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Summer Camps For Autistic Teens

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My Summer Camps Directory: Camps For Kids With Autism

Kids play during a 4-week long summer camp for autistic children, teens

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My Summer Camps is a general camp directory that also includes information about camps that are specifically geared to kids with autism spectrum disorders and related disorders. Be sure the child that may be send to the camp fits the specific criteria listed and that the location is convenient.

About The Author: Sarah Williams

Sarah B. Williams is CIPs National Director of Public Relations. She works to develop and implement communication strategies that will broaden CIPs impact and overall awareness. Sarah earned a BA from UC Berkeley and has been published in media outlets that serve the autism and LD community. Sarah is passionate about helping young adults with learning differences achieve success. Her son is a CIP alumnus.

Summer Camps For High Functioning Autism

Every Winter and Spring parents start to look forward to the months where the weather starts to warm up, and the rigors of school get to put on the shelf for one more year. For an increasing number of families finding summer camps for high functioning autism becomes a priority.

Since the early days of summer camps, parents find a bit of a break from their children with some time away. The nostalgia of camp is real. Long summer days filled with swimming, paddling, hiking, making friends, art projects, dunk tanks, and lifelong memories! This is a win-win situation for everyone, parents feel the benefit of time alone, and kids find independence and learn to make friends on their own. Camp is great and a godsend, but what if your child is not neurotypical and you know a traditional camp will not be a good fit? These are concerns we hear every summer from families looking at summer camps for high functioning autism for the first time:

We are worried about bullying

We are concerned about what they will eat?

Are the activities tailored for Atypical campers?

Will they be around other kids like them?

How trained are the staff?

Our food is not only healthy, but we take into consideration the needs of our campers and their relationship with food. See what our owner has to say about food at Talisman:

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Cip Announces Summer 2022 Program Dates For Teens With Learning Differences

The College Internship Program has announced dates and locations for their 2022 summer programs for teens and young adults with autism, ADHD, and other learning differences.

As COVID restrictions ease, CIP plans to offer in-person programming at five highly-rated college locations across the US. New dates and locations can be found on CIPs website. All programs will be offered between July 10 and August 5th, 2022, including a virtual opportunity for participants to engage online.

Summer@CIP is designed for students entering their sophomore year of high school to students who have graduated from high school in the past year. CIP is one of the worlds most comprehensive transition programs for teens and young adults with autism and other learning differences, offering support with college, independent living, and employment.

We are excited to return to college campuses and proud to share that nine out of ten of our families would refer others to our programs, commented Alicia Bourdon, Summer Admissions Coordinator.

“The transition from adolescence to young adulthood for people with learning differences is a critical time in one’s life,” commented CIP President Dan McManmon. Our tight-knit groups of participants will learn strategies for making their transition to life after high school including independent living skills, practice socialization, and college readiness, in a safe environment.

Aussie Kids Adventure Camps

Summer Camps For Teens With Autism Oregon

Weekend and school holiday camps for children with autism, intellectual delay, mental health or trauma.

Locations in Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and Newcastle. Weekend “catch-all” camp, School Holiday Camps, STA camps, and Peer Leader Program.

For More information visit Aussie Kids Adventure Camps.

Tailored camps for participants 5 years and older.

Overnight Support Camps for kids, teens, or young adults.

Medium support camps -These camps are for participants aged 12-17 years of age who require a mix of 1:1 and 1:2 care ratio

High support camps – These camps are designed to cater for participants who require 1:1 care due to complex medical needs, personal care or behavioural or social support needs. All camps are offered in the Perth Metro Area.

Cultural Camps – camps are run in partnership with Aboriginal, indigenous and multicultural communities and provide inclusive opportunities for cultural groups to develop new friendship skills and take part in new and exciting community activities together.

For more information see Cahoots.

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Seven Stars: An Alternative Option For Utah Parents Seeking Summer Camps For Teens With Autism

Parents searching for summer camp options for their Utah teen on the autism spectrum should consider Seven Stars for their child. Seven Stars is a therapeutic program with all of the fun of a summer camp. We combine adventure experiences with a traditional therapeutic environment to help teens on the spectrum struggling to make friends and excel in school.

Our program is located just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. We help teens from all over the United States, including Utah. It is often beneficial to send your teen away from home to get the help they need. That distance can provide the space you and your child need to grow and learn from their experience.

The primary goal of our program is to determine the next best steps for your child and provide a fuller picture of the core challenges your child faces. Throughout their time at Seven Stars, we continuously assess students in a multitude of environments. Learn more about assessments at Seven Stars> > >

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Camp Wannagoagain Is Back

It’s time to sign up for camp! We missed you all last year and are looking forward to getting together for camp this summer. It may look a bit different, but don’t worry, we’ll bring the same activities, add some new adventures, bring our wonderful staff, and, work really hard to make sure we live up to the name… Camp WANNAGOAGAIN!

