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Can Speech And Language Therapists Diagnose Autism

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Can A Speech And Language Therapist Diagnose Autism

Kathleen Gregory: Can SLPs Diagnose Autism?

Early identification of autism

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Diagnosis of the types of speech and language impairments that can co-occur with ASD, including features of language disorders, apraxia, and dysarthria. Integration of findings from diagnostic tools for ASD, diagnostic evaluation, and information from other professionals or members of an interdisciplinary team, to determine diagnosis.

As a result, speech-language pathologist are often among the first clinicians to work with a child who has undiagnosed autism and can be a key part of the multi-disciplinary team that makes the diagnosis. While delivering services, speech-language pathologists continually monitor childrens development.

How speech and language therapy can help autistic individuals The first thing that a speech and language therapist can do is to help identify any disfluencies by type. If there is negative life impact, the SALT can work with the client.

you that your child has autism. Speech-Language Pathologists Can Help With Autism Spectrum Disorder Speech-language pathologists are well-versed in preventing, assessing, diagnosing, and treating speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication, and swallowing disorders in both children and adults.

Your Hope Is Yours Forever

If your child is indeed diagnosed with autism, you may feel that the doors have been shut on your child. Because, along with that diagnosis, you probably received a long list of dire predictions about the child you love, such as:

  • Your child will either never talk, or do so with great difficulty

  • Your child wont have any friends or even hold your hand

  • Your child will never have a job or get married

  • Perhaps your child will never even say they love you

And no one could fault you for being filled with grief, feeling frightened, and even being angry.

But you arent obligated to accept the limits you have been told to place upon your child.

You need to know that your child has the capacity to learn, communicate, experience real joy and happiness, and develop warm, loving, and satisfying relationships. Children on the autism spectrum are capable of great change.

Irrespective of what you have been told, there is hope for your child. Because you are the parent, you have a love, a steadfast and lifelong commitment, and daily experience with your child that is unmatched.

You have the hope for your child, see the potential, and desire for your child more than anyone can imagine. And while there are no guarantees what any given child will accomplish, there is also no guarantee of what your child will not achieve.

Never ever give up!

Is Delayed Speech A Sign Of Autism

Early intervention with online speech therapy can be key to helping any child with a speech or language delay, regardless of the childs diagnosis. Clinical research has consistently indicated that early intervention is essential to helping a child catch up to peers and become capable of better self-expression.

But that speech or language delay you detect in your child may suggest that autism is a concern as well. While speech delays are very common among children with autism, they are common in children without autism as well.

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Principles Of Assessment Of The Pragmatic Level Of Language In Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders By Speech

Communication pragmatics is affected by mutual interaction of the language and cognitive abilities and the quality of the sensorimotor integration . We believe that the pragmatic level of language in persons with ASD needs to be considered not only in the context of social behaviour but also motor performance as well as imitation processes and perceptual determinantssensory skills including orosensory abilities . Variations in the perception of the pragmatic-oriented communication behaviour can affect the final child assessment in terms of the childs prognosis and functional communication parameters, which are to be stimulated or compensated for in the course of speech-language intervention. The principle of specific speech-language intervention is based on the processes of learning through imitation. Regarding the use of the elements of alternative or augmentative communication , it is also based on functional communication behaviour, i.e. pragmatic language skills .

Difficult assessment of the pragmatic level of language is also caused by the scarcity of research-based results on communication behaviour in specific groups of children with special educational needs and children with typical development, who may include children with impairment of the socially pragmatic communication ability .

How Is Autism Treated

Speech Therapy Activities &  Printables

There are a number of health care professionals who are involved in the treatment of autism including : Speech-Language Pathologists , Occupational Therapists , and Applied Behaviour Analysis therapists.

If your child has received a diagnosis of ASD, it is highly likely that he/she is demonstrating delays in the areas of speech and language development and social skills. A Speech-Language Pathologist will do a full evaluation of your childs total communication profile: speech sound acquisition, expressive language , receptive language , and social pragmatics . The Speech-Language Pathologist will then create a treatment plan consisting of goals that will improve your childs overall communication abilities. Therapy will work in stages. Once your child achieves a goal by demonstrating that new communication skill in their everyday life, a new goal will be developed. Therapy continues in this way so your child keeps progressing.

ABA therapists use principles of learning and motivation to improve the childs functional behaviours for home life, readiness to enter school, or other programs. ABA therapy will focus on reducing undesirable behaviours and increasing functional and socially appropriate behaviours.

Speech-Language Pathologists and ABA therapists often work together in goal setting and therapy targets in order to optimize a childs behaviour and communication potential.

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Do Speech Therapists Diagnose Autism

Many of the diagnostic criteria for ASD are related to difficulties or impairments in social skills and communication. Therefore, Speech-Language Pathologists have a great deal of experience in treating individuals with ASD however, SLPs are not the professionals who diagnose it.

