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What Is The Best Pet For An Autistic Child

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Support And Therapy Dogs Are Often Larger More Gentle Breeds

Top 13 Dogs for autistic child that will surprise you, autism-friendly dog breeds

Golden retrievers and Labradors are a popular pet for children with autism, but other breeds may suit. If your child is prone to aggression, pulling tails, hair, squeezing , consider an older puppy, or young dog. A rescue dog with an unknown history or a history of issues needing special care itself isnt a good choice.

I Completed The Application Process But Havent Been Matched To A Dog Yet Why

Finding the right dog to match your specific needs, personality and environment is not an exact science. Many factors are taken into consideration, with the ultimate goal being to find the best dog to meet your unique needs. Also, not every dog successfully completes training; sometimes we must start the matching process over.

Best Big Fluffy Dog Breeds: The Great Pyrenees

What makes the Great Pyrenees a great autism dog? Their calm temperament and protective nature. Pyrenees were originally bred to guard flocks of sheep. They bond strongly with their families and take their roles as protectors seriously. Another boon of this gentle giant is that they are sturdy and can handle the clumsy petting and big hugs from a person with ASD.

Other big fluffy dog breeds that are great for families with an autistic child are Bernese Mountain Dogs and the Newfoundland. Both breeds are calm and compassionate companions for people with autism.

Helping to groom these fluffy pooches can help teach an autistic child about responsibility and caring for others. It is also a wonderfully calming, repetitive activity. It is hardly surprising that these dogs are strong contenders for the best dog breeds for autism!

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Best Small Dogs And Companion Dogs: The Adorable Maltese Poodle

Poodles make for great autism dogs because they are so intelligent and friendly. The Maltese Poodle is a lovely size for cuddling in laps! If someone in the family has pet allergies, the Maltese can be a good choice because they are less likely to cause allergies and are low-shedding.

Animals And Autistic Children

Pets help autistic kids improve social skills

Before we get started, let me ask you to indulge me for a moment, so I can share a personal experience relevant to the subject at hand .

Before I started writing full time, I made my living as an environmental educator .

The work required me to do a bunch of different things, from guiding families on nature hikes, to monitoring the habitat, to my favorite thing conducting live animal presentations. Id bring out a couple of animals, rattle off some of the basic information about the species, answer questions, and, usually, let willing audience members touch the animals.

The vast majority of the audiences for these programs were elementary school groups, scout groups, moms clubs, and seniors, but I also had the privilege of putting on these programs for a variety of special needs kids including many who were on the autism spectrum.

One school, which specifically catered to the needs of autistic children, even built weekly visits to the preserve into the schools curriculum. These kids would get to come to the preserve each week and meet a new set of animals.

Their weekly visits were easily the highlight of my week, and Id like to think the kids enjoyed them too.

One day , I brought my dog with me to work. She was a sugary sweet chocolate lab who eagerly made friends with everyone she met. So, at the end of the program, I asked the kids if theyd like to meet her. You can probably guess their response.

They lost their minds with joy.

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The Best Dog Breed For Me How Certapet Helps People With Autism Keep Their Companions Constantly By Their Side

Once you have formed that super-glue bond with your furry friend, you will be very reluctant to part. Autism isnt something that goes away when you walk out of the door. In fact, it is in strange and new places and situations that you need the companionship and support of your canine companion most.

Certapet can help you make sure that you dont have to separate from your emotional support dog. Complete the free online 5-minute pre-screening to be on your way to get an ESA letter. This will make it possible for you to have your dog with you in situations where non-ESA dogs might not be able to go.

For example, according to the Airline Carrier Access Act , you can take your ESA on a flight with you in-cabin. Another advantage of having an ESA letter for your dog is that it is easier to find rented accommodation. The Fair Housing Act requires that housing providers allow emotional support animals to live with their owners. Even if the accommodation doesnt usually allow pets.

Calming And Preventing Meltdowns

An Autism Assistance Dog can be trained to provide assistance with meltdowns by providing calming and comforting interactions on the parents command. For example, if the parent sees the child feeling overwhelmed, they can have the service dog perform deep pressure by laying across the childs lap. If the child is crying the dog can be trained to recognize that sound and come up and snuggle with the child or give kisses to provide comfort. Often the service dog intervening will either reduce the length of the meltdown or even prevent it from occurring. These skills are task trained and meet the definition of a service dog which allows public access. This differs from an Emotional Support Animal whose simple presence provides comfort and does not have general public access.

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Is A Dog Good For Children On The Autism Spectrum

Research shows that an assistance dog may have a positive effect on children with autism and their families, writes researcher Rebecca Armstrong who reviews current research and practicalities of dog ownership for autistic children and their families.

