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Video Games For Autistic Adults

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Why Is Raising Funds Through Playing Online Games A Great Way To Support Autistic People

Recommending Video Games to Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder for Social-Skill Enhancement

For me, raising funds online provides a safe haven, where I dont have to worry about interacting with people face to face. If you are autistic, this can feel more than stressful. Online gaming means autistic people can play in an environment we feel comfortable in and can control if its not going well on screen, we can get into our safe spaces.

“Online gaming means autistic people can play in an environment we feel comfortable in and can control.”

Activities For Autistic Adults

Adrienne has multiple years of experience in freelance writing and a bachelor’s degree in English. She has written several online publications on various topics.

There are many activities for autistic adults of all skill levels. Educational and recreational activities that can enhance a person with autism’s life quality are available in many communities. Learn about activities for autistic adults as well as how to select the right ones for your loved one.

How Can Online Gaming Reduce Social Isolation For Autistic People

For me, the hardest thing about socialising is gauging what other people are thinking or how they are feeling. I think this is also what triggers anxiety in lots of autistic people when socialising face to face. I spend so much time masking and mirroring that I sometimes get stressed out. I wonder who I am, because I spend so long pretending to be someone else, someone not on the spectrum who has no trouble socialising.

Either online or tabletop gaming gives me something to focus on that isnt the other person in the room Im so busy thinking about strategy, I relax as gaming gives me a set of rules and guidelines to interact. I also think gaming can be used to help people learn new things or practise their skills, for example the hand-eye coordination skills required to throw an item from one side of the screen to the other. Games can have a bad reputation for being time-wasting or geeky, but I think this is a very surface level opinion. Games like Stellaris, which is a multi-player game about building an empire in space, is really just simulating an economy and having you balance it. It can help people understand how an economy may work and stimulate an interest, where they might not have been one previously.

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Autism Awareness Month: Are Video Games Good For Kids Affected By Autism

Parents concerned about risks can also weigh the potential benefits.

Carl Frisell

There is an ongoing controversy as to whether video games and technology are good for kids affected by autism.

On the one hand, it seems like dozens of new apps and games are being developed for kids on the spectrum every month and that these tools are being widely used in school special education programs for kids with autism. In addition, parents of kids diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders have observed how these games and technologies are a source of engagement, learning and contentment for their kids. Perhaps most important, video games are tools for digital play, and helping kids with autism learn to play is the same as helping them to learn.

On the other hand, parents report that kids affected by autism can become so focused on video game play that they refuse to do any other activity. And there are studies that support these observations that kids on the autism spectrum tend to become overly engaged in a video game play, can become inattentive as a result of extended game play, or develop obsessions .

Parents report that kids affected by autism can become so focused on video game play that they refuse to do any other activity.

Computer Games Could Boost Social Skills In People With Autism


Alla KatsnelsonSpectrumGame time:

Playing games designed to hone the ability to intuit others thoughts and feelings increases activity in regions of the social brain.

The unpublished results, presented yesterday at the 2019 Society for Neuroscience annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois, suggest that the games could help autistic people.

There is some evidence to support this hope: The same games improve theory of mind the ability to infer others thoughts and feelings in people with schizophrenia, according to work the team plans to present tomorrow. Like autistic people, people with schizophrenia struggle with theory of mind.

Computerized training programs exist for improving learning and memory, though their benefits for autistic people are unclear. This is the first program designed to improve multiple aspects of social cognition, says Kristen Haut, assistant professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences at Rush University in Chicago, who presented the findings.

Haut and her colleagues scanned the brains of 51 typical adults as they read short narratives that described a persons thoughts, feelings or appearance along with something the person did. The participants then answered a question about whether the persons actions made sense, requiring them to understand the persons thoughts or feelings.

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Video Games + Social Interactions

So, do video games really have a positive effect on social interactions and relationships for adults with autism? Video games with an online component can be helpful in broadening social interactions for adults with autism as found by Mazurek, Engelhardt, and Clark in their study of autistic adults experiences with video games . While this is a study that has too small of a sample size to draw any overarching conclusions, it does present interesting information. As summarized below, the autistic adults in the study briefly discussed how social interactions and video games intersect for them.

  • Can play/talk with friends who may live far away
  • Meet and interact with more people online
  • May have few face-to-face social interactions, so can make up for that through interacting with new people online
  • Can discuss video games with others as an acceptable topic of conversation
  • Can play video games with family and friends, improving relationships

The free Minecraft server Autcraft, only open to people with autism and their families, is an incredible example of how communities can be formed online to support autistic people. Autcraft also offers Autcraft Obsidian, a server solely for players over the age of fifteen. Although no research has been done on Autcraft, the unique and accepting community that it presents, as well as its protections against hate speech, harassment, and other negative online behaviors, show how video games can be used to foster positive social interactions.

