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How Do Kids Become Autistic

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A Roadmap For Recovery Of Child With Autism

What happens when autistic kids become adults?

To cure autism at home, school, psychological centers or hospitals you just need to create a roadmap for recovery, you just need to identify the needs and what is missing in the body of the child with autism and what is bothering him.

Make a treatment plan with the help of therapist of your child about how to take away triggering factors and give his body what he needs. Then the body of the autistic child does the rest.

Lack Of Symbolic Play Skills

Symbolic play is just another term for pretend play. By the age of 3, most children have developed fairly sophisticated tools for pretend play, both alone and with others.

They may use toys exactly as they’re designed√Ęplaying “house” with a pretend kitchen and eating plastic food. Or they may make up their own pretend play, such as turning a box into a fortress.

Children with autism rarely develop pretend play skills without help. They may enjoy placing toy trains on a track. But they’re unlikely to enact scenes or make sound effects unless they are actively taught and encouraged to do so.

Even when children with autism engage in symbolic play, they may repeat the same scenarios over and over again. They may use the same words and even the same tone of voice.

What Is Executive Functioning

“If you think of your brain as an orchestra, executive functioning is the conductor, making sure all the parts are working together and working properly,” explained neuropsychologist Michael Rosenthal of the Child Mind Institute. Dr. Rosenthal is an author of a new study on executive function problems in teens with ASD and intelligence quotient scores of 70 or above.

People use executive skills when they make plans, keep track of time, remember past experiences and relate them to the present, change course if they hit a roadblock, ask for help, maintain self-control and work successfully in a group.11

Something as mundane as food shopping requires multiple executive skills, Dr. Rosenthal said.

“First you need ‘initiation’ skills to get yourself off the couch. The next step is to ‘plan and organize’ a list of the items you need to get. You need to think about how many meals you need to make and how much money you have in the bank. Let’s imagine the first thing on your list is pears, but when you go to the produce section, the pears are all bruised. You have to have the ‘cognitive flexibility’ to say, ‘Instead of pears, I will buy apples.’ You need ‘inhibition’ to keep from going to the candy aisle, and your ‘working memory’ will help you keep track of the items you’ve purchased,” he said.

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Graduate Autism Certificate At National University

The Graduate Autism Certificate at National University is open to everyone. Credentialed teachers can complete the program to enhance their knowledge for practice in the classroom.

Social workers, nurses, those who work in child development, and other professionals can also enroll in the program as a form of continuing education to help them better meet the needs of children and people with ASD they may work with in their practice. Students are issued a certificate upon completion of the program, proving their advanced autism training.

Those who complete the certification program at National University program will be able to:

  • Know the history of the terms used for Autism Spectrum Disorder.
  • Know state and federal regulations regarding children with autism.
  • Know the landmark legislation and judicial decisions regarding children with autism.
  • Confidently identify the behaviors and characteristics that a child with autism displays.
  • Use behavioral analysis and techniques to help manage and change the behaviors of children with autism.
  • Identify appropriate evidence-based strategies for working with children with autism, and select the best strategy for the needs of a particular child.
  • Organize a structured classroom for children with autism. Work with the families of children with ASD, including providing support for them.

Five Ways To Damage Autistic Children Without Even Knowing

Are You Accommodating or Coddling Your Autistic Child?

Yep, uncomfortable title. But sadly, these are subjects that I feel we have a responsibility to talk about.

Today, Im going to share some habits that Ive seen in a wide variety of contexts: some of them in my career in education , some of them from people dealing with me as an autistic man, some of them Ive seen in the form of internet comments, and so on. Although often done unknowingly- hence the article title- these habits have the potential to do harm.

This is a tricky subject, I know, but these are five mistakes that need discussing. Youd be surprised how easy it is to make them.

Rather importantly, this is not specifically a guide for parents. It is a guide for anyone who has any contact with a young and/or vulnerable autistic person, whether they are parents, teachers, teaching assistants, family friends, and so on.

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Talk About Them Like Theyre Not In The Room

It really is surprising how many people Ive seen doing this. The assumption is made, often without the speaker realising, that since the autistic person is looking away in silence, they must not be listening.

Which, of course, is quite a harsh assumption to make about people who simply communicate differently. Partly because it would be disrespectful to talk about any non-autistic person as if they werent in the room , and partly because of the things that can end up being said if you think theyre not listening.

