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Scholarships For Autistic Students In Texas

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Varghese Summersett Pllc Annual Scholarships


The Varghese Summersett PLLC Annual Scholarships are annual college scholarships for students with autism and other autism spectrum disorders. The organization offers several scholarships for students who are interested in pursuing different careers. All scholarships are awarded to students with documented cases of autism in an attempt to ensure they get the most support possible on their educational journey. Each scholarship is worth $500. April 1 is the deadline for students to submit their applications.

The attorneys at Varghese Summersett PLLC understand the struggles that students with autism face. They hope that providing these scholarships, they can assist the students in gaining an advantage in school. By providing scholarships to special needs students, the attorneys also encourage the students to reach for their goals and work hard to achieve them.

College Grants For Autistic Students Dont Wait To Apply

Post-secondary education is highly costly, and the financial burden becomes even greater with a child being diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder.

Besides education, there are also special care and medical bills that need to be dealt with. Many grants are available to families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to allow them to have the opportunity to continue their education.

Applying and searching for grants might feel like a lot of work, but its worth it! The Federal Student Aid recommends that students should start researching for grants after junior year of high school.

Every grant has different rules and deadlines. Some even require submissions a year before starting college.

College Grants for Autistic Students Where to Apply?

The Ohio State Department Of Education Funding Program:

The Ohio State Department of Education offers a private postsecondary school funding program. This is a good option if you live in Ohio or one of the other states. The Organization for Autism Research also sponsors several scholarships for students with autism. The organization awards up to 50 $3,000 grants each year to college students with exceptionalities. You can apply for one of these grants as a current undergraduate student. The only requirements for applying are a 500-1,000-word essay and transcripts.

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Types Of Scholarships For Autism Students

One of the significant benefits of studying autism research and social fields is that because those are branches of psychology, these students have access to any psychology scholarship program that comes from multiple. The students pursuing a career in psychology can join a scholarship program from their colleges psychology department or apply for an autism scholarship elsewhere. Any undergraduate or graduate student will try to obtain a particular scholarship annually.

About Scholarships For Autism

Local nonprofit funds therapy for children with autism

Autistic students need particular circumstances to feel comfortable and to be able to succeed, which is reflected in the study of Autism. The goal of all service providers for Autism is to help individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder be able to navigate the world in a way that makes them feel secure and safe. Because of this, those working with autism programs need specialized knowledge or experience working with ASD individuals. And in most cases, its preferred that they have a masters or bachelors degree in psychology or social work or some other field that involves emotional understanding.

Since higher education and attending post-secondary education can be a financial strain, college scholarships for Autism help college students, and high school students receive a scholarship fund to cover these expenses. There are even more scholarships that apply to autistic students studying Autism. Autistic students are more inclined to take a major with Autism which is why Autistic course scholarships apply heavily to autistic students.

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The Organization For Autism Research Scholarship Program

The Organization for Autism Research operates the OAR scholarship program, which grants over 30 scholarships annually.

The scholarship is available to any student diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder pursuing full-time studies at a post-secondary institution in the United States.

The Schwallie Family Scholarship is offered to the students who have been diagnosed with autism for higher-functioning, and the Lisa Higgins Hussman Scholarship is available to the students with more severe autism diagnoses.

For more information, visit .

Avonte Oquendo Memorial Scholarship For Autism

The Avonte Oquendo Memorial Scholarship is one of the college scholarships for students with autism awarded annually by The Perecman Firm, P.L.L.C. to students diagnosed with autism or a close relative who has the disorder. The scholarship value is $5,000 and there are certain requirements put in place to get this scholarship.

Applicant must have been enrolled at an accredited college or university or about to and write an essay of at least 500 words and at most 1000 words, and an official or unofficial academic transcript.

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What Is An Autistic Scholarship

An autistic scholarship is a financial award given to a student who has demonstrated exceptional qualities and abilities in relation to autism. These scholarships can be awarded by colleges and universities, as well as organizations that focus on the needs of autistic individuals. There are many different types of autistic scholarships available, so its important to research which one is right for you.

Ut Scholarships For Students With Disabilities

“YOU DON’T LOOK AUTISTIC” and other questions, RESPONDED.

Eric M. Suhl Endowed Scholarship

The Eric M. Suhl Scholarship was established in 2019 with funding provided by the Eric M. Suhl Foundation. The Foundation was formed to honor Eric, who lived with colitis for many years and passed away in 2016 at the age of 28. This scholarship is dedicated to the memory of Eric and is directed to help UT students who live with colitis, Crohns, IBS, or any chronic medical issue.

At least one scholarship for a minimum of $1000 will be awarded each fall for use during the academic year. If funding is available, additional scholarships and/or scholarships of a larger monetary value will be awarded. Applications are accepted during the spring semester and are awarded in the fall semester. The application is available here: Suhl Application.

