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Why Are Puzzle Pieces The Symbol For Autism

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Why is autisms symbol a puzzle piece?

What do you think should replace the Puzzle Piece logo? Or are you happy how things are currently? Let me know in the comments below. Also, be sure to follow this linkto a collection of responses from the autistic community on the Puzzle Piece logo from Art Of Autism its one which I used when researching for this article and it will help to offer more perspective.

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Saying Goodbye To The Puzzle Piece And Introducing The Infinity Logo

So now I have my new logo.

Im a little in love.

See, infinity symbols are kind of my thing.

I have a tattoo designed that incorporates an infinity symbol.

I had rings with my best friend with infinity symbols.

Basic point: infinity symbols are my jam. And now I get to use one in my logo.

This new logo is no longer offensive and perfectly me.

So I would LOVE to hear your thoughts.

What did you think of the puzzle piece? What do you think of the new infinity logo?

About Kaylene

Which Colour Represents Autism

When done right, some colours become synonymous with the things they are used to represent. Take for example the healthy green hues of the Samaritans logo or the sleek, futuristic black of the Apple apple. Even in the world of literature, its hard not to see a hopeful yellow background with a powerful red centre and think of Superman. Yes, its a fact that, for any given thing, there is a colour to reflect it. But which colour represents autism?

This is a question which I have seen raised multiple times and, with the help of both my marketing degree and own perspective of being autistic, today I aim to find both an answer to what colour represents autism, while simultaneously frustrating every non-U.K. reader by spelling colourthe correct way the British way.

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Why I No Longer Use The Puzzle Piece In My Jewelry Creations

The puzzle piece is becoming more and more stigmatized in the autistic community, and I completely understand why. As the symbol becomes more known to originally representsomething missing from autistics, the more the autistic community is rejecting its use.

By Baylie Nixon

Its been too long since Ive written my last article. In addition to the chaos befalling the world right now, a lot has happened in my own life too. I am finally finished with school, board certified to practice medical technology, and ready to enter the workforce. I am now officially a board member of the Autism Society of Oregon.

What is most relevant to this article, is that I did a major audit of my merchandise because Ive decided to no longer use the puzzle piece in my work.

Even the Autism Society of Oregon is replacing its usage with the rainbow infinity. To me, thats huge.

Id go into more detail as to why thats huge, but I think thats for another article. For this blog entry, I want to stick to why Im not using the puzzle piece anymore, why it took me as long as it did to not use it, and why I actually dont feel that upset with people who still do.

I used the puzzle piece for as long as I did because developed a special connection to the symbol long ago, as early as middle school. Before the knowledge of the history of the puzzle piece became as prominent as it is today, I took it to mean that we are diverse and meant to have our own way of fitting in.

Shauna Gilligan: Mama The Sunrise Is Orange


by AsIAm.ie 14 April, 2014

Shauna Gilligan is a writer and mother of a son on the Autism Spectrum. In the article below, she

by AsIAm.ie 14 April, 2014

Frequent blogger, Carrie Burton, writes on the recent diagnosis of her second child, Ava, with AD

by AsIAm.ie 5 April, 2014

Dr Aoife Lyons, licensed clinical psychologist and university lecturer in UCD and DCU, ha

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Puzzle Piece As A Symbol Of Autism: Critics

When you look for an image describing autism and autism awareness, a puzzle piece immediately appears.So why do we use this symbol? What is the history of this symbol that we think describes autism? Why has this symbol been preferred by associations, parents of children with autism, and autism activists?

First of all, what does it gain us to know? lets talk about these:

  • If you want to understand or change your perspective on autism, you should know that the symbols you choose also have content. You should realize what the symbols mean, why that symbol is accepted.
  • The symbol is not a simple indicator. There are deep discussions and the history behind it. You should know that each symbol carries different content and can create a situation where different perspectives conflict.
  • Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, the symbol is here, what it matters, the situation seen as a simple choice It can reflect our unconscious anxieties up to our relationships with our children and the forms of education and therapy we choose.

Will It Stay Or Go

People that dislike the use of the puzzle piece do not like being perceived as less-than, mysterious, or somehow incomplete as if they should strive to become neurotypical. In the age of neurodiversity, people with autism are not the marginalized community they once were and more people have accepted that autism is not a puzzle to be solved. In this regard, reducing people with autism to nothing more than a complex task that requires solving can be pretty controversial.However, advocates of the puzzle piece have moved beyond the puzzle-to-be-solved imagery, instead focusing on the aspects of individuality that a puzzle piece represents and the fact that every piece is important to the grand picture, centering people with autism as important individuals to an entire community.

