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Are Fidget Spinners For Autistic People

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Are Fidget Spinners Good For Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Fidget Spinners And A Understanding Of Autistic Children

Generally for the people who are suffering from anxiety, fidget spinners may give a soothing experience to them or a person who is suffering from autism who experiences a nervous reaction.

For the people who are suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder the tedious acts of spinning the toys may help these people with ADHD from feeling like they want to jump out of their chairs.

How Do Fidget Spinners Help With Autism

There are no doubts about accepting the fact that those toys which enable children to fidget can be beneficial for the children suffering from autism.

Sensory toys are used by occupational therapists such as tactile discs, koosh balls, and also putties or clays for giving the children a soothing experience that has issues with sensory processing.


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Why Some Remain Skeptical

But not everyone is convinced about the benefits of the fidget spinner. Some experts, like Dr Mark Rapport, MD and Director of the Childrens Learning Clinic at the University of Central Floridas Department of Psychology, make the point that spinners are nothing more than a distraction. Rapport explained that since spinners are fascinating to look at, they would take a childs attention away from whatever theyre meant to be focusing on. This serves as a nothing more than a fun distraction, and means that a child cannot focus on the task at hand.

Those in favor of fidget spinners like to quote a 2015 study from the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology which proved that gross motor activity helps children with ADHD perform better on working memory tasks. While this is an interesting study, its not relevant here. After all a child playing with a fidget spinner isnt performing any gross motor activity. Unlike playing with a fidget spinner, bouncing on a yoga ball, for example, is the kind of non-distracting activity which could be beneficial to a child with ADHD.

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Spinning Out Of Control

The reality is that without a comprehensive study, its really anyones guess. Fidget spinners could be nothing more than a passing trend, or they may be the therapeutic tool children with autism and ADHD have been looking for. Only time will tell.

Does your child have a fidget spinner? What is your experience of this trendy gadget so far, and would you recommend it for other children with autism and ADHD? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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The Original Fidget Reversible Sequin Hand Fidget

Wheel Shape Fidget Spinner For ADD ADHD Anxiety Autism ...

This is a very unique fidget that is both fun and calming. Made with high-quality reversible sequin fabric, children can run their fingers over the sequins to flip them back and forth to change the colors. Theres also an elastic strap on the back to hold it in place while playing with it. This hand fidget is additionally wonderful because its visually calming and gives nice tactile input to the fingertips. You can find them here.

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The Dangers Of Fidget Spinners

Among 10 of the most harmful toys the fidget spinner has also been listed by the World Against Toys Causing Harm NGO.

This NGO is striving to create cognizance about the threatening products made for the children.

In the recent past, the fidget spinner has also been found to be listed as one of the 10 worst toys in 2017 byWorld Against Toys Causing Harm NGO.

World Against Toys Causing Harm has also warned the caretakers to be cautious while purchasing the fidget spinner autism due to the potential health risks.

They have warned in the context of different events that came to light all over the world on the risk and threats to wellbeing and safety linked with the using fidget spinner.

These risks comprise of clogging, fire dangers and damage.

In the United States, a 10-year-old was described to closelyplug to demise and needed an operation when one of the metallic brushings got in her gullet when she put it in her mouth to clean.

In another incident while the fidget spinner autism was being charged it burst into flames.

Additionally, the fidget spinners with a lower standard are also accessible in the markets which are more susceptible to get broke which can cause a physical injury to arise.

Squishy Stress Relief Balls

Smoosh, squeeze, stretch, pull, toss, and bounce these fun stress balls. These balls are strong, durable, and safe for kids . Perfect for the classroom, home, or to bring on the go. This item can help promote a sense of calm, reduce stress/anxiety, and increase focus/attention.

Its great to use this as a warm-up activity prior to fine motor work or handwriting to help wake up the small muscles of the hand. Made with 100% thermoplastic rubber, they are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and free of BPAs, phthalates, and latex. You can find yours on .

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How Do Fidget Toys Help Autism

Fidgets are especially useful in helping children with autism spectrum disorder with self-regulation. Hand fidgets can help manage anxiety, improve attention/ability to focus, or even help children calm down when dealing with a surge of emotions such as extreme anger or frustration. Children on the autism spectrum can benefit from fidgeting, especially when they are stimming or engaging in hand flapping.

I own a sensory toy subscription box geared for children on the autism spectrum, so its my job to find unique and awesome toys to include in my monthly subscription. Below I will share some of the most popular items in past boxes and where you can find them yourself. I believe the items below are enjoyable to play with, yet calming and therapeutic!

