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Good Jobs For Autistic Adults

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The World Health Organization Said Studies Indicate That About One In 160 Children Has An Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autistic adults find jobs where attention to detail is key

We have learned that the autism spectrum is very wide and you need to view each person as an individual, said Chris Cristiano, regional supply chain manager, North Atlantic, for Safelite AutoGlass. One of the people we hired is very personable and not shy, while the other is more introverted and takes longer to warm up to people. Working in conjunction with MassGeneral Hospital for Childrens Aspire program, Safelite has hired four interns with autism, and two of them went on to accept permanent positions.

One is Michael Alejunas, who is getting his first real work experience at Safelite, helping with productivity management and inventory control. When he finished his associates degree in computer programming, I felt lost in life, he said. But this job has helped me get back on track.

He usually shies away from people, but has become more at ease with his four co-workers and can now interact with customers who have appointments at Safelite. Im trying to be more talkative and outgoing, Alejunas said. But its baby steps.

The right environment

At Towers Watson, candidates are invited to a screening event where the company can get a sense of their strengths, interests and fit for the roles being filled, Weiler explained. Those who pass the screening receive four weeks of training focused on social skills, teamwork, norms of office behaviour and the job theyll be doing.

Fighting discrimination

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What Are The Barriers

Close up interviewer interview candidate apply for job at meeting room in office


Research dating from 1957 to 2016 inferred those in charge of hiring might be one of the biggest barriers to hiring neurodivergent employees.

“The interview process presents challenges for autistic adults as they’re often evaluated on their ability to answer questions some of which are random or unexpected and their ability to engage in a casual conversation,” says Friedman. Unstructured interactions such as these are a common struggle for those with autism, and as a result, causes them not to be considered for the job before having the opportunity to demonstrate their skills.

“We are trained to recognize patterns and make decisions based on pattern matching,” adds Charlotte Dales, Co-Founder and CEO of Inclusively. “In hiring, this means the same people get hired over and over. Companies’ current technologies filter people out for reasons like having a gap in your resume.

What Is The Severest Form Of Autism

Level 3 is the severest form of autism among the three levels of autism based on symptom severity regarding social skills and repetitive behaviors. Individuals with Level 3 ASD require profound or very substantial support. They have profound difficulties with social skills and repetitive behaviors, which get in the way of day-to-day independent functioning.

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An Overview Of Autism

Autism is a complex, mental disorder, which is alternatively called an autism spectrum disorder or ASD. What is autism spectrum disorder? It is a combination of several brain development disorders that are characterized by difficulty or lack of social interactions verbal and non-verbal communication motor skills, and repetitive behavior.

Individual diagnosed with autism often find it difficult to communicate or express their feelings. The severity of this condition affects social interaction. However, Autism is a spectrum disorder and therefore, each child with autism will have unique strengths and challenges. The subtypes of autism are mostly influenced by genetic and environmental factors. Thus, the manner in which an autistic learns, thinks, engages in problem-solving-, reacts, and communicates can range between being extremely skilled and poorly challenged.

Some people with the disorder may require constant support, even to perform day-to-day chores, while there are others who can manage and conquer both professional and personal lives independently.

Many factors affect the development of autism and it is often accompanied by other medical and sensory problems, including gastrointestinal disorder, seizures, insomnia, anxiety, depression, social anxiety, and OCD, and accordingly autism treatment.

Who Are Some Successful People Who Have Autism

New ventures train high

While some speculate as to the autistic status of many famous and historical figures, these are some of the ones that have a diagnosis.

  • Elon Musk, CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, is one of the richest people on Earth.
  • Sir Anthony Hopkins is an Academy Award winning actor.
  • Michael Burry is hedge fund manager and inspiration for the movie, The Big Short.
  • The famous poet and artist Morgan Harpers Nichols has an autism diagnosis.

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Best Jobs For Autistic Adults Top 10 In 2022

As an autistic adult, you might have wondered if there are jobs for autistic people in the market. The answer is YES, there are autism-friendly jobs out there, in fact, autism careers that need you.

The secret to finding the best jobs for people with autism is to know your strengths and discover an industry that matches what you have to offer when finding jobs for autistic adults.

One general trait common with Autistic persons is the inability to cope with activities that may require their short-term memory rather autistic individuals excel more in activities that require using long-term memory.

In this Top 10 Jobs for those with autism guide, we have highlighted the top ten best autism jobs and revealed how to get a job with Aspergers.

The guide also explains why each of these best jobs for autistic adults is a good fit as this depends on your level of autism also that is if you fall into the spectrum of being either of these:

  • Aspergers or High-functioning autism
  • Non-visual thinker
  • Nonverbal People with Autism or those with poor verbal skills.

The truth is that there are more jobs for Aspergers sufferers, that is high-functioning autism, those who are visual thinkers and non-visual thinkers. Whereas for those who have severe autism or non-verbal autism, finding a job may be more difficult however, theres something there for you too.

In fact, autism and employment statistics suggest that people with ASD can benefit a business in many ways.

