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Understanding Autism: A Guide for Secondary School Teachers (Part 1)

Best Sites To Get Free Stuff For Disabled Children With Special Needs

Are you taking care of a disabled child with special needs? Discover some generous charities, foundations and grants to books, bikes and benefits. Find list of places that can help out with free stuff for kids with disabilities. Though cost of raising a child can quadruple for a kid with special needs, but there are generous organizations offering free goods, services and grants for those caring for special needs kids. If you are a parent of a kid with down syndrome or special needs and are stretched with medical expenses and therapy bills, worry no more. Every year billions of dollars worth of free government money is given out to millions of people, mostly the disabled and special needs kids.


Freebies For Kids With Autism At Home During Coronavirus

Most of us are in a situation where we have to stay at home or shelter-in-place with schools closed for the remainder of the school year. Luckily several companies have offered their virtual services for free to help entertain and educate children during this extended time at home. Many of these could be great for your child with autism or special needs.

We put together a list of suggestions from our customer care moms with kids with special needs and other free offers weve seen so far. Included are free TV shows, movies, classes, music, exercise classes, virtual tours, and more. If youve found anything thats really helped keep your kids with special needs busy and has helped you keep your sanity, please share so we can add to the list.

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Free Letters & Postcards

Where To Find Current Free Offers For Kids

How to Keep Students with Autism Focused *FREEBIE*

The availability and types of free items that children can receive by mail change frequently. As a result, it’s very helpful to have a few websites that you can check to get updated information on what’s available. Some great resources include:

  • Vonbeau:Vonbeau lists a variety of free offers for kids, some of which are through the mail. Offers include activity pages, giveaways at major chain stores, and photo books. The best thing about this site is that it lists the date each freebie was added to the list, so you know how recent the offer is.
  • Freaky Freddie’s:Freaky Freddie’s has a wide variety of current freebie lists, including one specifically for children. You can find safety kits, animal bookmarks, activity books, and information about free events at major chain stores.
  • Freeflys:Freeflys is a freebie site that requires you to register for a free account with your mailing address or Facebook connection to click through to free offers. However, you can find out about freebies and then use Google to access them directly if you prefer. You can find information about free samples, craft projects, birthday calls, coloring books, and more!

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Transportation Discounts For People With Disabilities

Tip: Different states offer varying public transportation discounts for people with disabilities. Check your local transit agency or transport system to learn more about their offers and eligibility requirements.

  • Amtrak:Amtrak provides discounts for both adults and children with disabilities. For adults, you can get a 10% discount, while kids can claim a 50% discount on top of the 10% discount on the childrens fare. Furthermore, passengers with disabilities who are traveling on Downeaster trains may receive a 50% discount. A 10% discount will also be given to individuals who are traveling with a person with a disability as their companion. See more Amtrak deals.

Employment For People With Disabilities

  • BroadFutures: Young adults with disabilities can look for gainful opportunities for training, paid internships, and employment through BroadFutures.
  • Job Accommodation Network: The Job Accommodation Network provides free, expert, and confidential guidance with regard to job accommodation solutions to individuals with medical conditions or disabilities.
  • US Department of Labor : The US Department of Labor is an invaluable resource for persons with disabilities who are seeking assistance for training and employment. They also have an Employment and Training Administration that offers grant programs for people with disabilities looking to find employment. The ETA provides access to training services, vocational rehabilitation services, and more to persons with disabilities through its Ticket to Work and Self-Sufficiency Program.

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Autism Resources Available In All States

I know first-hand how hard it can be to find freeautism resources. Ive compiled a list of free autism resources, available in all 50 states. There are some grants, waiver programs, free items, and more. Comment on this post if you know of any more autism resources available in the United States and Ill add them to the list.

  • Medicaid Waiver:The Katie Beckett Waiver is a federal waiver that is intended for children from birth to 18 years of age with a chronic disability. It entitles children to Medicaid that would not otherwise qualify due to their parents financial status. It originally was intended for children at risk of institutionalization. Check out this website for a list of all kids Medicaid waiver programs by state.
  • Free diapers with autism diagnosis, over the age of 3: If your child has autism while also experiencing incontinence, you will need a prescription from their healthcare provider for pediatric incontinence products. You will also need a signed letter of medical necessity that explains why the products are needed. The letter will include a list of the medical supplies to be used, and how many disposable supplies will be needed on a monthly basis. This letter must be signed within the last year. to apply.
  • Free genetic testing with SPARK: SPARK is the largest genetic study of autism ever. Its free. They send you a a saliva kit, you mail it back and thats it. Theyll email you if they find anything. Sign up here.

Free Printables And Activities For Kids

ABA Autism Training – Chapter 1 – The Discrete Trial

1) Lego Activities Need some fun Lego building challenges to keep your kiddos engaged and occupied this summer? Find everything you need for these fun Lego challenges at Saving Talents. Want more? Heres a 28 day STEM Lego Building Challenge from Attachment Mummy.

2) Dinosaur Memory Game Have a fan of dinos? They will adore this freebie for kids! You can print out a free dinosaur memory game for your child at Simple Everyday Mom.

3) Cut & Paste Letter Crafts Need a quiet activity? This will do the trick! You can grab 5 Free Cut & Paste Letter Crafts from Paper Heart Family! Need more free kids stuff? Head over to Making Learning Fun for more free cut & pastes.

4) Cheerio Snacktivity Placemat You can score your own Cheerio Snacktivity Placemat at U Ready, Teddy? Perfect for keeping those little ones busy!

