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Does Parker Busby Have Autism

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Early Life And Childhood

OutDaughtered’s Danielle Busby REACTS to Rumors She Had a Tummy Tuck After Having Quintuplets

Parker Busby is 5 years old. She was born on in Houston, Texas. Her astrological sign Aries and full name is Parker Kate Busby. Likewise, her fathers name is Adam Busby and her mothers name is Danielle Busby. Her father left the job as a Key Account Manager at Intrinsic Solutions and Sprint Safety. And currently, he is the owner of Adam Busby Media. It focuses on photo and video projects from large brands to valuable memories for family events.

Caption: Parker Busby posing with her mother and siblings

Her quints siblings are Ava Lane, Olivia Marie, Hazel Grace, and Parker Kate. Besides, she is the triplet sister of Hazel and Parker and her quint sisters Ava Lane and Olivia Marie are identical twins.

Moreover, she also has an elder sister named Blayke Busby. Her elder sister Blyake is four years older than her. Talking about her nationality, she holds an American nationality.


Moving toward Outdaughtered Parker Kate Busbys education, there is no information until now.

Fans Have Slammed The Busbys For Filming Parker’s Anxiety Test

A lot of fans were upset that the Busbys decided to have Parker’s anxiety test shown on the show. “I think maybe the fact that the child suffers from anxiety should show the parents that they shouldn’t be subjecting her to cameras and things like that,” said one fan .

Another said, “This kid has anxiety. Why are they shoving cameras in her face while she gets her diagnosis.” Yet another OutDaughtered viewer added, “I don’t really see where that helped. They also shouldn’t be talking about this in front of her. Maybe the cameras are just too much on your children and it’s affecting their childhood.”

The New Clip From Outdaughtered Shows Adam And Danielle Discussing Parkers Mental Health

While evidence of the past shows Parker being a bit more emotional than the other quints, fans should prepare themselves for whats to come. The OutDaughtered recently posted a clip showing what fans can anticipate seeing on the upcoming season, and we already see Parker being one of the major stars.

In one particularly interesting part of the clip, Danielle and Adam are seen speaking to one of Parkers teachers and the teacher seems to allude that Parker may have some sort of anxiety. No matter what it is, Parker, when you put her in that spotlight, she just stops, she tells the Busby parents. Parker is then seen crying in the clip later as Danielle says, It could be something she grows out of.

And yet another professional seems to offer insight about Parker to Adam and Danielle, too. If you dont see changes, you may want to talk with a psychologist, she said. Could something serious be up with the child, or is she just an emotional 3-year-old? We may have to wait and find out.

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Mimi Lost Everything In Hurricane Harvey

Tragically, just as Danielle’s mother Michelle was clambering slowly but surely back to her feet the disastrous Hurricane Harvey hit southeast Texas. The Busbys took to social media to explain how Danielle’s mom was faring after the storm, and it wasn’t looking good.

With her house flooded in over a foot of water, she managed to get to safety before she was in too much danger due to a prompt evacuation. Now that the storm is over, the Busbys and their extended family worked together to try and piece Mimi’s house back together and clean up the damage.

“We have thrown out MiMi’s entire house today, it’s devastating,” the Busbys said on Facebook two months ago. “Though stuff is just stuff and can always be replaced, it’s not easy tossing your belongings. One thing is for sure, we all stick together and will make it through.”

Adam And Danielle Are Making Good Money On The Show

sad danielle busby barred from watching parker hazels

We also learned that Adam and his family are well-paid for their participation in the reality television series Outdaughtererd. TLC pays them between $25,000 up to $40,000 per episode for their roles in the show. This is yet another great source of income for the family and when all is said and done, theyre doing very well financially.

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Parker Busby Is Advanced For Her Age

Parker Busby may be a bit shyer than her sisters and is certainly not naturally outgoing, but her observant behavior has come in handy. As it happens, she’s very intelligent. In fact, in a 2018 episode of OutDaughtered, it was revealed that Parker isn’t just smart, she has a lot of potential. She, along with her sister Riley, actually moved up and out of the class the other quints were in.

During the episode, Adam and Danielle were understandably weary before they were called in to meet the girls’ teacher. “When Randy says she specifically wants to talk about Riley and Parker, I kind don’t really know what to think … is Parker rubbing poop everywhere?” Danielle told the cameras. But to their surprise, the teacher said that both girls were “ready to move up” and cited their “verbalization” and even “bossiness” as signals that they needed more of a challenge. Danielle was surprised, but agreed that it made sense. “Though might be a little bit quiet, she is always first to still figure things out and understand it,” Danielle explained. Little Parker Kate has the brains to match the beauty, that’s for sure.

The Busbys Had Fertility Issues Early In Their Marriage

The couple had problems conceiving a child. They were ready to start a family but couldnt do it without medical assistance. They underwent several medical procedures before they were able to conceive and become pregnant. The last procedure worked so well that they were blessed with the only set of all-girl quintuplets in the USA. It is because of specialized fertility treatments that they were able to start their family and it made them somewhat of a novelty. They had one daughter named Blayke, prior to giving birth to the quints.