Symptoms Of Pathological Game Use

Our primary prediction was that adults with ASD would exhibit higher pathological game use scores than TD adults. Adults with ASD indicated more symptoms than did TD adults = 2.46 and 1.20 for the ASD and TD groups, respectively, d = 0.84 , t = 4.61. Bayesian analysis indicated that the observed difference of transformed values was 300,000 times more likely to reflect a hypothesized difference than no difference.

We next explored which features served to predict pathological game use scores through the comparison of multiple regression models. These models could include as predictors each of group diagnosis, average time spent playing video games per day, and/or the percent of free time spent playing video games. This lead to seven candidate models, representing the inclusion of one, two, or all three additive effects. All seven models were preferred to the null effects model. Bayes factor model comparisons suggested that the best-fitting model included parameters for diagnostic group and for the percent of free time spent playing video games . This model was strongly preferred to the null effects model by a factor of 6.4 × 1011 = 42.1).

Relationships between time spent gaming and , and proportion, and ) and PGU symptom count .

Relationships are plotted separately for ASD and TD groups. Slight vertical jitter has been added to datapoints to reduce overplotting. Linear regression displayed in solid line, locally weighted average displayed in dashed line.

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Video Games And Autism: Helpful Or Harmful

// by Prachi Kochar

It can happen to anyone. You start playing Minecraft or Skyrim, and before you know it, hours have passed and you havent had dinner or done the laundry, but the temptation to continue playing stays strong. Although this can be a problem for neurotypicals and autistic people alike, people with autism can be more susceptible to this happening for a variety of reasons. At the same time, video games are a source of great joy for many and can facilitate social interaction, both online and offline. Being aware of the costs and benefits of gaming illustrates how video games can be effectively integrated into an individuals life meaning that tossing out that Playstation or Nintendo DS is not the answer.

Oxford And Video Games

AUTISM AND VIDEO GAMES – Aspergers Syndrome and Video Games | The Aspie World

Can Autism and video games go together? A recent Oxford study, published in Pediatrics, found that children who played video games less than one-third of their daily free time were more satisfied with their lives and also functioned at higher levels of sociability. Also observed was a lower level of hyperactivity and fewer relationship issues and emotional problems.

Also observed was a lower level of hyperactivity and fewer relationship issues

However, when the children played more than half of their daily free time were not as well-adjusted. The thought process here is that these children were missing out on other more beneficial and enriching life situations. Moderation is the key.

What about children with Autism, how to video games affect them? We have found these results to be more or less the same for our own child that has Autism who happens to love a couple different video games. There have been a few studies where the children with Autism are so engaged in their game that they cant pull away. If you have an Autistic child, this is just stating the obvious with anything the child is engaged with. Its going to be difficult in the beginning to help them understand time constraints, this is also true with normal children. More on this later.

Negative things include being materially deprived, emotional abuse, mental and physical abuse, a diet loaded with sugars just to name a few.

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Wacky Tracks Snap And Click Fidget Toys

A long-time favorite for kids and adults with special needs, Snap and Click toys from Neliblu are made up multicolored links that click audibly when bent into different shapes. The auditory and tactile feedback these fidget toys provide is great for helping people with ASD stay focused or calm down.

Tips For Selecting Activities

So how do you decide which activities are right for your loved one? Consider the following tips when selecting an activity for adults with autism:

  • Level of impairment: Choose activities that are appropriate for your loved one’s level of impairment. If the person with autism requires special assistance to participate in the activity, make sure that the activity organizer can provide the right support services.
  • Interests: Select activities that interest the person with autism. If he has a favorite subject, find activities that match his interest in order to encourage participation and maximize activity benefits.
  • Daily activities: Encourage language, communication and social skill improvement in all daily activities by providing an example of ideal social behavior, encouraging eye contact and maintaining a strict routine.
  • Inclusion or special needs activities: Determine if the autistic person will thrive in an inclusive activity with nonautistic people or in a special needs environment. Proponents of inclusive environments claim that people with autism improve by modeling themselves after their nonautistic peers. However, critics claim that many organizers of inclusive activities are uneducated about autism and that special need environments best meet the needs of autistic individuals. Research each activity and think about how your loved one will fit into the environment.

