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How To Talk To Someone With High Functioning Autism

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The Problem Of Prosody:

What is High Functioning Autism? | Kati Morton

Communication is verbal and nonverbal it includes the words we use and the order in which we place them, but also gestures, facial expressions, eye contact and so on. Depending on how you define it, prosody contains elements of both. And its where many discussions about communication in autism begin.

Put simply, prosody is the rhythm of speech, its rise and fall, energy and intonation. That rhythm does a tremendous amount of work. is part of the way we perform with language, says Helen Tager-Flusberg, director of the Center for Autism Research Excellence at Boston University. Stressing one word over another, for instance, provides pragmatic information about importance, as in I wanted blue socks versus I wanted blue socks. Our voices rise to indicate a question and fall to indicate a statement. The way we pause between words acts as a verbal comma to fill in grammatical information the difference between asking someone to go to the store for chocolate ice cream and honey, or asking for chocolate, ice cream and honey. And prosody also helps to relay emotion. Someone who is happy or excited usually speaks with a higher and wider pitch range than usual.

High Functioning Autism Symptoms

  • Fixation on Particular Subjects or Ideas
  • Linguistic Oddities
  • Development of Repetitive or Restrictive Habits
  • Dislike of Change
  • Focus on Self
  • Unusual Movement Patterns

Diagnosis rates for autism continue to rise, especially as parents and professionals become more familiar with the symptoms of high-functioning autism. Many patients are getting the assistance they need to live full, productive lives because their unusual behaviors are no longer seen as simple social awkwardness or eccentricity. As more caring medical and mental health professionals learn to recognize the most common symptoms of autism, the number of interventions available to people with autism will rise.

A Teachers Brief Guide To Teaching Students With High

Learn more about talents and challenges in children with high-functioning autism. Get tips on how to make your classroom welcoming and supportive, including lots of ideas for creating physical and instruictional supports, and how to use specific interests to jumpstart learning adventures with other subjects.

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Buy The Autism Spectrum Disorder In Adulthood E

Carol Ogburns post on late autism diagnosis gives solid recommendations on how to seek an adult diagnosis as well as the emotional experiences around a diagnosis. She suggests reading Cynthia Kims book I Think I Might Be Autistic. There is also Philip Wylies new book Very Late Diagnosis of Asperger Syndrome which details the stages of late diagnosis, from self-identification to acceptance. It discusses mental health issues that can arise, supports that are available and strategies for the future.

It may also be helpful to join a support group of other adults with the same diagnosis. Support groups can be found through a local autism society, mental health unit in a hospital, or through a local mental health clinic. If a community does not have a support group, there are also a number of support groups/chat rooms on the Internet such as the OASIS @ MAPP, GRASP On-Line Support Groups, and The Autism Support Network Chat.

I Know This System Works: I Used It To Teach My Son How To Read

How Do People Get Autism

My son, Tosh, is 10 years old and has nonverbal autism. Three years ago, we met Mr. Sims when he was assigned to be Toshâs homeschool EF by our charter school.

At the time, Tosh couldnât demonstrate the ability to count beyond 7, he couldnât read, and he could barely write his name. He became agitated when asked to do any school work and couldnât attend to a task or listen to a teacher for more than a couple of minutes.

Under the direction of Mr. Sims, and with the support and coordination of his ABA providers, Tosh has made unbelievable progress. He is now reading at a second grade level and can write sentences using Proloquo2Go at a first grade level. Even though he requires significant accommodations, he is learning grade level math, science, social studies, literature, art and PE.

The image you see is a screen shot from Toshâs iPad, demonstrating one way we used AAC to learn grade-level vocabulary words and context. Mr. Sims allowed me to take a screenshot, print it and turn it in as work.

My son is not a genius. Heâs bright, but he also has severe physical, behavioral and learning challenges. I had zero teaching experience. But with Mr. Simsâ help, we did it. And so can you!

Mr. Sims and I are very passionate about the rights of nonverbal autistic people. We are honored to create this program and canât wait to change the lives of kids like Tosh.

â Heather Anderson, Co-Creator

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Surprising Truths About Dating Someone With High Functioning Autism

Are you starting to like someone with autism?

Around 5.4 million adults in the United States have autism spectrum disorder . They live with a lifelong condition, but some are high-functioning.

These adults with ASD can handle basic life skills and live independently. However, dating someone with high functioning autism can be challenging when you do not know how to deal with the matter.

Fortunately, our guide can help. Continue reading below for five surprising truths dating on the spectrum.

Finding Love And Romance

Like everyone else in society most people wish to have romance and a relationship so being Autistic is no different however, there are aspects you need to understand before dating an Autistic person. They wont readily hug or kiss you and wont understand your emotions and they will probably feel claustrophobic. However, this is all part of the condition.

