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Is Aba Just For Autism

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Can It Be Done At Home

ABA Not Just for Autism with Latocia Robins

Therapy can also take place in your home. In fact, some children do best with in-home ABA because they feel more comfortable in their usual surroundings. It can also make it easier for them to master certain life skills, such as getting dressed and using the bathroom.

But its best to only attempt ABA at home with the help of a licensed therapist, at least in the beginning. They can help you come up with a program thats tailored to your childs needs.

In addition, recent suggests that ABA therapy provided through telehealth services may be a cost-effective alternative to traditional ABA. All you need is a computer and an internet connection.

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What Are The Differences Between Aba Cas And Bcba Therapy Certifications

Dont worry, youre not the first parent to ask this question. Its easy to become overwhelmed by all the information that gets thrown at you along with an autism diagnosis. Thats why weve laid outthe differences between all of the certifications for you.

Applied Behavior Analysis TherapistAn applied behavior analysis therapist is someone that utilizes applied behavior analysis as a way of treating issuesamong those, autism spectrum disorder. Applied behavior analysis includes observing and studying the behavior of an individual in order to create the most effective and efficient behavioral interventions.

This is probably one of the most commonly used therapies for autism. It uses positive reinforcement as a way of increasing good behaviors and building/improving skills.

Certified Autism SpecialistTo become a certified autism specialist , a professional must have at least a master level degree, two years of experience in the field, and must stay up-to-date with autism by getting 14 CEUs in autism every couple of years.

These specialists may be physical therapists, teachers, psychologists, language pathologists, etc.but the certification shows their knowledge in the field of autism. Frequently, those in ABA or BCBA therapy will seek out a CAS certification in order to better show theyre specialized in the field of autism.

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

What Were Talking About When We Talk About Aba

ABA has a theoretical basis in behaviourism, which considers peoples behaviour to largely be a result of conditioning. In other words, people learn how to respond to different situations according to whether they receive positive or negative feedback. ABA applies this theory to study an individuals behavioural patterns and then design and implement specific interventions with the goal of improving socially significant behaviour to a meaningful degree, according to a task force commissioned by the Ontario Association for Behaviour Analysis in 2017. ABA has become synonymous with autism treatment, but it is used in many other fields, including dementia, psychiatry and even sports.

According to ONTABAs definition, all forms of ABA must be closely monitored by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst , and be subject to ongoing data collection, analysis, and modification.

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Who Needs Aba Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis AutismLeafwing Center

There is a common misconception that the principles of ABA are specific to Autism this is simply not the case. The principles and methods of ABA are scientifically proven and can be used in the treatment of individuals with developmental disabilities. The U.S. Surgeon General and the American Psychological Association consider ABA to be an evidence based best practice in that it has passed scientific tests of its usefulness, quality, and effectiveness. Forty years of extensive research has produced results demonstrating ABA therapy to be an effective and successful practice to reduce problem behavior and increase skills for individuals with intellectual disabilities and Autism Spectrum Disorders . Children, teenagers, and adults with ASD can benefit from ABA therapy. Especially when started early, ABA therapy can benefit individuals by targeting the modification of challenging behaviors, attention skills, play skills, communication, motor, social, and other skills. Individuals with other developmental challenges such as ADHD or intellectual disability can benefit from ABA therapy. While early intervention has been demonstrated to lead to more significant treatment outcomes, there is no specific age at which ABA therapy ceases to be helpful.

Aba Is Just Using Discrete Trials

" Fort Myers ABA Therapy for Kids with Down Syndrome? I ...

Um, no. Just no. This is probably what most people have had experience with but it most definitely is NOT the extent of how we can use ABA even within the autism field. Discrete trials are ONE tool in the ABA basket, but its not the extent of instruction. If you have ever used Reading Mastery you have used ABAdirect instruction is based on ABA. ABA includes many naturalistic approaches to teaching such as Pivotal Response Training and incidental teaching. If you have had training in discrete trials, you have had training in ONE tool from ABA. I will talk extensively about discrete trials in future posts and it is a very useful tool, but its not the only one you need for effective instruction.

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Aba Therapy In Public Schools

Your child can get ABA services through your childs health insurance plan. However, if your child needs ABA therapy to access special education, it is possible to get educationally-related ABA therapy through your childs school district. There are limitations on receiving and funding ABA therapy through the school district. This section explains federal laws on special education programs, how to request an Individualized Education Program for your child, and in what situations the school district will fund ABA therapy. In California, the Individuals with Disabilities Act governs special education programs.

Employer Plans For Aba Therapy Insurance

For families who get health insurance through an employer, every year brings new choices. If your child needs ABA therapy, its a good idea to examine those choices a little more carefully. In Texas, many employer insurance plans do cover ABA therapy due to the state law requiring insurance coverage of treatment for children with autism. Ask the following questions before assuming your companys plan covers ABA therapy:

  • Do the plans offered by your employer cover ABA therapy?Texas law requires many employer plans to cover ABA, but there are some exceptions. Self-funded employer plans may not cover ABA therapy for a child with autism.
  • What are the costs associated with ABA therapy?Most insurance plans have several ways of splitting covered costs between the insurance company and the beneficiary. Premiums, deductibles, co-pays, co-insurance, and out-of-pocket maximums all play a part in how much money you will actually pay for ABA therapy for your child. Finding this information may be a deep dive into the benefit information provided by your plan during open enrollment. Ask your human resources representative to assist you in finding out more information about ABA therapy.
  • Are there any coverage caps or limits on the number of visits?Texas laws only apply to insurance plans that originate in the state of Texas. For plans that originate outside of Texas or self-funded plans, there may be caps or limits on ABA therapy services.

