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Autism Schools In Ohio

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Types Of Specialty Schools

School shut down for kids with autism

There are two main types of schools that are equipped to work with your child. The first of these schools is one that works with children who are fully verbal but still have the autism spectrum disorder diagnosis or some other learning problem. This ~issues2 ~ can include dyslexia, Asperger’s and several other challenges.

The second type of school is one that works with children who are nonverbal or who have other challenging behaviors that would prevent them from succeeding in a frequent public school. Having these school types available helps the children focus on school without worrying about getting lost in the large numbers of kids in other schools and without dealing with the bullying they may otherwise experience.

Educational Service Center Of Central Ohio Campus

Students ages 18-22 focus on individualized transition plans to achieve future adult living and career aspirations. The ESC offers three unique programs on the campuses of Columbus State Community College and The Ohio State University, which serve students who have completed or met all graduation requirements, and have elected to defer their high school diploma.2080 Citygate Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43219 445-3750

Ohio Parents Turn To Autism Boarding Schools To Help Their Children

At times, it can be challenging to raise a child with autism. They have very specific and unique needs that can leave parents from Ohio grasping at straws for what will work. Autism boarding schools for Ohio families may be able to provide the answers that families are looking for to solve their childs behavioral or social issues. Many times, parents experience stress about whether or not their child will fit in at a traditional school. Some of their repetitive or maladaptive behaviors like rocking, flapping, or intense reactions can cause them to be made fun of by their peers or people that are not familiar with the signs of autism. Children with autism are bullied at much higher rates than their neurotypical peers. These are several reasons why teens from Ohio can benefit from attending an autism boarding school.

With skilled professionals support the needs of teens on the spectrum, autism boarding schools provide a compassionate and safe environment for teens with neurodevelopmental disorders. The accepting atmosphere and clinically sophisticated treatment strategies allow Ohio children with autism to learn, grow, and build self-confidence. New Focus Academy is one of the premier autism boarding schools for children 13-17 years old. This immersive program offers a variety of services and activities to help teens develop the skills they need to gain independence and autonomy.

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A Unique Approach Helps Florida Teens In Autism Boarding Schools

The decision to enroll your teen from Ohio with autism spectrum disorder in a residential facility is not an easy one. You are an expert on their limits, abilities, and needs, and you likely wonder how all of those things will be managed in treatment. The top autism boarding schools provide a comprehensive and inclusive approach to care that goes beyond basic skills and classroom instruction.

New Focus Academy has an innovative treatment approach that is different from other autism boarding schools. They offer a holistic Relationship Approach that addresses each individual students needs and opportunities for growth. This Relationships Approach is made up of six key components:

1 Cognitive Enhancement: Evidenced-based approaches focused on improving cognitive abilities.

2 Social Emotional Fluency: Immersive opportunities to develop critical interpersonal skills.

3 Animal Stewardship: Learning valuable life and relationship skills by helping to care for therapy animals.

4 Coaching Based Methods: Students receive in-the-moment feedback that helps motivate them to achieve their treatment goals.

5 Team Building and Adventure Therapy: These experiential approaches help students get out of their comfort zone in safe and fun ways.

6 Positive Reinforcement Approach: This inspires and motivates students to learn, develop, and grow.

Us Department Of Education Office Of Special Education Programs Idea

Autism School

A law ensuring services to children with disabilities throughout the nation. IDEA governs how states and public agencies provide early intervention, special education and related services to more than 6.5 million eligible infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities. Visit their website for information about infants and toddlers with disabilities and older children and young adults who need special education and related services.

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Two Types Of Classrooms

In addition to the two types of schools for autism, there are also two types of classrooms. The first type is similar to traditional classrooms in the past with 12 or more students to 1 teacher. Children are generally from the same grade and set at desks in an organized fashion. Classrooms located in schools for autism are often set up for fewer students allowing for more individualized education.

In the second type of classroom, children of different ages and grades work at their own particular speed. The ratio of teacher to students is 1 to 4 or less and each child is provided individual attention as they need it. Both types of classrooms are extremely quiet due to many students having sensory sensitivity issues.

Schools For Autistic Children

Some states have better resources than others for people with autism spectrum disorder. Autism Speaks published results of an online community survey on “livability issues” for families and people with autism and the findings were that if you reside in California or Kansas, you live among the 10 best places in America for people who have autism.

The survey also found that nearly 75% of respondents were not satisfied with their community’s institutions and services for people with autism spectrum disorder. Among the areas faring worst in the survey, in terms of the amount of negative responses from that state, were Oregon and Kentucky. This is primarily due to having considerable travel distances for treatments and services and that few, if any, recreational services were available locally.

