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Safety Bed For Autism

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The Pedicraft Canopy Bed

Safety beds for Autism,Epilepsy,challenging behaviour and more

Like The Safety Sleeper®, the Pedicraft Canopy Bed was designed for children with special medical issues, and because the mattress options are roughly the equivalent of a single or twin mattress, its best suited for young children.

Without insurance, the price of a Pedicraft Canopy Bed can feel prohibitive. Many options for the Pedicraft Canopy Bed start at $8,000, which is out of reach for some families without financial assistance.

The Pedicraft Canopy Bed does have an extremely sturdy design and extra medical features, so it is a good option for long-term stays that require significant medical intervention.

See how the Pedicraft Canopy Bed compares to The Safety Sleeper® to learn more.

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Consider Your Specific Needs

When choosing a mattress and bed frame for an autistic adult or child, here are the specific qualities that you should look out for.

The Mattress

In order to combat the most common traits of autism that are likely to interfere with you or your childs sleep, you should look for a mattress with the following qualities:

  • Quiet hypersensitivity to sounds is a common trait associated with autistic adults and children . In such a case, it might be best for you to avoid mattresses with springs. All-foam mattresses made from memory foam, latex foam, and/or polyfoam may be more suitable because they are typically silent due to their absence of springs. However, take note that you should NOT allow a baby/very young child to sleep on a regular memory foam mattress or overly soft mattress because this could cause suffocation according to the Official Journal of the American Pediatrics .
  • Motion isolation if you and/or your partner have ASD then you may find that the feeling of the other person shuffling around at night disturbs you. In which case you should again consider an all-foam mattress because, in addition to the absence of noisy springs, foam is excellent at absorbing the feelings of movement. Hybrid spring mattresses with individually wrapped pocket coils are typically much quieter and better at absorbing movements than regular Bonnell coiled mattresses.

The Bed Frame

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Serious Beds With A Friendly Face

Located in West Yorkshire, Sandholme Sawmill is the home of Creative Care Limited. With 16 years experience of making these products, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience that has supported with the redesign of these products in recent years. Our latest products sees a whole host of new features and using Michelles skills in art and design we have taken special needs products in a new stylish direction.

Your One Stop Shop To Restful Sleep

Safespace Hi

Safe Place Bedding LLC is the ONLY safety bed manufacturer registered with the FDA and a registered Durable Medical Equipment provider! This means we do not depend on a contracted DME dealer to bill insurance and then take 40% of the billed payment. Cutting out the middle man can save you thousands in out of pocket costs. We do it all! From building your custom bed, to delivery, and to setting it up.

Have you ever asked yourself any of the questions below…

Would my insurance company cover a safety bed?

How do I find out?

Will I need to pay anything out of pocket?

Let us answer all your questions by filling out a quick form!!!!

Becca H.

Places we’ve went with our Safe Place Bed…

Disney- 4 times, Ohio- 6 times , New Jersey- 2 times, Pigeon Forge, TN, Atlanta, GA, Visiting family out of state- 3 times , Stayed in a Train Car, Cabin- 3 times, My backyard camping more than I can count!

Kim H.

Just got ours!

The construction of the bed and the pump are amazing. The carrying duffel is even really well planned. We take our first family trip in 23 years next week! We are so excited that a company brought a safe and COST EFFECTIVE approach!

Stacey W.

When I seen a picture of the Safe Place Bedding- I just knew instantly that it was rather perfect. Perhaps the detail that I love the most is that it is designed by special needs parents who were aiming to help their own son, and wound up creating something that helps the special needs community.

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Safety + Sensory Canopy

Have confidence that your loved one is safe with the mesh and fabric canopy. Each door has a safety pocket + clasp that hide and secure the interior zipper to prevent wandering or falls and ensure a safe sleep.The breathable canopy blocks light, muffles sound, and creates a soothing cocoon, free from distraction.The walls are tensioned and separated from the frame to provide padded protection while stimming or having a meltdown.

Best For Placing On Top Of Bed Frame

The twin-sized Safety Sleeper Bed by Abrams Bed is our number 6 choice. An enclosed special needs bed, its frame and mesh cover sit on a bed or floor and can be used at home or while traveling to ensure a calm sleep environment no matter where you are.

