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Clothes For Autistic Adults

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Neurodiversity Sweatshirts And T

Autism And Clothing Sensory Issues (Autistic People Dress The Same?)

Neurodiversity is part of nature I think too many people forget that. Being autistic in a neurotypical world isnt easy, but maybe were the next stage in human evolution. If the human race manages to survive another 500 years without burning, flooding, and polluting our planet into an uninhabitable hellscape, it would not surprise me if our future society values knowledge, creativity, and simplicity, instead of the overwhelming sensory chaos we live in today. I feel most at peace in nature, and if you do too, youll love these sweatshirts and short-sleeved shirts made by a neurodivergent artist.

Theme : Awareness Of The Fabrics

This theme was related to fabrics which exist within the everyday living environments of participants, including, clothes as exemplified by Participant 8 :

I am constantly aware to a large extent on what I am wearing.

Participants stressed the importance of both fabrics in their surroundings and the ones they were in physical contact with, since such encounters affect their wellbeing. This theme therefore encompassed four sub-themes: Visible vs Invisible fabrics Restrictiveness Labels, Tags, and Seams Associations.

Visible vs Invisible Fabrics

This sub-theme related to fabrics and textures that were in the participants everyday lives and surroundings, which could either be seen, or which were attention-grabbing for them. Participants mentioned being concerned about irritating furnishings used in public spaces.

I guess sometimes the library. Like the chairs are kind of itchy .

Schools should not use that horrible carpet .

I went on the bus earlier and it was actually quite itchy .

Some expressed aversion towards noisy fabrics and textures, even if they were not visibly discomforting.

you could hear the motion. I dont like the sound of anything going over this material because it makes my head feel a little weird .

when you rub it you can hear that noise which annoys me .

Other participants expressed negative side effects of their encounters with unwanted fabrics in the environment.

Feeling of the Clothes

Labels, Tags, and Seams


Benefits Of Adaptive Clothing For Children With Autism

Adaptive clothing is often ideal for children with sensory issues as it can be more comfortable and have fewer potential irritants. Seams and tags and scratchy clothing like jeans can overstimulate their system and make it difficult to focus or be comfortable for someone with sensory issues.

Parents have long had to search for specific features in clothes to make children comfortable and find something that they will willingly wear. The adaptive clothing market is on the rise as brands are starting to understand just how many people can benefit from these specialty clothing aspects.

Some of the features of adaptive clothing that can be especially comforting for children with autism include the following:

  • Faux buttons or magnetic closure buttons
  • Thumbhole cuffs on jackets to keep sleeves in place
  • Shoes without tie laces

Adaptive clothing can also encourage independence and help to instill a sense of pride and confidence in children by providing them with an opportunity to be able to dress themselves. The simple closures, elastic waists, and loose-fitting clothing can make adaptive clothing easier to put on than traditional clothing lines. Children with autism often need extra encouragement and help getting dressed. Adaptive clothing can offer a more child-friendly alternative to this important life skill.

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Ways To Help An Autistic Child Deal With Clothing Issues:

Helping your child live in comfort means, first and foremost, figuring out what your child is experiencing. Some children on the autism spectrum will experience

  • Issues with binding around arms and legs
  • Sensitivity to elastic
  • An aversion to a particular texture

You can help your child deal with these issues by finding clothing designed to:

  • Be Soft: Many clothing manufacturers are using soft materials for childrens clothing. Brushed and combed cotton is generally a good choice of fabrics for your autistic child. Although many blended materials feel soft to the touch, you should also be aware that your child may struggle with feeling too warm in synthetic fabrics as they do not breathe as well as natural fabrics.
  • Allow Ease of Movement: Pre-washed fabrics and athletic wear often work well for children on the autism spectrum. Many children on the autism spectrum will find denim stiff and frustrating due to binding waistlines and difficult closures. Choosing athletic wear rather than bluejeans is often an easy solution for daily school wear. If your child is interested in jeans, look for prewashed comfortably stretchy denim. You may want to look for jeans with elastic waists if your child struggles with snaps and zippers as well.

Other ways to help your autistic child deal with clothing related issues include:

Theme : Coping Strategies


The final theme concerned coping strategies reported by all of the participants, and how the development of these was pivotal for their everyday lives, since these strategies enabled them to eliminate to some extent their negative tactile-related-symptoms, and encourage positive ones. The current dominant theme certain three sub-themes: Avoidance Escape To Feel Nice.

One participant gave a unique and clear perspective on how she/he perceived tactile defensiveness:

If everything was cottony and bland and boring, I wouldnt know what I dont like and what I prefer. So, its almost having that balance of having that experience of fabrics and knowing okay, well this is what I do and dont like .


This sub-theme related to how all participants expressed their strategies towards unwanted stimulation to prevent negative physical and psychological symptoms of tactile defensiveness. Some used strategies through their choices of fabrics and textures.

its easier when you are an adult because you can choose your own clothes .