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Symptoms Of Video Game Addiction

As much as video games may be helpful for those with ASD, they can also create additional complications. Knowing the symptoms of this addiction can help you stop gameplay from getting out of hand. As a parent, monitoring and limiting your childs gameplay is an important first step. This can be difficult if your child is happy and calm when playing video games. Unfortunately the more reliant they become on video games, the less capable theyll be of coping and succeeding in everyday life. Here are a few signs that you or someone you know may be addicted to video games.

  • Preoccupation with gaming
  • Increased need to play video games
  • Irritability when you cant play
  • Trouble performing at work or school
  • Unable to quit gaming despite trying
  • Physical or verbal outbursts during gameplay

Its important to note that side effects of video game addiction may also overlap with common symptoms of autism such as increased isolation, depression, and difficulty communicating. Be sure to evaluate symptoms individually and consult with a medical professional before making an ASD diagnosis yourself.

Asd Signs And Symptoms

Kanoodle: A Fun Visual Game: Toys for Autism

There are a few common symptoms and signs that indicate a child may be suffering from ASD. These same behaviors apply to adults with an undiagnosed condition.

  • Avoiding eye contact

There are three functional levels of autism and they are as follows:

  • ASD Level One: Requiring support. People with this form of autism struggle to initiate social interactions, organize, and problem-solve.
  • ASD Level Two: Requiring substantial support. Level two ASD causes issues with social interaction that narrow the persons interests. Many patients also express repetitive behaviors.
  • ASD Level Three: Requiring very substantial support. This is the most severe ASD level and significantly impacts both verbal and nonverbal communication skills. Patients express extreme difficulty with changing actions and environments. Patients may also struggle to focus.

In order to detect, diagnose, and treat ASD as early as possible, the CDC offers a Learn the signs. Act Early. program that provides resources to help parents and families recognize the signs of autism.

Our video game addiction self-help program has helped over 2,000 users beat their addiction and reclaim the life they deserve.

“The Mindful Gamer has helped me control my gaming addiction and bring happiness back into my life, what else can I say.”

Daniel Fuller

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Autism And Video Games

Now that you have a better understanding of what autism spectrum disorder is and some of the symptoms, it may become clearer why autism patients are drawn to playing video games. Knowing some of the common causes of video game addiction can help make this connection even easier to see.

Causes of Video Game Addiction

Oftentimes, video game addicts suffer from depression, anxiety, extreme stress, and difficulty socializing or communicating face-to-face. All of these symptoms may also trigger low self-esteem, lack of motivation, and other mental health issues. Video game addicts use gameplay as a form of stress relief. It also allows them to socialize in a safe environment from the comfort of their own home. Communicating through chat rooms and online communities is much less intimidating than socializing in person or in public spaces. In time, video game addiction can cause increased isolation, making it increasingly more difficult to reenter the real world and become productive members of society.

Video games also stimulate the brains reward system. During gameplay, your brain releases certain levels of dopamine, a chemical that triggers feelings of calm, relaxation, and happiness. Similar to a drug, over time, the same level of gameplay does not elicit the same reaction. Gamers need to play more often and for longer periods of time to achieve the same result. This can quickly develop into an addiction as gamers chase that feeling of pleasure and lose track of time.

It Can Be Difficult To Set A Time Constraint

For many people with autism, gaming is considered a hobby not just a way to pass the time. For this reason, it can be difficult to negotiate a time constraint with a child who genuinely sees their video game console or PC as a means to cope . The best course of action, weve found, is to create a Behavior Contract with your child. This is a written agreement between parent and child that outlines a specific behavior, a set time by which it must be completed each day, and a resulting consequence depending on compliance. A document like this is most helpful when your child plays a role in writing it alongside you . Children with ASD usually prefer highly specific guidelines for behavior and predictable outcomes rather than vague rules and consequences.

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The Connection Between Autism And Video Game Addiction

In 2020, the CDC reported that 1 in every 54 children is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder . Boys are also four times more likely than girls to be diagnosed with this condition. There are three levels of autism, each with a varying degree of symptoms and severity. Common symptoms associated with ASD include behavioral disturbances, poor eye contact, inappropriate social interactions, and abnormal tone of voice and speech.

Individuals with ASD are at higher risk of developing other behavioral and health issues including depression, anxiety, insomnia, obsessive-compulsive disorder , attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder , and epilepsy. Research shows that those with ASD are also prone to addictive behaviors, including video game addiction.

Playing video games is a preferred pastime for billions of people of all ages and genders. Unfortunately, what starts as a form of entertainment can quickly spiral into a debilitating addiction. Studies suggest that children with ASD are more likely to develop an addiction to video games than those who dont have this diagnosis.

Here well explore exactly what autism spectrum disorder is, why individuals with ASD are drawn to video games, and how to address addictive symptoms and behaviors.


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