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What Are Good Toys For Autistic Toddlers

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6 Sensory Toys My Autistic Kids Love || AUTISM GIFT IDEAS
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Lego Large Creative Brick Box

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Legos are a great gift for both children with ASD and neurotypicals. Legos can allow your child to unleash their inner architect and engineer while improving their problem-solving skills.

When they are around other children or siblings, playing together can encourage your child to work on social skills, such as sharing or waiting for their turn. Legos can easily provide hours of fun for children with ASD who have a special interest in building or machinery.

While these pieces may not pose a threat for older children, be wary of choking hazards that small lego pieces can pose for younger children.

Abilitations Teachers Pet Weighted Lap Dog

A weighted stuffed animal is one of the best toys for autistic kids because their just-right heft provides sensory input that works to relax and focus the childs body and mind. Your kiddo can stroke the puppy for additional tactile input that further decreases stress. At 4 pounds, this pup might just be the perfect for companion for your little one.

Buy it: $23,

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Toys For Children With Autism Or Developmental Delays

This list is geared towards toddlers and younger children with developmental delays or older children who are functioning on a lower level than their peers. I would suggest not reading too much into age ranges or what gender a toy says. At the end of the day, who cares if an 8-year-old boy plays with dolls? There is so much to be learned in the process. Your kids are hard at work building and acquiring skills as they learn about the world.

Now that I have 3 children of my own, I have a real appreciation for the thought, energy and hard earned dollars that go into buying toys. With this perspective, I have made a point of talking to all of the families I work with about holiday shopping.

The Reasons For Chewing

8 Images Toys For Autistic Boys And Description

Here are some reasons that chewing can be helpful for individuals with special needs.

  • Chewing can help with anxiety and can help calm down a child with special needs.
  • When overstimulated a child with special needs may feel the need to bite or chew to help regain balance.
  • Chewing may be due to a condition called Pica.
  • A child may be getting new teeth in or may have a cavity.
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    The Best Toys For Autistic Kids

    By;Katherine G. Hobbs, AA

    May 16, 2021

    What are the best toys for autistic children? Children are so different from one another and so are their needs. Does your child like physical activity? An indoor ball pit or trampoline might help your child with autism expend some energy. What about sensory issues? Many kids benefit from soothing toys such as stress balls and fidgets.

    Visually-oriented children are often drawn to motion lamps and liquid timers. LEGO blocks and educational puzzles are popular with autistic children.

    Build It Blueprint Puzzles

    “They liked to repeat the project over and over again. They also liked to use their imaginations and made up stories to go with the puzzles. I was told they love the animals that were part of the decorations. They are having occupational therapy so the puzzles were great for working with their fine motor skills.”

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    Best Game For Nonverbal Autism: Feelings Card Game

    Some children with autism have a difficult time communicating or expressing themselves. So games that encourage both those through communal activities are ideal for nonverbal kids.;MKgames Feelings;is one the best games for nonverbal autism. This matching and memory card game promotes social interaction and cognitive skills by requiring players to pair expressions shown on cards and name the feelings. For added fun, players can even imitate the facial expressions on the card. Games like these are also great for family bonding.

    Another fun game in the same vein that helps nonverbal autism is the;Kids on Stage charades game. If youre looking for one of the best toys for nonvberbal autism we recommend the;LeapFrog Spin and Sing Alphabet Zoo.

    Childs Interest And Age Matters:

    Best Autism Toys: Gifts for Kids With Autism

    Make sure you know what your child might be interested in when it comes to buying toys. Since children with autism have a different level of ability , you must watch out for their behavior to understand their interest in things.

    This will ensure that they enjoy whatever you purchase for them and feel special and cared for. And hence, they will grow up to be closely attached to you and will share what impacts them in both good and bad ways. Moreover, your understanding of your child will improve for the better. They wont feel alone in a crowd of people who feel different from them in any manner.

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    Star Wars Galactic Snackin Grogu 925

    • INTERACTIVE ACCESSORIES: The Galactic Snackin Grogu animated toy comes with 4 interactive accessories that, when placed in his hand, he will react to with animations and sound effects
    • ANIMATED TOY: The Star Wars Galactic Snackin Grogu animatronic figure stands over 9 inches tall and features motorized movements, including a head, ears, and arms that move, and eyes that open and close
    • SNACK AND REACT: Pretend to feed Grogu with the entertainment-inspired accessories and he will react to them with eating, yummy, or yucky sound effects
    • HOLD ME PLEASE: Galactic Snackin Grogu will let kids ages 4 and up know when he wants to be picked up and held by reaching up with both arms
    • 2-HANDED FORCE MOVE: Boys and girls can pat the Galactic Snackin Grogu toys head 3 times to activate a 2-handed Force animation, in which he will mimic channeling the Force, inspired by scenes from the Disney+series The Mandalorian

    Calming Autism Sensory Led Light Projector

    Quick Review: Some children with autism have a lot of trouble getting to sleep in the dark. This LED light projector creates a calm ocean feel while also providing some night light for your child.

