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Best Schools For Adhd

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How Much Homework Will My Child Have

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Teachers assign meaningful coursework to reinforce learning concepts. Students have time in Fusion’s Homework Café built into their schedule. There are two Homework Café spaces on campus: one quiet and one social. These spaces are for students to complete their homework with help and supervision from a teacher.

Great Communication And Solid Foundation For Students & Families

Positive, collaborative relationships with our students families are the foundation of being responsive to their academic, social, and emotional needs. When teachers, administrators, therapists, and family members work together to ensure continuity and consistency, we see greater rates of success and development.

Cumberland Academy Of Georgia Sandy Springs Ga

Cumberland Academy ensures success, whether a student struggles with academic or social needs, or whether she/he has been diagnosed with high functioning autism, Aspergers, ADHD, or other learning differences which make learning in a traditional classroom particularly difficult. Teachers and counselors work with each student to provide the most appropriate program, and while many students are taught according to grade-level standards, the school also offers its Trailblazers program, in which students of several ages gather together in a more individualized setting to work at a suitable pace. Students at all levels participate in pragmatics , fine arts, athletics, overnight trips, culinary arts, and hands-on science excursions. Additionally, Cumberland offers a post-graduate program to assist young adults in applying for college, managing and paying personal bills, and networking in the world of employment.

Profile: co-ed day school for grades 4-12Student-Faculty Ratio: 6:1

Profile: co-ed day school for grades K-8Student-Faculty Ratio: 4:1Awards: named a U.S. Department of Education Blue Ribbon School Tuition: $31,200/year

Profile: co-ed day school for grades K-6Student-Faculty Ratio: 4:1Awards: named a Top Workplace by the Atlanta Journal-ConstitutionTuition: $28,930/year

Profile: co-ed boarding school for grades 9-12 with day optionsStudent-Faculty Ratio: 4:1Tuition: $66,100/year $54,000/year

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A Changing School Environment

In the recent past, many children experienced changes in their learning environment. Early in the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools switched from in-person schooling to distance schooling, including learning at home and online. Some schools continued with virtual-only schooling, others had a mix of in-person and virtual schooling, and some returned to in-person schooling, but with additional rules in place. Changes in COVID-19 Community Levels may mean more changes, and virtual schooling is an ongoing option in many areas.

School can present challenges for many children with ADHD. Because ADHD symptoms include difficulty with attention regulation, hyperactivity, and impulsivity, which can affect planning, organizing, and managing behavior, many children with ADHD struggle with change. Here are some of the challenges that children with ADHD can face in different learning environments:

  • Physical activity and movement are important for all children, but especially so for children with ADHD. Rules about keeping distance and more time spent with virtual learning can mean sitting still without moving for longer periods of time. Changes in after-school activities may mean fewer opportunities for active group play. Finding time to move may be especially important for children who struggle with hyperactivity.

Private Schools: Considerations For Students With Special Needs

Best Schools for ADHD Students

About 22% of parents surveyed said they were interested in private or independent schools. Private schools are generally appealing because they offer smaller class sizes, a more challenging curriculum, and personalized service, yet the reality doesnt always live up to these promises.

One of the mistakes parents make, I have found, is assuming that if you go to a private school youll have more say and more flexibility, says Cindy Goldrich, ADHD-CCSC, a board-certified ADHD coach at PTS Coaching, LLC, and author of 8 Keys to Parenting Children with ADHD. Not only is that not always the case, but the teachers are sometimes less well trained and have fewer resources.

Private school teachers arent required to complete the same special-education training as their counterparts in public school. And the law doesnt obligate private schools to evaluate children for special-educational services, or to provide those services. You can request an evaluation through your public-school system and, if your child qualifies, get public funding to apply toward the services you need. However, the services your child receives may not be nearly as extensive as those offered in the public-school setting.

Then there is the issue of cost. Because private schools dont receive funding from the state, parents pay more than $10,000 a year, on average, for tuition.2 Some states provide vouchers to defray some of the cost, but rarely cover the entire tuition.3

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The Hill Center Durham Nc

The Hill Center helps students with learning differences and attention deficit disorders understand and accommodate their educational needs. Each student attends the Hill Center for part of his/her school day, and returns to his/her own private or public school for the rest of the day, allowing him/her to effectively transition to traditional school full time after individualized instruction is completed . The Hill Center provides specialists who acknowledge academic difficulties, such as spelling and math comprehension, and social struggles, such as immature behavior and trouble standing still, who teach students to understand their learning differences. While graduates of The Hill Center learn the skills to successfully integrate in a mainstream school, they have not suppressed their personalities or unique ways. Rather, they leave with a keen understanding of their own learning styles and the tools they will need to succeed in a world that doesnt always embrace learning differences. After participating in The Hill Centers individualized, multi-sensory instruction, students gain the self-confidence, motivation, and knowledge they will need to successfully negotiate their future education.

