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Can Autistic People Live On Their Own

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Planning Starts At 14

What is Autism?

Senator says parents often begin panicking when their kids hit 14 and transition planning starts coming up. IDEA requires every state to begin this process for all students with an Individualized Education Program by age 16, and some states require that school districts start the process as early as 14. During the annual IEP meeting, the focus shifts to more specific planning and goal-setting for the transition into young adulthood. Goals might include things like post-secondary education, vocational training, and independent living. Autism Speaks also provides a Transition Tool Kit, which offers guidance on everything from housing to Internet safety.

When it came to Nat, Senator created a shared living arrangement. Its like a group home, except that theres a live-in caregiver, which Nat qualifies for due to his level of disability, as opposed to rotating staff. The idea is that its just like home, Senator says. Hes got to do the groceries, clean and do the laundry, assisted by another part-time caregiver. Nat shares a house not far from his family with another young man with similar issues that mans family owns the house and Nat rents from them.

Families Struggle To Find Or Invent Good Supported Living Options

Beth Arky

When Susan Senators son Max was racing toward the high school finish line, he joined the rest of his classmates for the usual rites of passage. He took the ACT and applied to good schools, landing at New York Universitys prestigious Tisch School of the Arts.

But things couldnt have been more different for Maxs brother, Nat. Senator, a blogger, memoir writer and novelist, had to take into account the fact that her profoundly autistic older son, while very competent when it comes to self-help skills like showering and dressing, is also limited verbally, cannot handle money and still doesnt look both ways when crossing the street.

In other words, she knew he needed a 24-hour caregiver to be safe. But because the infrastructure and services arent in place to create the type of living arrangement she wanted for Nat after he came of age, she joined the growing ranks of parents who are struggling to make short- and long-term provisions, often taking matters into their own hands.

Severe Learning Disability And Behaviour That Challenges

If the person in your family has a severe learning disability or exhibits behaviour that challenges this may be a particularly difficult time. The Challenging Behaviour Foundation have put together a range of information and resources for families and carers of people with severe learning disabilities and/or behaviour that challenges. This includes some advice on what you might do if challenging behaviour escalates at this time, and some information on coronavirus and the law.

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Group Homes Offer A Solution

For people on the spectrum who need extra care but cant or dont want to live at home,group homes are a great option. These homes provide quality care and give adults with autism the help they need to maintain a more independent lifestyle. The staff will help with daily routines like cleaning up, bathing, cooking, and anything in between.

Is There A Test For Asd In Adults

Florida Couple With Autism Marries in All

Clinicians have developed different tests that can help diagnose ASD in adults. These include diagnostic tests such as ADOS 2 Module 4, ADI-R, and 3Di Adult.

However, it is not clear how reliable these tests are for adults. The reasons for this include:

  • Researchers who look at the reliability of ASD tests often use a small number of study participants.
  • Not many research studies on testing for adult ASD include enough participants from historically underserved groups, such as People of Color or people who are LGBTQIA+. This means the results of studies looking at ASD testing methods may not represent a true population of autistic adults.
  • Many clinicians may not be familiar with the signs of ASD in adulthood. This is especially true if the patient√Ęs symptoms are not severe or if the patient also has other conditions, for example, anxiety.

Autistic people may have of co-occurring conditions, such as anxiety or depression, than those in the general population.

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How Can Media Content Creators Better Involve Autistic People In The Process Of Developing Media

Nick: Thebest way to write a character with autism is to have it inform their character instead of being their entire character. For example, in , Max is a man who is a social outcast because of the way the world has treated him. This is not always obviously reflective of autism.

Bella: Directors could research what life is like for autistic people. Although some shows illustrate how autistic people deal with their lives, they need to include autistic characters who display diverse symptoms. Autistic people can exhibit great strengths in technology, so directors could hire them to work at their companies. People can interview autistic people so that viewers can understand what life is like for autistic people. If TV shows could show how autistic people struggle to live in society, then society would understand more.

Success In Autistic Adults

While it’s relatively rare, quite a few adults with diagnosed autism are moderately to extremely successful people. Some are happily married and partnered, and many are fully employed.

Quite a few have become role models for young adults on the spectrum who hope to live full, independent lives. Just a few such role models include:

  • Temple Grandin, animal husbandry expert, author, and public speaker
  • Stephen Shore, author, musician, professor, public speaker
  • John Elder Robison, author, and public speaker
  • Dan Ackroyd, actor, singer, radio personality
  • Daryl Hannah, actor

These individuals and with many others are active autism advocates. Many speak publicly about their experiences and offer resources and insights both to autistic adults and to their family members.