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Learn To Create A Progress Nook For Your Child At Home In 7 Days

Receive 7 emails 1 email each day for FREE that will teach you exactly what to do, then receive emails once per week with fun learning activities for your child

Thank you! You will receive your first email in a few minutes and be able to take the first step towards creating a PROGRESS NOOK for your little one!

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We know that you value your personal information, and we strive to protect your privacy as if it were our own. The Autism Treatment Center of America uses of your information is limited to the ways outlined in this notice, except as required by law and/or to comply with a judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on us.

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Free Stuff For Autistic Children Help Child With Autism Thrive

Parents are never prepared for anything other than their childs happiness and well-being. A diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder , can be particularly frightening. You may be concerned how to raise your child best if they have ASD.

You should be aware that many treatment options can help children overcome developmental difficulties and learn new skills. So, an autistic child can get support in many ways. For these including free federal assistance, in-home behavioural therapy, and school-based programs. Helping autistic children thrive, grow and learn is possible with the help of the free stuff.

Grants Available Through Other Organizations

Sharing The Love! SLP Tips For Students With Autism

OASN does not offer grants directly to families.

Families residing in the state of FL are eligible for services we provide at our facility, not grants. Grants listed below have not been checked recently. Please contact each organization listed below to ensure they are still offering grants currently.

Autism CaresThis Autism Cares webpage contains a direct link to the registration process for a Financial Support Award. These Awards are granted on a monthly basis to families who have experienced a qualifying event such as loss of employment. The maximum award per family is $1000.

Autism Family Resources GrantsOne-time $500 grants are awarded to families in financial need household income may not exceed $50,000 per year. All funds awarded are paid directly to the vendor or service provider to pay for therapy equipment, safety equipment or services. Email requests for an application along with name, address, phone number and email address to: .

Helping Hands Program, National Autism AssociationProvides families with financial assistance to obtain medically necessary treatments, lab testing, and physician-recommended supplements for their child with autism. This program does not provide funding for ABA or other types of therapy, camp tuition, respite care, fencing, trampolines etc. Funding is extremely limited. Annual net income must not exceed $50,000. Visit NAA for more information.

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Free Tv Movies And Music For Kids

has made several kids shows and movies available for free during this time.

Sling TV is offering its service for free for 14 days with no credit card required and access to 45 live channels and over 50,000 on-demand shows.

PBS Kids offers great kids programming and also several other free resources to help families. Sign up for their daily newsletter for activities for each day.

Medical Equipment & Devices

There are many agencies that provide free durable medical equipment. These devices are usually reused and refurbished. You can find a local center near you with this map from Pass It On Center.

Building Blocks for Kids

This agency provides grants for specific financial needs. If you need a specific treatment or apparatus, this grant may be able to assist. However, you must live in the greater Cincinnati area.

Danny Did Grant Program

This program provides financial assistance to those who need seizure detection and seizure prevention devices. These devices are intended to help reduce epilepsy-related mortality . For more information about their grant program, click here.

Hike Fund, Inc.

The Hike Fund Inc. provides hearing devices to children with hearing loss. Children are defined as those younger than 20 years old. You must demonstrate financial need to qualify. More info here.

This agency is a great autism resource for families who have uncovered needs. Grants of up to $3,000 can be used to offset care costs. funds are only available to patients in the St. Louis Childrens Hospital Network.

Kyas Krusade

Families with special needs may be able to receive art therapy and financial assistance from Kyas Krusade. The grants are available for adaptive equipment and occupational therapy not covered by insurance.

Miracle Ear

Parker Lee Project

Stepping Stones for Stella

United Healthcare Childrens Foundation

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Talk To Your Insurance Company

Begin by contacting your insurance company. Find out what you are allowed under Durable Medical Equipment and talk to a case manager about having an iPad covered through your DME .

If you are going the insurance route youâre going to want to have a clear reason why you want the iPad. You canât just say, âI hear theyâre great for special needs kids!â Do your research and know which apps in particular you want to use and which needs they will be addressing.

For example, I think it makes perfect sense to ask your insurance company to cover an iPad if you plan to use it as a communication device. You can argue that an app like Proloquo2go would be beneficial for your child and would cost much less than stand alone communication equipment . Be sure to request that your insurance also covers the communication app, though, since those can also cost hundreds of dollars.

On the other hand, if you just want to play with the iPad and use it to help teach your child about cause-and-effect or how to take turns , Iâm sure the insurance company would turn you down. Your childâs need for the iPad should be very clear.

Free Big Red Safety Box For Autism Caregivers Only

Girls with autism vs Boys in autism mode

Important Note: When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Content, pricing, offers and availability are subject to change at any time – more info.

Do you care for someone with autism? If you dont mind proving it, the National Autism Association will give you a Big Red Safety Box free of charge that is full of safety tools. If you are a caregiver in the US and over 18 years of age head on over and apply. I cant test this one as I dont qualify but it looks like a good offer.

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Free Sign Language Tools For Autism Families

Adapted sign language is simple to put in place and a wonderful tool to help your child learn to communicate whether he or she is already speaking or not yet making sounds, when properly taught, sign language can be a very efficient tool for increasing the frequency and fluency of communication with children with a variety of special needs, including autism.

Get started with sign language by downloading your free signing poster.

Fabulous And Free Autism Resources For Teachers And Parents

This collection of free autism resources will help you choose fun and engaging activities for your child with autism. These activities will help you build communication, interaction, self-help and sensory skills, while also helping you to decrease frustration and meltdowns. Sound good? Bookmark this page because you will want to come back to it again and again. For the best autism activities for parents, teachers and therapists, get my autism activities workbook bundle.

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