Great Career Paths For People With Autism

Can your teenager with an autism spectrum disorder enjoy a rewarding, fulfilling career? The answer is most likely yes. By paying attention to their interests and proficiencies now, you can increase their chances of finding a suitable job in the future. In this post, we will discuss possible careers for people with autism and highlight five prominent individuals with ASD who have made significant contributions to their professions.

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Career Paths For Autistic People

Autism spectrum disorder isnt a one-size-fits-all diagnosis, and no two autistic people are alike. Also, people with ASD have a wide range of interests and skills just like everyone else.

Still, some autistic folks have distinct strengths that may help them excel in specific careers. According to 2021 research, characteristics often associated with autism and translate well into the work environment may include:

  • creative and innovative thinking
  • reduced concern with social pressure
  • a strong sense of social justice and affective empathy
  • intense interests in specific things
  • enjoyment of tasks non-autistic people might find challenging

Still, autistic folks may experience challenges in the workplace due to differing abilities with social interactions, sensory processing issues, and learning styles. In addition, difficulties with processing speed and receptive and expressive language may create challenges in the work environment.

Managing these challenges is possible with the proper support. These supports might include job coaches, individualized training programs, and ensuring the employer has a comprehensive understanding of autism.

Whether youre autistic or nonautistic, career options are nearly unlimited. Still, for individuals with ASD, some genres of employment can be a better fit than others. Career paths to consider include:

The Job At A Recycling Plant:

Jobs For People With Autism – BEST 4 Ideas (YOU Need!)

In recent years people have really begun to look into the needs of Mother Earth so as to ensure that the future generations are able to enjoy the resources of the earth just as we do.

So due to this reason across the world, there are various recycling plants that have come up so that recyclable material like plastic and glasses can be made use of instead of disposing of it.

For recycling plants there is a lot of labour required for sorting waste, so individuals with this syndrome could do this job of sorting well and efficiently.

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Ask For What You Need

Under the terms of the Americans with Disabilities Act, employers are obligated to provide reasonable accommodations to help workers with disabilities succeed. So if you choose to self-identify as having ASD, some examples of reasonable accommodations you could ask for include:

  • Instructions that are written or recorded so that you can review them whenever you need to
  • Projects and tasks assigned in order of priority
  • Frequent, direct, specific feedback on job performance
  • Advance notice of meetings or changes in routine whenever possible
  • The option to respond to queries or requests in writing rather than verbally
  • A colleague or supervisor to be designated as a job mentor who can explain workplace social norms
  • A workspace away from kitchens, restrooms, or other areas with strong odors
  • Non-fluorescent lighting

How Can I Choose The Right Job As An Autistic

In my opinion, it all starts with not hiding your autism. Thats part of who you are, even if employers cant always tell. I know hiding it is tempting since many autistics are unemployment and you gotta do what you gotta do in order to make a living.

Once you did disclose your autism, ask questions about the work environment and how flexible is your potential employer about accommodations.

Im aware this process isnt always realistic when you search for a job. But there are good news. COVID, which increased the work-from-home movement and a platform like Spectroomz which enables autistic people to work from home in their own terms is an opportunity.

Spectroomz was launched because many autistics and Aspergers wanted to work from home, but didnt have an autistic-friendly freelancing platform to go to. A platform in which clients already know they hire autistic freelancers.

Spectroomz also offers you an SEO course that will enable you to start a new career path and simply upgrade your skills.

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The Rapid Expansion Of Opportunities

With more autism-friendly employers, there is a good start for people with this disorder f. Some of the few reasons why there is this growth spurge are:

Increased awareness in developing countries owing to massive growth in diagnosis.

Broadened diagnosis criteria for autism. Now the autism spectrum also includes individuals with high intelligence and unique skill sets, instead of just disability.

People who fall under the autism spectrum have distinct skills, thought patterns, and work ethics. Autistic adults can be routinized for they are quite passionate about their work, detail-oriented, focused, and dependable. They have the ability to solve a problem with a unique solution that a normal person cannot think of- a skill set which is in high demand!

People with autism are more concerned about their work and productivity, and less about novelty and their desires. This is an asset for many jobs.

Restocking Shelves In Stores:

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Having Aspergers syndrome does not mean that the person is incapable of doing any task or has to be confined to the house at all times. Many people make the mistake of not allowing their loved ones with the syndrome to work and this does affect him or her adversely because as time passes by, he or she begins to feel useless.

Even a job at a retail store, involving him or her to restock empty shelves could most certainly give the person involved a sense of importance and identity.

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Tip : Deal With Anxiety

Research suggests that around 20 percent of autistic adults have a form of diagnosed anxiety disorder. Although most people experience some stress at work, overwhelming amounts of stress and anxiety can put you at a greater risk for burnout. This is when prolonged and excessive stress leads to symptoms such as lack of motivation, feelings of detachment, frequent headaches, and lowered immunity.

Anxiety can also affect your performance in other ways. For example, you might find that your anxiety makes it difficult to form sentences. This can worsen any existing problems with communication and affect your relationships with your co-workers. There are, however, plenty of things you can do to reduce stress and manage anxiety symptoms.

