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Center For Autism And Related Disorders Lawsuit

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Center For Autism And Related Disorders

Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh on Vaccines & Autism
Center for Autism and Related Disorders

Autism Care and Treatment Today!CARD Academy

The Center for Autism and Related Disorders, Inc. is an organization that provides a range of services based on applied behavior analysis for children and adults on the autism spectrum.

CARD was founded in 1990 by Doreen Granpeesheh. The Blackstone Group, a private equity firm, acquired CARD in 2018. Granpeesheh and the management at CARD invested in the company alongside Blackstone, and Granpeesheh remained the CEO until December 2019, when she was replaced by Anthony Kilgore and moved into the role of executive director. In February 2022, Kilgore resigned for undisclosed reasons and was replaced by Jennifer Webster.

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Its unclear whether private equity ownership correlates with more billing fraud, because few of the audits distinguish between ABA firms ownership types.

But several people interviewed for this article were critical of the billing practices they observed at private-equity-owned companies. One example is the use of treatment plans that call for more services than is necessary for that client, like the behavior analyst in Texas described.

Lawsuits against individual companies also draw a link between private-equity-owned companies and problematic billing practices. The company in South Carolina that gave employees rewards for meeting billing goals, the South Carolina Early Autism Project, was purchased by private-equity-owned ChanceLight in 2012. After the acquisition, ChanceLight directed the firms executives to teach its other franchises in the Southeast about the companys business practices. By 2015, the provider was billing more for ABA therapy than any other firm in the country.

Last year, the former owner of a Texas ABA provider called The Shape of Behavior paid the government $2.7 million to settle claims that its bills to Tricare had excessive hours on single days, misrepresented providers identities, and couldnt be substantiated in medical records. BlueSprig had purchased the company in 2018.

Workers Are Organizing Themselves

The union campaign at CARD was initiated by Mica Rudich, a recent Whitman College enrollee who responded to a Craigslist ad in August 2017 and was hired at $14 an hour. Rudich was told shed get health insurance benefits if she worked 30 hours a week for three months, but she found herself short of that threshold when managers would schedule her 29.5 hours in a week. Later, she was told benefits would only be forthcoming if she maintained 30 hours a week in certain specific months. It never happened.

Rudich also noticed that she and her co-workers werent given 10 minute rest breaks every four hours, as required by Oregon law. So she and co-worker Oscar Lemus circulated a petition and got 25 co-workers to sign. They presented it to management March 16, 2018. Soon after, schedules were modified to allow for breaks.

Could more be done to improve conditions, she wondered? Some of her co-workers were having trouble paying the rent and relied on food from local charities. Rudich herself works two other jobs. Turnover at CARD is high. A year after her petition, three fourths of the signers had moved on.

The therapy suffers because the turnover is so high, Rudich told the Labor Press. In order for the kids to get quality therapy, you need experience, and time to build a rapport.

Then, in April, CARD management found out about the union. The cat out of the bag, OFNHP filed a petition April 26 asking the National Labor Relations Board to hold a union election.

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Impossible Days Impossible Weeks And A National Investigation

The allegations come from nearly every corner of the country, and involve both providers with private equity backing and those without. In Nevada, some 1,000 individual clinicians sent bills to the Medicaid program that suggested they delivered 24 hours of therapy in a single day or in some cases, more hours than that, according to an audit of four years of paid bills. One clinician billed for 65 hours in a single day.

Florida ABA providers, too, bill for those impossible days, or send bills to the states Medicaid program that suggest they provided more than 40 hours of therapy in a week, Medicaids limit impossible weeks. Sometimes providers send bills for so many consecutive days of service that it would mean they never took a break for weekends, holidays, or sick days. One estimate suggested the fraud could have cost state taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars in Broward and Miami-Dade counties alone.

At An Autism Therapy Chain Low

coraldesignln: Autism Spectrum Assessment Clinic

After weeks of comically ineffective pleading by the company CEO and a pair of hired-gun union-busters, a group of 30 low-wage behavioral therapists and administrators who work with autistic children voted May 23 to unionize. Theyre now part of 5,100-member Oregon Federation of Nurses and Health Professionals .

The vote took place at the Center for Autism and Related Disorders in Northeast Portland. Eighteen workers voted for the union, and four against.

What happened at CARDs NE 102nd Ave storefront is a story thats increasingly common: workers organizing themselves.

CARD, based in Woodland Hills, California, is a for-profit chain. On its web site, the company describes itself as the worlds largest autism treatment provider, with 239 locations in 33 states, including 16 in Oregon. Its privately held, and last year was bought by Blackstone, one of the worlds largest private equity firms.

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Similarly, BlueSprig said its committed to providing the highest-quality ABA, with individualized treatment plans for each client. The company said its investors support that mission by providing the resources necessary to ensure high levels of clinical care for every family it serves.

The Center for Autism and Related Disorders, the company Hinostroza called, said providing high-quality care tailored to patients unique needs has always been its top priority. Jeff Cho, the companys vice president of field operations, said in a statement that while he could not comment on individual cases, the actions described would be unacceptable and against company policies. The premise of these claims about our business are simply false.

Some also say insurers deserve blame for whats happened to the industry. Larsson, of the Lovaas Institute Midwest, said providers private-equity-owned or not can be forced into standardized treatment approaches because insurers wont fully cover the cost of performing thorough assessments and treatment planning.

As a layperson, you dont realize how much work goes into every week adjusting the treatment plan to keep the child moving forward and to avoid running into dead ends and creating problems, Larsson said. Whereas with a cookie cutter approach, you can go online and look up: What should I be doing this week?