Being highly sensitive they cant readily show emotions but they do have empathy, however small talk is difficult, if not impossible for them, therefore an initial meeting may prove hard work. Stay with it as youll be surprised, and who knows, eventually you may find a special friend.

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Sensory Occupational Therapy Can Help

Occupational therapists can help children with SPD acquire or regain the skills essential to daily life. They do so with a technique called sensory integration therapy in which a child is exposed to various stimuli in a safe environment to gradually reduce their hypersensitivity.

The process starts with an evaluation to determine which stimuli the child is sensitive to. The child is then placed in a play-based environment where they are exposed to specific sensory activities, such as swinging, therapeutic brushing, climbing a ladder, jumping, water play, and navigating an obstacle course with different surfaces.

In addition to SIT, the child may be given other tools to cope, including:

  • Sensory adaptation, such as earplugs or noise-canceling headphones
  • Environmental modifications, such as a white noise machine, changes in artwork, or changes in textures to decrease stimulation
  • “Sensory diets,” a tailored strategy to ensure the right level of stimulation for the individual child

Beyond The Five Senses

Having A Talk About âLow-Functioningâ? And âHigh-Functioningâ? Autism

Sensory overload is not limited to the five main senses. A person on the spectrum may also overreact to three additional senses that impact a person’s balance, motor skills, and body awareness.

These senses are referred to as:

  • Vestibular: This refers to structures in the inner ear that detect movement and changes in the position of the head. The vestibular system can tell you, for example, when your head is upright or tilted even if your eyes are shut.
  • Proprioception: This refers to understanding where your body is in relation to other objects. The proprioceptive system is made up of receptors in muscles that monitor muscle length, tension, and pressure.
  • Interoception: This refers to recognizing what is going on inside your body, including knowing when you are hungry, full, hot, cold, or thirsty. The interoceptive system is carried about a complex network of cranial nerves that interprets changes in the digestive tract, blood vessels, and other organ systems.

These senses can be overloaded in the same way that sound, sight, touch, smell, and taste can. Hypersensitivity of these senses can lead to balance and coordination problems and make self-regulation difficult in some people with autism.

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Tip : Better Organize Your Life

While many adults with ASD are extremely organized, others may become so fixated on certain interests that other aspects of their lives become disorganized. If this is a challenge you face, these tips can help you stay organized:

Use a timer to stay on track. This can be especially useful when youre working on a hobby that youre intensely passionate about. Once the timer goes off, you know its time to switch to an activity that is less intriguing, but nonetheless important, such as paying bills or grocery shopping.

Use a list or day planner. If remembering appointments and other responsibilities is a challenge, use a paper planner or an organizational app for your cell phone. You could also use anything from spreadsheets to a whiteboard to help you organize daily tasks.

Automate certain aspects of your life. For example, use online banking to track spending and automatic payment options to manage your bills. This can also help you avoid the clutter that tends to build up when you receive paper billing statements in the mail.

Understanding The Three Levels Of Autism

Steven Gans, MD, is board-certified in psychiatry and is an active supervisor, teacher, and mentor at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Anyone who meets the criteria for having autism spectrum disorder will be further diagnosed as having ASD level 1, ASD level 2, or ASD level 3, according to criteria outlined in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th Edition .

These levels are based on a personâs strengths and limitations in regards to their ability to communicate, adapt to new situations, expand beyond restricted interests, and manage daily life. They specifically indicate how much support an autistic person needs, with level 1 meaning relatively little support is required and level 3 indicating the need for a great deal of support.

The three levels of autism make it possible for doctors to make a specific diagnosis and also helps people who are taking care of someone with autism have a clear understanding of that personâs strengths and limitations. The levels described in the DSM-5 reflect a more refined way of diagnosing autism than that of the previous DSM.

In the previous versionthe DSM-IVautism was divided into five distinct diagnoses ranging from Aspergerâs syndrome to autistic disorder, which indicated severe autism.

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While It Is Not An Official Medical Diagnosis High

Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder traditionally characterized by trouble with communication and social interactions. Symptoms can range from mild to severe. Because there is such a wide range, what used to be defined as autism is now referred to as autism spectrum disorder. People with high-functioning autism refers to those on the mild end of the spectrum.

Best Dating Sites For Asds


There are several dating sites to check out, however why not begin with a new dating app recently launched and aimed at over 70 million users within the ASD spectrum. Everything is user-friendly and is a helpful platform enabling people to build relationships. There are several websites worth looking at but try as its compiled by people ON the spectrum FOR people on the spectrum and is totally unique. Dating websites can prove a huge minefield but Spectrum Singles fully understand all dating concerns and the ground-breaking website brings together the same community, offering a personal touch every step of the way. It focuses on a compatibility test, blogs, and is fully secure throughout at only around $10 per month membership.

