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Opportunities For Families To Participate In Treatment Studies:


Navigating the world of autism treatment can be perplexing and overwhelming. Autism Partnership is dedicated to promoting evidence based procedures through research that focuses on developing quality treatment for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Currently, the research department is conducting a range of studies to evaluate and develop effective means of teaching social skills to children of all ages, evaluate the use of group teaching, gain a better understanding of treatments that lead to greater skill acquisition, evaluate ways to better support parents and train staff, and look at a wide range of strategies related to applied behavior analysis and autism treatment.

For more information about our research and how you can participate in a current or future Autism Partnership Study please contact Justin Leaf, Ph.D. at

Providing Effective Services To Individuals With Autism Since 1994

Autism Partnership was formed in 1994 to meet the tremendous need for effective services to families with autistic children.

Based upon our founders extensive and unique experiences in providing behavioral treatment to children, adolescents and adults we have developed a comprehensive program that provides a variety of services.

Our directors were intimately involved in the treatment program developed at the UCLA Young Autism Project during the period of 1975-1987. Our current work incorporates the knowledge gained from the University research clinic and combines it with our more recent experience delivering services in community based settings. As knowledge about effective behavioral treatments continues to advance, we have also made innovations to increase accessibility to greater numbers of children in a variety of settings. We have extended the application of this specialized teaching methodology to children who are older. While it is clear that the optimal time to begin intervention is at the preschool age, there are many older children who have greatly benefited from intensive behavioral treatment.

Is This A Meaningful Job

People with autism often use ABA to develop basic life skills. You might help clients learn to get dressed in the morning, talk with family members about preferences, or handle strong emotions. You could be the bridge a family needs to start solving, rather than simply suppressing, problems.

Your salary will vary depending on your employer, your state, your education level, and your experience. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says the median pay for psychologists is more than $80,000 per year.

Intangibles involve job satisfaction. ABA professionals see their clients grow and change with each session they complete. They often develop close ties with their clients and their families, and they celebrate the successes as a team.

Every day, when you head to work, youll know that youre making a difference for someone in need. For some people, that sense of value makes the job truly worthwhile.

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System Recommendations And Requirements

Important Information: The certificate of completion does not qualify as a required document for BACB purposes. To request a document for the BACB, please visit after you have completed this quiz and submit the form. There is no charge for the APF RBT Certificate. Processing can take up to 14 business days depending on volume.

What Is Progressive Aba

RBT Archives

Progressive ABA is a philosophical approach in which interventionists, supervisors, and applied researchers employ a structured yet flexible approach to behavior change. All efforts are contingent upon and responsive to the individuals progress. To do this, the Certified Progressive Behavior Analyst Autism Professional uses the best available evidence in combination with advanced knowledge of basic principles and constant in-the-moment assessments to inform effective and caring intervention. This results in an approach that is grounded in science, socially-valid, and always progressing.

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How To Determine The Best 40

The best course for you will depend on a number of factors including your:

  • Professional goals

If youre on a tight budget and are looking for an entry-level position where youll get a lot of guidance from your employer, then the free course through the Autism Partnership Foundation is a good place to start. But if you have the money to invest, want to be guided through the whole process, meet 1-on-1 with a BCBA to ask questions and connect with other RBT candidates then the Full RBT Certification through the Autism Therapy Career College is your best choice. Alternatively, if youre a teacher or working in a school and are looking to get your RBT certification to help you in your classroom and advance your career, then the training through the Verbal Behavior Institute is a good fit because so many of the examples demonstrate how to use the skills in the classroom.

Here are our complete reviews, beginning with our top pick:

Who Is Eligible For Rbt Certification

Anyone wanting to pursue a career in ABA is eligible to obtain a registered behavior technician certification. However, there are a few requirements:

The Behavior Analyst Certification Board requires that RBT applicants must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Have a compulsory high school diploma
  • Must pass a background check
  • Complete the 40 hour training module
  • Participate in the initial assessment of competency

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About The Autism Partnership Foundation

The Autism Partnership Foundation offers the only completely free course youll find to meet the 40-hour training required by the BACB. But theres a reason this course is free.

The mission of this non profit organizationis Advancing effective methodology and behavior analytic treatment to improve outcomes of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. They do this by providing training in the field of ABA.

This organization has a clear vision of how ABA should be implemented and they use their training, particularly their free 40-hour RBT training as a way to share their vision. In their they promote their extra content in the training as going beyond what the BACB requires for certification, however what this actually does is take time away from teaching the items that are on the task list.

When we took their training we were shocked at how much training time was used to promote what they call the Autism Partnership Method or Progressive ABA. Although we didnt disagree with much of what theyre teaching, it certainly isnt the best training to prepare you for the RBT exam, and often the message theyre sharing about how the field of ABA needs to change is something an RBT will have little to no influence in changing, especially when theyre just starting out.