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Assessment, intervention, and support for individuals receiving speech and language services should be consistent with the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Functioning, Disability, and Health framework. This framework considers impairments in body structures/functions the individuals communication activities and participation and contextual factors, including environmental barriers/facilitators and personal identity.

Speech and language delays tend to be among parents earliest developmental concerns. As a result, speech-language pathologist are often among the first clinicians to work with a child who has undiagnosed autism and can be a key part of the multi-disciplinary team that makes the diagnosis.

Role of speech and language therapy in autism. SLTs should be integral members of the multi-agency teams providing support to children and adults with autism. SLTs have a unique role in: Identifying the social and communication characteristics Contributing to a differential diagnosis of those with autism Identifying co-morbidities

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Speech and language delays tend to be among parents’ earliest developmental concerns. As a result, speech-language pathologist are often among the first clinicians to work with a child who has undiagnosed autism and can be a key part of the multi-disciplinary team that makes the diagnosis.

Speech and language delays tend to be among parents’ earliest developmental concerns. As a result, speech-language pathologist are often among the first clinicians to work with a child who has undiagnosed autism and can be a key part of the multi-disciplinary team that makes the diagnosis.

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Have Your Child Get Speech Therapy For Autism

The formative years of an autistic persons life have an enormous effect on their lifetime. Autistic children can benefit immensely from speech therapy to help them refine their communication skills. In most cases, a diagnosis of in alignment with autism spectrum disorder will result in a referral for speech therapy. With autistic children who have limited or compromised speech, help in forming words and sentences can be a lifeline. Even for autistic children with more developed verbal skills, there often exist impediments to communication. Often when a child with autism speaks they will make errors involving misuses and misunderstanding of language. At Childrens Speech Care Center, we understand that providing an autistic child with speech therapy means treating the whole family. Speech therapy for autism requires coordinating goals and treating each child with individualized care, based on learning and enjoyment. Your family can attend between one and three times a week. Youll experience our highly experienced and well-trained professionals providing formal and informal therapies. We cannot stress enough the importance of early intervention to address language delays in your child before they begin attending school.

What Are The Benefits Of Speech Therapy For Autism

Speech and language therapy – working with Autism and Apraxia (part 3)

Speech therapy can improve overall communication. This makes it possible for people with autism to improve their ability to form relationships and function in day-to-day life.

Speech therapy can help the person with autism in a number of ways. The speech therapist helps the sufferer by articulating words well , communicating both verbally and nonverbally, developing conversational skills, exchanging ideas and much more.

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The Role Of Speech Pathologists In Working With Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

As we continue to focus on Autism Spectrum Disorder as part of Autism Awareness Month, lets take a look at what role speech pathologists have in working with children with ASD.

In our previous blog, we talked about some of the main signs we see in young children with ASD, which includes difficulties with social skills and communication. Because of this, speech pathologists often play a key role in the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of children with ASD.

Introduction To The Assessment Material For Evaluating Pragmatic Language Level In Children With Asd

For these reasons, the authors of the present study decided to develop an original material for the assessment of selected aspects of communication pragmatics in children with ASD, which would allow a comparison with the performance of children with specific language impairment, mild intellectual disability and children with typical development. The developed diagnostic material with a working title Assessment of the pragmatic level of language in persons with ASD: potential barriers to speech-language intervention focuses on the assessment of childrens pragmatic communication behaviour based on individually focused direct observation and performance testing. The basic assumption is that numerous abilities and practical skills related to the pragmatic level of language might be assessed based on the method of observation. Observation is performed without assigning complex tasks, in a natural environment of the child or in the environment of a counselling or therapeutic speech-language centre that the child knows. The objective of formal testing is in a more objective way to detect any difficulties in the respective area, adequacy of task fulfilment, peculiarities of task fulfilment, etc.

Testing : the goal of formal testing is to assess in a more objective way whether a child has some problems in the monitored areas.

Description of the basic assessment areas:

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How Can Parents & Loved Ones Help

Love draws you close to the person in your life with autism, and you may be ready and willing to do almost anything to break down communication barriers. You cant design a program yourself. Only an expert can do that. But theres a lot you can do to support the person you love.

For example, some children with autism benefit from a form of therapy called pivotal response treatment. Therapists who use this strategy motivate their clients to speak throughout the session, and they keep their tactics light and playful. They might ask the child to name a toy before they hand it over, or they might ask a child to give a command during a game.

Parents cant design and implement a plan like this, but they can understand how it works and replicate it during the childs everyday life. These parents might also require a child to name a food at breakfast, for example, or they might ask a child to play I Spy in the car for a prize.