Lois Ford LaBauve Scholarship

For students who will be at the senior, master, or doctoral level in the next academic year. They must certify that they have a disability that causes a significant functional limitation in one or more major life activities. Applicants must provide evidence of ambition to pursue a career in research in any academic area. Preference will be given to traditionally underrepresented groups.

Carole L. Patterson Scholarship

Will Rogers Memorial Scholarship

The Karen Wolffe & Terry Hirsh Scholarship

Applications are accepted during the spring semester and are awarded in the fall semester.

James M. Young Endowment

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Cvs Caremark All Kids Can Scholars Program

The CVS Caremark All Kids Can Scholars Program offers annual renewable scholarships for up to $1,000 for a maximum of four years to individuals diagnosed with autism who have successfully met all of the requirements for admission into any accredited post-secondary academic or vocational program in the United States.

All self-nominated applicants for this scholarship must be members in good standing with the Autism Society of America.

How To Get An Autistic Scholarship

The best way to get an autistic scholarship is to start early. There are a number of organizations that offer scholarships specifically for autistic students, and you should be proactive in seeking out these opportunities. You can also contact your local school district and ask if they know of any autism-related scholarships available.

In addition, there are online resources that can help you find scholarships for autistic students. The Autism Scholarship Database is one such website. This website provides information on over 1,000 scholarships for autistic students, as well as tips on how to apply for them.

There are many ways to get an autistic scholarship. Some scholarships require essays or letters of recommendation, while others simply require a nomination from a faculty member or administrator. Additionally, many autism charities offer scholarships specifically for autistic students.

The best way to start your search is by using the Autism Scholarship Database . This website includes a database of over 4,000 individual scholarships as well as tools to help you find and apply for scholarship opportunities. You can also visit the website of an autism charity to see if they offer any scholarships specifically for autistic students.

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Fsd Science Graduate Student Grant Fund

The Foundation for Science and Disability works with the American Association for the Advancement of Science in an attempt to provide students with disabilities opportunities to earn degrees that allow them to pursue careers in science and research. The goal of the Student Award Program of FSD is to make sure opportunities are available for students with disabilities who are interested in pursuing degrees in mathematics, engineering, technology, and science. The organization offers college scholarships to autistic students in the amount of $1,000. The deadline for enrollment is December.

FSD works with the USDA Agricultural Research Service are not affiliated in any other way than working together to provide students interested in science and research an opportunity to pursue a career in that field. By working together, the two organizations can provide valuable assistance to students who are interested in the different types of science and research areas available through each organization.

Percy Martinez Autism Scholarship

8 Students with Autism Receive College Scholarships  68 Recipients in 8 ...

Percy Martinez is a well-known lawyer in the state of Florida, USA, and provides college scholarships for students with autism. He, Percy, provides this scholarship to aid students with autism and cut down the cost of their education, and also grow the next generation of students living with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The scholarship amount is $5,000, see deadline here.

To qualify for the Percy Martinez Scholarship you need to meet the following requirements

  • You must fall into one of the categories high school, undergraduate, graduate, or autism school
  • Fulfil any one of the categories
    • Be involved in a program either as a volunteer or an intern
    • Shown educational interest
    • Recently enrolled in an accredited school
    • Two letters of recommendation
  • A 3-4 minutes video or essay of 100-600 words on the topic what are your thoughts on the future of education?
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    Parker Autism Foundation Scholarships

    Annually, the Parker Autism Foundation presents numerous postsecondary education scholarships to graduating high school seniors who have been diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and are currently receiving ABA theory to decrease the need for services at later ages.

    Qualified candidates must reside in North Carolina, engage in one-on-one intensive intervention, provide medical documentation of autism diagnosis, and demonstrate financial need for tuition assistance.

    Application Link.

    Texas Swim Academy Has Partnered With Autism Speaks The Worlds Leading Autism And Science Advocacy Organization

    As a new recipient of the Autism Speaks Swimming and Water Safety Scholarship Program, Texas Swim Academy will now begin awarding Adaptive Aquatics program scholarships to swimmers with autism spectrum disorders. Our goal has always been to provide all families in the Houston and Katy area with access to result-oriented swimming programs, including families of children with special needs. With this new scholarship program in place, we continue our passion for sharing the essential life skills of water safety and swimming to even more students.

    Founded in February 2005 by Bob and Suzanne Wright, grandparents of a child with autism, Autism Speaks is dedicated to funding research for the causes, preventions, treatments, and cures for autism. The organization seeks to increase awareness of autism spectrum disorders and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.

    Autism Speaks mission aims to change the future for all of those who struggle with autism spectrum disorders. Texas Swim Academy is proud to share this same mission and collaborate with this organization to further raise awareness and provide support for those with autism spectrum disorders.

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    National Resources For Autism Education

    The Autism Society of America awards scholarships each year for deserving students pursuing higher education. The organizations Foundation acts as its philanthropic arm, providing scholarship for undergraduates and graduate student studying autism. Some scholarships are reserved for graduate and post-doctoral work in the research of autism, with an emphasis on prevention, cure and the amelioration of autism.