What Is Rbt Training

Can you really get the 40-hour RBT training for free?

RBT training is a mandatory set of classes that cover all of the skills outlined on the BACB RBT Task List. That list comprises six different areas of practice and thirty-seven specific job functions that every RBT has to know how to do. The practice areas covered in the training are:

  • Professional Conduct and Scope of Practice
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    What Distinguishes Aba From Other Disciplines

    Applied Behavior Analysis focuses on behavior . It uses laws of behavior that have been experimentally demonstrated, and it uses clearly defined procedures to specify how to change behavior. The primary focus of ABA is on behavior that is important to individuals, in terms of enabling them to lead more fulfilling lives.

    ABA employs teaching where the objectives of intervention are to teach your child those skills that will facilitate his development and help him achieve the greatest degree of independence and the highest quality of life possible. Although many different techniques comprise ABA the primary instructional method is called Discrete Trial Teaching . DTT involves breaking a skill into smaller parts, teaching one sub-skill at a time until mastery, allowing repeated practice in a concentrated period of time, providing prompting and fading as necessary and using reinforcement procedures.

    How Long Does A Registered Behavior Technician 40

    Thats not a trick question those 40-hours are typically spread out over several weeks. Most programs can fit a 40-hour RBT training program into about 8 weeks of class. If you are following an on-demand, online RBT training course, however, you can complete your courses much faster. All RBT courses that meet the requirements for certification will require that you take at least 5 days to get through the training, though, and no more than 180 days, even if you are in a self-paced program.

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    How Can The Autism Partnership Foundation Provide The 40

    Few, if any, organizations have the resources to provide quality training for free. In their marketing video Justin Leaf, Director of Training and Co-Director of Research, says hes had it with people charging for this training. Yet how can anyone offer so much content for free?

    There are a few things you should know about how and why they are offering the 40-hour RBT training for free.

  • The training is a recording of an in-person training they did.
  • They are a non-profit organization which is eligible for donations and grants.
  • They have a clear message they are conveying through the training that isnt directly related to the BACB requirements.
  • What We Love About The Free 40


    While there are many training options available for the 40-hour course requirement, the training provided by the Autism Partnership Foundation has some important benefits.

  • Its free. Regardless of the limitations of the training, its hard to beat free. Even if you choose to take this as a supplement to other training, thats easy to do because this is free. And oh, did we mention its FREE?
  • They have an honorable goal. Additionally their mission of elevating the knowledge of individuals entering the field is commendable.
  • They map what theyre teaching to the RBT task list.
  • The presentations clearly indicate the section of the task list the subject applies but also lets students know when the topic is strictly concerning the Autism Partnership method.
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    Jumpstarting Your Rbt Career With Registered Behavior Technician Training Online

    Online registered behavior technician training is an option that people are increasingly choosing for its convenience.

    Its hard to beat sitting in the comfort of your own home, or even hanging out at the park with your mobile device, getting in those critical 40 hours to qualify as an RBT.

    Most online registered behavior technician training programs are asynchronous and self-paced, meaning that you can decide when and how long to work on them. Typically, they include features such as:

    • Interactive video lectures with exercises and quizzes
    • Practice activities and demonstrations
    • Competency quizzes to test your retention
    • Practice tests for the full-fledged RBT exam

    Since you dont have to commute to a classroom, you save time with online training. And because the provider doesnt have to rent a classroom, you can save money, too. Its cheaper for them to offer online courses than traditional types of classes.

    But the fact that its affordable doesnt mean you can coast through it. You have to be self-motivated and capable of committing to completing your work. Some online classes do have instructors and allow you to interact with your fellow students. That offers you some feedback and accountability if you need it.

    Will An Employer Pay For Rbt Certification

    There are multiple online training courses available for under $100. If an applicant completes their training in advance, they will become more marketable for a professional position and will also get a higher pay rate at the beginning that offsets the initial RBT certification cost. Therefore, it is not usually in the best interest of an applicant to make the employer pay for the cost of training.

    However, employers in some locations may pay for the coursework for non-certified RBT applicants. The race to find RBT positions has become competitive, so acquiring RBT certification before applying for the position provides a significant advantage to the applicant over others.

    The final cost for completing the process should be under $800, even with additional supplemental training materials. This also includes the cost of the coursework, application fee, exam fee, competency assessment, and a few similar fees. Some autism care providers like Songbird will cover exam and other certification fees.

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    Autism Partnership Foundation Message

    A significant portion of the training is spent talking about how the Autism Partnership Foundation would like ABA services to be provided. An entire lesson is spent discussing bad ABA and how the Autism Partnership Method or Progressive ABA is the solution. This theme carries throughout the training.

    Although we arent affiliated with the APF in any way, and therefore dont have any specific knowledge about why they created this training for free, it seems clear that the purpose of providing the training for free is to share this message with as many people as possible.