    Check the price on Amazon.

    Benefits for children with autism:

    Getting a child to relax at night is hard enough. For children with autism, it can be ten times harder. Fear of the dark plus an active mind can wind up driving kids and their parents crazy.

    This toy has a solution.

    A Calming Night Light: The underwater ripples encase the ceiling and walls. If your child is calmed by water, this can work like an absolute charm! Simultaneously, the soft light acts as a nightlight for a child with fear of the dark.

    The toy can also be used during bath time to make your child feel like theyre floating in the big blue ocean.

    MP3 Speaker: This LED Projector also has an in-build speaker. Plug your phone or MP3 player in to play soothing night music, water sounds, or a childrens meditation app.

    Powered by 4x AA batteries.

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    Toys That Develop Organizational Skills

    Toys with organizational skills are what the parents need for their children with autism. These toys are just the essential choice for any other kid and a much-needed option for your autistic child as well. This is like a functional play and also a good platform to develop your autistic childs strengths.;

    Because autistic children just love to understand things gradually, they can simply engage themselves in the activities of designing similar cars, dolls, etc; which eventually visualize their organizational skills. The notable toys are Puzzles and brain games, reassemble toys, building blocks, etc;

    Best Toys For Nonverbal Autism

    2019 cool toys for kids with autism a great gift ideas Cool Toys for Kids with Autism â Great Gift Ideas” alt=”2019 > Cool Toys for Kids with Autism â Great Gift Ideas”>

    Are you one of those parents who are always worried about the speaking disability of their Autistic kids? Then, definitely, you need to bring some physical activity toys for them.

    Obviously, if a kid is unable to speak, at that point, they surely need something else to play. So, physical activity toys will be the best option for them.

    Here is a brief discussion of some toys to develop physical coordination within your child. Some of the best toys for 5-year-old with Autism include

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    Adorox Liquid Bubble Drop Motion Wheel

    The Adorox Liquid Bubble Drop is a beautiful desk toy that doubles up as a visual stimulant for children with special needs. Children with autism specter disorder tend to look at lights or moving dots or objects to stay focused. This desk toy helps the child calm down and focus on one thing.

    Features: The Adorox Liquid Bubble Drop Motion Wheel is a small calm-down bubbler that fits in your childs hand. The colored liquid moves from top to bottom, although a little faster than youd like it. Once all the liquid comes to the bottom, turn it upside down and get started again!

    The desk toy comes in three color options and is made of heat-resistant plastic. The toy is safe for kids and can be carried in a bag or pocket with ease.

    Shop Related Products:

    What To Look For When Buying Toys For Children With Autism

    Sensory ;When choosing a toy for your child, always ensures that it has the ability to fulfil your childs craving for a sensory feedback.

    Sensory toys will help your child focus and relax as well as develop social learning skills like planning, negotiating and sharing. For an autistic child, deformed sensory input can make their life hard in so many ways.

    From social interaction to proprioception to even safety, distorted perception along with their inability to communicate can lead to irritability. Intervention using sensory toys will help them make better sense of their environment and make it easier for them to communicate.

    Volume Control Toys with sounds and volume control will aid your child with auditory processing. Toys such as sound puzzles, bells, whistles, talking toys, radio and music boxes are great for children with autism. ;

    Some children with autism are hypersensitive to sounds in general and may highly dislike toys with unpredictable noise or sounds at certain frequencies. This is why it is always a good idea to have toys with volume control to avoid any tantrums or discomfort.

    Allowing your child to increase and decrease the volume of their toy using the button will definitely be considered sensory fulfilment to them too.

    Visually Appealing ;Visually stimulating toys such as those with a screen or that light up will be the perfect entertainment for your child. Autistic kids have a visual fascination with lights, movement, and bright colours.

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    Fat Brain Dipl Baby Toy

    This toy holds a little ones attention with the bright colored silicone bubbles.

    You cant help but keep staring at it!

    Most importantly, your sensory skills are put into action as you poke, pop, or push the colorful bubbles.



    • Hair may cling to the silicone material

    Final Verdict: A great fidget toy or tool to encourage sensory play for babies and toddlers.

    This wordbook exposes kids to 100 different words in both English and Spanish.

    Its an educational tool for a child to learn their vocabulary.

    You are introduced to all sorts of things like animals, food, colors, cars, clothes, body parts, and opposites.

    Its an interactive toy where you touch the word to play cool sound effects and facts.


