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Is A Fidget Spinner For Autism

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Fidget Cube and Fidget Spinner for Autistic Son
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Unless you have been walking around with your eyes closed, you will have noticed fidget spinners are everywhere! If not in the hands of your little patients, then in the hands of their parents. But is the hype worth it? Whilst they are being marketed as the latest tool for helping those with ADHD and autism, many are left wondering will this actually improve learning or is it just another distraction in our already hectic lives?

Firstly, one must remember that a fidget spinner is a type of fidget toy. The terms are not in fact synonymous. Rather they are just one spoke for the umbrella term:

Fidget toys/tools arent new. Occupational therapists have been recommending them for years. Whilst evidence behind fidget toys as a group is sparse, generally just being anecdotal, studies have shown that sensory tools such as weighted blankets and vests can produce a calming and relaxing effect in children with ADHD and Autism. When in the right hands, these tools can improve concentration and learning whilst reducing anxiety.

Finally the ugly of the fidget spinner when used inappropriately, not only are these toys distracting to other students but they can result in injury. Whilst choking and swallowed foreign bodies are a major concern, minor head injuries and incarcerated digits have been recorded.

Trianium Fidget Spinner Prime Stres Reducer Toy Best Fidget Spinner Glow In The Dark

With the Trianium Fidget Spinner, you can increase your concentration, reduce stress, and stay awake long into the night. It has an open chrome design with a ceramic ball that gives you less friction and higher speeds.

With its specialized lubricated oil, you will get longer and faster spin times. The included protective caps on the top and bottom helps to keep the ball bearing from falling off and the lubrication will keep the ball from corroding or failing, plus it helps the spinner withstand high temperatures.

This perfectly weighted and balanced gives you smooth operation for a maximum spin time.

This easy to carry spinner is a lightweight choice that fits easily into your pocket. It is perfect for either kids or adults with its great quality and simple to use design.

  • Will spin for a really long time
  • Works well, even after you drop it
  • A little on the noisy side

Final Verdict This lightweight and easy to carry fidget spinner from Trianium has a long lasting spin and good balance. It is also incredibly durable working well even after you drop it.

How Do You Stimulate A Child With Autism

Here’s how to help your autistic child with toy play:

  • Sit in front of your child so your child can look at you, communicate with you, and see what you’re doing. …
  • Offer two or three toys your child enjoys. …
  • Let your child lead the play. …
  • Encourage your child to play if your child doesn’t copy you. …
  • Reward your child.
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    Zebrush Push Pop Fidget Toy

    Unlike the other bubble wrap-like fidget toys weve already seen on this list, this push-pop bubble tray by zeBrush comes in a unique hexagon shape, which can be visually stimulating for any child because its different from the usual.

    It has the same mechanism as other bubble-popping toys. You pop as many bubbles as you want and flip the tray over to start again. Its a great way to reduce anxiety and calm down for a little bit, so its perfect for kids with ADHD.

    The toy is made with a safe and washable silicone material that is easy to squish, pull, and bend in any direction. It goes back to its shape because of the rebounding material, so you can treat it like any other stress ball.

    This toy is incredible for anyone experiencing a lot of hyperactivity and anxiety, even if you dont have autism. For kids, in particular, its a fun way to practice how to focus and concentrate.

    Because this toy is a one-piece item and has no loose parts, its easy to bring around anywhere you do.

    • This hexagon toy doubles as a bubble-pushing surface and a squishy fidget toy
    • Safe and washable rebounding silicone material that doesnt lose shape
    • You can use it as many times as you want, unlike bubble wrap.
    • Allows kids and adults to de-stress
    • Easy to bring around anywhere because there are no loose items
    • The silicone is a bit thin, so if your child likes to bite their toys, this one may rip.

    Artcreativity Pin Art Game

    2017 New Styles Fidget Spinner High Quality Hand Spinner ...

    Many children with autism are artists at heart and love to think creatively. If you want your child to be able to express themselves, try gifting them with this set of two pin art game boards to encourage them to create their own art.

    This board allows your child to create their own 3D pictures by pushing on metal pins . They can do so by using their hands, face, or just pushing random pins to develop abstract designs.

    This pin art game is awesome because it inspires your childs artistic side to come out. You get to bond with them while playing with a cool, new toy, while you do your part in encouraging creative thinking.

    The board also provides some tactile stimulation. Thats because the texture of the pins is unique against the board, so this is something that may fascinate your kid.

    Your kids art can last years if they wish. The plastic frame of this board is made to be very durable. Meanwhile, the metal pins ward off any rusting and also resist bending.