Ill let this badly-drawn picture do the talking.

When I worked in special education, on principle I always talked to the nonverbal students. I never expected any kind of communication in response, because that wasnt the point. The point was to give them the experience of social communication.

For example, one lunchtime I was sat outside with a twelve-year-old lad who Im going to pretend was called James. I was talking to him, mainly about how much the weather sucked . I was also quite sad that day for reasons I wont go into, but I carried on talking to him despite not being in a talking mood. After all, his needs took priority over mine.

As I talked, he said nothing, did not look at me, and gave me no indication that he was listening. Nonetheless, at one point I simply said,

I like you, James. Youre a nice lad.

Everyone communicates, some just in their own way. And listening is part of communication too.

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Allow The World To Teach Them That Autism Is A Bad Thing

Right from the moment we hear about it, were instructed to believe that autism is A Bad Thing. Thats why people like me get so many messages from worried parents, asking what theyre supposed to do post-diagnosis because they dont know anything about autism.

But their worries reveal that they do know one thing about it: its supposed to be bad.

Speaking as an autistic man, my opinions differ somewhat. But I understand their panic completely. The unknown can be very scary if you feel somethings bad but you dont know why.

Now, non-autistic people seeing only the negatives is counterproductive enough. But imagine the damage that gets done when autistic people themselves are led to believe that their autism makes them deficient.

Heck, combine this point with #1 and talk about how terrible autism is right in front of them, and watch what happens to their self-esteem!

Ill give two examples that struck me greatly. First of all, theres Cadence.

For those who arent aware, and this picture below went sort-of-viral not long ago.

You may have already spotted the most tragic sentence , but Ill quote it anyway:

Grownups always say its hard being mum or dad if your kid is autism.

Looking at their page, it becomes obvious that Mum and Dad are doing a sterling job as parents. But other people- the TV, and perhaps even society itself- have led Cadence to believe that a large part of her personality is A Bad Thing. Which is absolutely not fair.

Get Certified To Work With Kids With Autism

Autistic Children Become Autistic Adults

The process of becoming an Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist can be a long journey. While its well worth it, you may also consider starting a career that can help you pursue your passion while youre getting your degrees and certifications a career that will also help you get the experience you need to stand out for your employers and prospective clients. That career is personal training individuals with special needs. With our all-online, FAST certification program, youll have the credentials to work with children as young as 8, adolescents, young adults, and adults with Autism. Sign up today!

Strong Education teaches personal trainers and service providers on how to adapt fitness and nutrition for children, adolescents, and adults with autism, Down Syndrome, and other disabilities through our online adaptive special needs certification course.

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Therapies And Supports To Improve Communication And Social Skills

Improved communication and social understanding can lead to lower anxiety and less challenging behaviour in autistic children and teenagers. There are many therapies and supports that might increase your childs skills in these areas, and help you manage your childs behaviour.

A good first step is talking with your childs GP, paediatrician or psychologist, or another health professional who works with your child. They can help you find appropriate therapies and supports for your child. Psychologists, speech pathologists and experienced Applied Behaviour Analysis practitioners can help you with behaviour management if the behaviour continues to be a problem or you need support to deal with it.

How To Become A Certified Autism Specialist

Over the last two decades, Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, has become a more frequent diagnosis among children in the United States and its a diagnosis that crosses racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic divides. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that one in 59 children is diagnosed with ASD compared with one in 150 children in the year 2000.

What this means for parents, educators, and for communities is that there are many more children in the classroom who have been identified as having special needs and who need specialized help. Teachers and aides may need to help these students process material in a different way so that they can learn it better, or they may need to help students manage their emotions or learn social skills to better interact with their peers and the world around them.

The growing incidence of ASD and the increased awareness of what these students need to be successful in the classroom has created demand for teachers and professionals who are trained to work with children with autism, specifically. If you are a teacher or professional who is likely to work with children who have ASD, you may want to consider getting more education to become a certified autism specialist.

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Do Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialists Need Degrees If So In What

As Generation Z enters adulthood, more and more people are forgoing college educations, understanding the mountain of debt that will follow them long into their careers. As a result, many job fields are no longer requiring college degrees. Employers are either saying that a degree is preferred or that theyll outright accept equivalent experience in place of one.

While that may be the case for some behavior centers, its not the norm: You still need a degree to be an Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist.