Fidget Spinner Craze Can Distract From Methods That Work

Fidget Cube and Fidget Spinner for Autistic Son

Several medical experts also expressed concern that the popularity of fidget spinners may distract parents of children with ADHD and the adult ADHD population from proven methods that work.

Dr. Mark Stein, director of ADHD at the Seattle Childrens Hospital and a professor at the University of Washington, expressed his concern about the distraction that fidget spinners bring making people choose the wrong treatment methods. He added that families of people who have neurodevelopmental disorders are more vulnerable as they intend to try to do whatever they can for their loved one.

ImpactADHD founder, Elaine Taylor-Klaus, also lamented that fidgets are in a bad light because of fidget spinners. ImpactADHD is a coaching service for parents whose children have ADHD.

The fidget spinner was invented in the early 90s by a chemical engineer Catherine Hettinger in an effort to entertain her daughter, but the product only became popular recently. While she held the patent on finger spinners for eight years, she had to surrender it because of the hefty renewal fee back in 2005. Hettinger has not made any money on her invention. Large stores have found it a challenge to keep the toys in stock over the past year. The team at Midtown Manhattan-based Almar Sales Co. was said to have sold 20 million fidget toys this past April, executive vice president Allen Ashkenazie told the New York Post.

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Vortex Spinners Prime Fidget Toy Set Best Fidget Spinner For Tricks

For two minutes of guaranteed fun, the Vortex Spinners Prime Fidget Toy can be held in one hand with the other hand using small constant strikes with its high-speed R608 steel bearing.

With its unique design, the fidget toy set of Upgraded Black High Speed Hand Spinner Toy and Black Soft Touch Fidget Cube in Premium Gift Box making it attractive as well as function.

Constructed with a durable ABS plastic frame, the Vortex Spinners Prime Fidget Toy Set of Upgraded Black High Speed Hand Spinner Toy and Black Soft Touch Fidget Cube is the perfect tools to help improve your concentration and relieve stress.

  • Some people had bearing issues after using it awhile

Final Verdict The Vortex fidget spinner is a perfectly weighted and balanced spinner that also looks good. Great as a gift or as a tool to help you improve your concentration, the fidget spinner is the perfect size to take with you wherever you go.

Fidget Spinners Autism For Peace

Catherine Hettinger an American researcher has claimed that fidget spinner autism was invented for a way to promote peace.

On her visit to Israel, Catherine was shocked to see that stones were being thrown at police.

She then made a decision to come up with a toy that will work as a distractor and will provide them a comforting experience to discharge their heaped up energies.

In 1997, she was given permission to manufacture the fidget spinner but later on she gave up on the contract because she was unable to afford the money to pay for getting her contract renewed in 2005.

After this happened, many of the other firms began to produce their own fidget spinners and towards the start of 2017 it grabbed the attention of everyone and became a worldwide sensation for everyone including kids and adults as well.

Most of the companies did not follow the idea of Catherine because they relied on different mechanisms.

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Purported Benefits Of Fidget Spinners

Many experts do subscribe to the idea that a fidget spinner can help kids with behavioral and learning differences. One doctor told CBS news that therapists have always used similar devices to help people remain focused, so the idea should not be considered radical or controversial: Such a spinner can help settle and focus a child who is very easily distracted. One psychiatrist also weighed in that spinners can help expend energy for kids hypersensitive to their environments, who might otherwise bite their nails or skin.

But according to one expert, fidget spinners do not actually help kids with ADHD or anxiety. At the very least, there is no evidence that the devices have any measurable benefit. A Duke University psychologist told NPR that his concern was that parents may follow a fad and buy the toy instead of using other well-known and effective techniques for managing the conditions of kids with learning differences.

Everything You Need To Know About Fidget Toys For Adhd & Anxiety

SCIONE Fidget Spinner 12 Pack ADHD Stress Relief Anxiety ...

originally written and published on

While Fidget Spinners are all the craze right now, many people dont realize that fidget toys are not just a passing fad! There is much more to this trend than fidget spinner challenges, games, and collections — people who rely on fidget tools to focus and regulate know this all to be true.

In a 2015 study published by the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, hyperactive movements associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder were found to help people focus better. Another study published in the Journal of Child Neuropsychology, found that, since hyperactivity is a natural state for children with ADHD, preventing them from fidgeting actually became a distraction and children were better able to learn when allowed to fidget.

So before you remind your child for the tenth time to sit still at your next family meal, consider whether they are moving to support learning, interacting, and/or focusing. If that is the case, you may find this article on fidget toys to be a good way to shape your childs hyperactive behavior into something more appropriate.