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The Best Summer Camps For Autism & Special Needs Kids In The Usa

Before we know it the world will get back to normal and summer will be here and that means Summer Camp! Most camps are currently offering a discount for early registration, so we thought wed prepare a list of the best summer camps across the nation for your kids with autism and special needs.

Autism summer camps are specifically designed to boost skills and allow your loved ones to interact with other kids and adults in a safe and nurturing environment. Most offer specialized programs that focus on the skills that dont get that much attention during the school year like building basic social, cognitive, sensory, and communication skills to help promote self-advocacy and confidence naturally. But most importantly, these camps help your loved ones make memories that will last a lifetime.

Many camps across the country offer specialized educational and outdoor activities, medical care, and one-on-one interaction to ensure your child with special needs has the safest and most enjoyable experience all round.

The programs and duration of the camps vary from state to state and finding the perfect fit will need some research. To make things easier for you, weve narrowed down a few special needs summer and day camps by state to help get you started. If you find a great camp not listed here, let us know so we can add it.

The Summer Program At Cip Was Ideal For My Teenit Was A Perfect First Away Experience And An Excellent Balance Of Independence With Appropriate Supports The Staff Was Great And Truly Worked With His Individual Needs

Camp Wannagoagain loses home for summer, scrambles to find new location

Mother of Jacob A.CIP Summer Student

Throughout our two-week sessions, 30+ fun and exciting activities are planned based on your students area of interest. Spend some time outdoors this summer hiking, swimming, and exploring local highlights.

Past students have enjoyed ropes courses, theme parks, and professional sports outings. Participants will also have some scheduled downtime to relax and socialize with peers.

Summer@CIP welcomes participants entering high school grades 10, 11, & 12 in the Fall, as well as recent high school graduates to apply. Generally, each program has up to 30 participants, and all students are assessed to ensure a proper fit. Applications are considered for the program on a rolling basis until capacity is reached at each of the program locations. Learn more about admissions

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Finding The Best Treatment Options For Your Child Through Assessment Programming

At Seven Stars, our goal is to guide families on a path towards success by providing an assessment process for their child on the autism spectrum. Many families come to us unsure of why their child is suddenly performing poorly in school or acting withdrawn.

Throughout your childs time at Seven Stars, they will be assessed in a real world setting. Unlike other programs which offer assessments, students are continuously being assessed in a variety of environments. As students transition from one setting to the next, we are able to see the ways in which their reactions and behaviors change.

For more information about how Seven Stars can help your teen from California, please call 844-601-1167.

Are There Programs That Are Specific For Children With Autism

There are autism summer camp programs that are inclusive and have neurotypical campers, along with children with autism in an inclusive environment. Along with traditional camp activities, they have support staff and other accommodations that are camper specific for those that may need additional support.

  • Specialized programs are ones that are specific to teens and children with autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, and other special needs. They typically aim to help prevent regression of skills, build, and target social skills and other skills that need to be built
  • There are also extended school year programs available for the child with learning challenges that has a higher chance of regression of skills on their Individualized Education Plan . These autism summer camps follow the IEP, help build skills, and support the child or teen with special needs
  • There are other autism summer camps for kids with autism that are for other specifications dependent on the individual with autism spectrum disorder . The above three options are a good starting point and can be discussed with those that help formulate the IEP for the children or teens

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We All Need Friends Real Connections And We All Want Time To Play Sometimes We Just Want To Shoot The Breeze Or Stomp Around Like Wild Things We Know Its Ok Weve Found Our People Our Community A Place Where We Can Face Challenges And Discover New Things Yet Still March To The Beat Of Our Own Drum Its Time To Just Be You

My daughter is autistic and so am I. My most important job, as a parent, is to advocate for her, and to support her to grow, become more independent, build on her strengths, celebrate her talents, and ensure she finds her place in the world.

We recognised a desire for our own family to take part in experiential inclusive respite-based programs that we could enjoy as a family, where we knew our autistic daughter would get to hang out with other autistic young people, enjoy a tailor-made intensive program of capacity building social learning and life skills activities and be supported by carers who really understood the lived experience of autism. A place where she could just be herself.

We also recognised that our allistic daughter needed to feel special too. We wanted her to enjoy her own program of activities, and be supported in her role as a sibling to a child with special needs.

And lastly, we recognised that as parents, we needed to be able to have a break sometimes. Somewhere we could enjoy some much needed self-care, and meet other families like ours.

With this in mind, I decided to set up Autism Camp Australia.