    • Good value for money because you get two pinboards
    • Allows your child to create their own 3D art by easily pushing on safe metal pins
    • This pin art game encourages the artistic side of your child to shine through.
    • Provides tactile stimulation because of the texture of the pins
    • Made with durable frames and metal pins
    • One broken pin may make pin boards less fun to play with

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    Why Some Remain Skeptical

    But not everyone is convinced about the benefits of the fidget spinner. Some experts, like Dr Mark Rapport, MD and Director of the Childrens Learning Clinic at the University of Central Floridas Department of Psychology, make the point that spinners are nothing more than a distraction. Rapport explained that since spinners are fascinating to look at, they would take a childs attention away from whatever theyre meant to be focusing on. This serves as a nothing more than a fun distraction, and means that a child cannot focus on the task at hand.

    Those in favor of fidget spinners like to quote a 2015 study from the Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology which proved that gross motor activity helps children with ADHD perform better on working memory tasks. While this is an interesting study, its not relevant here. After all a child playing with a fidget spinner isnt performing any gross motor activity. Unlike playing with a fidget spinner, bouncing on a yoga ball, for example, is the kind of non-distracting activity which could be beneficial to a child with ADHD.

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    Phoenix Original Prime Stress And Anxiety Spinner Best Fidget Spinner Under 20

    The Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy has an average of 2.5 to 3.5-minute spin with an all-metal design that makes it both durable and strong.

    Made of premium stainless steel, the Phoenix Original Prime Stress and Anxiety Reducer Fidget Toy is a good choice for either a child or an adult.

    This is an easy to carry spinner that is simple and discrete but also effective to use for focusing and relieving stress.

    And this small tool is a good way to kill some time or help you concentrate throughout the day.

    • Comes in a nice leather case
    • Has a long spin time
    • Great spinner for the price
    • Bearing sometimes falls out and it is easy to lose

    Final Verdict The Tri-Spinner Fidget Toy has an design making it both a strong and durable spinner. This is a good choice for either an adult or a child and is easy to carry with you when you need to concentrate.

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    Aemotoy Dimple Fidget Spinner Toy Push Bubble Fidget Sensory Toys Stress Relief Reducer For Adults Children High Speed Bearing Metal Material Hand Spinner Finger Toy For Add Adhd Or Autism

    • Durable Material The fidget spinner body is made of aluminum metal material with 3 soft Silicone pop bubbles,completely corresponds to the safety standards.And is great for anxiety, phone stress, autism, ADHD.
    • EASY TO USE Hold hand spinner in one hand and use the other hand to spin it rapidly using small continuous strikes to keep it spinning indefinitely with practice.To spin on a table,simply press the center to keep it stable and spin at the same time.
    • RELIEVE STRESS TOOLS The Fidget Toy with 3 pop bubble sensory fidget toys, you can Press 3 buttons to make a sound to promote tactile stimulation, calmness and focus irresistible simple joy!
    • EASY TO CARRY The Fidget Sensory Toy is easy to carry, it can be played everywhere, making it great for playing in a car, bus, or plane, in a offices,parks,restaurant or at school. It is perfect carry-on games.
    • PERFECT GIFT The Dimple Fidget Toy can be used as Valentines Day gift,Christmas inventory, and party gift. It is ideal for small gifts for colleagues, friends, children, and relatives.

    We Help You Buy The Premium Autism Fidgets Hand Spinners Finger Toy Product And Enjoy The Best After

    Toys Created For Kids With Autism, ADHD Become Latest Craze

    If youre looking for the best customer service and after-sale support. We are here for you. We want to make sure that when you purchase autism fidgets hand spinners finger toy products, you will be satisfied with your experience.

    When you buy a autism fidgets hand spinners finger toy product, its the after-sale service that will make or break your experience. You want to know that if something goes wrong with the product, someone is there to help you out and fix it for good. There are many companies that offer this type of support.

    With tips and tricks on how to find a company with great customer service, as well as what you should expect from them, we hope that this article will help you navigate your way through the world of after-sale services!

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    Should Your Child Make The Switch

    As parents know, it’s never easy to find the right help that can make life easier for them or their children. Trying out a fidget spinner at home, where you can monitor the environment, before taking it to school or other activities is one way to gauge whether it’s beneficial for your child and not an annoyance to other caregivers or parents.

    If your child struggles to pay attention in class or is distracted and fidgety, we invite you to explore The Brain Balance Program, a non-medical, drug-free, whole child approach to get your child on track. Get started today!

    What Can I Do With A Fidget Spinner

    You can use fidget spinners to dazzle friends, classmates, and family….Fidget spinners are used for all of the following:

    • Focus.

    11 DIY Fidgets You Can Make on a Budget

  • Use old T-shirts to make a chair fidget. …
  • Make your own spinner. …
  • Craft an infinity cube out of a paper. …
  • Now try an infinity cube out of dice. …
  • Put those old CDs to good use. …
  • Use beads and a popsicle stick to create a quick fidget. …
  • Pipe cleaners are versatile tools.
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    New Generation Of Fidget Spinners

    The latest generation of fidget spinners is shaped like a triangle, with three nodes coming out of a circular center. Most kids hold the spinner between a finger and thumb in the center and get the nodes spinning rapidly with a quick push. Small enough to be held in the palm of a hand and relatively quiet, it is touted as a way to help kids who are challenged to stay still and focus their energy.