Profile: co-ed day school for grades K-12Student-Faculty Ratio: 4:1Awards: Social Impact Exchange National Business Plan Competition Tuition: $17,300/year

Homeschooling: Considerations For Students With Special Needs

If your child doesnt fit into any of these educational models, you can choose to do the teaching yourself and tailor the coursework precisely to your childs learning style.

About 2.3 million children in the United States are homeschooled, according to the National Home Education Research Institute.4 The idea of educating their own children appealed to nearly 30% of survey respondents, who said theyd looked into or had pursued homeschooling.

With homeschooling, you have the freedom and flexibility to try different methods to help your child learn, says Meghan Tomb, Ph.D., assistant professor of Medical Psychology at Columbia University Medical Center. But at the same time, you might not have the same access to free school services that you would at a public school. The services that are available to homeschooled students vary by state, and it is important to understand these prior to making a decision to homeschool your child.

The National Home School Association is a robust resource for families considering homeschooling their children.

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Tips For Mastering Homework

Sure, kids may universally dread itbut for a parent of a child with ADHD, homework is a golden opportunity. Academic work done outside the classroom provides you as the parent with a chance to directly support your child. Its a time you can help your child succeed at school where you both feel most comfortable: your own living room.

With your support, kids with ADHD can use homework time not only for math problems or writing essays, but also for practicing the organizational and study skills they need to thrive in the classroom.

Fortune Academy Indianapolis In

ADHD: Signs, Symptoms, Solutions

This comprehensive school for individuals with language learning differences and executive functioning is dedicated to understanding its students needs and providing an environment in which every person may express her/his strengths and weaknesses, knowing that she/he will be unconditionally supported. Fortune Academys Outreach program provides training so that teachers and parents may best understand and assist a child with special needs, as well as after-school therapy for those students not enrolled in a school program. Whether a student completes a full education at Fortune Academy, or attends for only a year or two, she/he is evaluated, encouraged, and motivated to meet her/his full potential. The schools accredited Orton-Gillingham instruction program ensures that each student gains a command of phonetics and writing, and its technology, arts, and athletic programs complement the challenging curriculum. Students transition from Fortune Academy as competent, independent, self-assured learners who are ready for their next academic phase.

Profile: co-ed day school for grades 1-12Student-Faculty Ratio: 4:1Tuition: $14,150/year $15,650

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The Depaul School Louisville Ky

In the 1960s, the dePaul School opened as a place for students with learning differences who were not succeeding in mainstream classrooms, or whose needs were not being addressed in their educational settings. Today, the school provides a creative, individualized learning environment for students with a variety of needs, from difficulty with subjects such as reading or mathematics, to struggles with organization and time management. When students arrive at dePaul, they are provided with a Map for Success, a teaching strategy which combines multi-sensory, attention-based learning with a structured class setting and emphasis on practiced skills. Each student learns to integrate his/her education within daily life, even beyond the classroom. For example, as instructors demonstrate effective ways to process information, they help students to be aware of the times in which they lose focus, so that students learn to identify such situations and cope with them in and out of class. The dePaul School focuses on challenging its students, building upon acquired knowledge, and providing an education that attends to a students academic, social, behavioral, and physical needs.

Profile: co-ed day school for grades K-8Student-Faculty Ratio: 8:1

The Greenwood School Putney Vt

Located in picturesque Putney, VT, The Greenwood School is open to boys who struggle with language/speech, written expression, attention, or executive functioning. With a particularly low student-faculty ratio of 2:1, the school offers more than individualized attention in addition to small classes, every day for one hour, each student meets with a trained tutor who helps to determine the students changing needs and address specific academic weekly issues. Additionally, many faculty live on campus and are available to provide extra help and guidance before and after school hours. Through a program that incorporates speech, language, and occupational therapy with technology assistance and enrichment opportunities such as sports, art, filmmaking, and woodworking, the school directs its students and prepares them for the next educational step.

Profile: all-boys boarding school with day options for grades 6-12Student-Faculty Ratio: 2:1Awards: featured in Ken Burns documentary The Address Tuition: $69,890/year $53,475/year

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Should I Get Adhd Coaching

ADHD coaching is a psychosocial intervention. Its a type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy . It helps you develop specific strategies and behaviors that help in college, work, and personal life. It takes a practical approach to building skills such as:

  • time management
  • sticking to schedules
  • being self-motivated

Getting an ADHD coach for private school or public school is a good idea. Youll go through a lot of big changes at once and will have to learn many new skills. A good ADHD coach can help you stay calm. They can help you develop higher self-esteem and feel less stressed. A coach can help improve your ability to focus and follow through with projects as well.

However, whether you choose to get a coach is entirely up to you, your goals, and your needs.

Some of the programs on our list offer ADHD coaching for high school students and other incoming freshmen. In case your school doesnt, you can check out the following for more opportunities:

What Are My Needs And Expectations

Best Schools for ADHD Students
  • Outline your familys values. You want your child to be self-sufficient and successful what is included in that vision? How important is it, for example, that your child has time for music, sports, fine arts, religious instruction, nature, and/or other subjects?
  • Identify your educational aims. What do you think are the goals of education? Consider if you value an education emphasizing character development, creativity, emotional intelligence, citizenship, curiosity, entrepreneurship, cultural heritage, or other areas.