A well-trained dog can help keep your child safe and can also support their emotion, behaviour and communication.

Research Study: Developing a Virtual Assistance Dog Device

  • Are you or your family thinking of getting an assistance dog?
  • Are you or your family on a waiting list for an assistance dog?
  • Are you or your family using an assistance dog?

If the answer to any of the above questions is a YES, then we would like to talk to you. Find out more.

An assistance dog is not the same as a therapy dog or a pet dog.; Only certified Disability Assist Dogs are permitted in any public place or premise . Often these are dogs that have been specifically bred for intelligence, good health, trainability and temperament. ;The training includes a combination of obedience training, social behaviour training , home behaviour training and specific task training . A well-trained non-specialist dog may be of service to individuals and their whanau but without the certification, they cannot be taken into many environments.

Research on therapy dogs

Research on pet dogs

Rebecca Armstrong

Not Exactly Rare Dog Breeds Whether Mutt Or Designer Breed A Rescue Will Love And Support You Unconditionally

The 5 Best Dog Breeds For Autistic Children

There are so many rescue dogs out there looking for the perfect furever home. Whether you have a specific breed in mind or whether you are looking for a mixed breed, you will be able to find a pooch that will fit right into your family!

There are breed-specific rescue groups for almost every breed from the Affenpinscher to the Yorkshire Terrier. You will definitely find some of the best dog breeds for autism in your local animal shelter!

Puppies are hard work. With someone who has autism in your life, the last thing that you need is more work. Adopting an adult dog is especially suitable for this kind of situation. An older dog will be potty trained, calm and more dependable. Mixed breed dogs are advantageous in that they are usually calmer and less prone to hereditary disease.

Whether you decide to adopt a motley mutt or a designer doggo, a rescue pupper will be an amazing source of comfort and companionship!

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What Should Celia Do

That night after the kids are in bed Celia and Jerome sit down on the couch. Jerome begins, I think we should talk about getting a dog.

I just dont understand why you suddenly want to add to everything else we have going on. Arent two kids enough? Celia is exhausted after chasing the kids around all day. She cant image having to take care of a dog on top of everything.

I had lunch with a coworker yesterday and found out that his daughter has autism. They got a dog last year and he said it changed her life. Shes happier, and learning to communicate. He said shes sleeping better too. I think its worth a try.

Now it was starting to make sense. Celia nods, not so much in agreement as in understanding. Slowly she responds, Okay. But you saw how upset Michael got around the dog.

He wasnt expecting to see a dog there. I bet hed love a dog if we introduced it the right way.

Celia isnt so sure. Lets do some research. I dont know that I want to take care of a dog. Maybe there are other pets that are good for children with autism?

Jerome grins and Celia is suddenly sure that a family pet will soon be joining the household.

Acclimate Your Pet When Your Child Is Not Around

The worst thing to do is bring home a new pet especially a skittish one when;your child is around. Kids get so excited they can scare a pet that;must adjust to his new home;or distract you while;acclimating;new fish to a;tank. Get your pet in and used to the house for a bit. Cats love to find a hiding place, dogs need to sniff everything and fish need to adapt to the water. A jumpy, excited child can make that much;more difficult.

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Role And Responsibilities Of Autism Assistance Dogs

What does an Autism service dog do?

They are specifically trained to their owners personal needs based on their medical condition. They may or may not include the following tasks described.

Basically, they can provide support in following symptoms-

  • Communication skills;the child learns to give dog commands
  • Awakening at Night a dog will bark to alert parents
  • Self Harming Behavior a dog will interrupt the behavior and alert parent
  • Social Isolation child tends to focus on dog companionship
  • Reduce anxiety a dog will crawl into a childs lap to calm a child

Children With Autism Can Thrive With The Help Of A Support Dog Thats Why Weve Put This List Of The Top 10 Dog Breeds For Autism

How To Choose A Pet For An Autistic Child

According to the CDC, as many as 1 in 59 children in the United States has autism. That number increased from 1 in 68 children from a report released two years ago, signifying a 15% increase. Autism, or autism spectrum disorder , is the name given to a range of conditions characterized by challenges with speech and nonverbal communication, social skills, and repetitive behavior.

If you have an autistic child, you already understand these challenges but what you might not know is that getting a dog could help. A support dog could provide your child with a calming, nonverbal presence in addition to interrupting dysfunctional behaviors and protecting your child. Here are the top 10 dog breeds for autism:

  • CorgiA short-legged breed, the Corgi is a great choice for autistic children because they have a stable temperament and a cheerful personality. They are very social as well, so theyll form a bond with your child very quickly. The main challenge is that they have a lot of energy, so theyll need a significant amount of exercise.
  • Autism is a challenging disorder that we are still struggling to understand. Even when your childs friends, teachers, and even other family members have trouble understanding your child, however, a support dog will always be right there by his side.