We asked you what you wanted too, and it seems there are a few of you who would also like this. You completed, all up, 809 surveys telling us what you wanted. Your feedback and comments and emails were, well….seriously, astonishing. Thank you for your incredible support. Our camps are definitely very much needed.

When Registering Please Ensure You Are Not Using Internet Explorer As Your Browser

Improv Summer Camp for Autistic Teen...

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Once youve completed the online registration and payment, registration is not confirmed until our team contacts you.


We will continue to monitor the situation surrounding COVID-19 leading up to summer camps. There may be updates and changes going forward, and they will be posted here.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at

  • We turned 25! Here’s to New Beginnings

    It’s been an incredible first 25 years for the Centre!As we reflect on all that we have become, we look forward to big changes and where we’re heading.

  • We’ve Moved!

    We have officially moved into our new space!Find us at #1, 9353 – 50 Street NW.

  • Ideas for Summer Fun!

    We’ve compiled some ideas for accessible and sensory-friendly summer fun! We also have some pro tips for a smooth-sailing summer 🙂

  • PEERS: Social Skills for Teens

    Making and keeping friends can be hard for everyone, but it can be a special challenge for teens with autism. PEERS is a world-renowned, evidence-based social skills program for teens on the autism spectrum. NOW OFFERED DIGITALLY, ALBERTA-WIDE!

  • EmploymentWorks

    EmploymentWorks condensed Summer course is here! Develop your employment skills with classes and interactive job simulations. Condensed program starts July 4. APPLY TODAY!

  • Facing Your Fears

    Now accepting applications for Fall 2022!This anxiety management program is for children with autism ages 8-14.

#1, 9353 – 50 Street Edmonton, AB T6B 2L5

Phone : 1-844-488-6600

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What Makes Seven Stars Unique From Autism Summer Camps

Seven Stars, unlike summer camps for teens with Autism, only staff experts in the therapeutic and residential treatment field. Summer camps are staffed by college students who have little to know experience working with teens on the spectrum. Our multidisciplinary team includes several Primary Therapists with decades of experience, a BCBA licensed behavior analyst, and a speech language pathologist. At a summer camp, your teen will not get the same therapeutic and learning experience that theyll have at Seven Stars.

Here are some other reasons why our program is unique:

Choose From Our Camp Themes And Dates To Find The One Thats Best For You And Your Camper

Week 1: July 4 8, 2022

  • Superhero Alliance Discover the superhero inside you! Our superhero campers will build their strength and put their powers to the test as we defend the city! Well jump, run, and climb our way through this awesome week. What are your superpowers? Lets find out!

Week 2: July 11 15, 2022

  • Show Time Its Showtime! Put your creative caps on and let your imagination run wild! Design and create your own puppets, scripts, stages, and sets! Then at the end of the week, well put it all together and perform our own puppet show. Take part in improv and acting games and show the world youre a star!

Week 3: July 18 22, 2022

  • Creative Campers Let your imagination soar during our most colourful week yet. In this artist-led week of creativity, youll paint, sculpt, draw, and more as you learn how to turn imagination into creation. Its never been more fun to get this messy!

Week 4: July 25 29, 2022

  • Computer Wizards Raise your hand if you love computers! With equipment from Microsoft, you will have a blast and upgrade your computer skills regardless of your current knowledge in this instructor-led week of fun. Coding, computer programming, 3D design, web design, and app design are all on the menu. Every great wizard needs balance, so well break up the screen time with some super-fun activities in the field and at the splash park!

Week 5: August 2 5, 2022

Week 6: August 8 12, 2022

Week 7: August 15 19, 202

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Best Summer Camps For Children With Autism

Summer is here, and with it come different experiences your child with autism spectrum disorder can enjoy. While going to the beach is one of the most popular activities you can do together, most forget about the traditional summer camp experience. Your little one might look forward to attendingif you can find the right camp for autism.

Autism summer camps are designed to boost skills and allow your child to interact with other kids in a safe environment. Many camps offer specialized programs focusing on skills overlooked during the school year, such as cognitive, sensory, and communication skills. This way, the summer camp can promote self-advocacy and confidence naturally.

Oh, and dont forget about the wonderful memories your child will make that last a lifetime.

The only problem is, how do you know which camp fits your autistic childs unique needs? There are plenty of options, and this article will talk about summer camps across the country and how to select the best one.

Its Time For An Adventure

Kids With Autism Start Summer Camp

Camp Ace focuses on building essential skills through play, fun, and social interaction. Campers are in store for a new adventure every day with our well-trained staff, innovative camps, and safe, supportive environment. Theyll come home with new confidence and memories to last a lifetime. Learning new skills and having fun, while making friends and creating summertime memories thats what camp at the Centre is all about!

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