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Best Schools For Autistic Students

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How To Find The Best Private School For Children With Autism

Gersh Academy, Cougar Mountain, for Students on the Autism Spectrum

Finding the best school for a child with autistic spectrum disorder is not always easy. While there are public schools that can meet the needs of some kids with autism, most have significant limitations. Private schools for autism, on the other hand, may have the resources necessary to both nurture a child’s strengths and address their challenges.

Thanks to the Individuals with Disabilities Act , public schools are obligated to accept children with autism. Not all schools, however, are able to provide an appropriate curriculum and classroom modifications for kids who need them.

This article discusses private schools for autism, the various educational options, and the pros and cons of each.

Colleges For Students With Autism

For autistic students who are considering attending college, there are many colleges and universities across the country that offer programs designed specifically for students with autism. Here is a selection of college programs that offer services to support personal and academic success for students with autism in 2022:

  • Kent State University: Located in Kent, Ohio, this school offers a variety of autism programs through its Autism Initiatives. Programs focus on supporting autistic students by connecting them with resources on campus to help them be successful. The programs also work to spread autism awareness and understanding.
  • Western Kentucky University: Located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, the Kelly Autism Program at Western Kentucky University provides an individualized education program to every student in the program. Students benefit from mentors who help them adjust to living on campus. It also offers community and social activities for students with autism.

The above list is only a snapshot of colleges and universities across the country that offer programs designed to support the success of autistic students in 2022. The programs vary in price, services, and accommodations, so it is important to find a program that meets all of your or your childâs needs.

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Carrie Brazer Center For Autism & Alternative Approaches Inc

Serving kids in elementary, middle, and high school, the Carrie Brazer Center provides extensive support for children with autism and their families.

The center works closely with local schools to provide training and resources for educators. In addition, it runs an intensive summer camp for autistic children which helps prepare them for the transition into mainstream schooling.

The center also provides full-day therapy programs where children receive intensive, hands-on educational training, behavior modification, and cognitive-sensory-based activities. These programs aim to improve social interactions and communication skills.

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University Of North Florida

Best School for Kids with Autism

Jacksonville, Florida

The Transition to Healthiness, Resourcefulness, Independence, Vocation, and Education program at University of North Florida has been running since 2012. It began as a collaboration between the colleges Disability Resource Center and its College of Education and Human Services. Through focusing on three primary areas, social skills, independence skills and career development skills, THRIVE is able to ensure that students with autism are able to get the support that they need. No one students experience of THRIVE is the same, as the program tailors its levels of support to each individual. There is no extra cost for a student to participate in THRIVE. College Autism Spectrum, College Autism Network and Think College all recommend University of North Florida.

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The Fletcher School Charlotte Nc

As a comprehensive, structured facility, The Fletcher School provides for the needs of students with average to above average intelligence who struggle with academic success because of processing or attention difficulties. Instruction methods take the Orton-Gillingham approach, a multi-sensory technique which begins with a focus on language and progresses to teaching reading and spelling skills. Each students learning style is considered, and visual, auditory, and kinesthetic methods are utilized. The schools association with the Rankin Institute, a program designed to educate parents, teachers, and other professionals in ways of understanding and assisting students with special needs, ensures that students have support from their entire community.

Profile: co-ed day school for grades K-12Student-Faculty Ratio: 6:1Tuition: $21,330/year $22,440/year

The Greenwood School Putney Vt

Located in picturesque Putney, VT, The Greenwood School is open to boys who struggle with language/speech, written expression, attention, or executive functioning. With a particularly low student-faculty ratio of 2:1, the school offers more than individualized attention in addition to small classes, every day for one hour, each student meets with a trained tutor who helps to determine the students changing needs and address specific academic weekly issues. Additionally, many faculty live on campus and are available to provide extra help and guidance before and after school hours. Through a program that incorporates speech, language, and occupational therapy with technology assistance and enrichment opportunities such as sports, art, filmmaking, and woodworking, the school directs its students and prepares them for the next educational step.

Profile: all-boys boarding school with day options for grades 6-12Student-Faculty Ratio: 2:1Awards: featured in Ken Burns documentary The Address Tuition: $69,890/year $53,475/year

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What Should I Look Out For When Choosing A School

First, you need to find out whether your autistic child will be able to go to a public or private school. Public schools offer free tuition and have more flexibility than private institutions. However, they may not have the same level of expertise as a specialized institution like the one we mentioned above. Private schools usually charge higher fees but can give better attention to each students specific needs.

