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Has Camels Milk Helped Anyone With Autism

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Camel Milk For Diabetes

How Camel Milk Can Treat Autism- Christina Adams

And furthermore, some folks believe the insulin found in camels milk will be helpful for diabetic patents. Again, it may be that some folks feel they have gotten help while others declare no benefits. Future studies may shed clearer evidence for or against these claims.

Some of the facts are clear. Besides having a supply of insulin, camels present to us less sugar in their milk. This also may benefit those with lactose intolerance.

Camel Milk For Medicinal Purposes

For centuries, nomadic cultures valued camel milk as curative. Today claims of apparent positive responses in patients with inflammatory diseases such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Crohns disease and colitis abound. Each person must make his own choice as to what methods he wishes to pursue for help with health issues, whether it be for ASD or diabetes, or even the common cold and flu.

And besides that, some studies would point to evidence that drinking camel milk could help to fight cancer. And others suggest quite an array of health benefits. But some of these claims may need more thorough studies before due credibility can be given, according to Dr. Axe.

What Does Camel Milk Therapy Involve

This therapy involves drinking camel milk on a daily basis.

You can drink camel milk on its own or add it to other food.

You might need to spend time preparing camel milk, particularly if youre using dried camel milk powder or adding camel milk to food.

There are no standard guidelines or research studies about how much camel milk to drink, how often or for how long.

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Safety Of Camel’s Milk

Like all dairy products, the relative safety of consuming milk from a camel depends on the treatment of the product. In a review of 472 nutritional records, researchers determined that camel’s milk is very closely related to human mother’s milk. It is low in sugar, high in minerals, and low in cholesterol. Based on their findings, they stated that camel milk is safe for children to consume.

Other Camel Milk Benefits

Camel Milk Autism: How Does It Really Help

Camel milk is a wonderful option for making homemade baby formula, and Im thrilled that Moms now can conveniently ship it right to their door if they are desperate for this healthy option for their babies.

If this choice is something you are considering, note these other benefits for making homemade formula with camel milk:

  • Camel milk is high in GABA, a calming amino acid. As a result, you might notice baby more readily naps after a bottle of camel milk formula!
  • Camel milk contains over 200 different proteins. This unique profile is different from cow or goat milk. As a result, this particular dairy milk is more easily tolerated for some who might otherwise exhibit an allergy to milk from hoofed animals.

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Is Camel Milk Good For Autism

There have been extensive studies demonstrating that the oxidative stress plays a crucial role in the pathology of several neurological diseases, including autism spectrum disorder or ASD. These studies show that GSH and other antioxidant enzymes play a pathophysiological role in autism. When it comes to analyzing the role of camel milk, its potential therapeutic effects in autism is notable. The current studies on camel milk for autism will evaluate the effect of camel milk consumption in autistic children. The findings show that camel milk could play a fundamental role in minimizing oxidative stress. It also shows a visible improvement of autistic behavior as demonstrated by the improved Childhood Autism Rating Scale .

Camel Milk For Homemade Baby Formula

The short answer is most definitely YES! Camel milk is fine to use for homemade formula. The United Nations;has even hailed the nutritional value of camel milk and predicted higher consumption once it became easier for consumers to buy.

This yes comes with a very important caveat, however.

Camel milk is much lower in fat than cow or goat milk. 50% lower in fact. This is not a trivial difference!

As a result, it is critically important to make sure you add additional cream to the camel milk baby formula. The amount of cream added is included in the recipe instructions below.

This is necessary to ensure that homemade formula made with camel milk nutritionally matches human breastmilk as closely as possible. Not adding additional cream would make camel milk formula too low in fat in comparison with breastmilk.

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Should Camel Milk Be Boiled Before Drinking

Based on research studies, boiling camel milk will destroy the immunoglobulins and antibodies present in raw camel milk, which are essential for the healing properties. You can still boil camel milk and enjoy the nutritional benefits, but not as a ‘medicine’.

I have been to some of the camel’s farms and looking at the condition, I prefer to boil the milk before drinking. But if it is sourced from a well-managed farm, it is should not be an issue if the reason is for its medicinal benefits.

Why I Give My Son Camel Milk

Camel Milk to Treat Autism Symptoms

My teenage son gulps his cup of milk over the sink, then sighs, Im finished, in a deep voice that still surprises me. Theres always an inch or two left.

Drink it, I say sternly or sweetly depending on how rushed our morning is. You know how much it costs.

I know, Mom, hundreds of dollars, he says heavily. Its just sometimes Im not in a milk kind of mood. He drinks another inch, hoists his backpack, turns his hat backwards and saunters off to catch the bus. Love you, he adds over his shoulder.

When my son was a toddler, he was diagnosed with autism. Its the same old storya child doing well, an exceptionally early talker at 9 months, smiling, attached, and observant. Around 15-18 months he changed, becoming hyperactive one unforgettable night. He lost his language, developed flaming red cheeks, ignored his stuffed animals and played with water and plumbing drains. He bit me until I was covered in blue bruises. I didnt know what was wrong and doctors said he was fine, until a preschool teacher said, He has autism. It was true.

