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Best Dogs For Autism

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Top 3 Small Dog Breeds For Autistic Children

Top 13 Dogs for autistic child that will surprise you, autism-friendly dog breeds

If you are considering adopting a family dog, and want a small, non-shedding breed here are the top 3 picks we recommended for Cheryl. She was looking for the best small dog breed for autistic child but wanted zero shed also.

The following are picked for the attributes or trainability, friendliness to children, and temperament.

Service Dogs For Children With Autism

Service Dogs for Children with Autism act as constant companions to children with autism to help them improve social interactions and relationships, expand verbal and nonverbal communication, teach life skills, increase interest in activities and decrease stress within the family. A PAWS Dog doesnt pass judgment, but breaks into the world of autism and becomes a crucial part of the familys life.

In an effort to better meet the needs of our future and current clients PAWS has an annual application acceptance policy. The online application will become available on January 10.

If you are currently a PAWS Client and are interested in receiving a successor dog please contact our Client Services Department at 616-877-7297.

Animals And Autistic Children

Before we get started, let me ask you to indulge me for a moment, so I can share a personal experience relevant to the subject at hand .

Before I started writing full time, I made my living as an environmental educator .

The work required me to do a bunch of different things, from guiding families on nature hikes, to monitoring the habitat, to my favorite thing conducting live animal presentations. Id bring out a couple of animals, rattle off some of the basic information about the species, answer questions, and, usually, let willing audience members touch the animals.

The vast majority of the audiences for these programs were elementary school groups, scout groups, moms clubs, and seniors, but I also had the privilege of putting on these programs for a variety of special needs kids including many who were on the autism spectrum.

One school, which specifically catered to the needs of autistic children, even built weekly visits to the preserve into the schools curriculum. These kids would get to come to the preserve each week and meet a new set of animals.

Their weekly visits were easily the highlight of my week, and Id like to think the kids enjoyed them too.

One day , I brought my dog with me to work. She was a sugary sweet chocolate lab who eagerly made friends with everyone she met. So, at the end of the program, I asked the kids if theyd like to meet her. You can probably guess their response.

They lost their minds with joy.

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The Best Dog Breed For Me How Certapet Helps People With Autism Keep Their Companions Constantly By Their Side

Once you have formed that super-glue bond with your furry friend, you will be very reluctant to part. Autism isnt something that goes away when you walk out of the door. In fact, it is in strange and new places and situations that you need the companionship and support of your canine companion most.

Certapet can help you make sure that you dont have to separate from your emotional support dog. Complete the free online 5-minute pre-screening to be on your way to get an ESA letter. This will make it possible for you to have your dog with you in situations where non-ESA dogs might not be able to go.

For example, according to the Airline Carrier Access Act , you can take your ESA on a flight with you in-cabin. Another advantage of having an ESA letter for your dog is that it is easier to find rented accommodation. The Fair Housing Act requires that housing providers allow emotional support animals to live with their owners. Even if the accommodation doesnt usually allow pets.

Children With Autism Can Thrive With The Help Of A Support Dog Thats Why Weve Put This List Of The Top 10 Dog Breeds For Autism

4 Best Dogs for Kids with Autism

According to the CDC, as many as 1 in 59 children in the United States has autism. That number increased from 1 in 68 children from a report released two years ago, signifying a 15% increase. Autism, or autism spectrum disorder , is the name given to a range of conditions characterized by challenges with speech and nonverbal communication, social skills, and repetitive behavior.

If you have an autistic child, you already understand these challenges but what you might not know is that getting a dog could help. A support dog could provide your child with a calming, nonverbal presence in addition to interrupting dysfunctional behaviors and protecting your child. Here are the top 10 dog breeds for autism:

  • CorgiA short-legged breed, the Corgi is a great choice for autistic children because they have a stable temperament and a cheerful personality. They are very social as well, so theyll form a bond with your child very quickly. The main challenge is that they have a lot of energy, so theyll need a significant amount of exercise.
  • Autism is a challenging disorder that we are still struggling to understand. Even when your childs friends, teachers, and even other family members have trouble understanding your child, however, a support dog will always be right there by his side.

    Kate Barrington

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    Important Traits For Dogs Who Will Be Paired With Autistic Children

    Dogs can clearly be valuable companions for autistic children, but some dogs are better suited for these relationships than others.

    There are no cut-and-dry rules in this regard, and exceptions certainly exist. However, the majority of dogs that will make good companions for autistic children exhibit the following traits:

    How To Know If Your Child Would Benefit From A Service Dog

    In some cases, your child may become overstimulated by a dogs energy, have trouble with the feel of their fur or the volume of their bark, or otherwise dislike or become afraid of dogs. Service dogs are trained to manage emotional struggles in children with autism, but if your child simply does not enjoy being around even calm animals, they will not benefit from having a dog as a pet or service animal.