Its unclear whether or not the puzzle piece will last as the community symbol for autism. Perhaps the biggest problem with re-branding is that there is little unity as to what should represent the community and getting society to accept a new symbol on a broad level will only serve to marginalize people with autism for a longer period of time. There are a number of suggestions that could work, including a Supernova or the rainbow infinity symbol, but the community has to come together and decide what to do. If the puzzle piece remains, and it seems likely it will, the symbolism must change from a mystery to be solved to a complex and unique piece of the entire puzzle.

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What Is The Puzzle Piece And Where Does It Come From

The puzzle piece symbol was first used in 1963 by the National Autistic Society, in a logo which depicted the image of a crying child in the centre of the piece. The supposed aim of the image was to symbolise how people with autism suffer from a puzzling condition and are unable to fit in.

Although now no longer used by the National Autistic Society, the puzzle piece has since been adopted by other organisations, the most notorious of all being Autism Speaks.

#askingautistics: How Do You Feel About The Puzzle Piece Symbol

Autism Puzzle Piece – Origin & Controversy

Every April has been intense since learning I was Autistic at the age of twenty-nine. Ive been shifting more of my focus into my educational work and focusing on re-educating workplaces on Autistic and NeuroDivergent inclusion, so this April has been one of the most trying so far.

Awareness campaigns have been historically driven to promote fear of whatever they try to make someone aware of in the instance of Autism Awareness, fear and stigma of Autistic People and having Autistic children, dehumanizes and harms Autistic people.

Many non-Autistic people, seeking a remedy to rid the world of Autism, are emboldened to speak up in April to share how Autism has impacted or touched their lives. This drowns out and silences Autistic people on Autism related issues.

I cant wait for May and leave April behind us, though the debates between Autistics and non-Autistic people on Autism related issues will likely continue.

One of the issues I repeatedly see on social media is what symbols we should use when representing Autistic people. Is it the puzzle piece? The rainbow infinity? The Gold Infinity?

Frequently when you ask someone whos not Autistic, they will suggest a blue puzzle piece, a symbol rejected widely by the majority of Autistic people. I see it all the time in Facebook groups.

I witnessed one parent complaining that the PC Police are coming for everyone, ruining an innocent symbol that means a lot to their family.

I ask Twitter:


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The Neurodiversity Logo Of Autism Spectrum Disorder

It is a rainbow infinity sign, has been posed as an alternative. The logo celebrates diversity and hope. It should be common in the Autism Spectrum Disorder acceptance movement. However, people who claim that neurodiversity is trying to ride the coattails of the gay and lesbian community for acceptance instead of seeking an identity of its own also see the logo as too passive and easily swamped.

The Story Of The Change In The Autism Symbol

Criticism and objections to the puzzle piece symbol caused the subject of changing the symbol to be transferred to the Autism Research Journal. The editors of the magazine took the first step in this regard by contacting scientists who think that the puzzle piece symbol should not be used as a universal symbol and who carry out serious studies on this issue. They started the process of change in the symbol, emphasizing that it is necessary to use a symbol that is more up-to-date, less aggressive, and more responsive to the needs in the 21st century, where we started to modernize.

Upon the onset of this change, they began to express the continuing concerns of the scientists who were voicing the problems posed by the puzzle piece symbol. Different symbols were started to be used and arrangements were made in the perspective of these symbols. There was serious criticism that the puzzle piece was fed by the idea that autism was seen as a deficiency and a problem.

After a long period of criticism, discussion, and exchange of ideas, it was agreed that the puzzle piece was no longer a suitable symbol to represent autism spectrum disorder. The move away from the puzzle piece and towards the new symbol design is not just about choosing how autism is represented. It represents a wider change.

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A Symbol Of Isolation

The Autism Society acknowledges that over the years, the puzzle piece and puzzle piece ribbon have come to mean different things. They share the results of an informal poll where they asked what the ribbon means, and answers ranged from seeing the ribbon as a symbol of belonging to viewing it as a sign of isolation. To some people, the puzzle piece meant they did not fit in.

History Of Autism Spectrum Disorder In Canada

Best Why Is The Autism Symbol A Puzzle Piece Stock Photos ...

It was not until shortly following the Second World War that children with ASD were first seen for diagnosis and treatment in Canada. Universal health care,which was introduced across the country from the 1950s to the 1970s, allowed families to access diagnostic and treatment services for ASD more readily, regardless of their income level. This was a significant step in supporting this population. Dr. MiladaHavelkova at the West End Crèche in Toronto, Ontario, was the first clinician in Canada to diagnose and treat childrenwith ASD. She was also the first child psychiatrist in Canada to seek a better understanding of the causes of ASD through research. She published several influential papers on autismduring her 30-year career at the clinic.

Diagnosis of ASD and other pervasive developmental disorders has steadily increased in Canada since their addition to the DSM-III in 1980, despite significant confusion between the terms autism, PDD and PDD-NOS among health professionals andthe public. In 1987, the DSM-III-R broadened the criteria for autism. This further increased in the number of children who received a diagnosis of autism or PDD-NOS.