Managing your schedule, practicing relaxation techniques, staying physically active, getting enough sleep, and watching what you eat and drink can all help to ease stress and make you feel less anxious.

Affordable Online Therapy

Forensic Science Technician: $61k

A methodical focus on detail is important for forensic science technicians. These professionals collect, examine, and analyze crime scene evidence like blood, fingerprints, and bullet fragments. They also write up reports about their findings and give testimony in court. A bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biology, or another natural science is typically required.

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Best Jobs For Autistic Adults

Like anyone else, people with autism are individuals with individual skills and interests. We at disABLEDperson Inc. are committed to helping those with disabilities find meaningful work.

Many people with autism share some similar characteristics that offer some clues as to good career areas to try out. Below we will list nine good options to check out, but, actually, any job that has a certain environment can work well, regardless of field.

In general, people with autism prefer concentrating at one thing at a time, having clear cut expectations and guidelines, and value accuracy and detail. Those with autism often are highly focused on certain subjects and excel when given space to apply that interest.

Any job environment that allows for these characteristics, regardless of field, could be a good option.

The following job areas are particularly good jobs for people with autism.

Potential Careers For People With Autism

Highland Park Tech Company Creates Jobs For Adults With Autism

Autism is not a one-size-fits-all disorder. There is a broad range of characteristics along the autism spectrum.

Some people with autism may be non-verbal, while others are high-functioning. Visual-thinking versus non-visual thinking is another difference found from one autistic person to the next.

If you think you may have autism, this test can help you determine where on the spectrum you land. Its not an official diagnosis, but it can act as a precursor to a visit with your doctor to discuss the matter.

However, poor short-term memory is a trait shared by both low and high-functioning autism. Fast-paced jobs with many things to remember, such as waitress, receptionist, and casino dealer, are not suitable for those with short-term memory problems.

Careers that dont involve a lot of interpersonal skills and other social skills are better for people with autism. Workplace readiness programs can help autistic adults land good jobs. Here are 5 job suggestions for people with autism.

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Agencies Are Just Starting To Understand Autism

Most state and federal agencies are only starting to understand what it means to support autistic adults.

Like schools, these agencies are used to finding appropriate jobs and support for people with intellectual or physical disabilitieswhich doesnt necessarily apply to autistic people.

While agencies are doing their best to catch up with the needs of a fast-growing group of autistic adults, theyre also struggling with bureaucracy and funding limitations.

As is often the case, its sometimes up to parents and autistic self-advocates to provide information, websites, and legal information to keep the agencies up to date.

People On The Autism Spectrum Can Play To Their Strengths By Applying To These Jobs

People with autism can excel in many different careers.

For people with autism, neurodiversity isnt a new conceptits just a part of life. Neurodiversity refers to the normal variations in how people interact, learn, communicate, or behave based on their neurological differences. People with neurodivergent features often perceive the world a little differently than neurotypical people, which means it can be challenging to fit into a neurotypical workplace or to find supportive jobs for people with autism and other neurodivergent conditions like attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and dyslexia.

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Programs For Adults With Autism

When adults with autism are given the tools and resources they need to thrive, they can become the best version of themselves. At the Adult Autism Center, we provide support to adults with autism so that they can work, learn, play, and live in their communities. Since each individual is unique in terms of their interests, skills, and goals, we offer a wide range of programs, all of which encourage a more independent, higher quality life.

Our Center is designed for adults with developmental disabilities, specifically those who have complex needs. Our programs offer person-centered learning that encourages independent living skills, vocational training, supported employment, and community integration.

What Is A Vocational Rehabilitation Agency And How Can It Help Me


Each state has a Vocational Rehabilitation agency that provides employment service supports to people with disabilities . VR is paid for by the federal and state government, and you might be eligible if you apply. It is available in every state to help people with disabilities prepare for and obtain jobs. In big cities there may be several VR offices, whereas in rural areas there may only be one office that serves many counties.

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Advice For Neurodiverse Individuals Looking To Work In Tech

âThe advice that I have for neurodiverse individuals who would like to pursue a career in this field would be first to start taking software testing courses either at a college or institute, as theyre less challenging than programming courses, and see how it goes based on interest and ability to learn,â recommends Sreedhar


âThe advice that I have for neurodiverse individuals who would like to pursue a career in this field would be first to start taking software testing courses either at a college or institute, as theyre less challenging than programming courses, and see how it goes based on interest and ability to learn,â recommends Sreedhar. âThen, after completing the software testing courses, Id encourage you to try to find a role at a small company or organization to gain experience and learn new skills. After that, you can feel more comfortable applying to bigger companies where you can continue refining and building your skill set.â

Ms. Mucibabici suggests looking for a company that recognizes the unique value that neurodiversity brings as well. âThese opportunities will not only allow neurodiverse people to receive training on in-demand skillsets but will also be pivotal for career development as the world continues to evolve technologically,â she said.

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