We did 40 hours a week of therapy and treated his damaged immune system with diet and meds. Despite my worst fears, it all worked. At age five he passed a kindergarten readiness test undetected for autism. He played with kids, attended regular classes and argued like a champion trial attorney. I thought the worst was over. But it wasnt.

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Camel Immune Protective Proteins

Camel milk contains the following immune proteins :

  • Peptidoglycan Recognition Protein, PGRP is very high in camel milk. It stimulates the hosts immune response and has antimicrobial activity.; It even appears to have an effect on breast cancer in studies.
  • Lactoferrin is also in higher concentrations in camel milk, more than cows and goats.; Lactoferrin prevents microbial overgrowth and invading pathogens.; Lactoperoxidase, has bactericidal activity on gram-negative bacterial like Escherichia coli , Salmonella, and, Pseudomonas, and has antitumor activity.
  • Lysozyme is an enzyme that is part of the innate immune system that targets gram-positive bacteria.; N-acetyl-beta-D-glucosamidase found in similar quantities in human milk has antibacterial activity.

Camel Milk And Autism

Dr. Yagil says that camel milk does not contain the two caseins that lead to the autism symptoms when drinking cow milk.; Therefore camel milk can safely be drunk by autistic children. The results published in a paper on camel milk for autism were very positive, especially for younger children that showed an apparent complete recovery from autism after strict removal of cows milk. Regarding the results seen with autism, Dr. Yagil explains, it is NOT only a case of repressing the clinical signs but a rehabilitation of the immune system.; Therefore the kids completely recover.;

Since camel milk is nourishing and easy to digest, it does not trigger allergenic or opiate responses, and helps heal the gut and infections, protecting and enhancing the immune system.

Considering the vast qualities of camel milk, theres seems no limit to the range of maladies that it many help address. ;The positive reports from parents are exciting camel milk holds great promise, and future study and clinical experience will be valuable. From parents to professionals like Dr. Yagil, I am intrigued and enthused about the value and healing properties of camel milk for people with a wide variety health conditions.

Camel milk would be a wonderful addition to people on special diets such as GAPS. Im drinking it, and so is my baby.

Remain connected to my blog to learn of my clinical experience with camel milk!



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Where To Buy Camel Milk

If you live in the Middle East, parts of Africa, China, Russia, or northern parts of the Indian subcontinent, fresh camel milk is easily available. In some of these countries, you can even buy at the supermarket.

If you live outside of these countries or in an area where camel rearing is non-existent, your best bet is to buy camel milk powder online. Or buy in the capsule form, which is more convenient and taken with you to work or whenever you are away from home. Both forms are available on

Drinking camel milk on a regular basis gives our body a stronger immune system to protect against most viruses

References And Further Reading

  • Toxic effect of aluminum
  • This content is accurate and true to the best of the author√Ęs knowledge and does not substitute for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment, prescription, and/or dietary advice from a licensed health professional. Drugs, supplements, and natural remedies may have dangerous side effects. If pregnant or nursing, consult with a qualified provider on an individual basis. Seek immediate help if you are experiencing a medical emergency.

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    Camel Milk And Skin Diseases Treatment

    The influence of camel milk consumption and its effect on the skin has been of concern of researchers. Presence of vitamin C in the milk imparts antioxidant skin tissue protective activities. Vitamin C is also necessary to produce collagen protein as it helps the growth of cells and blood vessels and consequently imparts strength and firmness to the skin. Vitamin C also protects the skin from free radicals which causes some skin problems such wrinkles and dryness . Furthermore, it has been reported that following to camel milk consumption, the protein is digested, and bioactive peptides are generated. This peptide act as natural anti-oxidants and ACE inhibitors . In a cosmeceutical study about camel milk, it has been concluded that the milk contains skin friendly and anti-aging agents which make skin tissue feel comfortable . That’s why Prophet Muhammad recommended camel milk for the treatment of skin as mentioned in the introduction. This is the miracle of prophecy. Since without having knowledge, he recommended that.

    Surprising Benefits Of Camel Milk

    We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Heres our process.

    For centuries, camel milk has been an important source of nutrition for nomadic cultures in harsh environments like deserts.

    Its now commercially produced and sold in many countries, as well as available online in powdered and frozen versions.

    With cows and various plant- and animal-based milks readily at your disposal, you may wonder why some people choose camel milk.

    Here are 6 benefits of camel milk and 3 downsides.

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    May Pose Ethical Concerns

    Camel milk has been consumed in many Eastern cultures throughout history but has only recently become a commercialized food trend in Western societies.

    This means that camels are being imported to areas in which they dont traditionally live, such as the United States, where camel dairy farms are being created to produce milk on a larger scale .