Families know they should choose science-based treatments for people with autism. But studies say about half of these families dont choose a therapy like this. Instead, they use treatments recommended via websites, conversations, and magazines.

If youre hoping to help someone you love with a speech issue, work with a professional speech therapist. Ask how you can reinforce lessons at home and be part of the treatment program. Be a supportive ally to help the person along with therapy.

Inappropriate Unexpressive Or Stilted Communication

How to Find a Speech Therapist for Your Autistic Child

Children with autism often have difficulty beginning or maintaining a conversation. The voice of many of these children is robotic, lacking inflection, and they will often respond to a question by repeating it instead of answering it. Along these lines, they may repeat words or phrases they recently heard , without an intelligible context.

Often, children with autism will compulsively label objects rather than commenting or requesting, and appear to look through people instead of at them, seeming to lack awareness of others. They often speak only in single words, or repeat certain phrases over and over, appearing unable to combine words into meaningful sentences.

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How To Find A Qualified Speech Therapist

Because speech-language therapy is so well-established, it is highly likely that your medical insurance will cover all or part of the cost. It’s also quite likely that your child’s school or early intervention provider will provide the service for free. If you choose to go the private route, you may need to pay the therapist in advance and then request reimbursement from your insurance company.

It’s always important to remember, however, that any therapist must be a good personal match for your child’s needs. For that reason, you will want to meet, interview, and observe the therapist as they work with your child. You may also wish to ask the therapist for references from parents with children whose needs are similar to your child’s. Some therapists are terrific with verbal children but less effective with non-verbal children, and vice versa.

For more information about finding a qualified speech-language therapist, contact the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association .

Speech Therapy Benefits For Autistic Children

Autistic children often struggle in peer interactions. Where siblings can learn to accommodate the needs and communication style of an autistic sibling, classmates will likely not. However, speech therapy can furnish autistic children with the interaction skills necessary to build relationships with their peers. For example, younger children might learn play skills, practicing how to get along with other children during play. They may also learn to respond appropriately when other children use their name, or practice joint attention to tune in when conversations or other pertinent interactions are happening. Older children can benefit from perspective-taking, understanding things from another perspective. They may also target conversational skills, looking at elements that the child lacks with typical interactions between other students and adults.

You can change your childs life today. Give them the gift of speech therapy for autism with the specialist SLPs of the Childrens Speech Care Center. Call 856-8528 to find out how.

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Key Areas Of Therapy Include:

Pre-language skillsListening, joint attention, turn taking, understanding cause-effect, symbolic play, pretend play.

Receptive language Understanding what words mean, understanding concepts, following instructions, understanding questions, reading comprehension.Expressive languageUsing words, linking words together, using correct grammar, storytelling, using language in social situations.

This includes using high-tech and/or low-tech systems and aided or unaided AAC such as Key Word Signs, the Picture Exchange Communication System, Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display as well as electronic communication systems such as Proloquo2GO and COMPASS PODD as well as specific Augmentative and alternative communication devices.

Speech sound productionDeveloping an individuals ability to use speech sounds correctly so that they can be understood.

Pre-literacy skillsThis includes print knowledge, listening for sounds in words, blending sounds and sounding out words for reading and writing.

FluencySpeech pathologists screen, assess, diagnose, and treat fluency disorders in children and adults and determine the difference between typical dysfluencies and a fluency disorder.

Providing Professional Assessments Formal Assessments Are Sometimes Needed To Help With Diagnosis When A Child Is Starting School Or When Funding May Be Needed Usually A Doctor Specialist Or School Will Ask For A Written Assessment And Our Therapists Can Let You Know Who Is Best To Complete These Assessments We Allow A Couple Of Weeks To Write Up An Assessment Report So Please Let Us Know As Soon As Possible So We Can Help You Plan Your Sessions

Speech and language therapy – working with Autism and Apraxia


Your therapist usually completes the assessment with your child as they know them best. However sometimes we refer to other therapists to do this if we feel we may be able to achieve a more complete outcome. Our assessments are usually part of a larger, more comprehensive assessment process involving a Paediatrician or other specialists and we collaborate to help guide or provide opinions on a diagnosis.


Assessment length can vary depending on the reason for completing the assessment and the type of assessments being undertaken. Most assessments take more than one session to complete and are dependent on how well children focus and perform. Once the assessment is complete, your clinician will spend some time writing a comprehensive report, focussing on the key areas needed to assist with funding applications, diagnosis or other points of interest. On most occasions, our clinicians will make a time to meet with you to discuss the outcomes of the assessment and the next steps in the process.


Parents can request an assessment for their child. Your therapist will usually chat further with you to determine why an assessment is required and guide you from there. Most assessments can only be completed yearly so we can help recommend when the best time is to get this done.


Autism: ADOS-2 and ADI-R combined

Cognition: WPPS-IV or WISC-V

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