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What Does Autism Do To The Brain

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Autistic People May Act In A Different Way To Other People

Autism Study Shows Link to Brain Overgrowth

Autistic people may:

  • find it hard to communicate and interact with other people
  • find it hard to understand how other people think or feel
  • find things like bright lights or loud noises overwhelming, stressful or uncomfortable
  • get anxious or upset about unfamiliar situations and social events
  • take longer to understand information
  • do or think the same things over and over

If you think you or your child may be autistic, get advice about the signs of autism.

How Is Autism Spectrum Disorder Treated

There is no cure for autism, but treatment can make a big difference. The younger kids are when they start treatment, the better.

Doctors, therapists, and special education teachers can help kids learn to talk, play, and learn. Therapists also help kids learn about making friends, taking turns, and getting along.

Let Them Find Out That You Love Them But Hate Their Autism

This point is a step up from #4, only far more personal.

And yes, I am well aware that lots of people feel this way, parents in particular. Some have even written articles and blog posts entitled;why I love my child but hate his/her autism. And I get it- watching vulnerable children struggle is a dreadful experience, and even more so if theyre your own. Hating the condition that holds them back is quite a natural response.

But bloody hell, it can be damaging.

Why? Well, imagine that a childs mother makes the mistake of saying the sentence I love my child but hate their autism in a place where the child can overhear her. The child will take one very significant message from that, and one which;will definitely stick with them:

Wow a part of me is;so dreadful that even my mother cant love it.

Everyone struggles with their personal demons. Everyone.;And some people only cope with their demons based on how well other people let them cope.

When someone knows you hate their;autism, you are bringing those;demons to life. You are giving their demons a name, and you are giving those demons authority.

More than anything, you are saying that the child is right to be fearful and hateful towards a large part of themselves.

If youve reached the end of this and still love the child but hate their autism, thats your right to do so.

But please, for the childs sake, please never let them find out.

Instead of talking about them as if theyre not in the room:

  • Love the child.

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What About The Terms High Functioning And Low

I was at an event recently where lots of kids were running around and met a mum who told me her son had an autism diagnosis but was very high functioning, almost normal.

Even leaving the whole normal discussion aside I wasnt sure how to reply in a way that was respectful to both her child and mine.

The terms high functioning and low functioning are shorthand terms that are often used but are light on details about an individual and mean very little.

The current diagnostic model for autism determines levels of support required in specific areas, not levels of functioning. There is no diagnosis of low- or high-functioning autism.

Mr Bonnello says these terms make a lot of autistic people cringe.

Its very rare that I meet an autistic person that does like the phrase high functioning, he says.

Thats for two reasons, because it obviously implies that theres a low functioning and I wouldnt use the term low functioning because it is an insult.

The other reason is because high functioning often gets interpreted as no additional needs â like autistic but got away with it.

Theres a quote I heard somewhere that low-functioning autism means your strengths are ignored and high-functioning autism means that your weaknesses are ignored.

The spectrum is not a line with low functioning at one end and high functioning at the other, and importantly how we all communicate and cope with the world changes from day to day and depending on the circumstances.

Understanding Autisms Effects On The Brain

how is the autistic brain different

Autism is a disorder of the brain that affects how people with the condition interact with others and the world around them. Autisms effects on the brain vary greatly depending on the individual as well as the severity of the disorder.

Autism is not a static condition. It occurs on a spectrum, with severe impairment on one end and a high level of functioning on the other. People with severe autism often do not speak very much; in some cases, they are completely nonverbal. They can have debilitating intellectual and cognitive impairments.

On the other hand, some people with high-functioning forms of autism have average IQs, even above average IQs, and can communicate verbally. Despite certain strengths, they may struggle to read nuance, body language, sarcasm, or subtext.

People with autism generally struggle in social situations. Their interests in certain topics can appear to be obsessive, to the exclusion of other interests and interactions with other people. When they become overwhelmed, they often perform repetitive behaviors to soothe themselves. Sometimes, these behaviors can be disruptive or even dangerous.

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Evaluation Of The Results

Patients were followed by means of periodic clinical evaluations made by the physician in charge. A monthly questionnaire was used to record treatment effects based on the answers given by the parents. Monthly standardized forms were filled out and contained questions covering the following symptom categories :

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder ;

Communication and Social Interaction Deficits ;

Cognitive Deficits ;

Sleep Disorders ;

Seizures .

Parents answered the initial questionnaires in August 2016 to assess the presence or absence of these symptoms before the onset of CE treatment. In the monthly questionnaires that followed for the next 9 months, until April 2017, the perceived percentage change for each symptom category was assessed. Clinical assessments and monthly records also included information regarding side effects and changes, maintenance, reduction, or withdrawal of neuropsychiatric drugs that were already in use .

The descriptive statistics in were plotted in MATLAB 2017a using the default settings of the boxplot function from the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox.

