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Adhd Gadgets For Adults

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Bonus Ask Her What She Needs Help With

Fidget Gadgets For ADHD (Which one do YOU NEED?)

Gifts dont have to cost money, just lending a set of hands can help us. If youre on a budget, offer to help wash and fold her laundry, help her organize her home office, or make her a DIY coupon redeemable for any task or project she needs help with. It may not sound sexy, but it will be appreciated.

Knock Knock Make A Decision Pad

Take the stress out of big decisions with the Make a Decision Pad, which will walk even the most stressed-out chooser through any fork in the road, big or small. Listing the pros and cons, imagining best-case and worst-case scenarios, and identifying gut feelings will help take the agony out of important decisions saving hours of wasted energy in the process!

Crazy Aarons Crystal Clear Thinking Putty O Stress

If you are annoyed by stress and want to let everything out, this toy will be your best buddy. Pull it, stretch it, tear it this putty is one of the best ways to clear your mind from anger, rage, and emotional issues.

Experts believe that squishing things is a helpful way to relieve stress. Putty is the best way to stay occupied and keep your mind free from negative thoughts and anger. One great thing about this product is that it is not greasy or sticky and is super malleable for free finger movements.

People with sensory difficulties also found it very soothing.

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Electronic Organizers Or Smartphones

An electronic organizer lets you take notes, set reminders, and make appointments in the palm of your hand. If you have ADHD, this makes it easy to stay organized when you are on the go and away from your computer. It’s a good idea to keep a paper calendar somewhere safe, though, just in case your organizer crashes or gets lost. Price: $12 and up.

If you have a smartphone, such an iPhone or Android, you may already have many of the ADHD-friendly functions already mentioned in one handy device. Smartphones are expensive, but they’re usually cheaper if you contract with a phone service provider. Remember, though, that extra time-management apps cost more. Also, a smartphone can be distracting, so use it wisely. Price: $200 and up.

Felix Gray Sleep Glasses

5 Color Special Sensory Fidget Toys Gadget For Children Adult Help ADHD ...
  • Short warranty

  • Can get lost easily

Blue light from electronics is one of the biggest culprits of insomnia as it suppresses melatonin production needed to jumpstart drowsiness. The Felix Gray sleep glasses filter blue light from electronics, and the lenses filter UV rays to increase melatonin secretion and help prevent migraines triggered from harsh light.

They’re a good option for those who like to read online articles or books before going to bed. Equipped with a cloth and carrying case, they’re available in prescription lenses and a variety of stylesoffering many options to fit your needs.

  • Good for multiple eye issues

  • Not to be used with certain eye conditions

  • More expensive

  • Short warranty

Overworked eyes can lead to headaches and sorenessresulting in an inability to fall asleep. The RENPHO eye massager is worn like an eye mask and can massage, heat, and compress your eyes to relieve pain. It offers oscillating trigger point and rhythmic percussion massage options. Plus, it can minimize eye dryness, puffiness, migraines, headaches, and tension from too much screen time during the day.

Bluetooth enabled, the massager can play your favorite music or relaxation vibes. While the portable device is great for travel, it’s not recommended for use after eye surgery, or for those with conditions like glaucoma.

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The Benefits Of Fidget Toys

Fidgeting is how people express their nervousness and stress, especially when going through hard times or just dealing with mental health issues. Mental health issues like ADHD, anxiety and autism worsen over time without proper treatment, especially in adulthood, along with greater responsibilities and stress. That is when fidget toys come into play.

Fidget toys have become the current antidote for adults with stress, anxiety, worries, and attention disorders. Studies have also shown that using various types of fidget toys for adults can help with smoking problems, withdrawal effects, and other behavioral issues.

Spiky Sensory Ring Fidget Toy

It is made with 100% high-quality thermoplastic non-toxic material. Strong and durable enough to twist, throw, squeeze and grab that is perfect for sensory. This fidget toy is a must-have for every classroom, home or office. It is great for all ages but specially made with those who have ADD/ADHD, OCD, Autism or high-level Anxiety and it promotes calmness, relief stress and increases focus.

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The Secret Marble Fidget

With so many secrets, this secret fidget toy comes up with guaranteed satisfaction.

The secret marble fidget toy is a fabric pouch made of waterproof material with an enclosed marble that moves inside the fabric pouch. You push the marble inside the pouch, which also has stitches in between to provide a slight challenge to move the marble through smoothly to keep your mind focused and grasp concentration.

Thumbs Up Uk Fidget Pen

Top 10 Favorite ADHD Productivity & Organization Physical Gadgets & Products

As an adult with ADHD, you would certainly not want to be messing around with a toy particularly if you are within a business environment. You need a fidget toy that can actually be a work tool, too, such as a fidget pen.

There are not a lot of solid fidget pens that do both actually write and also let you fidget with. The Fidget Pen by Thumbs Up UK marries the two functions seamlessly. The fidgeting sounds it makes are not loud to the point of annoyance. However, they are clicky enough to feel satisfying.

