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Homework For Autistic Students

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Autism and Homework

A child with a disorder on the autism spectrum and homework issues seem to go hand in hand. After all, homework is not something

most children enjoy, and many kids with autism or Asperger√Ęs disorder find it especially difficult to finish assignments at home. Getting homework accomplished with minimal problems is as simple as following the following tips.

How To Encourage The Students With Asd To Participate In The Assignment Notebook

In addition, motivation needs to be taken into consideration. The teacher or support staff may need to provide additional reinforcement when the naturally occurring contingencies are not sufficient. For example, if a student completes all daily assignments within a specified time frame, lets say, homework that was assigned Monday through Thursday, then on Friday, they may receive access to a special activity or item. Another way to help students buy in to the idea of assignment books is to individualize assignment books so that they include items, characters, colors, or designs that are preferable to the student. Students can customize their assignment books to increase the books value and help boost motivation.

Structuring this time daily will give all learners the opportunity to be organized and thoughtful about how they prepare to transition from school to home. Specific skills can even be taught during this time .

We hope that you find the use of assignment books as a helpful organizational tool to promote homework and academic task completion!

Visual Cues For Common Requests

You stand in front of your class, give a verbal request one time, and expect your students to follow that command until you give another. Does this sound familiar?

As Temple Grandin famously explains, people with autism often think in pictures. They hear the words, and the phrases morph into photographs in their minds. Your spoken command could bypass this system and become meaningless. Your autistic student could be left wondering what you want and why.

Create flashcards for your students containing common classroom commands, such as:

  • Listen carefully. Use this card when youre explaining a difficult concept and dont want an interruption.
  • Ask or answer questions. Use this card to entice students to raise their hands to speak with you.
  • Sit at your desk and write. This card can encourage students to stay seated while completing assignments or homework.
  • Take a break. Use this card to release students from their desks for unstructured time.

Think hard, and you probably have many more commands you give your students regularly. Each one could be a flashcard cue for your classroom.

Speak your instruction, and place the card in a prominent spot, such as the upper corner of your chalkboard or whiteboard. Replace it when you give another command.

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What Am I Looking At

One social challenge many children on the spectrum encounter is following another person’s eye gaze. This is called shared attention. Often, these children may not notice that someone is looking at an object. If asked what another person is looking at, the child may imagine that the other person is looking at the same thing he or she is.

This worksheet focuses on eye gaze. In each picture, the child is looking at one of several objects. The child can draw a line from the person’s eyes to the object that person is looking at. Since no reading is involved in this worksheet, you can use it with children who have not yet learned to read.

Communicate With Your Child’s School

Free Printable Autism Worksheets

Keep the school up-to-date with how your child is progressing with homework. Ask the school if they can set up a home-school communication book or diary, so can you can keep in touch with them or keep in contact by talking to the class teacher, SENCO/ALNCo/additional support for learning staff member, headteacher or other appropriate member of staff about any homework issues you have.

There may be times when your child has more difficulties than usual and finds it particularly hard to concentrate, or behaves in a way that affects their ability to do homework. This might happen when there are significant changes in the family, or when your child is ill or anxious.

If doing homework causes extreme problems during this time, then see if it’s possible for your child not to have homework for a while. You can always go back to trying to get your child to engage in it again by re-introducing it gradually.

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Whats Inside The Daily Routine Printable

The printable pack includes:

* Morning chart, evening chart, blank chart, and routine cards. Also included are suggestions for use outside of a visual schedule.

* By downloading this printable, you are agreeing to my Terms of Use

* I would love to know what you think if youve downloaded this set!

* If you have suggestions for future printable packs, please let me know! Im open to suggestions.

To get started with visual schedules, download the Visual Schedule Toolkit

Teach Students About Historical Figures With Autism

Although the disorder wasnt discovered until the twentieth-century, people with autism have made important contributions to history, and its important to educate students about themnot just in April but throughout the year. Here are a few well-known figures who are diagnosed with or believed to have had autism to get you started:

  • Greta Thunberg
  • Emily Dickinson

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Worksheets For Emotional Health

Learning to recognize and manage feelings is an important part of social development in children. Nevertheless, children with autism often find mastering this skill very challenging. Worksheets for emotional health will help your child become more aware of their own and others emotions and allow them to communicate more effectively.