    • Develops fine motor skills
    • Engaging
    • A great alternative than capturing your cell phone
    • Interactive
    • Requires two AA batteries
    • The thin pages may be slippery to turn for small fingers

    Final Verdict: This is a wonderful speech tool to learn beginner words for babies and toddlers.

    More Autism And Sensory Toys

    Recommended Toys for Children with Autism

    No information provided here after the excessive details up above but these all hit gross motor, fine motor, cognitive and language skills. Any of these toys can be found at , Kmart, or Sears.

    • Climbing toys
    • Basketball net/soccer net
    • Balls
    • Sand/water table
    • Shelves and clear bins to house toys out of your childs reach to encourage requesting and as a way to rotate toys out if you need to.

    The last thing I want to do is sound preachy, I promise, so I apologize if that is how I sound. Its not easy to play with your children as much as you would like with all of the things parents already have to do. If you arent sure where to start in teaching your child how to play with toys or if you arent sure if your child will like something, talk to your teachers. Other than you, theres no better reference about your child.

    So, happy playing and happy shopping this holiday season! Bridget McNelis, M.Ed, BCBA

    Disclaimer: I am not endorsing any of these brands or toys specifically. I just hope they inspire you to look at toys differently and that they help you pick out what is right for your children based on their interests, strengths and areas of need.

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    How Do Sensory Toys Help Autism

    The main benefit that sensory toys bring to the table is allowing families to provide their children with items that can help to soothe them as well as assist them with concentrating on a specific task.

    As children play with these highly innovative creations, they can process a specific sense better, whether it be sight or sound, while assisting with decreasing their fear of sensory overload in a more natural environment.

    Children have always been innately interested in play.

    Some parents suggest that sensory toys can also help develop social skills, such as negotiating, sharing, and planning, as well as general motor skills, such as doing physical tasks.

    You might also notice an improvement in self-control skills, such as focusing and concentrating on tasks, when a child with autism is provided with sensory toys that are best suited for them.

    As a parent, you are likely to benefit from these tools, as well.

    Youll not only feel joy from watching your child engage in playtime that is healthy for their development, but they can also help you to connect.

    Teachers, parents, and special needs educators frequently use sensory toys with their autistic children and students to assist with establishing a more profound connection, which plays a significantly more important role in the development of children.

    Once you can see the improvements that these items can make in your childs life, the next step is to ensure you have the right toys at your disposal.

    Best Toys For Kids With Autism Spectrum Disorder

    Toys for kids with autism are often known as sensory toys for autism. And while there is no such thing as the perfect toy for kids with autism, some are better than others at firing up their imaginations and encouraging them to engage in collaborative, as opposed to parallel, play.

    When buying toys for children with autism, let their interests guide you just as you would with neurotypical children. There is no such thing as the perfect toy for kids with autism, so lean into what actually interests them.

    Your playroom can be stocked with the very best, but to make your collection of special needs toys truly impactful, get down on the ground and play with your child. Playing with toys with others is an important way that children on the autism spectrum can learn. And dont forget that singing songs and playing with your child without toys is fun and important too!

    Experts say you want toys that reflect what kids are interested in, just for starters. If your kid loves toy trains, embrace that caboose. Dolls? Hell yes. You want toys, like swings or ball pits, which get kids to move around and engage with their own physicality.

    Children who interact very little with other people can benefit from cause and effect toys. These toys teach us that our actions can cause something in the environment to change. They also work well for introducing the idea of turn-taking and can create opportunities for positive interactions with children with autism and their family.

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    Autism Toys: 17 Developmental Toys For Autistic Children

    This post may contain affiliate links.

    Theres no question that being the parent of a child on the autism spectrum is challenging, but few people appreciate how truly difficult it can be for special needs families to just live in the moment. Every single day is filled with important things like occupational therapy, behavioral therapy, meetings with learning support staff, IEP evaluations and modifications, extracurricular activities to help build social skills, sensory diet activities, and finding ways to cope with meltdowns, sensory challenges, and picky eating habits. The house still needs to be cleaned, the laundry still needs to be washed, folded, and put away, the groceries still need to be purchased, and your family still needs to eat 3 meals each day, and even though you feel like collapsing onto the couch the moment you get a few extra moments to yourself, theres always a little voice in the back of your mind telling you to do MORE to help with your childs development.

    And thats why I put together this list of developmental toys for autistic children!

    We want to fix our kids, and we want to do it fast!

    Whether youre looking for the perfect gifts for autistic kids, need suggestions on the best educational toys for kids with autism to use in the classroom or in a therapy setting, or just want to know what the best toys for autistic kids are, were sharing 17 of our favorite developmental toys for autistic children to get you started!

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