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Center For Autism And Related Disorders Data Breach Class Action


Center for Autism and Related Disorders recently detected suspicious activity within its information network and, upon further investigation, determined that an unauthorized actor had access to certain Center for Autism and Related Disorders systems. Center for Autism and Related Disorders has since confirmed that, during that period of access, certain private data was removed from its systems. According to the organization, the private information of a massive number of people may have been stolen in the hacking of its information network. It is currently unknown how many people have had their information used for criminal purposes.

If you received a notice of this alarming data breach and/or have transacted in any way with Center for Autism and Related Disorders, your information may already be in the hands of cybercriminals, making your urgent attention to this situation very important.


Our law firm has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of persons affected by this massive data breach and now needs your help to perform our ongoing investigation. You need not have been contacted about this data breach before, nor do you have to show any identity theft to help us with our work. If you did business in any way with this organization, we are here to help you.


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Autism Awareness Living on the Spectrum | Your South Florida

Autism Learning Partners paid almost $1 million in 2021 to settle former California employees allegations that it used a time rounding system that failed to pay workers for all hours worked, including overtime. The settlement also covers allegations that the company required employees to work off the clock while traveling from client locations, failed to provide meal or rest breaks, failed to maintain accurate records of hours worked, and failed to pay out employees final wages after they left.

Bauer, the former Autism Learning Partners employee, became aware of that lawsuit when she received a check for around $50, her portion of the settlement, after she quit her job as a technician in May. The check arrived the day after she filed a lengthy report with Autism Learning Partners third-party grievance investigator detailing her concerns about her docked pay, lost hours, and other concerns.

To be working so hard to make the job work and to be treated so poorly, it was very dehumanizing, Bauer said. Its been so much better after I left.

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This Is What They Need To Work On Just Like All The Other Kids

From its start, ABA was intended to be tailored to each person. Before kids start therapy, they get an in-depth assessment of their language and social skills and a plan to specifically address their needs. The idea is to create a program designed for a particular childs learning capacity, family situation, and rate of progress.

You cant just walk in and hand people a book and say, This is what were doing this week, because youre going to totally miss the point of what this individual child and the parents need, said Eric Larsson, executive director of clinical services for the Lovaas Institute Midwest, a private ABA provider thats not private-equity-owned.

But several people working in the industry say that private equity, in an effort to save money on time-intensive assessments, often uses cookie cutter treatment plans that are at times simply copy-pasted from one client to the next, which they said runs counter to how the therapy is intended to work.

When Julie Bauer worked as a technician at Autism Learning Partners in San Diego, for example, shed often find a different clients name in a new clients plan.

It would literally be copy-pasted from somewhere else, Bauer said. I would tell them, I need you to go back and edit this and make it more appropriate to what were doing. All the time that would happen.

There, she noticed every childs plan called for the same number of hours. The treatment goals were remarkably similar.

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High Rates Of Turnover In A Space Where Consistency Is Key

The singular focus on hours doesnt just strain kids and families, it puts constant pressure on ABA providers to maximize their hours with clients, becoming, as the behavior analyst in Texas put it, a billing machine. Former employees said private-equity-owned companies would set billing quotas, reward top billers with bonuses, and question any holes in their schedules.

The dynamic, they say, contributes to the industrys already sky-high turnover.

My experience has been just being run into the ground, said Nirvana Kowlessar, a board-certified behavior analyst in Portland, Ore. Its just such a shame because there are really good people and talented clinicians and everybody works so hard.

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Larsson, of the Lovaas Institute Midwest, said parents sometimes think his practice is hounding them to accept more hours, but its simply what some kids need to have the best shot at one day living independently. Parents arent always ready for that, and will ask for half a program or a summer program, but his organization is focused on intensive therapy.

Kids need around-the-clock treatment if theyre going to recover to the maximal extent, Larsson said. They need a lot of help just to get a leg up on their future. With an intensive program you can do that.

The founders behind another private-equity-owned ABA provider, Kyo Care, headquartered in California, said they actively avoid pushing high-intensity programs. They believe its important to let kids spend time with their families.

We really strive to be that provider that is making the most efficient use of peoples time and payers dollars, said Melissa Willa, Kyos chief clinical officer. We think weve figured out ways to do that.

Card Telehealth: Access Full Aba Programs During Covid*

Telehealth is challenging, but its awesome at the same time a lot of in-the-moment parent trainings. Its invaluable.

We are happy with telehealth. We have actually prioritized ABA over school as school has not been helpful.

Telehealth keeps me on track to work with my child. The behavior analyst trains me to run lessons applying the principles of ABA, which I really appreciate.

covered by insurance*

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Under the settlement, Prism will pay a total of $650,000 to the state and federal governments, with California receiving a gross share of $390,000. The settlement is based on Prisms ability to pay, according to the U.S. Attorneys Office.

Prism had the important responsibility of supporting and caring for children and young adults with autism spectrum disorders, said Attorney General Rob Bonta. Instead of fulfilling its obligation to the families under its care, Prism is alleged to have filed false claims and misused state taxpayer money.

These allegations are shameful and these families deserved respect and dignity, not to be used to cheat state resources, he said. I am grateful to the U.S. Attorneys Office for their involvement in this investigation, which helped bring justice to these families and Californiataxpayers. My office will continue to hold accountable bad actors who hurt the health and well-being of Californians.

The lawsuit was filed by Diana Mason, a licensed board-certified behavioral analyst who was employed by Prism from March 2018 to June 2018, when she observed Prisms alleged fraudulent activities.

City News Service contributed to this article.

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