    Many people argue that humans dont need to drink milk from other mammals and that doing so exploits these animals, including cows, goats, and camels.

    Many camel farmers report that the animals are not well adapted to machine milking and that selective breeding is needed to boost their milk production and improve the ease of milking them .

    Therefore, some people avoid camel milk and other types of animal-based milk due to ethical concerns.


    Camel milk is more expensive than other types of milk, as demand outweighs supply in most Western countries. The milk carries a high risk of harmful organisms, as its most often sold raw. Plus, some consumers have ethical concerns.

    Camel Milk Use In Autism And Related Disorders: Treatment Current Science And Challenges

    Autism (& Camel Milk) in India- Christina Adams

    11th International Veterinary Congress

    Christina Adams

    Keynote: J Vet Sci Technol

    Abstract :
    Biography :

    Christina Adams is the author of A Real Boy: A True Story of Autism, Early Intervention and Recovery, the story of how she stopped her sons unexpected descent into autism and illness and won him a second chance for a full life. Her work and writing appears in leading international publications and her patient case report Autism treated with camel milk has been cited many times and increased global industry interest.

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    Camel Milks Healing Power

    Research and experience from an increasing number of people around the world demonstrate that camel milk facilitates healing in our bodies. Camel milk has many unique and amazing properties.

    Heres some quick research:

    • Camel milk has been shown to heal food allergies and gut problems. The antibodies and immune properties of camels milk contribute to its wonderful viral and bacterial fighting abilities.
    • It is particularly helpful in addressing immune system dysregulation in various forms.; Camel milk can support and help people with autoimmune conditions, including autism, heal.
    • A research study by Dr. Reuven Yagil shows camel milk has positive results in children with autism.
    • Camel milk contains insulin and is effective in diabetes , including gestational diabetes .

    Since children with autism routinely have immune system challenges: inability to fight bacterial, viral and other infections, and states of chronic inflammation, allergy, and autoimmunity, camel milk has promising health and healing benefits.

    Camels are built differently than any other animal. Camels are not ruminants but are Tylopodes and have three stomachs, but they do ruminate.; They can survive in incredibly harsh climates, and are able to live without water for 30 days at a time , while still producing high quality milk. ;Imagine that! ;A large part of camel milks healing power stems from the unique and hardy immune system of camels, its unlike any other mammal.

    Research On Camel Milk Health Benefits

    Below are several works of research that confirm and document the benefits of camel milk:

    • Children with Lactose Intolerance: Gulf News reported that studies by Pediatric Allergy-Immunology Clinics of the Hamad Medical Corporation showed children who are allergic to cow’s milk can safely take camel’s milk.
    • Camel Milk for Cancer Cure: Studies at both King Saud University, Saudi Arabia, and the University of Alberta, Canada showed successful applications of camel milk for cancer treatment
    • Autism and Camel Milk: Prof. Reuven Yagil of Ben-Gurion University, Israel feeds camel milk to autistic children and concluded that it has a positive effect on treating autism.
    • Hepatitis C Virus and Hepatitis E Virus: Studies show positive results with camel milk in impeding the growth of HCV and Hepatitis E Virus. These studies were published in Virology Journal .
    • Is Pasteurized Camel Milk Effective?: The Bedouins believed that only fresh camel milk is effective in healing ailments. However, studies by Dr. Millie Hinkle showed positive results for similar ailments when using the pasteurized camel milk.

    For more published reports and bodies of research, see the “Reference and Further Reading” section below.

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    Q: What Inspired Camel Crazy Whats The Back Story

    Affiliate Disclosure:

    I was at a childrens book fair in Orange County, California. I was a newly separated mother of a 7-year-old son with autism. Id just spent five years researching and publishing articles and a book about autism and medical issues. While my son was happily reading a book in the grass, I was bored and saw a camel nearby. Being a journalist by training, I wondered, why is a camel here if no kids are riding it? I saw the owner nearby selling soaps and lotions made with camel milk. Out of curiosity, I asked him, What else do they do with the milk? He said it was given to premature infants in Middle Eastern hospitals, as it was thought to be non-allergenic and might be close to human breast milk. I immediately had the idea that it might help reboot my sons immune system and help his autism symptoms, as they are often tied to immune dysfunction in kids with autism spectrum disorders. I also thought it would be a great dairy substitute for other people who couldn’t tolerate regular dairy. Cow milk and cheese made him hand-flap and walk in circles, signs of autism, which he described as feeling like having dirt in my brain. Vegan substitutes like rice, nut, or soy increased his allergic response, as seen in blood tests.

    Camel Milk And Autism: Discussion Research And Studies

    Camel Milk Benefits

    Camel milk has been a center of discussion in the health community for the last few years. It has already been into medicinal practices for several health issues. A quick surf of the internet would help you find out the stories of the camel milk and its medicinal effects on chronic illness. A lot of other studies have thrown light on camel milk and autism recovery and research.

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