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    Ssi Disability Benefits For Autistic Children

    Learn how to show financial need and level of disability to qualify autistic children under age 18 for Supplemental Security Income/SSI disability payments.

    The purpose of Supplemental Security Income payments is to help disabled people, or their families, who have limited financial resources. Children with certain disabilities can be eligible for Social Security disability benefits beginning from birth. In the case of parents with autistic children, this money can help provide needed therapies and care to maximize a childs abilities and strengths.

    Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism

    Autism Brain: How Aspergers Affects YOU Learning (3 TOP Issues)

    No link has been found between vaccines and autism, despite many scientific studies. Researchers have scrutinized the measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine since a 1998 British report raised concerns. That report has been retracted by the Lancet medical journal for poor science and fraud. Thimerosol, a form of mercury, was removed from childhood vaccines in 2001 as a precaution — though no good evidence ever linked it to autism.

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    My Toddler Licks Literally Everything So I Asked 3 Doctors If I Should Be Freaking Out

    I have never paid so much attention to a tongue until I became a mom. Dont lick your brother, I remind my 2-year-old. We dont lick random cars!No mouth on the shopping cart! And, my personal favorite during pandemic times, Stop licking the floor at the doctors office! I wish I could say these were just hypothetical examples, but no, they all really happened . Toddlers are very curious, which is great most of the time. But for some reason, one way my son likes to explore the world around him is by licking things. Is this normal, and if so, why do they do this? I talked to two pediatricians and a psychologist to find out more.


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    Gender Differences In Males And Females With Asd

    The above information provides an overview of just some of the differences found in the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder when comparing males and females.

    In summary, males and females differ in the following ways when looking at the diagnosis of ASD:

    • males are diagnosed at a 4:1 ratio when compared to females
    • at a young age , females seem to have more motor deficits and lesson communication deficits when they are identified as meeting criteria for an ASD diagnosis at that time
    • as intelligence level increases, females are less likely to be diagnosed with ASD which may have to do with their ability to develop coping strategies to manage their life experiences despite having ASD
    • females may display different types of restrictive or repetitive behaviors as compared to males; sometimes these behaviors are less noticeable to outside observers


    Halladay, A.K., Bishop, S., Constantino, J.N. et al. Sex and gender differences in autism spectrum disorder: summarizing evidence gaps and identifying emerging areas of priority. Molecular Autism6, 36 doi:10.1186/s13229-015-0019-y

    Matheis, M., Matson, J.L., Hong, E. et al. J Autism Dev Disord 49: 1219.

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    Treatments For People With Autism

    There is no known cure for autism. For young children with autism, it is best to get help early. Ask about local early intervention and preschool programs. Adolescents and adults with autism also benefit from treatment to help them communicate better in school, at work, and in the community.

    A variety of specialists might work with a person with autism throughout their lifetime. These can include SLPs, audiologists, psychologists, special educators, vocational counselors, and job coaches.

    SLPs play an important role in autism treatment. They can help the person with autism build communication and social skills in various settings like home, school, and work. SLPs can also help the person learn to use AAC if they need help communicating. SLPs may work with the person alone or in small groups. Groups can help the person practice their skills with others.

    Depending on the persons needs, SLPs may work on some of the following skills:

    • Getting along with others in a variety of settings
    • Using appropriate communication behaviors
    • Transitioning from one task or setting to another
    • Accepting change and expanding interests, including trying new foods
    • Improving reading and writing skills

    For people with autism who are transitioning to work, SLPs can also

    • help them write cover letters;
    • practice interview skills; and

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    As A Neurotypical Dating Someone With Autism You May Need To Play The Role Of An Interpreter

    Autistically Beautiful : Parts of the Brain Affected by Autism

    Does this mean people with autism cant become better partners? No, thats not the case, they can grow a lot. But, as a neurotypical partner, its important to acknowledge you can grow, too. Your autistic partner is spending most of their waking hours in a world biased for neurotypical people and trying to interpret your neurotypical messages. However, their brain was not wired to process neurotypical messages easily. So as a neurotypical partner, you can help by playing the role of interpreter and explain what youre trying to tell them by saying what you mean.

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    Cannabis And Autism Behavioural Improvement

    Autistic Spectrum Disorder is an extensive developmental disorder that is expressed in almost all dimensions of the childs development. It is now common to refer to this disorder as a wide range of Pervasive Developmental Disorders in which there are various manifestations and symptoms.

    BGUs Dr Gal Meiri of the Negev Autism Center, said: We analysed the data prospectively collected as part of the treatment program of 188 ASD patients treated with medical cannabis between 2015 and 2017. The treatment in majority of the patients was based on cannabis oil containing 30% cannabidiol oil and 1.5% tetrahydrocannabinol . Symptoms, patient global assessment and side effects at six months were primary outcomes of interest and were assessed by structured questionnaires.

