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Can My Autistic Son Get Ssi

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Who Is Eligible And How To Apply For Social Security

Can your Child get Disability Benefits Based on the Autism Disorder.

Apply for these benefits at your local Social Security Office. To find it, use the Social Security Office Locator.

Eligibility may be based on the severity of your childs disability and on your family income.Get more details about Social Security eligibility.

Having the right information when you apply will make things easier.

  • Be ready to supply information about the doctors, therapists, hospitals, and clinics that have treated your child in the last year
  • Be ready to supply your childs medical records and a list of medications your child is taking
  • to help gather all the information you will need in the application process
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Does Autism Qualify For Ssi

Autism is classified as a developmental disorder that affects a persons communication skills and their social interaction skills. While symptoms vary from person to person, it is believed that a child is born with autism and at some point in their developmental years will show signs that exhibit autistic tendencies. This is when diagnosis may occur. Severe forms of autism are considered to be a disability and may require not only ongoing medical care but also ongoing therapies and services. For people who need assistance with coverage and care, social security insurance may be an option.

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Can My Autistic Child Qualify For Disability Benefits In Pennsylvania

Every parent hopes that their child will grow and develop without presenting for childhood disabilities, conditions or illnesses. However, sometimes a child will develop an impairment such as autism. While the causes of autism have not been fully explained, the condition does have a strong genetic bias. Other proposed explanations for the condition include chemicals likely to cause birth defects and other environmental factors.

However regardless of the cause of the condition, all parents are dedicated to providing supportive care and the resources their child needs to reach his or her potential. Some parents may apply for Social Security Disability benefits that can provide cash payments that can contribute to financing the care for your child. An experienced Social Security Disability attorney from Young, Marr & Associates can assist you and your family in appealing your Social Security Disability denial.

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Financial Income Requirements And Disability

Anyone under age 18 applying on his or her own record will only qualify for Supplemental Security Income, or SSI benefits.; These benefits are only offered to the most financially needy families. This means that if you or your spouse is earning a high income, your child will not be eligible for SSI due to autism. The good news here is that the bigger your family, the higher your income limits. For example, a single parent with one child cannot earn more than $38,000 and still have a child qualify with autism. A two-parent family of five, however, could earn nearly $60,000. You can find your specific household income limit online.

Financial limitations are the top reason why children with autism are denied SSI benefits. The good news is that once your child turns 18, he or she will likely qualify for SSI regardless of whether your child is still living at home. Once a child is 18 the SSA no longer counts parents income when determining SSI thresholds.

What Are Ssi’s Income And Asset Limits

10 Things That Helped Me With Meltdowns as an Autistic ...

Income. In addition to being found disabled, your adult child’s countable income can’t be more than the “federal benefit rate” . For 2021, the FBR is $794 for a single person. Countable income is money that can be used to pay for food and shelter. Countable income may also be “in-kind” rather than monetary; in this case, the value of food or shelter your adult child receives can be counted toward his or her monthly income.

There are also some sources of money that the SSA won’t consider when determining your child’s countable income, for example:

  • the first twenty dollars of any source of money
  • the first $65 she earns from working, plus half of what is leftover
  • the value of food stamps
  • small amounts of money that your child gets every now and then, and
  • medical bills you or someone else pay on behalf of your child.

Resources. To be eligible for SSI, your child’s resources cannot exceed $2,000. Resources are things like cash, land, stocks and bonds, or anything he can use to pay for his food and shelter. The value of the house your child lives in, however, won’t be counted against him as a resource.

For more information on how Social Security counts income and resources, see Nolo’s article on SSI income and asset limits.

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How A Child With Autism Can Qualify For Social Security Disability Benefits

Autism, or Autism Spectrum Disorder, affects more than 1 in 54 children in the U.S. For parents a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder often means that they need to make a big lifestyle change. There are therapies and treatments that can be very helpful to kids with Autism but in order to create a comprehensive therapy and care program often one parent will have to quit work and be the one in charge of keeping track of the childs care.

This can cause financial turmoil for the household because many households rely on two incomes to get by and Autism therapies and treatments are usually expensive. The Social Security Administration has a benefits program that can help parents cover the costs of the childs care and living expenses. Supplemental Security Income, or SSI benefits, can ease that financial burden and allow one parent to focus solely on the childs care.

