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Autism Schools In Nc

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North Carolina Autism Schools

What is Autism? | Quick Learner

North CarolinaAutism schoolsASD Services & Support Resources

TEACCH Autism Program

A University-based system of community regional centers that offers a set of core services along with unique demonstration programs meeting the clinical, training, and research needs of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder, their families, and professionals across the state of North Carolina.

The School of Hope

The School of Hope in Fayetteville, North Carolina, serves students K-8 who have an autism diagnosis .

The Halton School

A school for students with learning disabilities, children with Aspergers / Autism Spectrum Disorder and feel lost in large traditional school settings. Halton is a private independent school in Huntersville, NC for special needs students.

The Mariposa School in Cary, NC, strives to be a regional leader in providing education and therapeutic services to children with autism and other developmental disabilities. The goal is to build positive relationships among families, staff, and the greater community to help each child achieve his/her potential.

Hope Creek Academy

Hope Creek Academy, located in Durham, North Carolina, formerly Just Right Academy, is a non-profit private elementary and secondary school geared to children who need structure, consistency, positive reinforcement, more movement, reduced stress, both remediation and challenge along with a multi-sensory way of learning.

Our Services In Cary Nc

At the Cardinal Center, we understand that each child is different. That is why we go to great lengths to ensure our high-quality services are tailored to your childs unique skills and deficits. Developing goals is a collaborative experience here and our professionals work as a team with parents consistently.

Welcome Letter From The Directors 2021

Dear Trilogy Parents, Teachers, and Students:Welcome to another exceptional year of learning at Trilogy! After a challenging year with the COVID-19 pandemic, we are excited to start the school year in person and with everyone on campus. We cant wait to once again provide a personal learning environment where all students can learn and succeed. We look forward to collaborating with you this year with the following theme:

Were in a sunshine state of mind where the future is bright at TrilogyOur theme this year reflects our renewed commitment to ensuring that Trilogy is a positive, safe, nurturing place for all students to learn and grow. We value our facultys dedication to using the best practices in the field of learning differences as we partner with you to create a team of support for each individual student.We will incorporate this theme throughout the year with the following five initiatives:

Collaboration Trilogy is an inclusive learning community where collaboration between students, parents, and faculty is paramount. Trilogy is founded on the belief that a team approach provides our students with the best educational experience. We will also continue to collaborate with all stakeholders this year as we go through the accreditation process to ensure that Trilogys mission remains steadfast as we look to the future.

This years faculty is made up of extraordinary educators. Our administrative team includes the following:

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Schools For Children With Autism

Some metropolitan areas have better services than others for people with autism spectrum disorder. The results of an online community survey, published by Autism Speaks, on “livability issues” for families and people with autism showed that if you reside in the Los Angeles metropolitan area or the Boston metropolitan area, you live among the 10 best metropolitan areas in the US for people with ASD.

The survey also found that nearly 75% of participants were not satisfied with their community’s organizations and services for people with ASD. Among the areas faring worst in the survey, in terms of the statistics of negative responses from that region, were Colorado and Missouri. This is primarily due to few, if any, recreational services available locally and having considerable travel distances for treatments and services.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Home


The resources and links are designed to provide general educators, special education teachers and parents tools to assist in understanding and implementing evidence-based practices for individuals on the spectrum as they navigate through the educational system.

It is important that you understand the Procedural Safeguards provided for you and your child with a disability. Please access the links below to gather further information.

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Achieve A Better Life Experience With Nc Able

Thursday, Aug 18, 2022

The NC ABLE Program allows individuals with the occurrence of a disability prior to the age of 26 and their families to contribute to tax-advantaged savings accounts without impacting eligibility for important public supports like Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid. A path to financial freedom For many eligible participants, there has long been a spend down

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Two Types Of Classrooms

In addition to the two types of schools for autism, there are also two types of classrooms. The first type is similar to traditional classrooms in the past with 12 or more students to 1 teacher. Children are generally from the same grade and set at desks in an organized fashion. Classrooms located in schools for autism are often set up for fewer students allowing for more individualized education.

In the second type of classroom, children of different ages and grades work at their own particular speed. The ratio of teacher to students is 1 to 4 or less and each child is delivered individual attention as they need it. Both types of classrooms are extremely quiet due to many students having sensory sensitivity obstacles.

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A Message From Our Director

“We are truly honored to serve many wonderful families and neurodiverse individuals at OASIS NC and the SEA Academy. Our entire team is passionate about empowering individuals with learning differences through educational opportunities and experiences that enhance growth and expand horizons. – Erika Merriman, M.Ed – Executive Director/Co-Founder

Types Of Schools For Autism

The TEACCH Autism Program – The Next Forty Years

Schools for autism and ASD children in North Carolina fall into two main categories. The first type of school focuses on the needs of children who are fully verbal and able to communicate through speech. The other type of school works with children who are nonverbal and have fewer effective communication skills than their verbal companions. Both types of schools are able to address the needs of the child and fine tune the learning process so that both are able to effectively learn their lessons.

