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Program For Autistic Adults

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Transition To Future Employment

New program for adults with autism on Long Island

Individuals who are job ready can use digital badges to highlight their skill set. Additional transition supports to future employment are available through our Adult Programs Team. We work collaboratively with career practitioners and key contacts in individuals support networks towards the common goal of gaining employment after GO Group.

Having Very Focused Specific Interests

Struggling with ER doesnt mean you cant enjoy life, though. In fact, if you have autism, you often develop intense interests in particular topics.

For example, when you develop an interest in an area of high, you need to know everything about that topic. Or you may spend a lot of time listening to the same song or watching your favorite movie on repeat.

This can be fine in small doses, and it can also help you excel in areas that you really care about. However, it is important to keep this balance between having enough energy to focus on daily tasks.

Day Habilitation Services Program Highlights

Family Involvement

Since our members success also depends on transferring learned skills to the community and their home environment, communication with their family is essential. We encourage annual meetings to be held at program to review and discuss progress towards goals and objectives and to modify plans as necessary. We encourage open communication with families throughout the year to ensure we are all working towards the same outcome. Additional meetings can be initiated by the FH team or the family as needed.


  • Community Activities Our members engage in various community-based activities throughout the week. This allows them the opportunity to become familiar with their local neighborhoods and learn the necessary skills to feel comfortable and safe while in the community. Each member is also assigned a community trip day. This includes a community activity in the morning followed by going out to lunch with their peers. While our members have fun on these outings, we are working on skills learned in program such as positive transitioning, community safety, money management, healthy decision making and more.
  • Recreational & Leisure Activities In effort to broaden our member interest, we expose them to a variety of recreational and leisure time activities such as exercise routines, golfing, art, music, Zumba, reading, group and individual social activities, and more, both in program and in the community.
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    Adult Day Programs That Put Compassion First

    Bridgewells day programs for adults with disabilities provide compassionate social interaction and life-skills education for adults facing intellectual challenges. Our adult day centers are welcome to all who live with intellectual, developmental, psychiatric, and physical challenges, providing a safe, comfortable, and engaging environment to learn, grow, and socialize.

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    Learn More About Our Visual Exercise System At Exercise Connection Today

    Rutgers University Debuts First

    If youre looking for a comprehensive exercise solution for autism, look no further than Exercise Connection. Our technology is backed by research and experts in the field, and our app makes it easy to get started with exercise at home or in the classroom. Visit us today to learn more! There are multiple benefits of exercise for autism, such as:

    • Improved social skills

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    Drive To Success Traffic Stop Course For People With Asd

    For some who have ASD, getting a driver’s license is only the first of many obstacles when learning how to drive.

    The Autism Society NWPA is hoping to address those challenges in a program they’ve launched called Drive to Success. In collaboration with the Pennsylvania State Police, Erie City Police Department and the Millcreek Township Police, Autism Society NWPA launched a training program for individuals with ASD who have their license to learn how to handle a police traffic stop, and the important steps to follow in an accident.

    The pilot program is currently taking place, but Autism NWPA hopes to hold the program twice a year, with the next one expected to take place in the spring.

    Cpt. Kirk Reese, of the Pennsylvania State Police, approached the Autism Society NWPA with the idea for the program.

    ASD driving resources in practice:Ford driving program explores challenges to and on the road for drivers with autism

    After attending a traffic safety conference in Texas over the summer, Reese learned about Connecticut’s “Blue Envelope” program. The envelope holds necessary paperwork insurance card, registration so the driver can hand it to the officer if ever pulled over. On the outside of the envelope are helpful tips and instructions for both the officer and driver on how to successfully communicate with each other.

    “I figured we can do this and we can do better,” Reese said.

    Baylee DeMuth can be reached at 814-450-3425 or . Follow her on Twitter@BayleeDeMuth.

    Best States For Adults With Autism

    jeremysmom you are right about pa. going through the process now to get services but have been told long waiting lists. think different parts of state better than others. have heard that western part around west chester etc have more services. live in philly now and expect nothing from here. we are thinking of moving because of this and i am interested to see what others have to say. interested in deleware if anyone lives there.

    We are in NC and my son is one of the fortunate ones that receives CAP . If we do not move out of state, he will have it forever.

    However, I feel the same as jeremysmom regarding services for adults. In the part of NC we are in, adult services are few and far between. And what I have heard of is mostly group homes and 1:1 workers that provide community support . I have yet to find out about a program that works with vocational training or supported employment.