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Development Of Repetitive Or Restrictive Habits

Repetitive habits are another sign of high-functioning autism. Those habits could interfere with the persons ability to do what they need to do or what others want them to do. One type of repetitive habit might be related to movement. The individual might have to tie and untie their shoes multiple times before they are satisfied and are able to start walking or leave the house. Some people develop restrictive habits that interfere with socially accepted living. For example, an individual might refuse to wear any other kind of shirt than a tee shirt. This could impact their health and well-being if they live in a place with cold weather.

Difficulty With Verbal Communication

A child with HFA will typically have no problems understanding language. Learning individual words, grammar rules, and vocabulary may not be an issue for them.

The use of language to communicate, however, can be problematic. Someone with HFA may have difficulty understanding sarcasm, metaphors, or idioms. This is known as “pragmatic” language.

In addition, some people with HFA may struggle to speak when under stress or overwhelmed.

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Best Communication Practices For Interacting With Autistic People

Everyone has different strengths, interests, needs and challenges. Just like with any other friend, colleague or acquaintance, learning these are the first step to positive relationships and communication.

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Autistic peopple bring new perspectives and ideas, enriching our communities and workplaces with their gifts inspired from seeing the world in different ways. We offer information about Autism Spectrum Disorder here. With 1 in 59 American children now diagnosed with some form of autism, if you think you dont know anyone with autism you might be wrong. Being part of the wider community and developing relationships benefits everyone.

We offer these tips and insights to achieve positive relationships and community, understanding more about what being on the autism spectrum means. Depending on the age and ability of the individual you may adapt different communication strategies and accommodations. These techniques are good to use with anyone, regardless of whether they are neurotypical or have ASD. Be respectful, ask what the person prefers, likes and needs.

Teaching Reading To Students With Autism

Interview With a High Functioning Autistic

There is growing research on the best way to teach reading to students with Autism and other similar disorders. There are three main components that have been found to be essential for these Autistic learners: First, most are visual learners and need to have their material presented to them visually. Second, they do better with simple, concise and minimal directions or instructions for completing a task or applying a skill. Third, many do well with phonics based instruction presented in a visual and simple manner.

The following article discusses these points and shares other insightful information in teaching children and adults with Autism.

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Remember They Are Just Kids

Autistic kids may not act a lot like neurotypical children, but remember youre still talking to someone whose thoughts and attitudes are being formed in an immature brain.

With a little practice, you may find that you can talk to autistic kids just as easily as any kid. The results, for both you and the child, can be both positive in terms of their development of communication skills and enjoyable as you make an interpersonal connection.

Not Classic Autism Symptoms

The biggest problem with high functioning autism is that many parents and even some doctors are not sure what to look for. This is mostly because high functioning autistics can often blend in and adapt to situations.

As I said, when you think of Autism you often picture a child who is nonverbal and rocking back and forth in a corner. However, there are definitely clear signs of high functioning autism. They are just not necessarily the classic autism symptoms that you hear about.

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Coping With Language And Communication Problems

  • 1Know that communication problems are typical of autism. Autistic children may not develop speech in the same manner or time frame as their peers do. They might engage in unusual speech patterns, including echolalia the repetition of words or sentences spoken by others, sometimes in the same tone or accent.XResearch sourceXResearch source In addition, autistic people may have some of the following language issues:
  • Confusion of pronouns. Autistic people may confuse I and you regularly, for example. This is part of the language learning process, so dont worry.
  • Literal thinking. Autistic people may not understand figures of speech, jokes, and teasing.
  • Receptive language difficulties. Even if a child has a vast knowledge of vocabulary and syntax, they may not process spoken words well. You may need to repeat yourself or write things down.
  • Frustration. These difficulties can be very frustrating!
  • 2Work with your childs abilities. The best approach to language and communication issues depends upon your childs ability levels. If your child cannot speak at all, for example, its best to start with basic signs even just teaching your child to point at what they want. If, on the other hand, your child speaks in words and phrases, you can work on teaching simple sentences.
  • AAC can help a child communicate in words, even if they cant speak.
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    Find A Perfect Match Now


    With these essential facts on dating someone with high functioning autism, you can better understand a person and respond more effectively. Also, we hope this guide dispelled some misconceptions. Always keep an open mind when you start talking to someone with ASD.

    Do you have ASD and wish to meet potential matches? If so, you came to the right place.

    We are a members-only community, helping adults with disabilities connect with like-minded people. Consider registering today, and let us become your Special Bridge.

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