    Fidget Spinners Stress Relief Toys Finger Hand Spinner Metal For Kids Adults Fidgeting Pack Bulk Set For Anti Anxiety Focus Autism Toy Magic Mini Gadget Novelty Gifts

    DODOELEPHANT Colorful Hand Spinner Fidgets Spin Toy ...
    • GREAT FOR RELIEVE ANXIETY AND STRESS These sensory fidget toys can help people relieve stress, anxiety, and irritability, also improve concentration and attention. A great way to relax for kids or adults with Autism, ADHD, ADD, OCD. Kids that cant sit still and are always fidgeting can get hours of fun out of these fidget toys.
    • CHILD SAFE & GOOD DURABLE MATERIAL All fidget toys are made of sturdy Metal, high-quality stainless steel. 100% non-toxic and eco-friendly, safe for both kids and adults.
    • LIGHTWEIGHT AND POCKET-SIZED All sensory toys in the pack are very portable and slightly lightweight so they can be played anytime and anywhere. They can be good entertainment for both kids and adults at the office, home, school, church, in special education classrooms, physiotherapy and sensory rooms.
    • Nice gift choice: the stress fidgets helpful to people with ADHD, autism, or anxiety, can reduce stress and worry at work, also can be a gift for your family and friends who cant keep their fingers still, which will show your care for them
    • Wide application: the fidget spinner is proper for almost everyone, including students, office workers, artists, time-killers, lovers of classic gaming and those who suffer from stress, which can bring a little more colors to your dull life, help you to past boring time

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    Dont Be So Quick To Dismiss Spinners

    While there may not be any research into the efficacy of spinners as an aide for people with ADHD and autism, theres plenty of anecdotal evidence. One mom with ADHD described how she and her son, who has a sensory processing disorder, use a spinner to improve focus. She explains how for her and her son, spinners have the same effect as bouncing a ball, but this is silent and can be done anywhere at anytime. She explained that: After a period of using the device, both of us feel as though our tactile responsiveness how we respond to input from outside forces feels less maladapted to change than it typically does.

    Motherboard recently published an article which aimed to explore how fidget spinner manufacturers can market these devices as a form of treatment for ADHD and autism. After it was published, the article was edited to include an Editors Note which explained that since publication many people contacted the publication explaining how spinners helped them and their children with autism, ADHD and anxiety cope.

    Related Stress Relief Strategies

    In the end, if a fidget spinner helps you to feel less stressed, there’s no reason not to use one. At the same time, if they irritate those around you or distract you from your work at school or on the job, it’s best to leave them at home.

    If you’re looking for helpful ways to relieve stress, there are always these related strategies that may be quieter and less distracting, plus they’re not going out of style anytime soon:

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    S For Finding Autism Fidgets Hand Spinners Finger Toy Products With The Best Functions

    To make the process of finding the right autism fidgets hand spinners finger toy products and sellers easier, check the following tips.

    1. Check the autism fidgets hand spinners finger toy product functions2. Test out the autism fidgets hand spinners finger toy product in a variety of different environments3. Review customer reviews before making your purchase decision4. Read through terms and conditions for warranties, guarantees, and returns policies to know what youre getting yourself into5. Look at pictures of the packaging so that you can be sure its not damaged in any way when it arrives at your doorstep 6. Do some research on social media channels to see if there are any complaints or issues with this specific company or products they sell

    All autism fidgets hand spinners finger toy products we listed here fit your need and with the functions you want, just check!!!

    What To Consider When Choosing A Fidget

    What are Fidget Spinners? – Behind the News

    Theres a lot to consider when choosing your fidget toy. Sometimes, more isnt always better though. Keeping the tool simple enough to meet your fidget needs will prevent the tool itself from becoming a distraction. For example, while the Pikachu-themed fidget spinner with flashing lights and chrome metal may seem like a super cool solution, it may be used as a toy instead of the tool you intend for it to be for your 9-year old Pokemon fanatic!

    Here are some general guidelines to think about when choosing a fidget:

    Cost – keep it no- or low-cost if you anticipate needing to replace your fidget often! Weve listed a number of no-cost or low-cost solutions that wont leave you maxxing out your credit card to replace fidget #5!

    Consider materials that are durable if your fidget toy is going to get a lot of use . If youre going to make an investment, you want it to last!

    Along the lines of considering the materials, think about the textures – bumpy, squishy, hard, soft, rough, smooth? Its a matter of preference for the user.

    What motor movement does the fidget allow for? What does your child like? Flicking, flapping, shaking, eye angling, squeezing, pulling? There are fidget toys for a plethora of motor movements so know what your child wants to do with it.

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