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‘outdaughtered’: What’s Wrong With Parker Busby

Fans of the Busby quints have been watching the girls grow up ever since they were tiny babies. The Outdaughtered family has been open about the joys of being a large, unconventional family as they move through life with six daughters, five of whom are exactly the same age.

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But the joys also come with struggles and it can be heartbreaking to watch when any of the quits have trouble in their lives. Parker, the youngest of the quints, sometimes shows signs of anxiety on the show. It’s, of course, always hard for the audience to see a little girl struggle and it causes her parents to worry about her as well. Mom Danielle and dad Adam have been trying to help Parker learn to work through her emotions but there are always ups and downs.

The Therapist Suggests A Psychologist For Parker If She Doesnt Improve

Parker Busby Gets Her Anxiety Assessed By Occupational Therapist | OutDaughtered

In the end, the therapist suggested if her behavior still continues, they should look at talking with a psychologist. More recently, in October, noted that fans felt possibly the worst thing they could have done was take the OutDaughtered cameras to the session. After all, its obvious Parkers not comfortable with the spotlight. Perhaps thats why Parker often looks disconnected or sad when she poses with the other quints for photos. But, the family seems aware of the problem so hopefully, they are still monitoring Parker. Surely, they must still worry, much like fans of the show.

What do you think about Parker still looking unhappy in photos of the Bubsy family? Do you think fans are right to worry? Or, are Danielle and Adam Busby probably still getting professional advice? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below.

Remember to check back withTV Shows Ace often for more news and updates about OutDaughtered.

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Do The Busbys Own A Beach House

At this point, whether the Busby family purchased a beach house was speculation. Fans just assumed that spending so much time staying on the beach would get expensive for someone who didn’t own a beach house. … All of this information aside, however, there is nothing to confirm the Busby family owns a beach house.

Adam Busby Has Been Scaring The Girls For Halloween

We know Adam Busby has been very into the spooky season. Hes made an effort to scare the girls and his wife on multiple occasions. Hes even joked that he needed to pull out an Easter Bunny costume to really scare the girls. Unfortunately for Adam, fans are over him terrifying the girls. In fact, they are insisting his behavior borders on abusive. And, they wish he would pick on someone his own size and quick scaring the girls.

Fans believe Adam may have damaged his relationship with Parker after Danielle Busby revealed she was now mommys best friend. The photo attached to this update featured a few terrified looking quints. Fans assumed Adam Busby was to blame for the horrified looks on their faces.

Is this the reason why Parker is now a mommys girl? One follower asked.

Another follower added: Poor PK I love her too so much.

So Im guessing Parkers not a daddys girl anymore Ouch I wouldnt blame her. A third chimed in.

Several followers liked the comment above. But, one confused follower responded to it. And, they asked a simple question. What exactly did Adam Busby do to Parker that was so bad?

Do you think Adam Busby has taken things too far with Parker Kate? Is he hurting his relationship with her? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think.

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Adam And Danielle Take Parker To A Therapist To Help With Her Anxiety

Adam and danielle take parker to a therapist to help with her anxiety. ‘there is a time for hustle, but there is a time to be still’. She is the fraternal triplet of hazel and riley busby. Outdaughtered star parker busby is slowing becoming more comfortable and confident being surrounded by cameras for the reality tv series. Subscribe to tlc uk for more. 01:51 adam and danielle take parker to a therapist to help with her anxiety. Outdaughtered fans couldn’t help but express their worry after danielle keeping up with parker busby and the rest of the gang on outdaughtered is no easy task. Adam and danielle are getting concerned with parker’s behaviour in new situations and decide to take her to an occupational therapist to assess whether anxiety is to blame. But parker is known for having serious anxiety. The busby quintuplets on ‘outdaughtered’ are five years old now. Parker goes horseback riding on the beach. The true life struggles and joys of raising 5 quintuplet girls. Fans of outdaughtered have received the privilege of seeing her come into her own since the show premiered when the quints were born.

Her Mother Was Affected By Hurricane

sad danielle busby barred from watching parker hazels

The mother of the quintuplets was born on December 23, 1983, in Lake Charles, Louisiana, United States.

Danielle was raised by her parents along with her twin sisters Ashley and Crystal. Both of her sisters are married and have two children each.

The OutDaughtered star’s mother is Michelle Theriot, aka Mimi, who was affected by Hurricane Harvey in 2017. Michelle lost everything after the storm completely destroyed her house.

Writing the situation on the family blog, Danielle stated that her mother and other close friends lost everything.

“We had to throw away pretty much EVERYTHING. It has been very emotional…having to throw away family heirlooms, photos from when we were all kids…just…all around our memories,” she added.

After the incident, Danielle’s mother moved to her daughter’s house in Texas and started working as a real estate agent.

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Will Hazel Busby Undergo Eye Surgery Again

Many are now curious when Hazel Busby will get another eye procedure. The OutDaughtered star was scheduled for a checkup at Dells Children Eye Center. But because of the lockdown, her schedule is on hold, so its another waiting game for the Busby family.

Hazel Busby has a condition called Nystagmus, a vision impairment that results to uncontrolled movements of the eyes. And while her previous operation hugely improved her eyes, it still doesnt fix the problem for good.