Qualifying For SSI Benefits

The Social Security Administration has strict requirements that must be met in order for children to qualify for SSI benefits. All of those requirements are listed by condition in the SSAs Blue Book. The Blue Book is searchable online. The listing for Autism Spectrum Disorder says that in order to be eligible for benefits children with Autism must have:

  • deficits in social interaction
  • deficits in verbal and nonverbal communication, and
  • significantly restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities.

Financial Requirements

Starting A Claim

How To Apply For Ssi

You can apply for SSI at your local Social Security office or by calling 1-800-772-1213 or 1-800-325-0778 . Talk to a benefits planner to learn more about how to apply.

If you apply for SSI and qualify, you will also automatically qualify for Californias State Supplemental Payment program, which gives you an additional cash benefit, and Medi-Cal, which will give you health coverage.

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Disability Determination For Children Under 18

Children with certain disabilities can be eligible for Social Security disability benefits beginning from birth. Because autism is a Spectrum Disorder, whether children qualify for assistance will depend on the severity of their symptoms. To qualify for a disability rating, the SSA uses different criteria for children than for adults.

Children with severe autism limitations will generally qualify. The SSA considers a child under 18 to be disabled if they have a permanent physical or mental condition that very seriously limits their activities.

The Social Security Administration clarifies that conditions must be established with medical evidence. This means doctors documentation of symptoms, along with lab results. A parents own listing of symptoms is not enough alone to show the disability, but a parent can help provide full details of the level of daily care and assistance that the child needs. Its also helpful to include written statements from any professionals who work with your child and can attest to their challenges. These can include health care provides, teachers, or caretakers.;

Can I Get Ssi For My Autistic Child

Social Security Disability for your autistic child

Resources for the care of your autistic child

If you are the parent of an autistic child, the everyday expenses can quickly pile up. When it gets financially difficult to maintain the needs of your autistic child, you may be forced to turn to financial aid. Assistance may seem frustratingly difficult to obtain, but with some patience and determination, you can receive the help needed to raise your happy healthy child.

One of the most common autism resources is SSI. Currently every state considers autism a legitimate basis for SSI. This is because autism affects the individuals ability to function in social or changing situations like school or work. Caring for an autistic child may require therapists, doctors, in home aid, specific products, and special schooling. The whole of an autistic childs physical, emotional, and mental needs far exceeds those of other children, and our government recognizes the overwhelming need for assistance.

All you can do is visit your local assistance agency, find out what information you need, and apply. It may be a hassle of a process, but once you get all the documents needed and get your foot in the door, it will all be well worth it.

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How A Child Can Qualify For Social Security Benefits With Autism

If your child or a loved ones child has autism, then they could be eligible for monetary payments from the Social Security Administration in forms of Social Security disability benefits. The SSA gives out monthly benefits to those. A child under the age of 18 can qualify for Social Security benefits, but they must meet the financial and medical criteria in order to qualify.

How to Medically Qualify with AutismThe first step for a child to be approved for Social Security benefits with autism is meeting the medical criteria outlined by the SSA. The SSA has its own medical guide informally known as the Blue Book. The Blue Book outlines what the SSA looks for when adults and children send in their application for Social Security benefits, as well as the medical documentation needed. For a child to qualify with autism, he or she must satisfy both of the following:

  • Qualitative deficits in verbal communication, nonverbal communication, and social interaction; and
  • Significantly restricted, repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities.

A child with autism will need an extreme limitation in one of the following or marked limitation of two of the following areas:

  • Understanding, remembering, or applying information
  • Interacting with others
  • Concentrating, persisting, or maintaining pace
  • Adapting or managing oneself


If You Are Unable To Manage Your Benefits

Sometimes people are unable to manage their money. When this happens, Social Security should be notified. They can arrange to send benefits to a relative or other person who agrees to use the money to take care of the person for whom the benefits are paid. The person who manages someone elses benefits is called a; representative payee. For more information, ask for A Guide For Representative Payees .

Note: People who have power of attorney for someone do not automatically qualify to be the persons representative payee.

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Can I Get Ssi Or Social Security Disability For Autism

Claims based on Autism need to be supported with medical documentation showing several limitations

Does Social Security consider Autism to be disabling?

How exactly does Social Security evaluate a disability claim based on Autism?

Step 1: Non-Medical CriteriaStep 2: Severe ImpairmentStep 3: Medical ListingsStep 4: Past WorkStep 5: Other Work

Wondering If You Qualify?

Find out if you qualify for Social Security Disability benefits in just seconds with our free evaluation.

