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Is April 2nd Autism Awareness Day

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Background Of Autism Awareness Day

Raising awareness for World Autism Day

The holiday was proposed to the United Nations by the Qatar representative Her Highness Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser Al-Missned, on November 1st, 2007 and adopted on December 18 of the same year. Thus, April 2nd was established as the day for the holiday, and the first observance happened in 2008.

The proposal had the support of all of the member states but did not go to a vote, as it was considered by the UN to be a matter of human rights. This one of seven health-related holidays observed by the United Nations.

On this day, the UN invites all of its member states and private health organizations to take part in raising awareness with the public about autism.

Autism Awareness Day: April 2

Amy Lazet, Digital Scholarship Librarian

Because it is a spectrum, there are a range of ways in which autistic characteristics may manifest . Autistic people often process information differently, leading to creativity and novel approaches. Many on the spectrum learn visually and are highly observant and attuned to details, with the ability to focus deeply on something without being distracted. They may be methodical and excellent at spotting patterns and repetition. Another aspect of autism is the ability to become deeply passionate about a topic and develop expertise in it .

Ableism often occurs in discussions surrounding autism; even the information provided by the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention invokes language that paints autism as a disease. The CDC points out that there is no cure for autism, but framing autism as something that must be cured implies that there is a standard that autistic people fall short of. Indeed, the neurodiversity framework conceptualizes autism as a natural form of human variation, inseparable from individuals identity, and not in need of a cure or normalization . Using binaries to describe variations between people creates a false construct that effectively others anyone not seen as healthy or normal. Ableism also intersects with other systems of oppression, often being compounded by other types of discrimination, and affects people of color disproportionately .

World Autism Awareness Day : Theme Significance Of The Day

  • The United Nations General Assembly unanimously declared April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day from 2008 after the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities came into force.

World Autism Awareness Day is observed every year on April 2 with the aim to spread awareness about autism and make people understand the challenges faced by those with the developmental disorder. The United Nations General Assembly unanimously declared April 2 as World Autism Awareness Day from 2008 after the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities came into force. The UN Department of Global Communications and UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, in collaboration with the Specialisterne Foundation, will organise a virtual event to commemorate the day which will include moderated panel discussions with individuals on the autism spectrum who have themselves experienced the challenges, according to the United Nations website.

Persons with autism have long faced many of these inequalities, which have only been further exacerbated by the pandemic. Its a problem made worse by long recognized discriminatory hiring practices and workplace environments that present major obstacles for persons with autism; all of which contribute to the unemployment or severe underemployment of a large majority of adults on the autism spectrum, the UN said.

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How Can I Participate

There is power in kindness and one small act can have a ripple effect to foster kindness in our communities. We believe that that kindness can help create a world where all people can reach their full potential.

Supporters can participate in the initiative by visiting where they can:

Other ways to participate include wearing blue on April 2, lighting buildings blue and exploring stories and photos shared by the diverse autism community.;

The Coolest Photographed Events For Autism Awareness Month

World Autism Awareness Day april 2nd

Michelle Ganley, Digital Content Team Managing Editor, Graham Media Group

The month is known for bringing awareness to autism. Nationally and internationally, April is an important time for the cause.

In years past, weve seen a handful of iconic buildings go blue in honor of World Autism Awareness Day.

Look at how cool the Empire State Building looked April 2, 2019. Thats it above, but well include one more shot.

And check out this international soccer match, held in Mexico on April 7 . In the photo below, players of Toluca are wearing blue noses to create awareness for autism prior to their 13th-round game between Toluca and Monterrey as part of the Torneo Clausura 2019 Liga MX at Nemesio Diez Stadium.

Finally, did you know people in the baseball community have worked toward creating a universally accessible Dodgers Dreamfield at Jack Bulik Park?

In this photo, Dennis Powell participates in the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation’s groundbreaking ceremony for this field in Fontana, California. There was plenty of blue captured throughout the event.

Are you aware of any upcoming events, either nationally or taking place in your community? Wed love to see the photos or hear about them!

This story was first published in 2019. It has since been updated.

Graham Media Group 2019

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What is World Autism Day?

Every year since 2008, United Nations member states have been encouraged to observe World Autism Awareness Day in order to raise awareness of autism and aspergers syndrome around the world.

Buildings, homes and communities come together on April 2 in recognition of people with autism and those who love and support them.

Autism-friendly events and educational activities also usually take place throughout April, as part of World Autism Awareness Month.

These aim to increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism, alongside encouraging worldwide support and a kinder, more inclusive world.

What is autism?

The National Autistic Society explains that, Autism is a lifelong disability which affects how people communicate and interact with the world. There are approximately 700,000 autistic adults and children in the UK.