Its available in five packages:

200 – One side entry

300 – One side entry, end-of-bed entry, multiple functional access points

400 – Convertible entry, lift compatible, double side entry, multiple functional access points

Every Safety Sleeper Bed comes with a freestanding aluminum frame, removable padded enclosure, four frame pads, two zip-in coverlet sheets, two stabilizing straps, a waterproof memory foam mattress, an air mattress for travel, and a wheeled carrying case. Options include soft frame pads, loops and pockets for storage, and the entire enclosure is machine washable.

These special needs beds are built to last, with enhanced joints to withstand heavy use and play. The taller headspace and bigger doors make it appropriate for adults as well as children who benefit from an enclosed sleep space.

See a durability test of the Safety Sleeper Bed.

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Using Insurance To Pay For A Special Needs Bed

The insurance process for purchasing a special needs bed can feel intimidating. After all, a special needs bed isnt like a pill you can pick up at your local pharmacy.

Instead, the process requires involving the bed manufacturer, a local durable medical equipment provider, your doctor or team of specialists, and your insurance provider.

The manufacturer should introduce you to a local DME, your doctor or specialists should assist in writing a prescription and letters of medical necessity, and youll need to send everything to the insurance company to increase your chances for approval.

Read our article on special needs bed insurance coverage to learn more.

Q: What Is The Safest Bed For A Child With Special Needs

SAFETY BEDS for children with Special Needs (Down Syndrome, Autism)

A: While enclosed safety beds are a good choice for many children living with special needs, there are other safety bed designs that may be a better fit for your childs unique needs. We highlight exactly what to look for with this article to help you choose the best safety bed to meet your childs requirements.

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Why Would You Want Insurance For A Special Needs Bed

Traditional mattresses and bed sets are expensive, with premium options often costing thousands of dollars. Special needs beds, which are carefully designed for a combination of comfort and medical care, can be just as costly to manufacture. In severe cases, some beds are even designed for use in long-term hospital settings, meaning they need to withstand heavy ongoing wear and tear.

But because special needs safety beds are often medically prescribed and medically necessary, your insurance company can help offset the costs. In some cases, you can purchase a multi-thousand-dollar safety bed without paying out of pocket!

How To Come Up With Sensory Room Ideas On A Budget

If you are trying to create a sensory room on a budget, its important to note you do not need to spend an arm and a leg for sensory items. Some sensory or calming products can be overpriced, and there are dozens of alternatives that are more economical. You can find many products and materials in craft stores suitable for serving as sensory room supplies for your project.

To discover great calming bedroom ideas, start with assessing your child. What do they like or dislike when it comes to sensory stimuli in their rooms? Do they mind being touched, or does he/she avoid it? Does he/she like the night light turned on or off? Are there specific sights, sounds, and smells he/she cannot tolerate? Knowing these details about their sensory preferences will determine the things you need for a sensory bedroom that works.

In an interview with Autism Parenting Magazine, licensed Interior Designer and founder of Sensory Interior Design Carol Felder said she believes creating a sensory room needs to be holistic.

The biggest mistake parents make when creating a sensory space is thinking it has to be expensive. According to Felder: Parents are overwhelmed with many decisions that revolve around the care of their child. Spending money without a plan and the proper guidance in an attempt to make things better can have undesired results as does thinking the look of a childs bedroom is secondary to more pressing needs.

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Importance Of Sleep For Asd Children

While getting enough sleep is important for all of us,there is an even bigger significance to it when we are talking about childrenwith ASD. The thing is, if your kid doesnt get enough of nighttime rest, thatmeans they will be distressed during the day, which can lead to compulsivebehaviors or tantrums.

Additionally, children with autism that have higher levels of melatonin during the day may struggle to communicate or manage proper social interaction. Thus, getting proper sleep during the nighttime is essential for both their physical health and their behavior patterns.

About The Cloud Cuddle

Sensory Bed by zPod

Tough, Robust and Durable and registered under the strict European guidelines as aCE Marked Class 1 Medical Device. Fits precisely to single mattress widths of 90 CM and its interior design has no potential entrapment points. The bed sides unzip on one or both sides to allow single or dual access if required and the setback design allows the use of a ceiling track hoist. As the product is fitted around the mattress it allows you to have a low entry height for a child to still enter their bed independently.