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Ohio State School For The Blind

As the first public school for the blind in the U.S., they are dedicated to the education of students with visual impairments, including those with multiple disabilities. Visit their resources page to find useful information about the blind community and visual impairments and summer camps they offer, as well as additional contact information.5220 North High Street, Columbus Ohio, 43214 310-3317

Ohio Department Of Education Special Education

Understanding Autism: A Guide for Secondary School Teachers (Part 1)

Provides helpful information about activities that ensure that students with disabilities receive the specialized instruction and support needed for success in school and in life. They provide information about accommodations available for state assessments and resources for parents of children with disabilities, including a helpful list of Ohio resources.25 South Front Street, Columbus, Ohio 43215 466-2650 or 644-6338For callers using TTY, call Ohio Replay Service at 750-0750

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What Can An Autism School Offer Ohio Teens

Seven Stars, an Autism school for teens ages 13-17, utilizes a combination of assessments, adventure based activities, and community-based residential treatment programming to help teens on the spectrum heal.

Seven Stars, located in Utah, helps teens from Ohio and all over the United States. For many parents it can be helpful to send your child away from their home state to get the treatment they need.

Throughout their time at Seven Stars, Ohio teens are continuously assessed. Students are assessed in a variety of settings including in school, during adventure outings off campus, and in their day to day interactions with peers and staff members. From the assessments, our team can help you better understand the challenges that your child is facing and determine treatment options moving forward.

Over the week, students split their time between therapeutic and academic programming on campus and adventure programming off campus. On campus, students take part in academic programming through online classrooms and engage in social activities with their peers. The goal here is to realize that with a different perception of their surroundings and other people, Ohio teens need to develop a different approach to deal with everyday situations and to successfully communicate with the people around them. Students build strong, trusting relationships with peers going through similar challenges.

Staff Quality Is Critical

The quality of the staff at schools for autism in Ohio should be thoroughly reviewed. Each staff member should be able to identify a child’s learning style, sensory trials and any other pertinent characteristic that will affect how they learn and retain the information presented to them in the classroom.

Neurotypical children are those who do not fall neatly on to the ASD spectrum and may be difficult to diagnose in some students. The key is learning to identify neurotypical children and help to foster learning techniques that allow for positive social interaction between teachers, students and their peers.

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Ohio Teens Can Get Help In Our Autism School

Autism School

At Seven Stars, an Autism school for Ohio teens, we believe that every child that comes to us will benefit from our therapy and individual approach. With a combination of wilderness and residential therapies, as well as group and individual sessions with therapists, Ohio teens will improve their social and academic skills, as well as learn completely new, useful skills.

Even though we are located in Utah and not Ohio, we help teens from all over the United States.

Our location provides opportunities for exciting outdoor adventures that are both enjoyable and therapeutic in nature. Sometimes, being far away from home can help Ohio teens get a new perspective and provide the opportunity to re-focus on themselves.

We admit teens, ages 13-17, and create an individual treatment program for each of our students. To treat a variety of different neurodevelopmental disorders and account for the different social and academic levels our students are at, an individual approach is the only way to go.

Our comprehensive assessment of each of our students allows us to establish and focus on their strengths, which will allow them to gain more confidence and overcome their weaknesses.

For more information about us, call 844-601-1167 or fill out our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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How Do We Apply

Research Check out the participating schools and providers. Choose the school and or provider on the list that is the best fit for your child.

Apply to a School or Provider Reach out to the school or provider of your choice and begin their application process. Your child must go through their regular admission process.

Apply for the Scholarship If your child is accepted, the school or provider will apply for the scholarship on your behalf.

Parent Mentor Of Ohio

Parent mentors are parents of children with special needs who work in the schools throughout Ohio to provide families information and support. They help families, free of charge, work together with school personnel and help parents find the help they need. Call or go online to find out if there is a parent mentor at your school.165 West Center Street, Marion, Ohio 43302 382-5452

  • 1277 Worthington Woods Boulevard, Columbus, Ohio 43085


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Will I Have To Pay For Any Costs

Any costs above the $31,500 scholarship award are the responsibility of the family. It is important to make clear what services will be provided by the provider you choose, what exactly will be covered by the scholarship, and what additional costs there will be if any. Students must be enrolled in the scholarship program for the entire school year to receive the full scholarship amount.

