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Gifts For Adhd Adults

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Adhd Gift #: Creativity

5 AWESOME gifts for ADHDers!

Did you know that a mind that is never at rest is a mind thats creating and thinking? Growth relies on creative energies. Unexpectedly, ADHD adults flourish as well and churn on creative energies.

A few individuals see the creative gifts of ADHD as a significant advantage to adults. You must perceive creativity that way, as well. Keep in mind that ADHD adults often think out of the box. They flourish in settings, which require creative thinking.

Hence, a lot of businesses benefit from the creative energies of most adults with ADHD.

For Brains That Need Structure

No, I Refuse To Shut Up About My Bullet Journal

Did you know that the Bullet Journal method was created by someone who has ADHD? Thats likely why so many of us rave about it! The system is designed to help organize and index information we encounter on a daily basis, and use it to plan our days, weeks, months heck, our whole future if we want! with more ease and flow. Theyve just released the official Bullet Journal 2.0 today, so if you arent sure how to get started, the Bujo shop has everything you or your loved one needs to get into it.

The Anti-Procrastination Tool

This nifty dry-erase tool will walk you through your most intense, anxiety-provoking moments of procrastination. Using a flowchart, youll uncover the underlying fears that drive your procrastination, and find solutions to approach rather than avoid your anxiety. The Anti-Procrastination Board is on Etsy for $20.00, while there are of it available for just $5.

Your Daily Notepad

I have recommended this to many of my coaching clients, who continue to rave about it. This Day Planner Notepad from Abbie Ren Illustration is a fun tool to organize your day, including sections for people to email, a daily affirmation, meal planning, AND, of course, your top priorities. You can get the notepad, which has 50 sheets total, for $13.00 on Etsy.

Food Delivery Service Gift Card

When a person with ADHD gets hyper-focused they hardly want to break that concentration to do anything else- not even cook. so getting them a gift certificate from a food delivery service will serve them well. They will not have to worry about what to make for dinner and can just focus on their task. This is one of the best gifts for anyone with ADHD who struggles with meal planning or cooking.

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Elfa Utility Board Office Solution


If pens get lost in the teetering piles on your desk, you need a new organizational system specifically, one thats easy to install, easy to use, and easy to maintain. The elfa Utility Board a pegboard with an organizational twist is all three. Its large, durable design includes plenty of shelves, hooks, and nooks also making it an excellent Launch Pad for keys, wallet, a calendar, and even a cell-phone charging station. It installs in minutes, and once its up, it may just save your sanity.

Gaiam Classic Balance Ball Chair

7 Must

This balance ball chair is sturdy enough to hold up over time while also offering the maneuverability of wheels and the support of a back rest.

Why I love it:

  • ADHD brains are constantly seeking stimulation. The micromovements of tilting, rolling, bouncing and shifting that this chair encourages gives your brain the stimulation it craves so it doesnt have to go out and find it from your instagram thread.

  • The movement of a balance ball chair also helps keep your spine and core muscles strong and healthy, counteracting the core weakness that is often correlated with ADHD.

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Coach Eric Tivers On Helping Twice

Among the many myths and misunderstandings of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder is that exceptionally smart people cant have ADHD .

However, as Dr. Thomas Brown explains in The Mysteries of ADD and High IQ, ADHD has nothing to do with how smart a person is. Some individuals with ADD are super-smart on IQ tests, many score in the average range, and some are much lower. The difficulties from ADHD result not by lack of smarts, but by chronic inability to deploy their smarts in effective work and in getting along with other people.

Or, as Dr. Russell Barkley is famous for saying, ADHD is not a problem with knowing what to do it is a problem of doing what you know.

Ways My Adhd Is A Gift

Did you come here seeking a gift for an adult with ADHD? If so we recommend visiting our best ADHD books and gifts page.

Now and then someone will tell me that Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a gift. A big, fat, wonderful gift, rather than a problem, disorder, constant challenge, or, on bad days, a curse.

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Water Bottle With Built


Pill organizers are useful tools that are in desperate need of innovation. This gift idea is a step in the right direction. Taking medication just got more practical, convenient, and even stylish with this sleek water bottle and pill organizer combo. It ensures that your medication dosage is available and organized when you need it, and also that youll have water to take it. It comes in five appealing colors, and the lid is actually a portable cup which means you have one fewer excuse for not staying hydrated throughout the day.

Cozy Sherpa Weighted Blanket

How to Win Christmas: Fantastic Presents for People with ADHD

Get cozy and warm with this extremely soft and fuzzy velvet/sherpa weighted blanket. Its perfect for snuggling up on the couch or in bed and makes a perfect gift! Weighted blankets are a natural way to help calm your body for a restful night of sleep and are a great calming sensory blanket for both adults and children. Multiple colors and three different sizes are available.