    Kate Barrington

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    Old English Sheepdog Best Dog With Autistic Children

    The Old English Sheepdog is a very intelligent and sociable breed. It is a great choice for anyone who has a developmentally delayed child. These dogs are known for being very gentle and are not aggressive whatsoever.

    They can grow up to 100 pounds and 24 inches tall. This is a pretty big dog, so you should have a good size house and a big backyard for it to run around in.

    Some Autistic Children Have Stronger Relationships With Cats Than Dogs

    Scientists suspect that because cats, unlike dogs, dont hold a stare but tend to look away after short bouts of eye contact, this may feel more comfortable for autistic children. Some autistic children find the outgoing nature of dogs intimidating and unpredictable. An adult cat whose nature is known is ideal. Again, fostering, or having a trial is best before committing, as cats have quite distinct personalities.;

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    Guinea Pigs Like Rats Are Often Gentle As Well As Intelligent

    Adults are ideal, as their temperament is known. Hamsters are not ideal. They move fast and can get grumpy when disturbed and bite. Although care of small pets can take time, they are cheaper and offer a shorter commitment due to their shorter lifespan. This does mean children have to face pet-death sooner and more frequently.

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    Guinea Pigs Are Great For Autism

    Top amazing Dogs for your autistic child – best autism-friendly dog breeds

    Other research has found that guinea pigs may the best pet for children with autism. In a classroom setting, a team of researchers found that children with autism spectrum disorders had better social skills after guinea pigs were introduced into the classroom and they were allowed to interact with them.

    The study also found that children with autism were calmer in playing sessions with guinea pigs than when they were reading alone or in groups and playing with toys.

    Another study found that guinea pigs helped children to talk, smile and laugh more when there were guinea pigs present. The same study discovered that whining, crying and frowning behaviours were also displayed less by children with autism.

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    How Long Is The Application Process

    From the time an application is received to the completion of the in-home Needs Assessment can be as long as 24 months. If a client is accepted into the program after the Needs Assessment, they will go into the pool of all clients waiting to be paired with a PAWS Dog. For all clients in the waiting pool, the search to find an appropriate dog begins right away. However, depending on the individual needs of the client, and the individual qualities of the dogs in training available, it may take another 1-4 years to find the right match.

    How Can A Therapy Dog Help A Child With Autism

    Trained dogs may have therapeutic benefits for children with autism, according to research.

    For example, one study of 22 children found that when a dog was present in a therapy session, the children were more socially engaged and talked more. In another study, when there was a dog included in a therapy session, children were less aggressive and smiled more.

    In two other studies recently received by researchers, parents said their children with autism tended to behave better and be more attentive after they got a service dog.

    Specific ways a therapy dog might help a child with autism include:

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    Dogs And Autistic Children

    Although there is no exact cure for autistic people, certain ways can make your childs life easier. One way is to take the help of a dog for an autistic child. You just have to find out the best dog for an autistic child which suits his/her nature.

    Most often, autistic children face difficulty in expressing their emotions and may have social phobias, separation anxiety, and mild to severe anxiety.

    And thats where a patient, loyal and friendly breed of dog can help your child to overcome these problems and help them to stay calm.

    Picking Out A Specific Dog For An Autistic Child

    Benefits of Having a Dog for an Autistic Child

    Now that you understand how valuable a dog can be for autistic children, as well as the different roles your canine can take on in your childs life, it is time to start picking out a specific breed for your kid.

    If you think that an emotional support dog or a service dog is the best choice for your child, youll need to contact an agency that trains and prepares dogs for such work.

    In these cases, you dont want to focus on the breed as much as you want to work with professionals to determine the best individual dog for your kid .

    On the other hand, if you are just looking for a pet, you should pay very special attention to the breed you select.

    Different breeds exhibit varying personalities, aptitudes, and care requirements, and youll be wise to pick one that is a good match for your family.

    We are going to concentrate on helping those looking for a pet. With this in mind, well explain the types of traits to seek out and the best breeds to consider below.

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    Rescue Dogs Have As Much To Offer As Any Other Dogs If Not More

    A dog doesnt need to have certificates and purebred papers to be a great autism dog. Any dog that is well-behaved and has a calm demeanor can be an excellent companion. The most important thing is that the dog and the person have a wonderful bond in which both benefit from each others companionship.

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