Educational Options For Children With Autism

Best Schools for Children with Autism | Maryland’s Special Education Schools

You’ll have several choices when it comes to selecting a school for your child:

  • Public schools: In many states, you can choose between public schools in your own school district, or even have your child attend a school in a different district.
  • Charter or magnet schools: These institutions receive public funding and usually operate using a lottery. Some specialize in developmental disabilities like autism.
  • Private academies: Since they may not receive public funding, private schools often have a choice about accepting kids on the spectrum. Some specialize in autism and only accept kids with autism spectrum diagnoses.
  • Home schooling: Some parents choose to educate their child at home, often with the assistance of therapists.

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Educational Opportunities For Children With Autism

When deciding on a school for your child, youll have various options to consider:

  • Public schools. In many areas, parents can send their children to any public school within or outside of their home district.
  • Charter and magnet schools. Public financing and a lottery system are typical there. The expertise of some is focused on children with developmental disorders like autism.
  • Private academies do not rely on taxpayer funds to operate. So they have more flexibility in deciding whether or not to enroll students on the autism spectrum. Some schools exclusively accept children diagnosed on the autism spectrum, as their focus is on this group.
  • Homeschooling. Some families opt to educate their children at home, sometimes with the help of professionals.

So how to choose the best school? This question is not easy to answer, especially considering the variety of options. Probably, one of the most important factors is an individualized approach. You should pick a school with detailed IEPs or individualized education plans. You can read more about them in student essays about autism on the web.

Analyzing the topic extensively helps children achieve essential goals and receive personalized services. You also might discover students opinions on this topic and check some fresh ideas on what type of schools fit kids with autism best.

Autism Schools In The Usa

AngelSense is committed to helping parents protect their children with autism and special needs and provide resources and useful information. We know firsthand that putting your autistic child into school for the first time, ever, or transitioning to a new class or facility is an enormous task that requires months or even years of planning. Even with the abundant resources online, how do you separate the good from the not so good?

Making this choice is highly dependent on where you live your communitys resources and the availability of educational services, as well as the quality of both.

Nationwide, there are a variety of specialized schools that focus on the unique needs of children & teens with developmental, emotional or behavioral issues. Some are publicly funded charter schools some are tuition-based private schools for which families may qualify for financial assistance through various government programs.

Every parent has different ideas about what a good school should provide for their child. Connecting with local organizations or parents who might be able to give their perspective on the school youll eventually choose might give you some insight in making your decision. No matter which school you choose, evaluation of a good fit for your child is ongoing, but hopefully, weve given you a good place to start. If you know of a good school, dont hesitate to let us know so we can keep the list updated.

  • Tempe, Scottsdale, Goodyear, Queen Creek and Tucson

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Monarch School Houston Tx

Asserting that learning must be learner-centered and intrinsically motivated, Monarch School services students with attention and learning disabilities, difficulty with social and emotional regulation, Tourette Syndrome, seizure disorders, and traumatic brain injuries. The schools articulated Fore Core Goals address each students needs comprehensively, working to ensure that a student achieves self-regulation and awareness, executive functioning, relationship development, and academic and professional competence. Students often enter Monarch School as passive, unmotivated learners, and through the schools expert instruction and challenging curriculum, they grow into independent thinkers with a passion for education.

Profile: therapeutic day school for grades pre-K-12Student-Faculty Ratio: 2.5:1Awards : NAPSEC Award for Leadership and Innovation in Special Education Tuition: ranges from $14,000-$53,000 depending on the program

University Of South Florida

The best &  worst states to live with autism children!  Behavior ...

The University of South Florida is a space-grant public research university located in Tampa, Florida. It was founded in 1956, making it the first state university that was planned and subsequently built in the 20th century. Although USF was established that year, it wouldnt be officially named until 1957, nor hold its inaugural class until 1960. The university offers degree at the undergraduate and graduate levels, available traditionally, in a hybrid format, and also entirely online and self-paced. An outstanding 11 of their graduate programs have ranked in the Top 100 Graduate Schools published by U.S. News and World Report. The library at the Tampa campus in the largest and most comprehensive in the university system. It is seven stories there you can find reservable study rooms, tutoring, a career resource center, and more.

Schools Website:Programs Website:The Learning AcademyFreshman Retention Rate: 90%Final Score: 157/200

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May Center For Child Development Schools Randolph

Located in Massachusetts, May Center for Child Development Schools, Randolph is an MIT for autistic kids. They have a stellar reputation in the country since May Center was the first organization to start schools for autistic kids in the USA.