Autism is a spectrum condition. All autistic people share certain difficulties, but being autistic will affect them in different ways.

Some autistic people also have learning disabilities, mental health issues or other conditions, meaning people need different levels of support. All people on the autism spectrum learn and develop.

What is this years theme?

This years World Autism Awareness Day 2021 theme is Inclusion in the Workplace: Challenges and Opportunities in a Post-Pandemic World

World Autism Awareness Week 2021

These are that autistic people can:

– feel anxiety about changes or unexpected events

The United Nations Has Declared April 2 As World Autism Awareness Day

The theme for 2020 is: The Transition into Adulthood

From the United Nations website:

Becoming an adult is typically equated with becoming a full and equal participant in the social, economic and political life of ones community. However, the transition to adulthood remains a;significant challenge;for persons with autism because of the lack of opportunities and support devoted to this phase of their life. As a result, the completion of high school, when education and other supported services provided by some governments tend to cease, has often been likened to falling off a cliff.

The 2020 United Nations observance of the Day draws attention to issues of concern related to the transition to adulthood, such as the importance of participation in youth culture and the community self-determination and decision-making, access to post-secondary education and employment, and independent living.

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Is April About Autism Awareness Or Autism Acceptance

April 2nd is the 14th annual World Autism Awareness Day, as designated by the United Nations. And the entire month of April is promoted by many organizations as a month devoted to those affected by autism spectrum disorder . According to Autism Speaks, its World Autism Month. The Autism Society of America is promoting April as Autism Acceptance Month. Still, the most-often seen label is Autism Awareness Month.

According to the Centers for Disease Control , autism spectrum disorder affects 1 in 54 people. It impacts individuals and families. As the Autism Society of America puts it, Autism is a complex, lifelong developmental disability that affects essential human behaviors such as social interaction, the ability to communicate ideas and feelings, imagination, self-regulation, and the ability to establish relationships with others.

Autism Awareness Day: April 2nd

Michael McCreary speaks about World Autism Awareness Day on April 2nd

Mayor Reeves & Clerk Tonelli with the Autism Ontario Flag

On April 2nd, the Council of the Corporation of the Municipality of Huron Shores proclaimed April 2nd as World Autism Awareness Day. Shown right, Mayor Gil Reeves and Clerk/Administrator Debbie Tonelli hold the Autism Ontario flag in Council Chambers just prior to noon when the flag was raised in Tally Ho Park the afternoon of April 2nd.; The following is a comment from Mayor Reeves:

The Municipality of Huron Shores supports April 2, 2013 as Canadas first national Autism Awareness Day.; We are pleased to join the 300-plus Ontario municipalities raising the Autism flag at noon on April 2, 2013 to recognize the ongoing effort to raise awareness of autism in our communities.

About Autism Ontario:Autism Ontario is dedicated to increasing public awareness about autism and the day-to-day issues faced by individuals with autism, their families, and the professionals with whom they interact. The association and its chapters share common goals of providing information and education, supporting research, and advocating for programs and services for the autism community.

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A Proclamation On World Autism Awareness Day 2021

On World Autism Awareness Day, we celebrate the countless ways that people with autism contribute to our families, our communities, our Nation, and the world, and we shine a light on the systemic barriers people with autism face in their daily lives.;

More than 2 percent of American adults and 1 in every 54 of our children have autism a community of millions who deserve to live full lives of dignity and respect. ;My Administration is committed to funding cutting-edge research to help us to better understand autism and related health conditions in order to improve quality of life for people with autism and their families in every community.

Recent Government initiatives have focused on detecting autism in the first year of life, funding new national research networks to improve our knowledge of autism, and advancing services and support to help Americans with autism live independently in their communities. ;A recent apprenticeship initiative from the Department of Labor seeks to open up career pathways for people with autism and other developmental disabilities in thriving fields like information technology and health care. ;Investments like these and others that we continue to pursue are critical to expanding possibilities and improving life for all people with autism.


World Autism Awareness Day: History

The United Nations General Assembly unanimously declared 2 April as World Autism Awareness Day to highlight the need to help improve the quality of life of those with autism so they can lead full and meaningful lives as an integral part of society. In 2008, the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities entered into force, reaffirming the fundamental principle of universal human rights for all.

Autism is a lifelong neurological condition that manifests during early childhood, irrespective of gender, race, or socioeconomic status. The term Autism Spectrum refers to a range of characteristics.

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Perspectives On Autism Awareness Month

Other groups are also promoting April as World Autism Month, like the American Autism Association with their hashtag #myautism. Their site focuses on not just raising awareness but how people can take action. As they put it, There is power in passion and one small act to better the autism community can have a ripple effect to foster a positive impact in our communities. We believe that by empowering others, we can help individuals with autism reach their full potential.

