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Tips for a successful summer with your elementary or middle school ADHD child

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How To Handle Lying In Kids With Adhd

, .


-Got pulled into the argument vortex about his lying, which could last for hours.

-Would hold things over his head until he told the truth.

-Lecture him on why lying was bad.

, :

-When kids with ADHD lie, it is often out of feeling ashamed.

-Trying to get them to fess up only causes them to feel more ashamed, lessening the chances of them telling the truth.

Lying is often done impulsively, without any forethought because forethought requires you to use your internal dialogue which is lagging in kids with ADHD.

The ADHD brain is delayed in non-verbal working memory thus they may not visualize various potential outcomes of a situation.

: What I teach parents in & -, my Parent Behavior Training program is to focus on the clean up, not the lie. This help kids understand that making amends to others and moving forward is whats most important.

The ADHD Dude Membership Site has over 3500 members because the strategies work. Learn more:

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Why We Do What We Do

Life for individuals with ADHD is riddled with difficulties in functional, interpersonal, social, academic, and professional skills. ADHD causes significant impairments in school, work, and relationships. When not properly identified, diagnosed, and treated, it may have potentially devastating consequences, including substance abuse, accidental injuries, and legal difficulties. ADHD is highly manageable with an individualized multimodal treatment approach that can include behavioral interventions, parent/patient training, educational support, and medication.ACO is the worldwide professional membership organization for ADHD coaches. We are committed to being the outstanding resource for our profession. To learn more about ACO, visit or contact us at 888-638-3999. ADDA provides information, resources, and networking opportunities to help adults with ADHD lead better lives. We bring together science and the human experience for adults with ADHD and professionals who serve them. Visit or contact us at 800-939-1019.CHADD is dedicated to improving the lives of the 17 million children and adults in the United States who live with ADHD every day, and all who support them. Learn more at or contact us at 301-306-7070 Ext. 109.

Meet Our Keynote Presenters

ADHD Dude Parent Hand Out

Opening Keynote Presenter: Scott Kollins, PhD, is the chief medical officer for Holmusk, a real-world data company focused on behavioral health. Prior to joining Holmusk, he spent more than twenty years on the faculty in the department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at the Duke University School of Medicine, where he maintains an adjunct faculty appointment. He received his undergraduate degree in psychology from Duke University in 1992, and earned his masters and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology from Auburn University in 1995 and 1997, respectively. Dr. Kollins completed his clinical internship at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He has published nearly 200 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals. His research has spanned a number of areas, including human psychopharmacology, ADHD across the lifespan, nicotine and other substance use disorders, and clinical trials. He has been a leader in designing novel approaches to support clinical evidence generation for digital therapeutics.

Closing Keynote Presenter: René Brooks has taken a late-life diagnosis and used it to uplift others. After being diagnosed with ADHD twice as a child, at 25 she was able to get the treatment she deserved. She is the founder of Black Girl, Lost Keys, a blog that empowers Black women with ADHD and shows them how to live well with the disorder. In addition to her blog, René serves the community as a speaker and a coach.

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Practical Solutions That Parentscan Start Implementing Immediately

The ADHD Dude membership site consists of ADHD Dude webinars, designed specifically for parents of kids with ADHD.

Thousands of famiies across the world have successfully used these strategies to help their child with ADHD improve executive function skills, behavior and self-confidence.

What’s included in the ADHD Dude Membership Site:

  • Executive Function Crash Course for Parents
  • Scaffolding Better Behavior & Self Confidence
  • Socially Smarter
  • Scaffolding Better Bedtimes
  • Twice monthly “Office Hours” where you can ask questions that Ryan in real time.
  • Ability to leave brief questions on webinars that Ryan will answer.
  • Access to upcoming ADHD Dude webinars.

No long-term commitment needed. The minimum amount of time to join is one month to access the most effective help for parents of kids with ADHD. Over 3100 families are members.

What People Are Saying

“I want to thank you for your excellent strategies and clear writing. Your work has been a great resource for me personally. I’ve also recommended your website and book to a number of people over the last few years.” — Shana C.

“Your webinar was so refreshing and helpful, and the intentions are great not just for the kids, but for ME! Thanks for the excellent information, and Leslie, I enjoy your personality so much! I am grateful to Amy McCready for pointing me to you. Thanks so much!” — Linda C.

“I just wanted to Thank you so much for your Webinar on Homework. I have NEVER had a webinar, class or talk HELP ME MORE THAN YOUR HOMEWORK WEBINAR. I can’t Thank you enough. The most valuable part of the webinar for me was on How Much HELP should I give my child…I watched the webinar a second time with my daughter and she hugged me for showing it to her.” — Barbara L.“Wowyou hit it out of the park tonightone of the best classes Ive ever taken!! Thank you for sharing your experiences, knowledge and incredible insight.” — Joani H.

“What a great webinar you hosted! It was very informative and helpful and has me looking at things completely differently. Looking forward to future webinars, and thanks again for the wonderful information!” — Webinar participant

“Thank you a million for sending me the webinar. I just listened to it tonight. FANTASTIC!!! I have promoted Leslie in my school and I will communicate more.” — Floriane P.

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The Only Camp Specially For Boys With Adhd

Trip Camp is a program of ADHD Dude. The ADHD Dude methodology is known across the globe for its innovative, skill-building approach, and for teaching social skills to boys with ADHD from a male perspective.

Every summer families travel from across the United States so their sons can participate in Trip Camp, based in Margate, New Jersey.

Each day of camp begins with an interactive lesson in topics pertaining to social skills, independent skills, and non-academic executive function skills.

Trip Camp is a small program with a high return rate. Families who are interested in beginning the application process need to add themselves to the camp mailing list over a year in advance.

Do You Struggle With Any Of These Common Adhd

Your Brain Coach – The Brochachos [Explaining ADHD To Kids]
  • Was not helped by individual counseling/talk therapy.
  • Prompt-dependence
  • Becomes argumentative when told to get off video games/screen devices.
  • Yells at parents and says hurtful things then is remorseful afterwards.
  • Struggles with understanding how he/she comes across to others.
  • Appears unable to get through daily routines without constant supervision.
  • Argues or complains anytime asked to do a simple, non-preferred task
  • Difficulty sensing the passage of time.
  • Engages in learned helplessness or self-defeating comments so you’ll “rescue” him/her from having to do a non-preferred task.
  • Difficulty reading social cues.

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Parent Coaching Covers Topics Such As:

  • Addressing problem behaviors
  • Not getting pulled into the “argument vortex”
  • Transitioning off screen devices without a fight
  • Stepping into parental authority
  • Cognitive Connections – Sarah Ward & Kristen Jacobsen
  • Nurtured Heart Approach – Howard Glasser
  • Work of Dr. Michael Gurian
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy For Youth – Beck Institute
  • S.P.A.C.E. Treatment – Dr. Eli Lebowitz
  • Sexuality & Relationship Education – Dr. Isabelle Henault
  • Tech Addiction & Digital Health in Children – Adolescents & Young Adults Certification
  • Work of Linda Murphy – Declarative Language & Co-Regulation Handbooks
  • The Research of Drs. Russel Barkley, Steven Hinshaw, Amori Mikami & Associates
  • The Routledge Series on Counseling and Psychotherapy with Boys and Men – Curated by Dr. Mark Kiselica

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