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The Bedford School Fairburn Georgia

The Bedford School was founded in 1985 for the purpose of assisting students who have trouble organizing, producing, or finishing school work due to cognitive, social, or non-verbal learning disabilities. Bedfords goal is to diagnose each student and provide a structured, individualized academic plan which responds to a students needs and prepares her/him for transition to future educational environments. The faculty at The Bedford School recognize that learning disabilities may result in frustration, and at times, low self image, and each program emphasizes not only academic improvement, but also personal growth and positivity. Students at Bedford have the opportunity to participate in the Bedford Challenge Course, an outdoor adventure area which features rope courses and other challenging activities used to build teamwork and cooperation skills.

Profile: co-ed day school for grades 1-9 with after school care availableStudent-Faculty Ratio: 5:1

Will I Ever Find A School That Meet My Childs Needs

The day Katie began at Willow Hill, I worried. What if she doesnt like it? Then what will we do?

When she got off the bus at the end of the day, I asked how it was, and she said, Good.

Just good? I asked, deflated. So you really didnt like it?

Are you kidding, Mom? I loved it. The teachers understand me, and the kids are so nice.

I was thrilled. Her sixth-grade year went beautifully. She made friends and blossomed in ways we wouldnt have imagined. And although Katie seldom said so, she loved school. Katie, honey, I dont like the sound of that cough. You should stay home from school.No way, Mom. I have perfect attendance. Im not blowing that.

What shocked me, though, was when the drama teacher pulled me aside one day and said, Id like to give Katie the lead role in You Cant Take It with You. Ive never given the lead to a sixth-grader before, but I know she can handle it.

My daughter, Katie Gallagher with the blond hair and blue eyes, about this tall? I asked, sure that there had been some mistake.

Yes, your daughter. Shes quite talented.

On opening night, Mike and I were nervous, particularly since Katie was anxious and doubted herself. What if I cant do this? she asked us.

Youll be fine. Well be right here watching you, I said, suppressing the urge for a glass of wine .

Sit in the back! commanded Katie. Youll make me nervous.

Mike turned to me and said, See what happens when you believe in a child?

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Executive Functioning Skills Needed For College

Executive functioning skills are essential to navigating the classroom and the social arena in college. To do well in your courses, you must be able to draw upon functional memory, focus, and observation to process and synthesize information from lectures and readings. To complete assignments and keep on schedule, you need time management, organizational, and goal-defining skills. All of these skills fall under executive function.

Executive functioning carries over into social settings, too. To effectively network and form valuable relationships, you need emotion control, observation skills, and self-awareness.


The following is intended as an information resource only we are not a medical organization and we cannot give medical advice. If you are experiencing a life-threatening situation, seek medical help or dial 911. If you believe you may have ADHD, seek a professional diagnosis, as a diagnosis is often required to access student accommodations on campus.

Students With Adhd Or Add

Best IEP & 504 School Accommodations For ADHD Kids

Fusion Academy provides academic programs with social and emotional support for students with ADHD or ADD. A Fusion Academy classroom with just one student and one teacher provides an environment with fewer distractions than a traditional classroom with a number of students. To address a students challenges with attention and hyperactivity, Fusion is able to minimize the potential for distractions, provide organizational support, and a strong teacher connection.

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Landmark School Prides Crossing Ma

Students come to Landmark School with dyslexia and other language-based learning difficulties and transition as confident, competent graduates of a school that focuses on improving the academic and social lives of each student. Faculty and staff concentrate on all students individually, intending to foster strengths, address weaknesses, and uncover the talents and potential present in each. Landmark uses multiple modalities in teaching, meaning that instructors acknowledge the various ways in which students learn and design lessons based accordingly. For Landmarks high school students, a college preparatory program is offered, and young adults learn the importance of critical thinking, personal organization and time management, and writing across the curriculum.

Profile: co-ed boarding school with day school options for grades 2-12Student-Faculty Ratio: 3:1Tuition: $67,600/year $51,300/year

Accommodations And Strategies To Help Manage Your Disorder

Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is a long-term condition that results in trouble concentrating. It can be accompanied by hyperactivity and impulsive behavior. College is filled with new experiences in a student’s academic, personal and professional life. This can lead to amplified challenges for college students with ADHD.

The academic difficulties and new social pressures are hard enough to manage for the typical student who doesn’t have ADHD. Add ADHD to the mix, and it’s no wonder students with this condition may struggle to keep up with challenging coursework or avoid getting into trouble during social events. But with a little bit of help, self-awareness and a desire to learn, students with ADHD can grow and thrive in the college setting.

This guide will look at how college students with ADHD can accomplish as much as any other student by providing a variety of strategies and tips as well as detailing on-campus resources.

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