    While having a pet or service animal may benefit your child, this is not a substitute for other types of treatment to help your child manage their emotions and learn new social skills. Working with a behavior therapist is the first and most important step in helping your child manage their symptoms.

    Once you have a good behavior therapist, you can ask them about service animals, if they think a pet would help your child, and if they have access to therapy animals to see how well your child interacts with dogs. Your childs therapist will have valuable insight into whether a service dog is a good choice for your child and which breed they might feel will work best to fit your childs needs.

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    What Tasks Are Paws Dogs Not Trained To Do

    We do not train Guide Dogs for people who are blind, for diabetic alert/response, to anticipate or detect medical symptoms, for the primary benefit of emotional comfort, to recognize and/or manage undesirable human behavior, to provide supervision, navigation, or safety from environmental hazards, to respond aggressively, to provide personal protection or to assist with the management of mental illness as a primary condition.

    What If I Have Other Pets In My Home

    Dogs help children diagnosed with autism

    PAWS does place an Assistance Dog in homes that have cats, birds or other small caged pets. Effective September 1, 2012, no PAWS Assistance Dog will be placed in a home with any other dog, unless it is a retired PAWS Dog or working Assistance Dog from an Assistance Dogs International or International Guide Dog Federation-accredited agency for someone else in the household. It has been our experience that other dogs in the home can interfere with the bonding and training process of the Assistance Dog Team.

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    How To Decide Between Autism Service Dogs Or Therapy Dogs

    Todays Got Questions? response is by dog trainer Janet Cole, dog handler Betty Miller and developmental pediatrician Rolanda Maxim Gott. Ms. Cole is the founder of CHAMP Assistance Dogs, in St. Louis, Missouri. Ms. Miller is nurse coordinator for the dog therapy clinic at the Knights of Columbus Developmental Center of SSM Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital and Saint Louis University School of Medicine. And Dr. Maxim is the developmental centers medical director. The center, hospital and medical school are part of the Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network.

    We are looking into getting either a therapy dog or a service dog for our son who has autism. My respite-care provider believes he would benefit more from a therapy dog then a service dog. Can you advise? Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

    Thank you for your excellent question. Before we discuss which kind of dog might be best for you child, please consider the following questions if you havent already:

    A service dog training agency such as those listed on the Assistance Dogs International website can help you sort through these questions.

    Maximum Safety For Autism With Angelsense

    We all want to keep your children with autism as safe as possible. AngelSense GPS Tracker for Autism is designed by autism parents for autism parents with some of the most advanced safety features available in a GPS tracker. Only with AngelSense offers intelligent, lifesaving iAlerts that proactively let you know of potential danger. It is also the only GPS device with an assistive speakerphone and SOS button designed for those with special needs. In addition, all wearing options are non-removeable and sensory friendly.

    Keep your child with autism safe with AngelSense!

    AngelSense is committed to creating a safer world for those with special needs and providing peace of mind to their families.

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    Worst Dog Breeds For A Child On The Autism Spectrum

    No matter which dog breed I discuss, there are going to be those who disagree and tell me that my dog is perfect for a child with autism. Yes, there are exceptions to every rule. All I can do is provide you with generalizations and warn you that many dogs among the breeds I listed are prone to problems . So which are they?

    Some breeds should be avoided because they are excessively fragile. They are the same dog breeds I do not recommend around toddlers, and if your child is older and on the calmer end of the spectrum, one of these dogs might be alright. In order to be safe together, however, one of the sturdier breeds should be considered first.

    • Italian Greyhound
    • Australian Cattle Dog
    • Great Pyrenees

    Two of the most common dog breeds trained by service organizations, the Golden and Labrador Retrievers, also have high exercise needs. If your child is active this is not going to be a great problem, but if he or she also has mobility issues, and there is no one else in the household willing to take on the burden, choose one of the less active dog breeds.

    The 14 Best Dogs For Kids With Autism

    13 Best Dog Breeds For Children With Autism

    Autism spectrum disorder includes a wide range of behaviors. Most people with an ASD diagnosis find social skills, nonverbal cues and verbal communication to be difficult or uncomfortable. Autism and forms of ASD, like Asperger Syndrome, are unique to each individual. Greta Thunberg, an environmental activist, was diagnosed with Aspergers when she was 12 years old. Recently, on World Autism Awareness Day, she posted a message on that read, Almost everywhere there are very limited resources to give autistic people the necessary support Under the right circumstances can truly be a gift and turn into something youand societycan benefit from. One resource that has gained popularity in the past few years is emotional support dogs.

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    Which Pet Is Best

    Many autistic adults and children prefer dogs. But the autistic population is as diverse as any other, so its important for parents, knowing their childs individuality, to come up with a good match. Here are some general considerations.

    Dogs are a commitment in time, money, and longevity.