    That said, it may just be the part of the state we are in . Once in a while, I hear bits and pieces about small workshop situations in the eastern part of the state. My problem with them is they are so small and the special population is growing by leaps and bounds.

    Frankly, we are looking to move north soon. Iâll be interested to read what others post on this topic as well!


    Check into NC. They have good cap service for children if you get it. I hear it can grow with you.


    Let me know how you progress!

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    Difference Between Regular And Ovr Driving Classes

    On Nov. 2, Snyder arrived at Transportation Solutions for his sixth lesson out of 20.

    Melissa Pratt, his driving instructor, said they’d be going over how to change lanes in moderate traffic and how to identify “zoomers” drivers who speed up and don’t let you change lanes, and “hangers” drivers who hang back and give you space to change lanes.

    Snyder has practiced lane changing at Presque Isle State Park, but not in areas with heavier traffic, Pratt said. She said it’s common for people who have autism to dedicate several lessons to learning one skill until they’re comfortable enough to apply it in a new setting.

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    “In addition to having a lot more lessons in general, a lot of our students have a level of anxiety that requires they take breaks periodically,” Pratt said. “Theres more time spent pulled over to the side of the road or pulled off to a safe area to discuss concepts rather than talking through it while theyre driving because its too distracting.”

    During some of those breaks, Pratt might pull out diagrams of traffic situations, or have the student watch a quick video of a driving concept. Pratt said they even have toy cars in the occupational therapy vehicles to demonstrate what to do in a specific driving situation.

    How Can I Make Sure Im Safe When Im Exercising

    12-week program helps young autistic adults through life transitions

    There are two big kinds of safety with exercise. One is keeping yourself from getting injured from the exercise. The other is being safe from others while exercising, particularly in public places like parks and gyms.

    Harvard Medical School has 10 Tips for Exercising Safely. These tips were not written for people on the autism spectrum, so some might make bad assumptions like that listen to your body is helpful advice.

    The University of Chicago has some tips for keeping safe while walking in the community.

    MedlinePlus has a section on sports safety.

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    Things I Wish I Knew About My Autism

    When I was first diagnosed with autism, I wish someone had told me:

  • Its not the end of the world.
  • There are many resources available to help me live a full and independent life.
  • I am not alone in this.
  • There are many different types of autism, and I can still be whoever I want to be.
  • I will probably face some challenges, but that doesnt mean I cant achieve my goals.
  • Autism is just a part of who I am, and it doesnt have to define me.
  • I can learn new things and excel in new areas, no matter how difficult it may seem at first.
  • There are people who want to help.
  • I can still be friends with my old friends, they might just need an adjustment period.
  • Its okay if I dont know what I want to do after high school there will always be options for me.
  • My life is not over autism does not define how fulfilling my life will be or who is in it.
  • It is possible to find a job that fits my interests and abilities, but it may take some time and patience in order to find the right one.
  • The more effort I put into something, the more likely I am to succeed at it.
  • Autism is isolating enoughI dont need to make it feel that way in my social life.
  • I have value, just like everyone else in the world.
  • It is possible for people to see past autism and still love me because of who I am, not despite it.
  • Asking for help when I need it wont make me look weak asking for help will allow me to better manage my autism.
  • Autism doesnt define me I am much more than my autism!
  • Top College Programs For Students With Autism

    As the number of students with autism continues to grow across the country in 2022, and awareness and understanding of the disorder grow with it, an increasing number of colleges and universities offer autism programs on their campuses. Many of the programs provide academic and social support, and emphasize work-readiness for life after college.

    Here is a list of top college programs designed specifically for students with autism:

    • Western Kentucky University: The Kelly Autism Program at Western Kentucky University offers educational support to students on the spectrum via individual education planning, classroom accommodations, tutoring, participation in community activities, social and leisure activities, job coaching, and parent support.
    • Kent State University: Kent State offers multiple autism initiatives, including a college success program for students with autism and Partnering for Achievement and Learning Success . The initiatives provide support and resources to help students become successful on campus. It also works to spread autism awareness and understanding.

    The above list is a representation of colleges and universities that offer programs specifically for students on the autism spectrum. In 2022, there are many opportunities for college students with autism to get the individualized support services they need to be academically and socially successful in college.