    The study was published in;Scientific Reports and showed that after six months of treatment, 30% of patients reported a significant improvement, 53.7% reported moderate improvement, and only 15% had slight or no change.

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    Additional Resources For Autism And Sensory Overload

    Autism Speaks, the worlds leading autism science and advocacy organization, along with other prominent organizations, provides resources to help autistic individuals and parents of children with autism or a sensory overload disorder, including the below:

    Autism is a lifelong condition for which there is no definitive cure. As a society continuing to learn more about autism, there are more and more ways to help support people who have it. Through early detection, as well as structured support and strategies to minimize symptoms, you can successfully manage the condition so that you or your family member can live a fulfilling life.

    Through this guide, we hope that youve increased your understanding of the world of an ASD person, particularly in the areas of noise sensitivities and other sensory overload challenges. We hope that you find the tips, advice and noise solutions for autism presented above to stop sensory overload helpful in managing the condition for yourself or your loved one.

    Soundproof Cow team member to learn more about soundproofing a home for individuals with autism.

    I have emailed a lot of different manufactures and I have to say your customer service is head and shoulders above all of them. I emailed your company at about 9pm my time and when I woke up the next morning you had already answered my question and then the follow up was a few hours later. I am impressed. Thanks a lot for the quick turn around!

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    What Are Some Common Signs Of Asd

    Even as infants, children with ASD may seem different, especially when compared to other children their own age. They may become overly focused on certain objects, rarely make eye contact, and fail to engage in typical babbling with their parents. In other cases, children may develop normally until the second or even third year of life, but then start to withdraw and become indifferent to social engagement.

    The severity of ASD can vary greatly and is based on the degree to which social communication, insistence of sameness of activities and surroundings, and repetitive patterns of behavior affect the daily functioning of the individual.

    Social impairment and communication difficultiesMany people with ASD find social interactions difficult. The mutual give-and-take nature of typical communication and interaction is often particularly challenging. Children with ASD may fail to respond to their names, avoid eye contact with other people, and only interact with others to achieve specific goals. Often children with ASD do not understand how to play or engage with other children and may prefer to be alone. People with ASD may find it difficult to understand other peoples feelings or talk about their own feelings.

    Changes In Autism Severity Over Time

    Your Child’s Autism Circuit: How Autism Works #autism

    The white matter research builds on a previous MIND Institute study, which found that while many children experience fairly stable levels of autism symptoms throughout childhood, a significant portion can be expected to increase or decrease in their symptom severity over time.

    This new analysis provides an important clue about the brain mechanism that may be involved in some of these changes, said Amaral.

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    Implications Of Changes In Dsm

    Differences in DSM-5 criteria for ASD in comparison to DSM-IV have led to debates regarding the impact on the prevalence of the disorder, as well as the diagnosis, and subsequently clinical practice.

    The DSM-5 taxonomy offers more stringent criteria for a diagnosis of ASD. The literature raises concern that individuals who used to get the diagnosis of Aspergers disorder, or Pervasive Developmental Disorder Not Otherwise Specified under DSM-IV, are now less likely to meet criteria for the ASD diagnosis by using DSM-5 and therefore will not be eligible for services. Studies also support the notion that young children and females may be at higher risk of being underdiagnosed according to the DSM-5 criteria. These results are of concern as children who are less impaired are more likely to benefit from early intervention, may now be least likely to qualify for such services.

    It is however important to note before the publication of DSM-5, there was a growing consensus among clinicians that subcategories of pervasive developmental disorders in DSM IV cannot be reliably diagnosed., Thus, despite the concerns of being a stringent criteria, efforts to conceptualize autism as a broad spectrum of disorders in the DSM-5 had met with less criticism by professionals. Several groups investigating the validity of shifting from a triadic model to a two-factor model have also yielded support for it.,

    Is There A Typical Dosage Of Cannabis For Treating Autism

    No. Every individual is different and will need something slightly different, and cannabis doesnt work for everyone.;

    Doctors always use the methodology of start low and go slow. Patients will always take a very tiny amount of cannabis and then increase slowly over time to prevent side effects and adverse events.

    Particularly with children, I start with the minimal dose possible. Theoretically, you can start with one milligram per kilo of CBD. However, I start much lower than that. Usually, Ill go with the minimal dose recommended by the producer or even lower. For example, if its by drop, I might start a child on one drop either twice or three times a day. Please remember this is not medical advice. Its simply an example everyone is a bit different.

    Remember, CBD is considered quite safe in humans, and some studies on epilepsy have used doses up to 50mg/kg.

    To give you an idea of how treatment can go, the maximum dose for CBD is 16mg/kg or up to 1g a day, but thats an extremely high dose. Research has been found one gram to be safe for adults .;

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