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Our Autism Boarding School Helps North Carolina Teens Find Success

Seven Stars is an autism boarding school for North Carolina teens struggling with emotional, academic, and social challenges. Unlike other autism boarding schools for North Carolina teens, Seven Stars provides comprehensive therapeutic programming in addition to accredited academic programming. Seven Stars uses a combination approach for serving struggling teens that blends adventure activities, diagnostic/assessment services, residential treatment, and positive psychology.

Our autism boarding school is located in Utah, not in North Carolina. Though we are in Utah, we help teens and families from all over. Removing teens from North Carolina that are on the spectrum from their routines allows for a natural break in the day-to-day habits that teens on the spectrum can get stuck in. Although some parents may be hesitant about breaking the routines that their teens hold dearly, its important to note that habits and routines change over time. Breaking routines leads to improved habits.

At our premier autism boarding school for teens from North Carolina, we work with teens on the spectrum to help them achieve their goals. Through our program, teens develop the following skills:

Self Determined: Teens define their own version of success and how to go after it.

Self Awareness: Adolescents develop a conscious understanding of themselves.

Self Directed: Teens learn how to self-regulate and adapt when they need to.

Self Confident: Students feel unique, worthy, and special.

Services And Therapy Options

Special therapies and services that are delivered by schools for autism in North Carolina can dramatically improve an ASD child’s ability to learn and advance in a school setting. A few of the most beneficial services and therapies to look for include:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Special education
  • Adaptive physical education

These services assist and prepare ASD children for interaction with other people both in and out of the school environment. The more services delivered by schools for autism, the more well rounded and complete the learning program.

Knowing your child and his or her individual needs, will assist you with making an informed choice when it comes to schools for autism in North Carolina. Do your own research and learn what each facility has to offer. Take your child and let them explore the new surroundings to determine if they will adapt easily. Taking the initiative and learning all you can before making the final decision will give your child the best possible educational experience.

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Staff Quality Is Critical

The quality of the staff at schools for autism in North Carolina should be thoroughly reviewed. Each staff member should be able to identify a child’s learning style, sensory challenges and any other pertinent characteristic that will affect how they learn and retain the information presented to them in the classroom.

Neurotypical children are those who do not fall neatly on to the ASD spectrum and may be difficult to diagnose in some students. The key is learning to identify neurotypical children and help to foster learning techniques that allow for positive social interaction between teachers, students and their peers.

Cary And Raleigh Autism Specialists

Camp Royall School/Community Setting Information Form

Learn with the Best School is a Raleigh, NC based K-12 private school that specializes in working with students with pervasive developmental disorders on all ends of the Autism spectrum as well as Down Syndrome, ADD, ADHD, social anxiety, developmental delays, learning disabilities, sensory processing disorders and other types of cognitive and genetic disabilities.

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Proudly Serving Cary Nc

We are proud to serve Cary and the surrounding communities, including Morrisville, Carpenter, Clegg, Genlee, Friendship, Apex, Fentonville, New Hill, Holly Springs, and Fuquay-Varina.

We feel lucky to be serving the Research Triangle, not just because of the great people but because there is so much to do. Whatever your child needs, The Cardinal Center for Behavior Analysis is here to help your family succeed and enjoy life here in Cary, North Carolina.

Quality Of Teachers And Staff

The quality of the teachers that work with the students in these schools is essential. When researching the schools within the Durham, NC area, there are several qualities of the teachers and staff that you will want to check. The staff should have had training and experience dealing with students that have special needs in the classroom setting. If the staff seem lacking in this particular area, researching the other schools may be the best choice for your child.

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Faqs About Our School For Students With Learning Disabilities

Why do you only offer grades 3-8?

We consider ourselves one stop along a childs journey, but by no means are we their final stop. Our goal is for each child to experience success and increased confidence to skillfully thrive in the world and in the future. We serve grades 3 through 8 because these are some of the most formative years in a childs development. Many kids with ASD1 or other communications differences are especially vulnerable to falling through the cracks in third grade when conventional schools begin standardized testing. Similarly, we extend our curriculum through eighth grade to ease the transition to high school.

Do you accept students with any learning disability?

We primarily accept students who have social and communication disorders, including children that have been diagnosed with ASD1, previously known as Aspergers Syndrome, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder , and Sensory Processing Disorder.

Do children need a formal diagnosis to be accepted?

No. While some students are diagnosed before applying to our non-profit private school in Charlotte, many are diagnosed while at Epiphany. A clinical diagnosis is important because it helps our teachers and administrators work with you and your student to create a customized learning plan that suits their unique needs.

Is The Epiphany School accredited?