    While we agree with much of what they say, using this training as a means to spread the message takes valuable time away from the topics required by the BACB.

    Certified Progressive Behavior Analyst Autism Professional Certification

    FREE 40-Hour Registered Behavior Technician (RBT®) Course

    We are pleased to announce the development of the Progressive Behavior Analyst Autism Council . The PBAAC has recently created the Certified Progressive Behavior Analyst Autism Professional certification for professionals with specialized knowledge and experience in overseeing the implementation and dissemination of effective and caring interventions in autism in a progressive approach to ABA.

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    A Work In Progress Companion Series Booklets And Dvd’s

    In 1999 we published, A Work in Progress, a manual containing strategies and programs that we had developed over that past 20 years. It is now 2012 and we have made some more progress. Our approach and programming efforts have continued to evolve over the last 13 years. We have continued to try to blend a natural, child-friendly approach to teaching while remaining determinedly systematic. We have developed new approaches to solving challenging behavior problems as well as teaching communication, social and recreational skills. A Work in Progress received positive reviews from parents and professionals alike. However, we would often hear, If we could just see the programs in action, that would be even more helpful! We have taken the feedback and developed A Work in Progress Companion Series which combines written booklets on various teaching strategies along with actual demonstrations of our work with students on DVD. We have selected a few of our favorite programs which illustrate the use of behavior methods to teach a variety of skills to students of all ages.

    Payment for Publications should be made Payable to Autism Partnership

    With contributing chapters by: Marlene Driscoll, M.A. MFT, B.J. Freeman, Ph.D., Alyne Kuyumjian, M.S., Justin Leaf, M.A., Karen McKinnon, M.A., Tracee Parker, Ph.D., Julia Peacock, M.S., Jon Rafuse, M.A., Julide Saltuklaroglu and Andrea Waks, J.D.D.

    What Are The Significant Steps Associated With Rbt Certification

    The BACB released its first RBT handbook in January 2020, providing details on RBT certification. There are three major steps to RBT certification.

    1. The RBT coursework

    The BACB issues strict guidelines about the 40-hour coursework RBT candidates must complete. Universities, agencies, and online training programs provide training that covers the RBT edition task list of BACB. The training must take at least five days to complete, but it should not exceed 180 days from the start to the end. Numerous self-paced pieces of training are available that require individuals to have the self-discipline to complete the RBT coursework within 180 days.

    2. The RBT competency test

    The BACB requires a candidate to pass a competency test demonstrating their proficiency in areas listed on the task list. According to the BACB website, the initial competency test includes 20 assessment items to be completed by a BCBA or other responsible assessor. An candidate must demonstrate understanding of each skill during the interview, role-play, or conversation with the client.

    3. The RBTcertification exam

    A candidate must register for an account with the BACB gateway before taking the exam. Proctors will guide the participant through each step for exam application. When this is finished, they need to upload documentation that confirms their eligibility for the RBT exam, including the certification representing completion of the coursework as well as the attestations by a BCBA supervisor.

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    Message From The Directors

    Our Board of Directors provides strategic oversight and counsel to guide Autism Partnership Foundation in its mission to advance professional standards and treatment of individuals diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder through research and training. APF accomplishes this through innovative research, training, consultation, treatment, and education. Most importantly, APF strives to increase the availability of effective treatment to children diagnosed with ASD and their families.

    The prevalence of ASD is at an all-time high. The CDCs latest data shows about 1 in every 54 children is diagnosed with ASD. As a result, it is likely your family or someone you know is impacted by autism. It also means an increasing number of parents are overwhelmed by the challenges they face in coming to terms with their childs diagnosis.

    Please if you are interested in learning more about APF. Thank you!

    Understanding The Basics Of Registered Behavior Technician Training Classes

    Concerns About the Registered Behavior Technician⢠in Relation to ...

    The basic steps to becoming an RBT are always the same, but different training programs will handle registered behavior technician classes differently, even though they cover the same general subjects. You might find one program that follows the BACB outline exactly, while other providers might group different kinds of skill training into modules they think are complementary. In-person programs will cover topics differently from online programs, and some classes will build in extras, like exam preparation, even if they arent required by BACB.

    The basics of your courses will all have the same goal, however: to teach you the kind of skills and competencies you will need to pass the RBT examination and perform basic behavioral training under the guidance of a Board Certified Behavior Analyst .

    That means most of your coursework is going to fall into the category of skills acquisition. That category covers the bread and butter of behavioral training, with essential tasks like building token economies, using shaping procedures, and teaching chaining and discrete-trial training.

    You will also get exposure to other critical parts of behavioral training. Areas like ethics and patient privacy, documentation and observation will be part of the curriculum. Even soft skills like how to conduct yourself around patients and their families will all be covered.

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