Not only do they provide educational support for autistic kids but also rehabilitative, and behavioral healthcare services. The students who study in this school receive individualized behavioral, academic, and vocational programming which would encourage them to have a wonderful life in society. Moreover, the programs are based on applied behavioral analysis.

Founded In: 1955Apply Now

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Grand Valley State University

Located near the city of Grand Rapids, Grand Valley State University is a public liberal arts university and one of the best colleges for students on the Autism Spectrum. One reason for this designation is the universitys Autism Education Center, home to the state-funded Statewide Autism Resources and Training Project. Better known as START, this program collaborates with various networks and researchers. They bring support and resources to students and others in the local community with Autism Spectrum Disorders. For students at Grand Valley State University, this means access to peer mentors and a buddy program, and assistance with communication and self-advocacy, among other things.

Should You Homeschool Your Child With Autism

Small Wonders, Big Gains: The Preschool Autism Classroom

Homeschooling is another great option for children with autism. It allows parents to tailor the curriculum to suit their childs academic strengths and weaknesses. Homeschoolers can also make use of online learning platforms that allow them to connect with other homeschooled students around the world. If you plan to homeschool your child, then you should consider enrolling them in a reputable online tutoring company. Online tutors can help your child learn at home while providing extra support during homework hours.

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Pros Of Private Schools For Children With Autism

Private schools are usually expensive but they do give parents the option of choosing the school that suits their childs needs. Private schools often have smaller classes than public schools making it easier for teachers to spend time with each student. These schools also have more flexibility when it comes to scheduling because they are not bound by the same rules as public schools.

Commonwealth Academy Alexandria Va

Commonwealth Academy strives to provide a welcoming, challenging academic environment for students who learn best in small, individualized settings, and for those with attention struggles or learning disabilities. The school provides a core academic curriculum which responds to the needs and personality of each student, with a particular emphasis on writing, which is taught as a separate subject. Students learn the fundamentals of semantics, critical thinking, grammar, style, and organization, and instructors from each subject stress the importance and usage of writing skills across the curriculum. Commonwealth boasts superior technological provisions, from cutting edge computer labs and tablet availability, to SMART Boards in every classroom. Specially trained instructors take every effort to incorporate technology within their lessons, whether in the form of e-books or online homework, and teachers post weekly assessments of each students progress on Edline, a secure web system which allows parents and students to access their personal files and communicate with faculty and advisors.

Profile: co-ed day school for grades 1-12 Student-Faculty Ratio: 4:1Awards : Finalist in Alexandria Chamber of Commerce Award for Technology Americas Promise Alliance designated Promise Place CHADD Regional Educator of the Year Award Tuition: $33,900/year

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The Phelps School Malvern Pa

In 1946, Dr. Norman T. Phelps founded a school for boys whose needs require more individualized attention than traditional schools could provide. Today, the schools motto, dedication to the individual boy, is applied throughout the academic community. With small classes devoted to assessing students skill levels and challenging each student to understand his abilities, capitalize on his strengths, and acknowledge his weaknesses, The Phelps School concentrates on developing the academic, physical, social, and moral parts of the self. A significant presence of international students broadens each boys awareness of worldly diversity, while a strong faculty presence ensures close student-teacher relationships which are conducive to learning.

Profile: all-boys boarding school with day school options for grades 7-12Student-Faculty Ratio: 4:1Tuition: $44,500/year boarding $25,000/year day

Cons Of Private Schools For Children With Autism

Top Schools for Autism

Private schools tend to be expensive. However, this cost is offset by the fact that they have better facilities and more qualified staff. There are also many private schools that focus on educating students with autism. Therefore, if you want a school that focuses solely on your childs needs, then private schools are probably the way to go.

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Autism And Schooling In Cary Nc

However, not every child with autism is a good fit for this program. For example, if they havent hit specific behavioral targets, they may not thrive in a general classroom setting. Its important to keep in mind this does not mean that your child is not intelligent, or that you have failed somehow. It simply means that they need different levels of guidance and support to succeed, and that is okay!

If youre questioning whether your child is ready for a general classroom, or youre struggling to decide which school setting would be the best fit for your childs needs, our experts at The Cardinal Center for Behavior Analysis can help.

If you have any questions about ASD schools or wish to schedule an evaluation for your child so we can help advise on which type of education would be best for them, please dont hesitate to reach out to us at , or fill out our contact form to request a confidential consultation today.

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