I kind of have to pick my clothes quite wisely and even like furniture and stuffRegarding my house, I chose it, so I already made sure that none of the furniture was made out of anything I didnt like. .

Participants discussed that they frequently used strategies when choosing their clothes, like for example touching and feeling the clothes first before buying them.


To Feel Nice

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Why Preventa Wear Clothing

Here at Preventa Wear, LLC our special needs clothing lines cater to those with incontinence and their caregivers. In the years we have been in business, we have worldwide repeat satisfied customers repeatedly ordering our special needs clothing. Our child and adult special needs bodysuits and child and adult onesies were created for absolutely anyone with any degree of incontinence.

These preventive undergarments and special needs bodysuits can help. Prevent challenging behaviors with our products. In fact, some of our customers have reported that after using the preventive undergarment, the fecal smearing, diaper digging, and disrobing behaviors stop after time! Our special needs clothing was made with you in mind! One thing that is important to us is discretion and maintaining dignity and pride. All of our special needs clothing and child and adult special needs bodysuits and child and adult onesies are made to go under any outfit. No one will know they are being worn.

Whats Next For Born Anxious

The plan for Born Anxious is to continue campaigning and raising awareness. We also want to continue to raise money for our charities which are, Anna Kennedy Online, SNAAP, The Kent Autistic Trust to really make a difference.

Do you struggle to find sensory clothing that fits? Born Anxious range of clothing is fantastic for those with SPD and is available in sizes XS-XXL. Shop the collection here.

Do you want to see more sensory clothing available for big and tall men? Let us know in the comments below.

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Adaptive Clothing Brands I Buy For My Autistic Son

I have always have been a little extra when it comes to my kids clothing. As a former fashion editor and stylist, I envisioned what my kids style would be. But as many parents know, that only lasts so long. I now let my oldest wear what he likes. But my youngest, who turns 5 this month, is on the Autism Spectrum. Although he doesnt possess his brothers fashionista, diva-like behavior towards clothes he has a way of letting me know what works for him clothing-wise.

PsstSteps to Take If You Think Your Child is on the Autism Spectrum

I tend to mix his clothing with labels I have purchased for years and combine them with brands that design adaptive clothing with kids like my child in mind. I really appreciate these brands, so a big thank you to the design teams!

Here are 5 brands that I shop for my Autistic son:

Wearing Compression Garments May Improve Behavior Posture Of Some Individuals With Asd

Autism AND Clothing/Personal Style| Purple Ella

Full-body compression garments may significantly improve the posture and behavior of some individuals with autism spectrum disorders , according to a new study. Vincent Guinchat and colleagues note that compression garments are already used for individuals with joint hypermobility, including those with Ehlers-Danlos syndromea syndrome sometimes associated with autism.

In this study, the researchers explored whether the garments would also benefit individuals with ASD, severe behavior problems, and severe proprioceptive dysfunction . Proprioception involves the understanding of where the body is in space, and abnormalities seen in SPD include hypotonia, hypertonia, abnormal posture, poor balance, and motor control, and stereotyped behaviors such as spinning.

The researchers analyzed results for 14 children and adults treated with compression garments at their facility. All participants had severe behavior problems that had not responded to multiple forms of treatment, and clinicians had performed extensive testing to rule out possible medical explanations.

The customized compression garments used by the researchers included pants, vests, and mittens, and allowed for a full range of motion. Participants wore them for at least one hour each day, but typically for at least 4 hours and often the entire day, for six weeks. They were not allowed to sleep in them .

This article also appears in Vol. 34, No. 3, 2020, of Autism Research Review International

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Tactile Challenges For Sensitive Women

  • Wear loose-fitting clothing that is tag-free. Some women wear a bathing suit or body suit under their clothes. They find the deep compression calming.
  • Choose clothes with natural fibers, like cotton, jersey, silk, or fleece. Try on clothing and move around in it before you purchase it, paying attention to how the fabric moves and feels on your skin.
  • Express your intimate needs to your partner. If caressing makes you flinch or causes painful tickling, tell your partner what is better.
  • Use makeup and other skin products made for sensitive skin. They are usually less greasy and bonus fragrance-free.
  • If hugging is uncomfortable to you, offer a handshake and a pat on the shoulder instead.

Oral Challenges For Sensitive Women

  • Get creative in the kitchen. If you dislike meat or other chewy foods, find different ways to prepare them. Make soups and stews that have soft textures. Consider pureeing some foods.
  • Use a child-sized toothbrush and toothpaste for sensitive teeth if youre prone to gagging.
  • Schedule your dental appointments for later in the day. Gagging reflexes are worse in the morning.

Many children with hypersensitivities work with occupational therapists, to help them adjust to a sensory-challenging world. Its harder to find professional help for adults. Visit the SPD Foundation website at There you can read more about SPD and search a directory of service providers who work with children and adults. The list includes dentists, doctors, OTs, and psychotherapists. Finding practical strategies for dealing with your hypersensitivities will make the world a lot friendlier.