Schools For Children With Autism

Father says Waverly schools denying individualized education program for autistic daughter

Some metropolitan areas have better services than others for people with autism spectrum disorder. The results of an online community survey, published by Autism Speaks, on “livability issues” for families and people with autism showed that if you live in the New York City metropolitan areas or the Milwaukee metropolitan area, you reside among the 10 best metropolitan areas in America for people who have ASD.

The survey also found that nearly 75% of participants were not satisfied with their community’s organizations and services for people with ASD. Among the areas faring worst in the survey, considering the percentage of negative responses from that region, were Virginia and Mississippi. This is primarily due to few, if any, recreational services available locally and having considerable travel distances for treatments and services.

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Educational Service Center Of Central Ohio State Support Team Region 11 Family Resources

Provides information and assistance to parents in central Ohio about special education issues. Topics that are covered include parent mentor, reading, special education compliance, early learning and more. They also publish a list of helpful events, summer programs and resource directory.2080 Citygate Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43219 753-4694

Offers early childhood educational support for children with special needs living in the Licking County school districts. They also perform evaluations on children ages 3 to 6 in the county to determine special educational needs.119 Union Street, Newark, Ohio 43055 349-1629

Types Of Schools For Autism

Schools for autism and ASD children in Ohio fall into two main categories. The first type of school focuses on the needs of children who are fully verbal and able to communicate through speech. The other type of school works with children who are nonverbal and have fewer effective communication skills than their verbal companions. Both types of schools are able to address the needs of the child and fine tune the learning process so that both are able to effectively learn their lessons.

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Learning Appropriate Social Behavior

Children with ASD can learn much from neurotypical children so that they learn appropriate social behavior. Those who work at the school need to know how to appropriately work with these children and how to positively reinforce the social behaviors that are expected of these children. Learning appropriate social behavior can sometimes be a challenge for these children and having an adult that knows how to handle these situations can go a long way in helping these children learn these behaviors while not being made to feel like there is something wrong with them.

What Can We Use The Scholarship For

Monarch Center for Autism Profile (2020)

Autism Scholarships can be used toward educational services at the participating school and/or private service provider of your choice. Participating schools can be private or public schools.

To see a list of the schools and private providers that accept the Autism Scholarship, follow these steps:

to access the dashboard

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Services And Therapy Options

Special therapies and services that are provided by schools for autism in Ohio can dramatically improve an ASD child’s ability to learn and advance in a school setting. A few of the most beneficial services and therapies to look for include:

  • Occupational therapy
  • Special education
  • Adaptive physical education

These services counsel and prepare ASD children for interaction with other people both in and out of the school environment. The more services provided by schools for autism, the more well rounded and complete the learning program.

Knowing your child and his or her individual needs, will counsel you with making an informed choice when it comes to schools for autism in Ohio. Do your own research and learn what each facility has to offer. Take your child and let them explore the new surroundings to determine if they will adapt easily. Taking the initiative and learning all you can before making the final decision will provide your child the best possible educational experience.

Welcome To New Horizons Academy

If a child can not learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.

New Horizons Academy at Saras Garden offers a holistic, all-encompassing educational path for children who have special learning needs and are preschool through grade twelve. Our mission is to provide the highest quality educational and intervention programming available and empower children with disabilities to reach their full potential.

New Horizons does not solely focus on any one area of development rather, each developmental domain is developed simultaneously throughout the school day. Great importance is placed on setting high goals and expectations and providing students with the appropriate assistance required for them to achieve their individual goals.

Providing an academic curriculum that is challenging is of utmost importance, while simultaneously discovering and exploring the ways our students are best able to access that curriculum.

NHA serves over 150 students from 37 school districts across Northwest Ohio between its Wauseon and Holland campuses.

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Why New Horizons Academy



Instructional approaches are varied and adapted to the individual and diverse students in the classroom. This requires teachers to be flexible in their approach to teaching and adjust the curriculum and presentation of information to learners rather than expecting students to modify themselves for the curriculum.


In a New Horizons Academy classroom, children receive special, carefully structured and focused teaching in order to learn what they could not learn from previous exposure in a typical classroom environment. Our classes are cross-categorical and grouped by developmental and cognitive abilities.


We have found that consistent communication and parent involvement has been a crucial force in our students development, learning, and success at school and in life. This intentional communication helps build on-going, productive, and trusting relationships with the families that we serve.


We have an amazing staff that is committed to giving each child the unconditional love and attention needed for a positive learning experience. We provide a safe, nurturing environment that cultivates self-esteem and helps our students achieve developmental, educational and social success.


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