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Autistic Art For Sale

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A Gift Is For Sharing

Stephen Wiltshire: The autistic urban artist with the photographic memory | DW English

The Niam Jain shop is all about spreading joy.

Niam’s greatest joy is painting. Autism prevents him from sharing verbally, but his artwork is a remarkable reflection of his world, full of beauty, power and often surprise.

The shop is proud to present a selection of artwork and inspired products featuring some of his finest pieces certain to engage, delight and perhaps even inspire.

How Tokenomics And Nft Art Galleries Help Autistic People Celebrate Their Creativity

People with autism often live their lives behind a shrouded veil, cut off from opportunities and appropriate support. While we do not often hear about it in the media, the disorder is more prevalent than we think. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, one in 54 children in the US was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, or ASDs, in 2020.

Richmond Sodokpo, co-founder of AUTZ.

Courtesy of Richmond Sodokpo

Founded by Chris Bills and Richmond Sodokpo, AUTZ is the worlds first cryptocurrency network that empowers autistic people to profit from their extraordinary creativity by selling their artwork as non-fungible tokens . At the same time, AUTZ is revolutionizing the charity sector by transforming one-time donors into engaged community members as the shareholders of tokens that actively participate in the success of the entire network.

Within three weeks of launch in 2021, it brought together over 3,000 people and token holders from across the globe. In addition, Chris and Richmond have recently donated $10,000 worth of AUTZ tokens to the charitable organization I Serve with Joy.

Building A Vision

Chris interest prompted him to reach out to a friend who taught him about smart contracts and blockchain technology, two elements he refers to as the backbone of crypto. After losing his job due to the pandemic, Chris created the Crypto Wealth Club, a community-based program to educate people about cryptocurrency.

It’s Time For Change Series

Sharing wonder and joy with the world is something I believe in. There’s beauty in the everyday lives we lead, as well as in swirls of paint. I’m always pushing to discover something new or find a new way to talk about difficult things. I hope my work brings you joy and the knowledge that you are not alone.


When I first beheld the original, I was ecstatic. The texture of the canvas surface with paint thrilled me more than I expected. Each stroke of color layered in a purposeful manner but flowing as elegantly as notes from a well tuned cello. Oh my, the blend of color in each stroke is an image in its own right!

Cynthia A

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Drawing Autism Book Description:

Although autism was first identified in 1943, the last decade has seen the complex neurobiological disorder become a topic of conversation the world over. Knowing no racial, ethnic or social barriers, today autism is diagnosed in 1 in every 150 children, with boys four times more likely to be autistic than girls. Known as a spectrum disorder, autism manifests differently in every diagnosis. From social deficits to behavioral difficulties and language delays, the severity of autism varies greatly from person to person. The unique nature of how autism affects individuals in myriad ways makes the disorder a challenge for those who have it, have children with it or work with those living with the diagnosis. Art has long been an outlet used by some individuals with autism to express themselves in instances where words do not work, or cannot be made to.

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Inspiring Art And Hope

Journey Through Autism Painting by Wendy Middlemass

Meet Ben. He is a 20 year old who was diagnosed with autism at age 3. He has had an incredible journey, as all children with autism do. Art has always been part of his life and provided a much needed outlet to calm and express himself. This is continuing in his adult life and is now providing him an opportunity to have meaningful and fulfilling work for himself. Creating art has quickly become his passion. We hope others find inspiration and hope from Ben and enjoy his creations.

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