    Having a nature that is calm, sociable, highly-forgiving, and people-orientated is important. They need to be a friend for the child to trust and interact with. A child who easily agitated or sensitive to noise may not do well with a dog that is extremely active or barks lots. Low muscle tone and physical stamina are sometimes a problem for autistic children, so high energy dogs may not suit. Intelligent breeds you can train to behave appropriately, where the child can give commands that will be followed, are ideal.

    Selecting The Right Dog For Your Child

    While there is no single breed of dog that is the “right match” for a child with autism, Dr. Francois Martin, who has studied using animals to help children with neurological disorders express their emotions, has advice.

    “What I want is a dog who is very forgiving, people-oriented, and if a person is behaving strangely, the dog will look at the therapist and say, ‘That kid is behaving strangely, but it’s all right with me.'”

    When considering a dog, look for:

    • A calm, sociable temperament:The purpose of including a dog in an autistic child’s life is to provide the child with a friend whom he can trust and with whom they can interact socially.
    • Trainability and intelligence: Not only will you want to train your dog to behave appropriately with your child, but you’ll also want to teach your child to give the dog commands that will be obeyed.
    • Energy levels: A high energy dog may not be a good match for a child with autism. Autistic children often have low muscle tone and relatively low physical stamina and endurance.

    Most support and therapy dogs are larger breeds some of the most popular dogs for children with autism include Golden retrievers, Labrador retrievers, Standard poodles, Staffordshire bull terriers, and German shepherds.

    Some therapy sites recommend very large gentle dogs such as Great Pyrenees, Newfoundlands, and Saint Bernardsbut of course, such large, furry pets take a lot of care and money.

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    Dogs And Children With Autism

    Although there is no cure, there are certainly ways to make your childs life with autism easier. Children with autism often have a hard time expressing their emotions and might have social phobias, separation anxiety, and mild to severe anxiety. Thats where a friendly, loyal, and patient breed dog can help your child to overcome these tendencies and help to calm your child.

    One study found 67% of families with children diagnosed with autism owned dogs, and 94% of parents reported their child with autism had formed a special bond with the dog. Read on to see which dog breeds could be the right fit for your family.

    Top 6 Service Dog Breeds For Children With Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Why Do Dogs Help Children With Autism?

    1. Labrador Retriever

    Hard-working, lovable, selfless, and kind, easy to train, calm, and eager-to-please personality of Labrador Retriever makes it the perfect choice for autism therapy.

    They are kind to everyone they meet and are a wonderful choice for bonding with children with autism.

    2. Golden Retriever

    The list of service dogs for autism is incomplete without Golden Retriever. They are gentle, loving, patient, loyal, and exceptionally easy to train.

    This breed has a calm temperament and decent intelligence. And this is the reason why they are trained as service or therapy dogs.

    3. The Great Pyrenees

    They are smart, patient, and has a calm temperament. The Great Pyrenees can quickly spring into action and move with grace and speed to meet a threat.

    They are very bonded to and protective of their families. Their height is about 27 to 32 inches and this makes them quite sturdy.

    The Great Pyrenees arent barkers. So they are best for children who are sensitive to noise. It easily learns to look after and protect an autistic child.

    4. Staffordshire Bull Terrier

    It is considered one of the best breeds to accompany autistic children. They may look serious and dangerous but they are actually famous for their trustworthiness, loyal, and loving nature.

    Many autistic children benefit from the love, care and, companionship which Staffies provide.

    5. Newfoundland

    6. Labradoodle

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    The Best Dog Breeds To Serve People With Autism

    In our world today, dogs are indeed extremely useful. They become our best friends, accompanying us at home, giving us the extra love that we need, and also entertaining us one way or another. But dogs can be so much more valuable than that. They can also become service dogs, emotional support dogs, and/or therapy dogs.

    They can provide support to the physically disabled people. They can also guide the blind and deaf while traversing outside their homes. Some even perform lifesaving tasks like monitoring the blood sugar level of diabetic people. They can even provide comfort to people with anxiety, depression, PTSD, and other mental illnesses.

    In particular, there are service dogs that can serve people with autism, especially autistic children. But many people wonder, from the many breeds of dogs, which ones are best suited to serve or accompany people with autism? Lets find out the answer below.

    Any Dog Can Become An Emotional Support Animal: All You Need Is An Esa Letter

    An emotional support animal is an animal that is of therapeutic benefit to a person suffering from a mental or emotional condition. An ESA can provide its human with comfort, companionship and unconditional love. Just the sort of thing that can help someone overcome some of the challenges that they face.

    An emotional support dog is not specially trained. It can be any dog, no matter the size, breed or age. All that you need to take your pooch from pet status to super-hero status is an ESA letter.

    This letter serves to confirm that the dogs owner has a mental or emotional condition and that the dog is a component of the therapeutic treatment. To find out whether you could qualify for an ESA, take the Certapet free online 5-minute pre-screening! If your answers indicate that you may qualify for an ESA, we will connect you with a licensed mental health professional and you could have your ESA letter in as little as 48 hrs!

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