    In addition to efforts from the National Society, the ASA works with local chapters to administer educational assistance targeting regional members and colleges.

    Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation assists families by working to increase Autism awareness, and the group also provides grants for education. Some funding is institutional, earmarked for schools to use in ways they see fit. Some assistance helps college students directly, providing money for tuition and other education expenses like computers.

    Eden Autism Services is a valuable resource for Autism training, support and education. The group recently awarded funding from the Charles H. Hoens, Jr., Scholars Program, worth $1000 annually to each successful applicant who has autism, and who has been accepted to attend a post-secondary college, vocational or trade school.

    Are Students Anywhere On The Autism Spectrum Qualified

    UT Game Changers: Autism and Developmental Disabilities

    When searching for college scholarships for students with autism spectrum disorders, its vital to understand that not every scholarship is the same. Each one has their own guidelines and restrictions that a person needs to understand before applying. Sometimes, the requirements may limit the scholarships for autistic students to those who are high functioning while others for people who are lower on the spectrum. It all depends upon that particular scholarship.

    As a person is looking for college scholarships for autistic students, its important to understand that some are through the college, others are through autism disorder groups, and some are from individuals or private groups. Each one of them has the right to place limitations on the college scholarships for autistic students based on what they feel is most important in the candidates they select.

    Besides college scholarships for students with autism, a person may also qualify for government assistance through grants and loans, just as any other student would. Therefore, a person with autism can apply for state and federal assistance and receive funding for school. Rather than taking into consideration the students medical condition, state and federal programs look at the prospective pupils income and his or her familys income. Additionally, a person with autism still qualifies for grants and scholarships based on the program he or she chooses. A person can also look into assistance for people with autism.

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    Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship

    Administered by the Ohio Department of Education, the Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship grants up to $20,000 to high school students with an Individualized Education Program from their district of residence who wish to pursue their post-secondary education dreams by attending any two or four-year college in Ohio.

    Any students who are receiving special education services for documented learning, social, emotional, physical, or mental disabilities, including autism spectrum disorders, are welcome to apply.

    Achieving In Higher Education With Autism/developmental Disabilities Scholarship

    Deadline: March 10th

    The Achieving in Higher Education with Autism/Developmental Disabilities Scholarship program is a comprehensive nationwide college support program that helps college students diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder , Dyslexia, Learning Differences, and Non-Verbal Learning Disabilities . Current graduating high school seniors and undergraduate college students in the United States with high functioning Autism and Aspergerâs can use the $500 for tuition or textbook expenses.


    While paying for college is rarely simple for anyone today thanks to the rising costs of tuition nationwide, navigating through the complex financial aid process can be much more challenging for students who have been diagnosed with autism. However, since every student has the right to reach their college goals, more and more of these students are depending on extra funding from scholarships and grants to overcome all potential obstacles. Whether you have Autism, Aspergerâs Syndrome, or PDD-NOS, be sure to check out these 25 great scholarships for students on the autism spectrum for learners just like you.


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    Shenandoah Valley Autism Partnership Scholarship

    On a limited basis, the Shenandoah Valley Autism Partnership Scholarship offers monetary scholarships for up to $1,000 each as financial support to individuals on the autism spectrum in Augusta, Bath, Frederick, Highland, Page, Rockbridge, Rockingham, Shenandoah, and Warren counties in Virginia.

    In addition to being used towards tuition, students can receive funding for respite, therapies, safety or sensory equipment, and professional development.

    Application Link.

    Nsu Access Plus Program


    Funded by the Brian and Patricia Kelley Postsecondary Scholarship Fund from Autism Speaks for students at Nova Southeastern University with Autism Spectrum Disorder , the NSU Access Plus Program provides up to $8,000 to qualified individuals who are enrolled full-time in one of the undergraduate degree programs.

    Along with the funding, students on the spectrum will receive access to tutoring services, accommodations, residential supports, and assistance in planning weekend or extracurricular activities.

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    Connally S Wheat Scholarship

    The Connally S. Wheat Memorial Scholarship is awarded annually to a TECHniques Center student. The purpose of this scholarship is to make the specialized support of the TECHnique Center available to a student with a documented learning disability. The student must be currently enrolled in the TECHniques Center.

    What Are Autistic Students Scholarships

    There are many scholarships available specifically for students with autism. These scholarships are offered by organizations and institutions across the United States and Canada. Some of these scholarships are geared towards students with specific disabilities, while others are open to all autistic students.

    Many of the autism scholarships require an essay or a project related to autism. Some of the larger and more prestigious autism scholarships also offer financial assistance for post-secondary education.

    To find out more about available autism scholarships, or to submit your own application, visit the websites of individual scholarship providers or search online for autistic scholarship or autism scholarship.

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