In addition to raising money themselves, the American Autism Association site has tips for family members on creating a Facebook fundraiser as well as sharing photos and stories on social media.

Not everyone is happy about Autism Awareness Month. Many autism self-advocates publicly criticize the movement and are fighting for change toward more emphasis on acceptance rather than awareness. In a Washington Post article, Age of Autism author Kim Stagliano wrote:

Stagliano goes on to suggest donating to local autism organizations that provide real help to families or volunteering to be an autism buddy is more important than wearing blue or holding an event. She also has practical advice for everyone:

But then there is the perspective of James Guttman, writing about his autistic son on the Autism Speaks blog site:

Celebrating World Autism Awareness Day And Autism Acceptance Month

April 2nd

Today the world recognizes and celebrates the rights of individuals with autism. World Autism Awareness Day, established in 2008 by the United Nations, is an international observance to make us mindful of this complex, lifelong developmental disability, which typically appears in early childhood. We also join organizations like the Autism Society of America and Autism Speaks to celebrate our differences throughout Aprils Autism Acceptance Month, a formal shift from Autism Awareness Month, announced in early March.

With autism identified as our countrys fastest-growing developmental disorder, affecting one in 54 children according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, theres increasing urgency for intervention and therapy to improve the lives of the over 5 million people diagnosed and living with this condition.

Neurodiversity Hiring Program

Its gratifying that Microsofts mission to empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more translates into our corporate diversity and inclusion value which helps us engage many different perspectives to drive innovation. As Neil Barnett, Microsofts director of Inclusive Hiring and Accessibility, said on World Autism Day 2020: The value proposition for diversity and inclusion within Microsoft is increasingly clear a diverse and inclusive workforce will yield better products and solutions for our customers, and better experiences for our employees.

Solving the front door experience

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What Is World Autism Month

Every April Autism Speaks celebrates World Autism Month, beginning with United Nations-sanctioned World Autism Awareness Day on April 2. Throughout the month, we focus on sharing stories and providing opportunities to increase understanding and acceptance of people with autism, fostering worldwide support. This year, we are committed to keeping the spirit of the month alive, as now more than ever we know the autism community needs support, kindness and compassion. In April 2021 we’re inviting the community to #LightUpWithKindness.

World Autism Awareness Day History

The United Nations General Assembly declared April 2nd as World Autism Awareness day in 2008 to draw attention to the growing need for innovative programs designed to support those with autism.There are over 1,500 national days. Dont miss a single one. Celebrate Every Day® with;National Day Calendar®!


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World Autism Awareness Day: April 2 2020

Lindsey MalcAdd Your Voice to the Giant Autism Billboard for World Autism Awareness Day

World Autism Awareness Day is today, which means its a great time to contribute to the Giant Autism Billboard . Its a thought-provoking project centred around the importance of autism awareness, and it stems from the belief that the sharing of lived experiences is a great way to help others gain a better understanding of neurodiversity.

The Giant Autism Billboard, an online collaboration that invites autistic people of all ages as well as their family members, caretakers, and doctors to condense their life experience and advice about autism into one pearl of wisdom to share with the world, the idea, thought, or message they most feel represents their experience. Finding a way to distill life with neurodiversity into one statement is no mean feat, but it has inspired many voices throughout the autism community to offer their unique input.

The Un General Assembly Had Declared April 2 As World Autism Awareness Day So As To Highlight The Need To Help Improve The Quality Of Life Of Those With Autism So They Can Lead Full And Meaningful Lives As An Integral Part Of Society

Celebrating Autism Awareness Day at MHS | April 2nd, 2021

According to the United Nations, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed and heightened glaring inequalities around the world, especially when it comes to income and wealth distribution, access to health care, protection under the law, and political inclusion. Persons with autism have long faced many of these inequalities, which have only been further exacerbated by the pandemic.

Its a problem made worse by long recognized discriminatory hiring practices and workplace environments that present major obstacles for persons with autism; all of which contribute to the unemployment or severe underemployment of a large majority of adults on the autism spectrum, it states.

What is autism?

The UN states autism to be a lifelong neurological condition that manifests during early childhood, irrespective of gender, race or socio-economic status. The term Autism Spectrum refers to a range of characteristics. Appropriate support, accommodation and acceptance of this neurological variation allow those on the Spectrum to enjoy equal opportunity, and full and effective participation in society.

Autism is mainly characterized by its unique social interactions, non-standard ways of learning, keen interests in specific subjects, inclination to routines, challenges in typical communications and particular ways of processing sensory information.

Theme for World Autism Awareness Day 2021

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