Its something she was born with and shell have it the remainder of her life, Danielle Busby said in an interview. Theres no official cure to it. She added that having another surgery is inevitable and is something they have prepared for in years.

Season 5 of OutDaughtered premieres on June 2 at 9:00 pm on TLC.

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Who Is Danielle Busbys Father

Name Danielle BusbyNet WorthAbove $2 million Father N/A MotherMichelle Theriot

In a YouTube video shared on November 12, 2019, the busy mom said she decided to get a hysterectomy after being diagnosed with PCOS . So were having a hysterectomy today. On year prior, Danielle came down with a nasty illness right around the holidays.Nov 16, 2020

Secondly, What did Danielle Busby do for a living?

Adams job as a Key Account Manager at a safety equipment company brings in about $80,000 per year. Meanwhile, Danielle works as a Project Coordinator Team Lead according to LinkedIn, and, as her TLC bio states, she also is an independent beauty consultant.Jul 23, 2019

Subsequently, What do the busbys do for a living?

But according to Adams LinkedIn page, the dad-of-six recently left his job as Key Account Manager at Intrinsic Solutions and Sprint Safety and is now the owner of Adam Busby Media, which specializes in photo and video projects from large brands to priceless memories for family events.Jun 2, 2020

Likewise, What does Mimi on OutDaughtered do for a living?

According to Mimis own Instagram page, her real name is Michelle Theriot, but shes been called Mimi for as long as she can remember. Her Facebook page also says that shes a realtor with Keller Williams Realty, and thanks to the popularity of OutDaughtered, her business has grown exponentially!Oct 19, 2020

What happened to Danielle Busbys father?

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Hazel Needed Delicate Eye Surgery

Hazel Grace has a condition called nystagmus which causes her eyes to flutter and move back and forth. Danielle and Adam were terrified at the prospect of their young baby going in for a delicate eye surgery.

Theres risk involved with that. Hazel could even get an infection. She could lose her eye sight,” Danielle said. “This surgery fix is not even about her vision its more so to correct the placement of where her eye goes to focus better so she doesnt have to turn her neck, which is a huge deal.

Before Hazel went into surgery, her parents got understandably emotional. Everything that you do and tell yourself to prepare for this surgery can never really prepare you enough for seeing your baby in her hospital gown and then giving her away, Adam said.

The couple struggled with the decision to go forward with her surgery, but in the end they did what they needed to do to help their daughter and Hazel has since recovered very nicely.

Parker Busby Has Built Up Her Confidence

OutDaughtered: What Disease Does Danielle Busby Have? Will She Get Better?

As OutDaughtered fans have seen, Parker Busby has dealt with a lot of stress over the course of her young life. However, Parker has gotten better at navigating through new situations and has even started to come out of her shell.

In a It’s A Buzz World blog post in honor of the quints’ fifth birthday, Danielle Busby gave a highly-anticipated update on Miss Parker Kate. “This girl will light up a room with her smile,” the mom of six began. “She has grown so much confidence this past year, and we are so proud of her. She is a perfectionist and very detail-oriented.”

Being on the shyer side might just be part of what makes Parker Parker, but even fans noticed how she was getting bolder and bolder in an Adam Busby shared. “It’s lovely to see Parker comfortable and smiling,” one fan commented on the photo of Parker really feeling herself in her outfit. Parker Busby really is growing up.

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Adam Was Accused Of Cheating

After the social zeitgeist of the Jon Gosling’s cheating debacle, the straw that broke the “Jon and Kate Plus Eight” camel’s back, all eyes were on Adam Busby since cameras started rolling on day one of Outdaughtered.

However, he seemed like such a sweet, funny, upstanding dude! He would never cheat on Danielle, right? When fans noticed how distant and drawn out he had grown to be on the show, they were suspicious outright he missed Valentine’s Day and didn’t even give wife Danielle a call to say he’d be late. More and more often, Adam was saying he’d be working late.

Viewers became up in arms over this and took to social media to inundate Adam and TLC with speculative comments as to the state of the Busby marriage. As it turned out, Adam Busby was keeping a big, emotional secret from his wife after all… but it wasn’t one anyone ever expected, especially from the father of newborns– postpartum depression.

Financial Advisor Told Them To Start Worrying

I went through the information and everything that you guys sent to me. Right now, with what you’re spending currently, I guess in a way it should scare you a little bit… but really, it should just make you think,” the financial advisor told them on episode six of the second season.

After Adam’s impulsive drone expense led Danielle to worry after the financial security of their household of eight, she hired a financial advisor and the news wasn’t great for the Busbys. Adam looked shocked at the assessment of their finances, most likely feeling some guilt in hindsight for his unnecessary drone expense.

Danielle confessed that Adam “hates” financial talk. “It’s definitely easy to get overwhelmed when you start thinking about every new little milestone that they hit, it’s going to be some new purchase that you’re gonna have to make,” Adam said.

Some suggestions that the advisor gave had to do with potential school expenses for the future. The couple were horror-stricken to realize that college alone would be almost 2 million dollars. To manage that, they’d need to save around $6,000 a month.

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