This emotional health worksheet is specifically designed to help children with autism understand body language. Your child needs to determine what emotion various facial expressions represent and what gestures and tone of voice should accompany them.

This worksheet allows autistic children to learn how to communicate their emotions through facial expressions and gestures, without using their voice.

This empathy skill building package consists of three different worksheets. Your child is asked to choose among several options, such as worried, angry, confused, and left out, to describe how the character in the picture is feeling. The worksheets are suitable for grades 1-4.

Autistic Pupils And Homework

Autism: Building Reading Comprehension

It is seriously one of the biggest issues we have to deal with when we support secondary autistic students, so I thought it would be worth sharing my suggestions about homework.

Soif you have a student refusing, never seeming to do homework, parents are saying that it is causing meltdowns and great distress, the student is always in detention for homework not being done, or their homework is of poor quality, here are some thoughts from Emma and I

We dont find it helpful to start with Not doing homework is not an option because that immediately clashes with the need to meet the childs needs.

Homework is desirable and necessary as they work towards GCSEs as we know. So what should happen is a plan to work up to achieving homework success.

First you have to evaluate what the barriers are to homework for the pupil. They could be any or all of the following

Rigid thinking pattern school is school / home is home and not having the energy and thinking to accept that homework is the part of school you do at home.

Sensory stress after keeping it together all day, they just have to let go of that stress at home and is in no fit state to do homework.

Comprehension does the student really understand what they have to do for homework? Have they copied it down correctly, has the teacher explained it in away they can understand?

Here are some of the strategies we have tried successfully:

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Teachers Use Assignment Notebooks To Support Students With Autism In The Classroom

A poor classroom environment for autism can be a grave disadvantage to students with the condition. Most notably, it can cause them difficulty engaging in learning activities and coping with daily life. Whats more, is that these issues can have a lasting impact on them.This is why, as a teacher, its crucial for you to be aware of the educational implications of autism and how to adopt effective autism instructional strategies. By integrating suitable autism learning styles and alleviating any discomfort in the classroom, you will enable autistic children to take part in learning more comfortably and become better prepared for their future.

Can I Use This As A Daily Routine For A 9 Year Old

This schedule was meant to be adapted for any age. It can be used for a pre-reader or for a child who is looking to increase their independence. So yes, I would say with some modification and repetition that yes you can use this for a 9 year old.

In fact, I think using this for a 9 year old greatly helps to increase their independence in creating a routine that works best for them. It helps to take the chaos out of the morning, after-school, and evening portions of their day. Combined with other elements of my free Visual Schedule toolkit , you can combine more parts to create a routine.

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Consider Sensory Needs And Learning Strengths

Our son struggles greatly with visual-spatial processing and fine motor skills. He has great memorization skills and has often excelled at things such as math facts, but as hes gotten older his math assignments require working out problems on paper. He often has a hard time keeping numbers in their place and organized on a traditional sheet of paper. Because he needed more space to work and has a hard time visually planning where things go on the page, I made some modified paper with larger lines with grey/white contrast between the lines. Im always on the lookout for adapted resources , but sometimes I have to get creative and find something that works best for my son.

Because I know my sons strengths often come in the form of memorization and visualization, I try to come up with ways to incorporate those study methods whenever I can. Understanding characters and their motives in a story can be hard for my son, so I decided to make flashcards of characters, listing things theyve said and things they want or do with a picture of the character to go along with the traits. These flashcards really helped my son visualize and see the story a little better.

Worksheets For Identifying Objects

Worksheets for identifying objects are used to teach children to recognize common objects and increase their visual memory, in addition to helping them practice reasoning and pre-reading skills.

To complete this worksheet, your child will need to use reasoning skills in order to determine where an object belongs. As the child matches each object with the right location, he or she is also learning to recognize the words written under the pictures.

These cards prompt your child to identify common objects by choosing the correct alternative among several options. The objects were chosen for their short names that are easy to say, such as dog, ball, or car, so that your child can also work on their pronunciation. The set of cards with 30 objects can be purchased for $2.50.

This series of sorting worksheets is designed to help your child improve observation skills by identifying and circling the picture of one or more objects. Registered users can download the worksheets for free.