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Happy Shopping And Happy Holidays

I hope this guide gave you useful gift ideas for your ADHD pal, even if that ADHD pal is you. Need more ideas from the ADHD community or want to add some of your own ideas? Check out the original that sparked my inspiration for this post.

From our family to yours, Inflow wishes you all a very happy holiday season!

Looking for support?

Inflow can help you thrive with ADHD and reach your full potential. Start your journey now by taking our quiz.

Good Shoes That Transition Between Work And Play: Keen Cross Strap Laceups

We know that exercise is really important for anyone, but especially for those of us with ADHD. Few natural ADHD strategies have shown any evidence of effectiveness, but exercise is one of them. As ridiculous as it might sound, one of the things that often prevents me from exercising is the need to change shoes and plan to have my tennis shoes. Blah blah blah

I found these keen shoes a while back that are cute enough to work in but comfortable and supportive enough to walk and play in. They were the perfect tool for overcoming the barrier that the extra step in needing my tennis shoes created. Taking a walk on my lunch break happens more frequently with these shoes. Being more active in general is more likely for me when I wear these shoes.

Although they are an unconventional recommendation in a Gift Guide for ADHD adults, they actually make a really thoughtful present and a great tool to help her get more exercise in. And who doesnt love a cute, comfy pair of shoes?

The come in a few different colors to choose from, too.

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Gifts For Children With Adhd

Motion TherapyHigh-energy kids need active play, especially when theyre cooped up indoors. Active gaming fills the bill. Check out Kinectfor Xbox 360. The players body acts as the controller. Kinect tracks your childs full-body movement in 3-D, while responding to commands, directions, even different emotions in his voice. Sports, fitness, dance, and animal games will be first off the assembly line.

Neat ThingsBuilding toys, like LEGO, are great for creative kids with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder , but, oh, the mess! This year, along with the latest Toy Storyor Harry PotterLEGO set, give your organizationally challenged child a LEGO ZipBin. When unzipped, it turns into a play mat, on which your child can construct buildings, airplanes, whatever. When zipped up, its a box or basket, depending on the model, which stores the bricks inside. Perfect for one-step cleanup.

Lets RollA Maze and Marbles is an interactive building toy that captures and holds our kids attention. The countless configurations of chutes, bridges, and drops, through which the marbles race, develop organizational and spatial skills. This hardwood version of the classic toy is sturdy, making it ideal for the rough play of kids with ADHD.

Acupressure Mat And Pillow Set

New Version 2017


An ADDitude reader favorite, this mat relieves tension and pain simply by lying on it for 10 to 30 minutes a day. Its spiky discs cover both your back and head/neck areas, which allows this mat to hit more pressure points than most products on the market. Since it helps calm tense muscles and relieve stress, its great to use before bedtime and can also be used not only while lying down, but also while sitting at a desk or on a couch. Its easy to wash, and its cover is removable.

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Gifts For Adults With Adhd

Finding the best gift for an adult with ADHD can be a challenge. If you want to get him or her a gift that will be appreciated, you will need to think outside the box. The problem is usually that people with ADHD have, in general, slightly different needs when it comes to gifts. To help you pick out a great present, I have made a list of a few great gift ideas for adults with ADHD.

The Chair That Helps Her Focus: Turnstone Bouy Stool

Back when I was doing internships for my Masters degree, I worked at a pediatric therapy clinic. They had this chair that I was completely in love with. I obsessed over this chair. I sat it in, acted like a complete idiot but definitely focused better and could stay much more engaged in conversation with my coworkers.

After I left that clinic I started looking for that chair online. I looked for it for YEARS and finally

Research has shown that alternative seating can really help people with ADHD to focus better. Its often used as an accommodation for kids with ADHD at school but as adults, we often dont think of using it for ourselves. YET when we do, were often surprised by how helpful it actually is.

The Turnstone Bouy Stool was so awesome, I didnt stop looking for it for 4 years. And while I havent told Mr. Lionheart this, Im going to buy it for myself if he doesnt get it for me for Christmas! ? Shhhhh.

It comes in a ton of different colors so you can customize it to fit your style. It swivels and rocks which makes it the most fun chair Ive ever used. All the options for movement make it the perfect alternative seating choice in my humble opinion.

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The Ultimate Guide To Gifts For Adhd Adults

Gifts For Adhd Adults.

Looking for adult gift concepts? My blog site is all about adult gift concepts as well as how to obtain them. Actually, it was the first site of its kind when I began it a number of years earlier. You see, Im a knowledgeable adult gifter that delights in giving adult gifts in this modern-day age. Youll discover my blog useful if youre also searching for your very own unique adult gifts.