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    Common Options For Adult Services

    There are a range of services available for adults with autism while the services offered will depend on a number of factors, there is a âmenuâ of possibilities. There is no guarantee, of course, that the quality of any given service or resource will be high as always, it takes vigilance and assertiveness to ensure that your loved one with autism gets what they need. Some of the most common services available include:

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    Find Services Over Age 22

    AlohaABA: Practice Management Software

    While children with autism are under the age of 22, they receive a range of free programs and services through government entitlements and the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act . Once they turn 22, however, those entitlements disappear. This, according to some sources, is a “services cliff” over which families fall the reality, however, is that most families can and do find significant support for their adult children. The keys to success are research, planning, flexibility, patience, and tenacity.

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    Recreation Is Critical For A Full And Complete Life

    Consistent with the other findings, people happy with their community were more likely to report recreation services were available. Of those happy with their community, 69% said recreational services were available for their child. Conversely, 83% of those not happy with overall services in their community did not have recreation opportunities for their child.

    Recreation and leisure activities are particularly important for people with autism, explained Autism Speaks Executive V.P. Peter Bell. Participating in such activities often produces opportunities to practice social skills, physical aptitude and increase motivation. They also provide the basis for increased self-confidence and integration into the community. Research has shown that skills acquired through recreation are frequently transferred to other settings such as school and work.

    Specific Programs For Autistic Adults:

    Do you know what programs are available for autistic adults? Autistic adults often have unique needs, and its important to find the right program to meet those needs. There are many different programs out there, and it can be tough to decide which one is right for you or your loved one. This blog post will introduce you to specific programs that might be a good fit for autistic adults. Keep reading to learn more!

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    How Adult Services Differ From Childrens Services

    The biggest difference between adult and childrens services is that most services provided to children under IDEA are entitlement-based, while the services provided to adults are eligibility-based. In other words, while school districts must provide children with free and appropriate education, state and federal governments may or may not determine that an autistic child is eligible for specific services or funding. Whats more, while school districts must find a way to serve autistic children even if funding diminishes, government agencies may reduce services if budgets shrink.

    A second major difference relates to the appropriateness of programs and services for a person with autism spectrum disorder. In school, a child may have had access to autism-specific classes, therapies, and programs designed with the childs specific needs in mind. As an adult, they are more likely to be lumped in with other people with developmental disorders of all sorts. This can be challenging, as adults with autism often have very different abilities, challenges, and needs from adults with, for example, Down Syndrome.

    A third major difference in service provision relates to the organization providing those services. Most autistic children receive the vast majority of services through their school districts. Adults, by contrast, receive services and/or funding through three agencies whose names vary from state to state. On the federal level, the agencies are:

    Good Local Service Models

    Local program helps autistic adults become independent

    Although knowledge of good local services models that work well for autistic adults was generally low across all services areas, residential services had the highest proportions of respondents with positive responses. Large proportions of respondents answered dont know to the questions, indicating that knowledge of good local models of service is not high, even among professionals. These results underscore both the complex nature of the services infrastructure needed for autistic adults and opportunities for improvement.

    This generally low positive response rate may reflect a possible lack of good services models for autistic adults in the local community or, possibly, a critical information gap among both users and professionals. It is recommended that local care pathways are understandable, accessible, acceptable for users and providers, consider the persons knowledge and understanding of autism and its care and be appropriate to the local communities , and relevant professionals should know local autism care pathways and the way to access services .

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    Woodview Programs & Services

    Woodview Mental Health and Autism Services is a registered charity and accredited provider of children and youth mental health services and supports in Brant, Halton, and Hamilton. We also offer a variety of autism services for children, youth, and adults in the regions of Halton and Hamilton.

    The Woodview Team

    Social workers, child and youth workers, autism specialists, and consulting professionals work together to provide individualized client-centred services.

    What to Expect

    View our orientation information for child and youth mental health services by visiting the Client Orientation page.

    69 Flatt Road in Burlington

    643 Park Road North in Brantford


    Recent Research On Autism Exercise Programs

    Researchers recently conducted a student to investigate how autism exercise programs can help reduce stereotypic behaviors since these types of behaviors have the potential to effect social skills. Also, stereotypical behaviors mayeffect the ability to learn new information, interfere with healthy play skills, or may indicate later self-injurious behaviors.

    The recent study completed three meta-analyses on ten studies on the effects of physical exercise on stereotypic behaviors in individuals with an autism spectrum disorder. Examples of exercises were running, dancing, stationaary bike, trampoline, exercise ball exercises, and martial arts.

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    Rehabilitation Act Of 1973

    This national law requires entities that receive federal funding to make their programs accessible for people with disabilities. These include public colleges and universities, employers, and any organization that receives government assistance. Section 504 also requires public school districts to provide free and appropriate education for students with disabilities.

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