The following degrees can help you land a job in this field:

  • Applied Behavior Analysis

Accept The Child Fully

Do Autistic or Hyperlexic Kids Really Need Therapy?

Some children with autism seem neurotypical until about age 2 and then they lose skills theyve gained. Its distressing for many adults. You saw the child a year or so ago progressing on course, and now the child seems different.

Dont judge the child by past behavior or development. Look for things to enjoy about the child right now. Accept the child the way they are right now.

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Development Of Critical Job Skills

In addition to completing the educational and training requirements to become an autism support teacher, it is also important for the candidate to have certain skills or characteristics. One such characteristic is resourcefulness. Children with autism may not learn in the same ways as their typically developing peers. The teacher might need to develop customized learning tools and aids. Another essential characteristic is patience. Students with autism may have behavioral problems or lack basic skills, resulting in the teacher needing more time to teach the material.

The Applied Behavior Analysis Program Guide describes 10 Characteristics of Great Autism Support Teachers in a previous article:

  • Empathetic
  • Detailed
  • Positive
  • Many people already have these wonderful characteristics. The areas that some people lack in, professional development, practice, and observing others can help them grow.

    Get Caught Up In School

    You just need to start where you are: If youre still in high school, then prepare for your career as an Autism Spectrum Disorder Specialist researching the best college degree programs and get some volunteer experience with your special ed class. If youre currently in college and majoring in something unrelated, then youll need to meet with your guidance counselor and switch your degree program.

    If youre in the right program, then simply focus on your studies. If youre in a place where you dont have to work, then focus primarily on your GPA and gain some volunteer experience with a special needs organization.

    Its also possible that you started a post-graduate program before realizing your true passion. It happens to the best of us! You can continue with your Masters program if its in psychology or cognitive science, but if your undergrad degree isnt in a related field, then its best to change your degree plan if your Masters is in Fine Arts.

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    Privacy & Data Governance

    How To Teach Your Autistic Child With A Speech Delay To Read | Autism Tips by Maria Borde

    We foster a privacy-first approach to data governance, helping you manage the availability, usability, integrity, and security of your data. We design or enhance processes for campaign creation, taxonomies, best practices for data layer design, and the standards for where and when data should be collected.

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    Dealing With Aggressive Outbursts From Autistic Children And Teenagers

    You probably cant prevent every outburst from your autistic child. So its important for you to have some strategies to deal with the aggressive behaviour when it happens.

    Stay calm This is the first and most important thing. Most aggressive outbursts happen because your child has feelings building up and cant communicate them. By managing your own feelings and staying calm and quiet, you wont add your emotions to the mix.

    Limit what you say During an outburst your child will be feeling very stressed. Its hard to process what someone else is saying when youre feeling stressed, and this is especially true for autistic children, who can have trouble understanding language.

    So it can help if you dont say too much. Aim for short phrases or even just a couple of words for example, Sit down rather than Lachlan, come over here and sit down.

    Move your child to a safer place For everyones safety, make sure your child isnt close to anything that could be harmful for example, shelves that could fall over or glass objects. A quiet enclosed space outside might be an option. You might also need to get other people to move out of the way for safety.

    Consider visual cues Visual cues can help in these situations. For example, you might have a picture of a quiet place in your home that your child can go to.

    Facing The Demands Of High School

    Meanwhile, the demands on teens increase dramatically. By high school, students are expected to change classes hourly, keep track of books and assignments for each class, follow complex directions, complete multi-phase projects, and turn in homework on time.

    Amy Keefer, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist at the Kennedy Krieger Institute, said schools and parents can help teens who struggle with planning, organization and other executive skills.

    “Teens on the spectrum will require a greater level of external supports from family and the school,” Dr. Keefer said. Those supports may take the form of frequent parent-school communication, teachers checking assignment books to make sure they’re filled out correctly, and teachers helping students break down projects into smaller steps, with due dates for each step, she said.

    Many elementary schools provide those types of organizational supports, plus help with social skills, she said. However, educators often reduce or eliminate such help in middle or high school, when students are expected to be more self-sufficient.

    “In general, as you move up the grades, the amount of support and scaffolding you get from teachers drops off,” agreed Dr. Rosenthal.

    That can cause problems. “For most kids on the spectrum, they need those supports throughout their school careers,” Dr. Keefer said.

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