It is a ballpoint pen that packs in different tactile features, which include switches, sliders, twisters, and clickers. Measuring approximately five inches in length, its a great pen to write with as well. How you end up playing with the pen is totally up to you. Since there are different things the pen can do, you may have to get used to its various attributes. Once you become familiar, the pen can be quite fun.

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Alarm Clocks That Move

Going to bed and waking up on time is another aspect of time management. Many people with ADHD have trouble going asleep at night. This can make it difficult for them to wake up in the morning.

Therefore, to turn off these moving alarm clocks, you have to get out of bed. For example, Clocky leaps off your nightstand and spins around your room until you get up to turn it off. The cost is approximately $40.

Garden Of Life Essential Oils Starter Pack:

Why am I listing essential oils on this list? Because my favorite brand created some really fan-freaking-tastic-ones and the starter kit is affordable and fits in my purse! It comes with lavender, peppermint, lemon, and tea tree. I could list out the benefits of all these oils, how they help ADHD, headaches, kill warts, and repel mosquitoes naturally, but Im going to let you research that. Im always happy I have them, and if you are an EO user you will probably be happy as well.

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Where To Buy Fidget Toys

Whether fidget toys might help or hurt, the toys remain popular with kids who cant seem to get enough of the small gadgets that spin, pop, snap, whirl, and squish. The toys may be best utilized as entertainment in non-classroom settings, such as long car rides.

Such tools may have other benefits not necessarily related to attention. One 2018 study, for example, found that fidget spinners might help kids with ADHD improve their fine motor control.

Not all fidget toys are the same, so look for quieter and less distracting gadgets like squeeze balls or moldable putty. Such options allow you or your child to manipulate them without becoming distracted or intruding on others.

Plenty of retailers carry a variety of these devices if youre interested in trying a fidget toy for entertainment or as a self-regulation tool. Major retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Barnes & Noble, carry a variety of fidget toys both online and in-store.

Before purchasing a fidget toy for ADHD, consider factors such as the price, material, safety, and noise level. Some fidget toys may have small parts that pose a choking hazard for young children. Noise level is another concern since some gadgets may make more noise than others.

Jb London Pop Up Bubble Sensory Fidget Toy

Best Home Gadgets for ADHD Adults

For particular purposes comes a special fidget toy for adults!

The fidget toy is sized perfectly to fit in your hand and pocket so that you can take it anywhere you want with you. Pressing the mouse bubbles down makes a unique bubble popping sound. Suppose you are one of those who loves to pop bubbles out of the bubble wrap to release your stress and experience satisfaction. In that case, this fidget toy is going to be your best buddy for life.

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Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

This balance ball chair is sturdy enough to hold up over time while also offering the maneuverability of wheels and the support of a back rest.

Why I love it:

  • ADHD brains are constantly seeking stimulation. The micromovements of tilting, rolling, bouncing and shifting that this chair encourages gives your brain the stimulation it craves so it doesnt have to go out and find it from your instagram thread.

  • The movement of a balance ball chair also helps keep your spine and core muscles strong and healthy, counteracting the core weakness that is often correlated with ADHD.

J C Walsh Connemara Worry Stone

A worry stone is a smooth, marble-like stone that you can place between your fingers and rub on. The stone has an indentation for your thumb, which helps grip the thing. Thanks to that minor scoop, the stone is easy to handle for long time periods, and you are also highly unlikely to drop it. Unlike the majority of fidget toys on this list, a worry stones texture is fairly smooth.

Made of Connemara marble, the stone comes in different colors and shapes or indents, such as convex and concave. There are variances in patterns as well. When you buy these stones online, you are likely to get a stone thats not necessarily identical to the stone shown in the image of the e-commerce listing, as these are natural stones.

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Gear S2/s3 Or Any Smart Watch:

What?! A smart watch? But arent thoseexpensive? Why do I need one?

Let me tell you why: As an ADHD mom, how much screentime are you spending on your phone? Probably a ton. More than you realize. Our phones are an addicting little gadget that our ADHD brains love to look at.

  • Check the time.
  • Ask google what George Washingtons middle name is.
  • Ask Google how much the MSRP is on that Toyota Tacoma.

Yes I know I do it, so I know you do it too. But you can severely diminish your screentime if you get a smartwatch. It will tell you the critical shit and leave the rest for later. Being able to leave your phone in your purse and know that your watch will tell you if you get a text or a call will allow you to look at it much less.

You can finally be more present with your kids just by adding this one thing.

Now You Could Keep Living Your Adhd Life And Stay In Denial About How Much Easier Your Life Could Be With The Best Tools For Adult With Adhd

How My ADHD Medication Affected Me After 10 Years Unmedicated | Concerta | Ritalin

Keep rummaging in your purse for cards. Keep losing track of the grocery list you wrote on some random piece of paper. Keep wishing you had a different brain when you lose your keys for the fourth time. You could continue to do that or you could take my advice, grab a few of these tools for adult ADHD from Amazon or wherever you shop and back-up your brains hard drive.

Get them now, thank me later.