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Supporting Students With Autism In The Classroom With An Assignment Notebook

Applied Behavior Analysis Autism TreatmentAutism Treatment For ChildrenAutism Treatment For Students In ClassroomsLeafwing Center

One way of supporting students with autism in the classroom is with an assignment notebook. It will give them the feeling of inclusion especially if all the students have one. While some students with autism are ultra-organized, others need support to find materials, keep their locker and desk areas neat, and remember to bring their assignments home at the end of the day. Present assignment notebooks to the whole classroom for staying organized with assignments from the teacher. This is an effective organizational strategy for students with autism spectrum disorder, especially those who are older and possess the prerequisite reading, writing, and organizational skills in an assignment notebook. All academic tasks and their due dates are listed in the notebook and the student will take it to school and home every school day. The most effective support would include a sample of how each assignment should look. Students on the spectrum tend to be visual learners.

A Black And White Contract

Be very specific when communicating about homework and your expectations. You might write down your expectations as a contract for your child to sign, and review it before starting homework each day. There should be consequences if the contract is not followed. As your childs homework load increases, you may need to modify the contract accordingly.

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Use Special Interests To Motivate

Some autistic students obsess over favorite interests, such as animals or a character from a favorite movie. If you can tie in the assignment to their focus, it will make it much more motivating for them! Suggest they can spend time with that interest once they complete a specific amount of homework . The exception to this would be video game or computer time, since short increments are likely to create arguments- save those as rewards until after the homework is finished.

Technology Can Help Homework

Homework Stress in Students on the Autism Spectrum.

Students can rely on homework apps for keeping track of multiple subjects, or schools might have websites that list all assignments to help families keep track. Once a child enters middle school and high school, there are multiple classes with multiple homework assignments, both long- and short-term. If your son/daughter is tech-savvy, using an app might be the best way to help them stay organized.

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The Purpose Of The Assignment Notebook For Students With Autism

Essentially, these assignment books function as a visual checklist to help students stay organized and on-task. These are pretty standard in schools, yet it is imperative that they are used to help students with ASD succeed.

As with most strategies for students on the spectrum, the specific skills required to effectively use an assignment book will need to be taught or should already be in the students repertoire.

What Should The Assignment Notebook Contain To Support Students With Autism

Ideally, it should contain examples of completed resources as these would function as visual examples in order to correctly complete assignments. Although, simplified assignment books are certainly acceptable and can be effective depending on the particular student the classroom teacher would need to check the notebook at school to make certain all information and expectations are included.

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What Would You Do

For a take-home activity you can share with families, try this What Would You Do? game. Families can go through different scenarios together and decide how they would react with questions like How would you help? or What would you say?

This activity keeps social skills sharp and reinforces relationship-building skills.

Why Is Homework Hard

Homework is a task that few kids enjoy, but children with ASD might have trouble with such assignments. While they might appear to understand what theyre doing in the classroom, they wont know what its expected of them from homework assignments. In addition, students on the spectrum dont ask their teachers for help.

The reasons why your child with autism might find homework challenging is because:

  • The homework does not meet their ability level. It’s too difficult for them, and it creates a feeling of frustration.
  • They dont understand why they have to do schoolwork when at home.
  • Some children with autism have difficulty following instructions, so they dont understand what work needs to be done, especially when not supervised.
  • They are too tired from school, and distractions at home make it challenging to stay focused on homework.
  • They have difficulty prioritizing tasks and might spend too much time doing homework.
  • Due to anxiety, they might feel their work needs to be perfect.

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Should Children With An Autistic Spectrum Disorder Be Exempted From Doing Homework By Tony Attwood April 2000

A major cause of anguish for children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder, their families and teachers is the satisfactory completion of homework. Why should this group of children have such an emotional reaction to the mere thought of having to start their homework and such difficulty completing assigned tasks? There may be two explanations. The first is based on their degree of stress and mental exhaustion during their day at school and the second is due to their profile of cognitive skills.


The following range of strategies are designed to minimise the impaired Executive Function, accommodate their profile of cognitive skills and help the child complete their homework assignments with less stress for the child and family.


The area where the child works must be conducive to concentration and learning. A useful model is the childs classroom with appropriate seating, lighting and removal of any distractions. The distractions can be visual such as the presence of toys or television, which are a constant reminder of what the child would rather be doing or auditory distraction such as the noise from electrical appliances and the chatter of siblings. Ensure the working surface only has equipment relevant to the task. Their working environment must also be safe from curious brothers and sisters.


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