Types Of Specialty Schools

Teacher assistant assaults autistic student

There are two main types of schools that are equipped to work with your child. The first of these schools is one that works with children who are fully verbal but still have the autism spectrum disorder diagnosis or some other learning problem. This ~issues2 ~ can include dyslexia, Asperger’s and several other obstacles.

The second type of school is one that works with children who are nonverbal or who have other challenging behaviors that would prevent them from succeeding in a current public school. Having these school types available helps the children focus on school without worrying about getting lost in the large numbers of kids in other schools and without dealing with the bullying they may otherwise experience.

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A Unique Approach Helps Dc Teens In Autism Boarding Schools

It is a major decision to have your North Carolina child with autism enroll in a residential program. While you are keenly aware of their needs, you wonder if those needs will be addressed appropriately through treatment. The leading autism boarding schools offer a holistic and whole-person approach to care that surpasses basic classroom instruction and social skills work.

New Focus Academy has a treatment approach unlike other autism boarding schools. They offer a holistic Relationship Approach that addresses each individual students needs and opportunities for growth. This Relationships Approach is made up of six key components:

1 Cognitive Enhancement: Evidenced-based approaches focused on improving cognitive abilities.

2 Social Emotional Fluency: This goes deeper than simply social skills, and helps students foster a true understanding of the connection between self and others.

3 Animal Stewardship: By working with animals, students learn to read non-verbal cues and develop deeper relationship skills.

4 Coaching Based Methods: Students receive in-the-moment feedback that helps motivate them to achieve their treatment goals.

5 Adventure and Team Building: Safe, structured activities to help students learn communication and emotional resilience.

6 Positive Reinforcement Approach: Using a relationship-based approach along with positive reinforcement helps students develop skills and self-esteem.

Specialized Instruction In A Small Group Setting

The Trilogy School is a private school affiliated with the North Carolina Department of Non-Public Education and fully accredited by Cognia. Most faculty members have their masters degrees in Learning Disabilities, Special Education, reading, education, their content area, or a bachelors degree and LD certification. Many are North Carolina Certified. Trilogys staff includes several National Board Certified and Teachers of the Year in their former schools. Trilogy began with sixteen students in 1999 and has maintained stable enrollment for the past twenty years. Although the enrollment has grown each year, Trilogy is committed to keeping classes and the school small so that all students can receive individualized attention.

The Trilogy School is located in the midtown section of Raleigh, North Carolina near the North Hills area and in close proximity to I-440. Its location in the center of Wake County provides easy access for those from the greater Raleigh area. Its size of seventy-five students, the 4-6 to 1 teacher/student ratio, and the ability to provide an individualized curriculum that addresses many types of learning styles are some of what make this school an excellent and unique learning environment.

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Elections 202: Voting In The November Midterms

Friday, Aug 19, 2022

Voters return to the polls this fall for midterm elections. As a reminder, there are three ways to vote in North Carolina: from home, in person, and in a facility. North Carolina has made it easier to vote from home with updates to the absentee voting laws, but you can also vote in person at

Best Schools For Children With Autism

New day camp in Winterville geared to autistic children is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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Finding The Best Autism Boarding Schools For Your North Carolina Teen

At New Focus Academy, each students specific needs and strengths are assessed and incorporated into an individualized treatment plan. From there, experienced therapists and coaches use immediate feedback, positive reinforcement, and motivation strategies to help students reach their goals. Along with an education, New Focus provides several immersive vocational, experiential, life skill, social, and recreation opportunities as a holistic approach to teaching independence.

Every parent wants to see their child live to their fullest potential. New Focus Academy helps teens from North Carolina do this with innovative and effective approaches for children with autism.

A Teachers Perspective On Addressing Challenging Behaviors In The Classroom

Friday, Sep 02, 2022

This article appeared in the Summer 2022 issue of Spectrum. In my experience as a teacher, students who display challenging behaviors in school act from a place of frustration. They may have low self-esteem and be unable to handle any form of redirection or correction. They may struggle with the learning process and blame themselves

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Why Choose Our Autism Boarding School For North Carolina Teens

No parent wants to see their child from North Carolina have a hard time making friends or in school. At Seven Stars, an autism boarding school for North Carolina teens struggling with neurodevelopmental disorders, we provide a structured environment designed to improve the overall well being of our North Carolina students.

Our approach includes several intentionally designed therapeutic approaches which allow for personal, social, and educational growth. Every aspect of our program is designed to help foster personal growth within teens.

To learn how Seven Stars can help your teen, call us at 844-601-1167 today!

Therapeutic programming at Seven Stars takes place on and off campus where students alternate between adventure outings and residential treatment. Residential treatment takes place on campus and includes academic programming, individual therapy, and student life. With on-campus activities, we work on building skills in an educational setting in order to increase confidence and improve social skills.

During off-campus adventure programming, students experience fun and exciting activities designed to be both therapeutic and academic in nature. Not only do teens learn about their environment, they do so while partaking in fun activities such as rock climbing, backpacking, and skiing.

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