Autistic Adults Can Qualify For Social Security Disability

Can I Get Financial Benefits for My Child with Autism ...

Sometimes it is easy to tell that a person is disabled. A blind person may have a seeing eye dog or cane. An amputee is missing a leg. A person with a bad back may have difficulty sitting or standing for more than a short time.

Some disabilities are hidden or invisible. You cant tell if a person is depressed or diabetic or asthmatic just by looking at him.

Autism spectrum disorder is characterized by difficulties with social interaction and communication and by unusual behavior patterns such as repetitive activities, pervasive interests, and extreme sensitivity to sounds, textures, lights or smells. However, the severity of symptoms can vary, and no two autistic individuals are alike.

This disorder is included in the Social Security Administrations Blue Book of qualifying conditions under Section 12.10, Mental Disorders. Most adults with autism spectrum disorder will not qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance . In order to qualify for SSDI, you must have held a job for the required number of quarters for;a person of your age.;Since autism is present from birth, an applicant with a significant work history may find it hard to prove that his disorder affects his ability to hold a job. There is an exception:;Adults with autism may apply for SSDI as an adult disabled child if a parent is deceased or receiving retirement or disability benefits.

If you do not qualify as an adult disabled child, you will need to apply for Supplemental Security Income.

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How Does My Child Apply For Benefits

If your adult child is eligible for SSDI based on his own record, he or she can begin the application online at the SSA’s website.

If your adult child is eligible for Social Security child benefits or SSI, you will need to make an appointment with your local field office to apply. To find your local office, visit the SSA’s office locator page and enter your zip code. You can also call the SSA at 800-772-1213.

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    Medical Qualifications And Autism

    The SSA uses its own medical guide, known colloquially as the Blue Book, when determining if an applicant is eligible for Social Security benefits. The Blue Book lists all test results or symptoms needed to be approved for disability benefits. Autism is listed as a qualifying condition in the Childhood Blue Book. To be eligible for SSI, your child must have medical documentation of both of the following:

    • Measurable deficits in verbal and non verbal communication, as well as deficits in social interactions, AND
    • Restricted or repetitive patterns of behavior, interests, or activities

    Additionally, a child with autism must have extreme limitation in one, or noticeable limitations in any two of the following criteria:

    • Understanding, remembering, or applying information
    • Interacting with others
    • Concentrating and completing tasks
    • Adapting oneself, which means controlling emotions

    The entire Blue Book is accessible online, so you can review the childhood autism listing with your childs doctor to help determine if he or she has the medical evidence needed to qualify.

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    Ssi Disability Benefits For Autistic Children

    Learn how to show financial need and level of disability to qualify autistic children under age 18 for Supplemental Security Income/SSI disability payments.

    The purpose of Supplemental Security Income payments is to help disabled people, or their families, who have limited financial resources. Children with certain disabilities can be eligible for Social Security disability benefits beginning from birth. In the case of parents with autistic children, this money can help provide needed therapies and care to maximize a childs abilities and strengths.

    Were Here To Help You Deal With This Unique And Often Misunderstood Disorder

    Can an adult with autism receive social security disability benefits?

    Theres a reason the puzzle piece is a symbol for autism; even the foremost experts would agree that they have much to learn as they work towards a greater understanding of the disorder. When youre dealing with a disorder that is not well-understood and a complicated set of legal rules, you need the right attorney on your side someone who not only has legal training, but also has an understanding of autism gained from experience handling cases like yours. At Keller & Keller, we have this experience, and can apply it in your case.

    Special thanks to Keller & Keller paralegal Cassie Smith for research assistance.

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    Medically Qualifying For Benefits

    A child’s medical condition must be severe and disrupt his or her participation in “normal” or age-appropriate activities. Disability Determination Services will review the child’s medical records and compare these with disability listings that appear in the Blue Book. Your child’s doctor can review Blue Book information and help you understand whether your child may medically qualify for Social Security disability according to the criteria outlined in this SSA manual.

    To make a determination on your child’s claim for benefits, the SSA will need the contact information for all the doctors and other healthcare providers your child sees, including hospitals, clinics and therapists, among others. When you apply for SSI, you’ll additionally provide permission for the SSA to get copies of medical records for a detailed review.

    Every child will need different medical records to qualify. A child with either Trisomy 21 or Translocation Down syndrome will automatically medically qualify. A child with ADHD needs significantly more evidence, including a history of inattention, impulsiveness and hyperactivity. Be sure to review the Blue Book online to know how the child you care for will qualify.

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