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Hanna Anderson For Super Soft Clothing For Kids With Sensory Needs

I knew of Hanna Anderson before I was a parent, and it was a brand I often used for kids photoshoots. Now, as a mom to a child with Autism, I find this clothing line, founded in 1983 and based on Scandinavian principles, to be a staple in my childs wardrobe. The clothing is super soft, which is vital for kids with sensory sensitivities. Lucky for me, my oldest sons Hanna Anderson hand-me-downs are now used on my youngest, and I especially love the pajamas for their extra softness, long sleeves, and pants.

Kozie Clothes Adaptive Medical And Sensory Clothing


Many parents know that weighted blankets and sensory clothing can be significant benefits for a child with special needs. Kozie is founded by a mom of six who is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist with a Certification in Sensory Integration, Sensory Enrichment Therapy, and SIPT testing, so this is a brand that gets it and is worth adding to your childs wardrobe. I personally love the Unisex Sensory Compression Pants, which are compression pants of a 4-way stretch fabric that my son can move freely in.

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Clothing Label Helping Children And Adults With Autism

We were approached by Kellie Barker, owner of clothing label Born Anxious back in April to see if we could help generate some PR for her new clothing label which helps children and adults with autism. Six months on and Born Anxious is growing daily and has become not just the go to place to buy comfortable clothing for children and adults, but it has also gained a new Ambassador and continues to build postitive relationships with major influencers in the autism world.

It has been a great experience working with Kellie and learning more about autism and the incredible talent she has in helping other people. Being a PR Agency in Kent, we are very local to Kellie which has made media training and media interviews incredibly easy. During the past few months Kellie has appeared in numerous media including print, broadcast and online. These include: live interview on KMTV, KMFM, live radio interview with Eammon Holmes on Talk Radio, BBC South East News, Sun Online, The Metro, News Hook India, Uber Euro podcast. Pick Me Up Magazine , double page feature on Born Anxious.

Kellie is probably the most energetic of all of our clients, we are enjoying watching her flourish and also love being part of her journey! Heres a little bit more about this amazing girl!

See Kai Run For Fit And Comfy Shoe Wearing Is Not Too Heavy For Sensory Sensitivities

Years ago, a fellow parenting editor told me that Velcro was a great mom hack for shoes when kids are young. Not having to tie laces helps you get out the door on a busy morning, and for your child, they learn to put on their shoes at a young age. For my child with Autism, Velcro tabs are key. My son loves the See Kai Run shoes for their fun prints and not so heavy soles that many sneakers tend to have because it looks cool. But for kids with Autism, a chunky sneaker style can be too heavy and uncomfortable to wear. Considerate design points in clothing for our ASD kids is essential and helps with their independence. On a recent morning, I walked in to find my boy putting his shoes on and closing the tabs, and that was it I was done for the day pure joy for this mom.

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Black Autistic Lives Matter T

Black autistic people experience a very high rate of discrimination and violence at the hands of institutions and individuals. You can show your support of this community and the larger BLM movement with this t-shirt and check out more neurodiversity t-shirts from this designer as well.

Kellie Barker Founder Of Born Anxious

24 Hours In Autism Sensory Clothing ONLY

Kellie Barker lives in Herne Bay, Kent and is a mother to three children and her youngest child Oscar suffers from autism. At 18 months old Oscar was given the diagnosis of autism, global delay and absence epilepsy. Now five, Oscar faces many difficulties, one of which is wearing clothes with uncomfortable labels sewn into the seams, which causes discomfort and also itching.

Following Oscars diagnosis, Kellie grew more familiar with children and adults who have disabilities and autism and noticed they all have their very own traits and needs, just like Oscar. This gave her the inspiration to set up Born Anxious and what she could do for children, parents, and caregivers to make life just a little bit easier. Her two main objectives, which were to make clothes as comfortable as possible, whilst also remaining planet friendly and to hold important information that will aim to help not only the child, but also the caregiver

Oscar is also pre-verbal and can display unpredictable behaviours and reactions to the world surrounding him, which becomes difficult within a community that may not understand that he needs a wider birth than others. Kellies clothing ranges come with messages printed on the clothing such as: BEE KIND, I HAVE AUTISM, IM ANXIOUS, MY MUMS WINGING IT, I DONT LIKE LOUD NOISE. Bespoke messages, personal to the parent and child can also be printed on the clothing and accessory range.

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Welcome To Sensory Friendly Clothing

The sensory and emotionally regulating clothing brand that aims to improve the daily lives of people living with sensory needs and anxiety.

The feeling of clothing persistently irritating the skin can be exhausting, overwhelming or even aggravating for a person with sensory processing difficulties.

Studies show that when people with additional needs are provided with sensory friendly clothing, their stress levels often decrease due to the absence of irritations caused by regular clothing brands. Thats where the brand Sensory Friendly Clothing comes into play. Designed in Melbourne by a neuro-divergent qualified Occupational Therapist, these products aim to improve the daily lives of people living with sensory needs as well as anxiety.

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