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Toysmith Deluxe Sand Garden

The deluxe sand garden is a perfect miniature of the traditional Japanese meditation garden. This toy is suitable both for your home and your office. The deluxe garden comprises a rosewood frame containing sand. It comes along with long-handled bamboo rakes, ceramic cranes, and assorted polished stones to grab attention and focus.

What else?

You get a mediation booklet for guidance which comes in a package. The basic idea of the Zen garden is to promote the meditative state to battle anxiety and recover internal peace of mind. Keeping a sand garden on your study desk or office table will soothe your anxiety and instill positivity in you.

Take An Extra Beat Before You Act

Many adults with ADHD struggle with impulsive speech and actions, according to the DSM-5. It’s worth noting people with ADHD are no less intelligent than their peers. Some adults with ADHD just tend to speak reactively and/or bluntly.

This is not easy, but try to teach yourself to take a minute to stop and think before you react. Work with a mental health provider to change this habit. It might help to write down your first reaction instead of sharing it.

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Sensory Fidget Textured Unique Pens

This toy is touchy, feely, tactile that is perfect for all children and adults but specially made for an individual with ADD/ADHD, OCD, Autism or with a person who has a high level of stress and anxiety. It promotes a sense of calm, reduces stress and anxiety, and can increase focus and attention

Fidget pens are good for kids who crave texture and touch that will make them focus and behave in a certain situation, it maintains attention to a task and focuses on formulating thoughts.

Fidget Tools For Your Students

Fidget Cube With Case Desk Toy Set Clicker Joystick Buttons For Stress ...

1. Therapy Putty

Squishable, rollable, and quiet, therapy putty is an excellent desk buddy/hand fidget tool. Choose smaller containers, write the students names on the lid, and let each child keep one at their desk. And at the end of the class, they can just put it back in the container and pop the lid back on, so its ready for the next day. Or keep a couple containers of putty in your fidget tools bin and let students try it out.

2. Tactile Balls

These tactile fidgets are another way to add variety to your tool set. The large diameter ball makes these best for circle time and listening to lessons, rather than during writing exercises. The bumps on the balls offer a fun texture for sensory seekers.

3. Stress Ball

Get back to basics with stress relief squeezies. These adorable smiley face stress balls are a great choice for younger children who may not always follow the directions about using fidget tools appropriately. They are perfect for gentle squeezing to help improve a students attention and focus.

5. Rolyan Ultigrip Finger Exercisers

For something more engaging like a fidget spinner without the distraction of kids trying to master tricks, try a hand exerciser or finger fidget. A finger fidget has multiple buttons that can be pushed down individually or all at once. Plus, the resistance will strengthen the students hand muscles at the same time.

6. Rolyan Loop

9. Tumble Forms 2 Soft-Top Rocker Balance

10. THERABAND Professional Non-Latex Resistance Bands

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Roller Chain Fidget Toy Stress Reducer


Ideal for Silent Fidgeting: Adult fidgeters often prefer silent toys, because they can be used discreetly. And on that note, some of the best fidget toys for adults are of the silent variety because of that reason. The Roller Chain Fidget Toy is silent in use for discretion, making it perfect for public and even workplace usage.

Discreet: The small size combined with silent fidgeting operation equal a very discreet, workplace appropriate fidget toy

Silicone Bands: The silicone bands are soft and comfortable to the touch, made with food-grade silicone that doesnt bleach over time, so the different color options remain vibrant.

Compact: The Roller Chain is a very small, compact fidget toy that fits around the tip of the finger.

The Pros

  • Helps cope with autism, ADD and ADHD


Those with very large or very small fingers might find it difficult to get the perfect fit with this fidget toy, however adult men and women with hand sizes in the average range should fit this toy fine.

For: Adults Grownups Seniors

Adults can use toys to help cope with their ADHD symptoms. Whether it is in the office or in the home a fidget toy can help ADHD adults focus on tasks by drawing away some of the excess energy that needs an outlet. There are also toys for ADHD adults that will help them get organized, concentrate, or manage time. And there are other ADHD toys that are simply meant to be fun.

Read in this guide:

  • Best Fidget Toys for ADHD Adults
  • Organization Products ADHD Adults

Best Fidget Toys for ADHD Adults

  • Fidget Spinner they come in many different sizes and colors try the Vivahouse Fidget Spinner which is very quiet and wont be as noticeable in meetings.
  • Think Ink Fidget Pen write as you fidget with the many reconfigurable and detachable parts of this ADHD-friendly pen.
  • Flippy Chain Fidget Toy Stress Releaser a compact chain with silicone rings that can be flipped and twisted in endless ways. The Mobius Fidget Ball works on the same principle.
  • Squeeze Balls can release stress and tension while the ball stays hidden beneath your desk. You could try a keychain squeeze ball for easy access.
  • Spinning Ring discreetly wear this attractive ring which can be played with by turning the top layer endlessly. There are similar spinner bangles.

Organization Products ADHD Adults

Franklin Planner apps are great but sometimes you want to physically hold your planner. With the Franklin Planner, you can customize your own pages, cover, and tabs.

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