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Taking Care Of Yourself

This is likely to have been a difficult time for you as a family carer as well as for the person that you support. You may continue to experience increased stress due to fear, uncertainty and the reduced formal support available at times, which could result in increased physical and emotional strain.

Government advice for unpaid carers has a section on looking after your own health while supporting others.

Carers UK has some advice for carers on protecting your mental wellbeing.

If you start feeling that you are unable to cope, seek support and advice from your local authority.

Infection Control And Good Personal Hygiene

We are autistic | NHS

One of the most important things that families can do during the pandemic is to ensure as much as possible that the person with learning disabilities or autistic person with whom they live is maintaining good personal hygiene and household cleanliness, to reduce the risk of catching or spreading the infection. Perhaps especially for autistic people, the changes of routine involved may cause some distress.


  • Wash your hands with soap and water often do this for at least 20 seconds.
  • Use hand sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available.
  • Wash your hands as soon as you get home.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve when you cough or sneeze.
  • Put used tissues in the bin immediately and wash your hands afterwards.

Do not:

  • Touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean.

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They Play Fewer Head Games

“Do I look fat in this outfit? Tell me the truthI won’t get mad!”

“I know I told you I didn’t mind if you went out, but why did you believe me?”

Few autistic people play games like theseand they assume that you won’t either. It’s a refreshing and wonderful change from the emotional roller coaster that mars too many typical relationships.

Of course, part of the reason for this lack of subterfuge is the reality that autistic people find head games baffling. Why would someone ask a question if they don’t want an answer?

Prepare Yourself Mentally And Physically

According to experts, were built to display anxiety and to recognize it in others. If your body and mind are anxious, your audience will notice. Hence, its important to prepare yourself before the big show so that you arrive on stage confident, collected and ready.

Your outside world is a reflection of your inside world. What goes on in the inside, shows on the outside. Bob Proctor

Exercising lightly before a presentation helps get your blood circulating and sends oxygen to the brain. Mental exercises, on the other hand, can help calm the mind and nerves. Here are some useful ways to calm your racing heart when you start to feel the butterflies in your stomach:

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They Are Not Tied To Social Expectations

If you’ve ever bought a car, played a game, or joined a club to fit in, you know how hard it can be to be true to yourself. But for people with autism, social expectations can be honestly unimportant.

Who cares if someone you’ve never met rolls their eyes when you mention your interest in Disney movies even when you’re a grown-up? What matters is true liking, shared interests, kindness, and the desire to spend time togethernot keeping up with or being as similar as possible to the Joneses.

Start Building Independence Early On

Autism and Defiance Issues: Getting Back on Track ...

The best way to help your loved one with autism become more independent is to help them develop the necessary habits early on. If theyre high-functioning, help them build social skills and network with others by volunteering with an organization thats in line with their interests. Enroll them in early intervention sessions to help your child develop new skills and healthy ways to cope with triggers.

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They Can Seem To Lack Emotion

Most of us have learned to communicate, connect and understand social clues with facial expressions and eye contact. Many people who have autism will lack expressive features. They avoid eye contact, often speak monotone and wear blank expressions. This may make them seem apathetic. They may not be able to communicate in a way we understand. But lack of expression does not mean lack of emotion or empathy.

Options Include Day Programs

Meanwhile, some parents of young children are already researching options. Chew has put Charlie on a waiting list for state housing but is thinking the ideal immediate plan will involve a part-time job with a good day program.

She writes that her new hobby/obsession is finding something comparable to the county school for autistic children, which he loves and where he learns daily living and vocational skills. But this appears to be difficult if not impossible, she says. I know the day that yellow bus does not pull up in front of our house will be a tough one.

Chew is well aware that funding shortages make her idea of extending special-needs services to 25 a pipe dream. But she also knows that the dearth of options leads many parents to keep these young people at home, often idle and lacking the structure, routine and calm those with ASD need to do their best.

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Child With Autism=adult With Autism

Despite stories you may have read on the Internet, it is incredibly rare for a child accurately diagnosed with autism to become an adult who is no longer diagnosable.

Yes, children with autism may build skills and workarounds that make autism less obvious. Yes, teens with autism may learn social skills and be able to “pass” in some situations. But no, a child with autism won’t just get over their autism to become a typical adult.