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How Fidget Toys Are Helping Kids With Adhd

According to recent studies, fidgeting may help children who have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder by increasing their concentration. And now, specially-designed objects known as fidgets are helping them do just that. While fidgets may look like everyday toys, in reality, theyre therapeutic devices and they can have a big impact.

According to Bridget Gilormini, director of PACER Centers Simon Technology Center, Fidgets give the user an opportunity to give their hands or bodies something to do, and allows their brain to then focus on the task at hand, such as listening to a teacher or reading.

Fidgets are especially helpful when a student needs to focus, juggle more than one task, plan work, and remember information. The right fidget can make a huge difference to someone with ADHD just ask Emma, the mother of 10-year-old Jackson.

The sheer number and type of fidgets is mind-boggling, Emma says.

And shes right a fidget can be a squishy little ball , rubber-coated interlinked rings , or a bendable multi-textured ruler . Clear, silky-feeling putty and bendable pencil erasers are also specially designed for fidgeting. At home, those who use their feet to fidget might use a yoga ball chair or therapy bands tied to chair legs.

According to his mom, Jackson hated calling this kind of attention to himself but at the same time, these movements really helped him to concentrate.

Which Fidget Spinner Bearing Should I Choose

There are pros and cons for each of the three types of fidget spinners. Keep in mind that if you are short on cash and you dont care about a long spin time.

An all-metal fidget spinner that you can strip the oil away on will be your best bet.

If you dont care how much you spend on it, a full ceramic fidget spinner will give you immediately long spins.

Otherwise, if you are in the middle, a hybrid just needs a little de-lubrication. And breaking in to get a long spinning time.

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Black Spinner Fidget Toy With High Speed Bearing Best Fidget Spinner Budget

When you are looking for some help to kill some time, the Tri-Spinner is lightweight and easy to carry so you can use it discretely throughout your day.

It is effective for focusing and relieving anxiety. This is easy to use a spinner that works right out of the box and requires no maintenance.

It also features an average spin time between one and three minutes.

The Tri-Spinner Certified Black Spinner Fidget Toy with High Speed Bearing with little noise.

  • Great value for the money
  • Doesnt come with a storage container

Final Verdict Tri-Spinner fidget spinner is also easy to carry in your pocket making it a great tool to pull out when you need to focus or relieve anxiety.

What Is The Purpose Of Fidget Toys

Fidget Spinner Autism

Many people use hand fidgets to relieve stress and anxiety, to help focus, or just for playing and having fun. Stress balls, putty, and anything squishy and squeezy is helpful because theyre soothing, calming, products which are enjoyable to fidget with. Sensory items have helped people of all ages, from adults sitting at a desk at work to children in classrooms.

Im an occupational therapist and recommending/providing sensory items to teachers and parents, for use at home or in the classroom, is something I regularly do.

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Fidget Spinners And Normalizing Stimming

How Spinners Can Help But Also Hinder Neurodiversity

Im sure that by now, most people have seen these spinners. Theyre everywhere and everybody seems to have at least one. I really dont want to get into an argument here, but many people seem to be all on one side or the other. I think the spinners could be a good thing, but we need to watch what is going on with spinners and be aware of who has them and what they think about them.

Honestly, Im really glad they are getting normalized, because then its easier to get fidgets when you need them without having to go through all these hoops and self-doubt. We have to, however, make sure it isnt overdone. Ive seen it compared to silly bands and tamagotchis and other fad toys that were super popular then got abandoned. Some of them have gotten banned from places because of kids being jealous of other peoples stuff and because of them being a distraction. Inevitably fad toys fall out of a popularity as well and when they arent cool anymore people will once again be made fun of for having and using them.

These Fad Toys Are Even More Likely To Get Banned.

Already, a few weeks into their popularity, spinners are being banned in schools. Banning fidget toys because they are distracting is devastating for undiagnosed neurodivergent kids. While you Might be able to add fidget toys to an accommodations letter, that requires a lot of work and a diagnosis.

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Fidget Spinners For Peace

American Catherine Hettinger claims to have invented fidget spinners as a way to promote peace.

While on a visit to Israel, Hettinger saw young boys throwing stones at the police and she decided to design a toy that would distract the boys and would give a soothing sensation to release their piled up energy. She received the patent for fidget spinner in 1997 but she let the patent lapse in 2005 as she could not afford to pay for the patent renewal anymore . Following this, many manufacturing companies started making their own version of fidget spinners and, towards the end of 2016, fidget spinners became a global craze among children and adults alike. Most of them differ from Hettingers original invention because they rely on a different mechanism .

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