Im sure you wish to discover an unique gift for that unique somebody. We all want to locate an amazing adult gift we can offer to that a person person.

Gifts For Women With Adhd

3 Tips for Gifted Adults with ADHD – Intellectual Giftedness #18

Cocoon: The SequelOver-stimulation is a common concern for adults with ADHD. After a day of sensory overload, let the woman in your life have some quiet time with her Foam Filled Cocoon from Serenity Health. This beanbag-like furniture is comfortable and inviting when down on the floor, perfect for watching TV or dozing off. When turned on its side, it becomes an ergonomic lounge, cradling her body in calm.

Dish ItOooh, shiny! The woman in your life loves things that sparkle, but does she also tend to lose them? Buy her jewelry anyway, and keep track of it with distinctive catchall dishes in every room. If she cant remember where she left her earrings, you will both at least know where to start the search. Consider the Bird Jewelry Dish, from Pottery Barn Heart Jewelry Dish from Wrapables or recycled glass-infused jewelry dishes from Paloma Pottery.

Dear DiaryWomen with ADHD tend to be creative. So give her a journal that recognizes the fact. The Proud Owner of a Vivid Imagination journal from CafePress will encourage her to express all sides of her personality: jotting down her feelings, raising her self-awareness, or scribbling a rant or just another item on her to-do list.

NOTE:Please note that all names, models, prices, links, and specifications were accurate and items were in stock at the time of this articles last update on January 28, 2022.

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Amazon Cleaning Might Be The Best Gift Of All For People With Adhd

Most of us pretty universally hate cleaning. There are rare exceptions and I dont get those people . Being messy is often a big part of life with ADHD and cleaning is something most of us dread and dont get around to enough. Yet, having a clean and organized environment is often really helpful to us and something we want. Its a viscious cycle.

is a great gift because it helps stop the cycle. It allows us the freedom to forgo the overwhelm, dread, and frustration with mess and still have the benefits of a clean, more organized environment. And we are free to pursue things that we enjoy and tend to be better at, which is the icing on the cake making this a beyond-perfect gift for people with ADHD.

Ill be honest, this is one Im particularly hoping for. Cleaning is the worst and there are so many things I find to avoid it. And yet, having a clean, organized environment can actually help your mental clarity and health. If youre reading this, Mom, I may forget to mention it because, wellADHDbut THIS.

*Disclaimer: how you present a gift like this matters. I recommend something like Cleaning sucks and I thought that a gift that took it off your plate would free you up to do more things you LOVE! Just make sure it doesnt come across like Your house is nasty and you obviously need help getting it clean.

These Bright & Easily

Inattentiveness and lack of executive function can cause ADHDers to lack in the self-care department! I recently shared a TikTok about the link between ADHD and eating disorders but it can apply to everything from skincare to socializing enough and more. Habit trackers especially big wall-mounted ones are an easy way to visualise and track self care.

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The New Getting Things Done

Confession: I bought this as a gift to myself already, though I havent cracked it open yet. My ADHD made me disorganized on every level as a young adult: from my physical surroundings to my thoughts to my long-range plans . We all know we need to be more organized. David Allens GTD system answers the question, but how? The original book saved my hide as I left full-time employment and created my own structure as a stay-at-home mom and writer.

Ember Temperature Control Mug

Pin on adhd


When adults with ADHD hyperfocus on a task, time can flash by without them noticing. Have you ever sat down to answer one email and then looked up an hour later to find your coffee is cold? Then stuck your mug in the microwave only to find it hours later still ice cold and no longer appealing? This temperature-controlled mug keeps your drink heated for up to 1.5 hours. You can even pair the mug with an app on your smartphone for further customization. Sometimes, its the little things that bring the greatest joy.

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Helping You Get A Higher Education

Its never easy to get into the best colleges or universities.

People with ADHD can also suffer far higher rates oflearning disorders, adding to the challenge.

Plus, were easily distracted, and have a poor working memory. So we tend to be woefully underachieving in school, unless were lucky enough to have a teacher who recognizes whats going on.

Otherwise, we are far more likely to be expelled, repeat a grade, or drop out. If we make it to college we really struggle to manage coursework, or simply get to early morning classes.

The result of all this? Were more likely to never finish our degree.

Were more likely to settle for a degree thats beneath our true abilities.

And then theres our higher rates of substance abuseCannabis actually doesnt improve memory,despite what millions claim. It may make you feel calmer, and yes, people swear they can focus better, but Im not going to get into that debate again.

The point is, our failure rate at institutions of higher learning means theres a lot more spaces for other students to get into college. Lucky them!

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