For Parents Of An Autistic Person

Autistic young adults talk career ambitions

If youre parenting an autistic person who requires a high level of support, you may be used to advocating for their educational needs.

As your autistic child enters adulthood, it can help to remember that public schools are typically responsible for providing services to autistic people of up to 22 years old. After this, any other educational or employment opportunities will likely be organized by you.

It can help to start researching these opportunities early to get a head start on this process. Talking to other parents of autistic adults can also help you gather information and ideas about resources that may exist in your community.

One resource that could help you get started is this guide to academic success from the Autism Society.

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Autism As An Adult: ‘on The Many Days I Spend Alone I Forget How To Talk’

I was diagnosed with autism in my 40s. I had no support, and spent a year weeping with regret for what felt like a train wreck of a life

I was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder in my 40s. Like many adults whove slipped through the diagnostic net due to being high-functioning, born too early, or simply female, Ive spent a lifetime trying to figure out the lifelong social and sensory difficulties of autism. That none of us wake up cured at 18 still appears to mystify some professionals. That we might still benefit from some support, however late the diagnosis, does too.

Many of us have garnered a few other labels along the way: freak, geek and weirdo from the bullying fraternity personality disorder, depressive and awkward sod from the mental health fraternity. Psychiatry had a different take on it: in autism I had a neurological learning difference which did not render me mad, bad or dangerous to know always good to hear and nor was I intellectually challenged. I was told I was too high-functioning to benefit from any autism services and that I must have worked it out by now. I was discharged with a letter wishing me well and a website address for the National Autistic Society .

Some Autistic People Report Poor Quality Of Life But Many Do Not

by Peter Hess / 6 November 2020

Subjective experience:

Autistic people vary widely in their quality of life, a new study shows1. Some report shortcomings in their physical health and school achievement, among other areas, but many do not.

To help autistic people improve their well-being and satisfaction with life, researchers need a better understanding of what matters to individuals, says lead researcher Eva Loth, senior lecturer in forensic and neurodevelopmental sciences at Kings College London in the United Kingdom.

Its really important to consider each person and their circumstances individually, understand what aspect of quality of life is affected, why, and then decide with them what may be the most useful support, Loth says.

Autistic people often report having a lower quality of life than non-autistic people do, a trend driven in part by social isolation and a diminished belief in their own capabilities, according to a study published earlier this year. They are also more likely to have anxiety or depression, which can impact a persons ability to function in society and achieve life goals.

The new work suggests that anxiety and depression, not autism traits, explain why many autistic people score lower than non-autistic people across various measures of quality of life. It also shows that this gap closes for some autistic adults and children within specific areas, including physical health, leisure activities and school achievement.

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People With Autism Rarely Lie

We all claim to value the truth, but almost all of us tell little white lies. More significantly, many neurotypical people actively hide important truths from the people around them.

People on the autism spectrum, however, tell the truthwhether it’s positive or negative. That means a person with autism will accurately reflect their feelings and respond with complete candor when asked their opinion. If a person with autism says you look terrific you can be pretty sure you’re having a good hair day.

Living On Your Own With Autism Can Be Possible With The Right Support

How a Child With Autism Became

Natasha Muirhead, an adult with Asperger Syndrome living in the UK, has lived on her own for the past 13 years. From a young age, it was her wish to live independently yet she was unsure how to make this a reality. Natashas mother belonged to a parent support group that campaigned for their local autism organization, Autism West Midlands, to hire a community support practitioner to work with adults who had Asperger Syndrome. Through their continued efforts, the parents created the Asperger Syndrome Support and Enablement Team with the CSP as part of this team. The CSP listened to Natashas concerns about moving out and helped her formulate a plan for support. They went together to see their local Member of Parliament to lobby for services and explain Natashas situation at that time unemployed and living at home.

Natashas mother persuaded her to have a community care assessment done by a social worker from Social Services. The social worker completed an assessment of Natashas needs and then worked with the CSP who already knew Natasha and also understood Asperger Syndrome. Natashas parents found out about a government initiative called Supporting People which provided funding for independent living. They also applied for Housing Benefit funding leaving Natasha only 3 months to find a place to live or she would lose the housing funding. To access this type of funding, Natasha had to move from full-time employment to part-time.

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They Are Visual Learners

There are many ways to learn, and being autistic makes you no different. In this age of information overload, visual support helps autistic kids move more efficiently through the day. Before we judge our loved ones with autism as slow, remember that even we regular learners sometimes need some visual aid to help us process and digest information better.

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