How to use the CloudCuddle bed-tent?

The CloudCuddle bed tent is really easy to use. First you attach the bed tent to the mattress and the bed. Then you pump up the tent. In just five minutes you can create a safe bed anywhere. The dismantling and tidying up is also a piece of cake. You let the air out, take the cover off the mattress, roll everything together and put the CloudCuddle in the bag. After five minutes everything is cleaned up. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to set up and tidy away the CloudCuddle.

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Science And Safety Approved Features


A layer of dense foam cushions the metal frame to protect against injuries from seizures or self-harming behaviors. Frame pads and enclosure zip on and off for easy removal.


Easily open and secure the bed from the outside. Zippers can’t be accessed and unzipped from within.


Coverlet sheets replace the need for a fitted sheet. They’re secured with a zipper to protect against entrapment zones while preventing removal. Zip off easy to launder like any other sheet.


Straps anchor the Safety Sleeper to a traditional bed frame to prevent tipping and moving. Recommended for rambunctious older children and adults.


Four metal grommets provide access points on both sides for feeding tubes, oxygen tubing, pulse-ox sensors, etc.


The Safety Sleeper folds perfectly into a hard-shell, wheeled suitcase. Except for queen-size, all models and sizes weigh less than 50 pounds.


All beds come with an Intex 10-inch air mattress and internal electric pump for travel, as well as a 8″ waterproof memory foam mattress.


Optional installation in vinyl or mesh for video viewing.

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Do Bed Tents Help With Anxiety

Bed tents or sensory tents were specifically designed to help people manage anxiety while playing, sitting, or lying inside. A number of great brands have focused their product development around autistic children as a key audience as this can seriously reduce anxiety and sensory input.

What works so well with the best bed tents are they provide a cozy, enclosed environment that can block out external stimuli such as noise and light, and as a result, can provide the best setting to reduce anxiety. We often see great anti-anxiety results when coupled with a weighted blanket.

Best Tall With Extension Rail Height

Assembly of The Safety Sleeper, a safe and enclosed bed for children/adults with special needs

The Hannah Safety Bed 135 by KayserBetten, made with sealed natural beechwood, is the second pick on our list. It has the highest rails available to help keep restless children safely in bed.

There are four platforms to choose from: The solid platform, which is best for active kids who like to jump on the bed the hinged platform that allows for separate elevation of the head and feet and is great for kids who have asthma or use a feeding tube the semi-electric platform with electric height adjustment and manual head and foot articulation that is convenient for diapering and the full electric, which allows for dynamically positioning the user to prevent sliding, and appropriate for kids with cerebral palsy, a feeding tube, or arthrogryposis.

On the side of the bed are two doors that fold open for a wide access point to the bed. The low threshold allows kids who are able to get in bed themselves, and for those needing assistance, caregivers dont have to lift a child to get them into bed. Its special locking doors ensure a safe night.

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Awesome Bedroom Ideas For Kids With Autism

It is estimated that over 80% of children with autism experience difficulties with sleep. If youve read our Ultimate Guide to Improving Sleep, youre likely on your way to considering how to best support your childs own sleep habits.

Looking at your childs bedroom environment may offer some insights and potential solutions.

Well-designed bedrooms for children with autism appeal to functionality, meet sensory needs, provide safety reassurance, and promote independence. But just because theres a lot to consider, doesnt mean your childs bedroom cant be cute and fun too!

Excellent Ways To Create A Peaceful And Calming Bedroom Space

By Carolyn Feder

Phones, television, computers, wires galore. Sound effects, flashing lights. Here they come, hit the floor! Sensory Overload Is The Malady Of Modernity. There is no question that the over-stimulation of our senses is out of control and has become a huge cause of stress and anxiety.

Some of us can work around it and others cant possibly begin to filter it. Everyone has been forced to be a multitasker, whether we can handle it or not. This sensory assault creates a vicious cycle of external affecting internal chaos.

Chaos Visual Noise Sensory Overload Stress Anxiety Chaos

The manifestation of Internal Chaos can surface as hyperactivity, anger, depression, lack of sleep, physical pain, and many other symptoms often overlooked or misinterpreted. This article is relevant to all of us ~ children and adults. We are all affected, we are all on the Spectrum

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