 20-minute work/task period.

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Spend More Time Outside

Studies show time spent in green space improves focus and attention, and decreases impulsivity in children with ADHD .

The underlying mechanisms for these benefits arent fully understood, but the benefits speak for themselves. Making a priority to spend time outsidewhether in nature or your own backyardbenefits not only your physical health, but mental and cognitive function as well.

Adhd Treatment Without Medication: Lifestyle Alternatives

As a child or adult, struggling with ADHD can be challenging. For children, they might be viewed as a problem child who causes trouble, while adults may never fully understand what theyre experiencing. Fortunately, with the proper diagnosis, a person can seek treatment and work on what ails them. Doctors may be quick to suggest prescription stimulant medications like Adderall or Ritalin, but these potent stimulant drugs can have nasty side effects, including addiction. Fortunately, ADHD treatment without medication exists.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder as one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders that occur in childhood. Although its first diagnosed in childhood, it can persist to adulthood. Some adults may have a mild form of it as children or may have had an incorrect diagnosis. However, children with the condition will have trouble paying attention in class or at home, wont be able to control impulsive behavior, or have unusually high energy levels.

As a child, its not uncommon to have issues with behavior and trouble focusing. However, a child with this disorder will not grow out of the behaviors, and theyll either continue as theyve been or continue to worsen. Depending on the child, symptoms can range from mild to severe and cause significant challenges at home, school, or with friends.

A child with ADHD will:

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What Quick Tips Can Be Offered To Help Adults With Adhd Inattentive Type Cope With The Day

The following are tips for adults with ADHD, inattentive type, for self-regulating , and regaining control over many daily tasks:

To help cope with distractions:

  • Request a quiet or private work area move to an unused conference space or other area where there are few distractions or noise.
  • Wear earphones with soft music to cover up office noise.
  • Redirect phone calls to voice mail and return phone calls at set times throughout the day.

To help stay organized:

  • Set aside the first 10 to 20 minutes of your day to organize your tasks for the day.
  • Work on and complete one task at a time before moving on to the next one.
  • Keep a to-do list in a notebook or on your phone.
  • Put appointments in your phone and set up alarm reminders before the event.
  • Use daily planners or online task organizers to help keep track of tasks and events.
  • Use sticky pads to write important notes and place them in appropriate areas where they will be seen.
  • If a filing system is needed, use labels or color-coded folders or tabs.
  • Set up online automatic payment of bills so you dont forget to pay them.

To prevent losing or misplacing important items:

  • Identify specific areas to place specific items and get into the routine of only placing items in these designated spots.

To help stay focused:

Adhd & Add In College

How to Treat ADHD [Without Medication]

When the untreated ADHD adolescent goes off to college, their symptoms may noticeably increase since theyre now truly on their own and working without the advantage of a supportive, structured home environment.

Oftentimes, even very bright children who made it through high school without any issues were only able to do so because their supportive, structured home environment helped compensate for their neurophysiologic limitation with executive functioning.

When this individual gets to college, and their parents are no longer close at hand to back them up and act as a safety net, the ADHD adolescent can become quickly overwhelmed since theyre no longer being micro managed by their parents.

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Are You Looking For Solutions For Your Struggling Child Or Teen

Dr. Roseann and her team are all about solutions, so you are in the right place!

There are 3 ways to work with Dr. Roseann:

You can get her books for parents and professionals, including:Its Gonna Be OK: Proven Ways to Improve Your Childs Mental Health, Teletherapy Toolkit and Brain Under Attack: A Resource For Parents and Caregivers of Children With PANS, PANDAS, and Autoimmune Encephalopathy.

If you are a business or organization that needs proactive guidance to support employee mental health or an organization looking for a brand representative, check out Dr. Roseannsprofessional speaking page to see how we can work together.

Dr. Roseannis a Childrens Mental Health Expert and Therapist who has been featured in/on hundreds of media outlets including, CBS, NBC, FOX News, PIX11 NYC, The New York Times, The Washington Post,, Business Insider, USA Today, CNET, Marth Stewart, and PARENTS. FORBES called her, A thought leader in childrens mental health.

Food Dyes And Artificial Coloring

This is a tough one, since food dyes are in just about everything these days, but a handful of studies have linked consumption of these dyes to increased hyperactivity in children.

Considering that we eat roughly four times the amount of food dyes that we did in the 50s, its probably best to try to ditch the coloring in your next batch of sugar cookies.

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Treating Brain Wave Abnormalities

A key component of our treatment protocols is the use of qEEG brain mapping, which helps us obtain a clearer picture of the dysregulation occurring in the brain.

Creating a brain map for an ADD/ADHD patient is every bit as important as running an EKG for a heart patient. The more information the physician has about whats causing the patients symptoms, the more effective their treatment can be.

As is true with any medical test, brain map findings must be correlated with the patients clinical symptoms and evaluated to determine optimal EEG biofeedback protocols.

When ADHD and ADD are present, the brain can be literally stuck in abnormal brain wave patterns, showing imbalances in either fast or slow brain wave activities, which is often the root cause of ADHD and ADD symptoms.

Either type of disrupted functioning can negatively affect the attentional and executive functioning systems in the brain, even in highly intelligent people.

Below is an image showing the “before and after” brain map of a patient who learned to normalize their frontal lobe brainwave patterns by completing our brain map guided neurofeedback treatment:

As a result of completing our treatment and improving brain functioning, this child’s quality of life was remarkably improved. Many of our patients report a substantial improvement in their life experience when their brain functioning improves as evidenced from their qEEG brain map.

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