Throughout the 1990s, autism researchers focused on the molecular genetics of autism, as well as developing reliable and valid diagnostic tools. With the rising rates of ASD, researchersalso explored the contribution of environmental risk exposures to the development of autism.

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Too Mysterious To Understand

According to an editorial in Psychology Today, many people on the spectrum resent the idea of autism as a puzzle that needs to be “solved.” To them, the puzzle piece indicates that they are too mysterious to understand. This could be seen as a defeatist attitude that doesn’t promote acceptance and awareness at all. Some would prefer a symbol that called for inclusion, dignity, and empowerment.

Puzzle Piece Love Tattoo

A puzzle piece tattoo can also be used to express your love for someone with or without autism. Whether this is a best friend or a partner, the idea of this tattoo is about you two fitting together like two puzzle pieces. Like the puzzle, one person will not be complete without the other which makes it a nice way to represent a bond between two people.

A combination of puzzle pieces, lock, and key tattoos placed on the wrist

Infinity sign, love, and puzzle piece tattoos combined

An outline tattoo of a puzzle piece behind the ear

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The Autism Awareness Ribbon

The puzzle ribbon was adopted in 1999 as the universal sign of autism awareness. Although this image is a trademark of the Autism Society, the organization has granted use to other non-profit organizations in order to demonstrate unity and advance a universal mission as opposed to any individually held interests or promotion of a single organization.

The Autism Awareness Ribbon The puzzle pattern reflects the complexity of the autism spectrum. The different colors and shapes represent the diversity of the people and families living with the condition. The brightness of the ribbon signals hope hope that through increased awareness of autism, and through early intervention and access to appropriate services/supports, people with autism will lead full lives able to interact with the world on the own terms.

Put on Your Puzzle! To purchase merchandise, apparel or a magnetic Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon for your car, locker or refrigerator, to visit our on-line store.

The Autism Awareness Puzzle Ribbon is the most enduring and recognized symbol of the autism community in the world. Yet, views about the iconic marker are as diverse and wide-ranging as the spectrum it represents.

The Autism Society posed this question on Facebook the answers were intriguing, weve provided just a sampling.

Join the conversation on social media wed love to hear from you.

Why The Puzzle Piece Symbol For Autism Awareness Doesn’t Do It For Me

The Autism Puzzle Piece

I used to love puzzles.

What a nice way to spend a lazy Sunday, going to and from a really tough puzzle and loving that feeling of satisfaction when its finally done. Then leaving it on the table to be admired, at least for a little bit.

Im now the mom of a child with autism, and puzzles dont really do it for me. I find I just dont have the patience anymore my patience is otherwise used for my kids.

Which brings me to that dang puzzle piece symbol for autism.

It never really bothered me before, until I really started thinking about it.

Some autism organizations use the puzzle piece symbol for autism awareness with the tag line, Until all the pieces fit. Well, tagline creators, Ive got some news for you.

Those pieces? They will never all fit. That puzzle will never be completed. You never get that feeling of satisfaction upon completion.

Now before you all get riled up, hear me out.

Parenting no matter if you parent a neurotypical child or a child like my TJ, who has autism is a journey. There is no ending.

Until all the pieces fit contains the hope that eventually all those pieces, even the toughest ones, will fit into a nice, neat puzzle that you can stand back and admire.

Parenting is fluid.

Wouldnt it be nice if it wasnt? Can you imagine finally finding out how that last little bugger of a puzzle piece fits into the whole picture, and you have laid before you a beautiful portrait that you have been waiting to see in its completion?

See? Fluid.

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Being An Ally To The Autistic Community

All of that may have left you wondering what you can do to better support the autistic community – which symbols to use, and which organisations and movements to follow.

Rainbow Infinity | via Autistic UK

Starting with symbols, a more widely accepted symbol amongst the autistic community is the rainbow infinity symbol. The shape and colours of this symbol are said to represent the infinite variations of people on the autism spectrum, denote endless possibilities for autistic people, and intend to make clear the fact that autistic people do not, in fact, have a piece missing. In essence, the rainbow infinity sign symbolises that you cannot fix what is not broken. Other variations of the infinity symbol are also used and accepted, such as the gold infinity symbol.

When it comes to movements, arguably one of the largest events in the autistic calendar is World Autism Awareness Day. As previously mentioned, this day isnt always met with great joy by the majority of the autistic community, as many organisations and groups use the day to spread misinformation and further perpetuate harmful stereotypes. One such organisation is Autism Speaks, who each year ask the autistic community and the general public to Light It Up Blue in order to show support for their organisation.

Gold Infinity | via Autistic UK

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