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I Do Not Have A Denial From Private Insurance Or Medi

Yes. Regional centers may pay for behavioral services during these periods:

  • While you are pursuing coverage, but before you get a denial.
  • Pending a final administrative decision on an appeal if you provide the regional center with proof you appealed.
  • Until Medi-Cal, private insurance, or a health care service plan starts ABA services.54

Myth: Aba Therapy Is Only For Children With Autism

Organizational Behavior Management: ABA Not Just For Autism

Fact: Because it reflects how all human brains learn through positive and negative reinforcement, ABA therapy helps children and adults without autism adopt beneficial behaviors. The principles and techniques of ABA can foster basic skills, including looking, listening and imitating. It can also help cultivate complex skills, such as reading, conversing and understanding another individuals perspective.

Applied behavior analysis teaches a child to find success by taking small steps. This gives a child the potential to open doors otherwise closed.

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Aba Is Not Just For Autism

Most people who have heard of ABA have learned about it in relation to autism and sometimes in more general developmental disabilities. This is an area of the science that has really grown in the last 20 years since the publication of Ivar Lovaas study using discrete trials with very young children with ASD in the 1980s. Its an area that now is accepted as one of the most evidence-based approaches for instruction, particularly for young children. Probably 80 to 85% of the practitioners in ABA are working with autism or related disabilities. However, ABA is used all the time with typical children, with adults, to change parenting behavior, to change societys behavior , and many other applications.

Aba Isnt About Punishment

Boiled down, ABA rewards desired behaviors and gives consequences for undesired behaviors. Some people misunderstand what consequences means in this context.

Its especially important to understand that ABA for autism is not about punishing children with autism when they demonstrate undesired behavior. This system of rewards and consequences aims to promote appropriate and cooperative behaviors and decrease harmful and detrimental behaviors.

ABA therapists often use positive reinforcement to reward desired behaviors, but consequences might simply be the withholding of that positive reinforcement or reward. Learning within the ABA environment is characteristically positive and enjoyable, helping children want to learn and grow.

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What Will A Music Therapy Session Look Like

Music therapy sessions are delivered by certified music therapists who work with individuals or small groups in a safe environment, using a variety of music genres and techniques. Therapists will usually consult and collaborate with your childs pediatrician or other therapists. In addition, they will develop strategies that you can successfully implement at home.

Music therapy typically involves the following stages:

  • Assessment. The therapist assesses your child to determine his or her specific needs.
  • Goal-setting. Based on the initial assessment, the therapist develops an individualized music therapy program for your child.
  • Activities. Music therapy sessions may include activities such as songwriting, movement, singing, playing instruments, listening to music, working in groups, and improvisation. The therapist will either choose a couple of tasks as part of the treatment plan or implement various approaches across different therapy sessions.
  • Evaluation. The music therapy program is regularly evaluated to make sure it is working as intended and that your child is making progress.

The duration of the therapy will depend on your childs individual needs. You can expect to have one weekly session of music therapy that lasts for anywhere from 20 to 50 minutes.

Music therapy for autistic children is often incorporated into other forms of treatment such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and applied behavioral analysis therapy.

Can The School District Request I Use Medi

Not Just for Autism: Behavior Analysts Can Help All ...

The school district can ask for your consent to use a Medi-Cal to pay for your students related services, but you are not required to provide that consent. A public school district may use a childs Medi-Cal or another public insurance plan to provide or pay for services as allowed under the insurance program.

However, if the purpose of ABA therapy is to provide FAPE to an eligible child, the school district cannot require parents to sign up for or enroll in Medi-Cal to cover the service.33 The school district may not require parents to incur an out-of-pocket cost for services such as payments of deductible or co-pays. If a deductible payment or co-pay occurs because of filing a claim for services, then the school district may pay the cost that the parent otherwise would have to pay.34

And a school district may not use a childs benefits under Medi-Cal if using it would:

  • Result in a family paying for services otherwise covered by the public benefits or insurance program and that the child needs outside the time the child is in school
  • Increase premiums or lead to benefits or insurance stopping or
  • Risk loss of eligibility for home and community-based waivers, based on total health-related costs.35

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Misconception : Aba Uses Bribes To Teach Kids What To Do And How To Behave

ABA uses the concept of positive reinforcement to increase desired behavior, which is not the same as a bribe. Bribing involves negotiation with an individual prior to a behavior occurring If you do this, I will give you this. Often with a bribe, the reward might even be delivered before the desired behavior is completed.

Reinforcement is the concept that desired behavior is more likely to be repeated in the future if something preferred and/or motivating occurs. Reinforcement procedures can begin in the form of tokens, stickers, and even edibles. As a learner develops and masters a skill, it should fade to more naturally occurring social reinforcement and praise.

Air’s Program At A Glance

Autism Interventions and Resources, Inc. provides supervision and implementation of individualized ABA programs for children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and other developmental disabilities. The programs typically consist of 10 to 40 hours per week of behavioral intervention provided within the school, home, and community in order to ensure generalization across settings and people. Positive behavioral strategies are employed to effectively manage maladaptive behaviors and teach successful methods of communication and functioning. Specific methods of ABA used by Autism Interventions and Resources include, but are not limited to, Functional Assessment of Behaviors, Discrete Trials Training, Verbal Behavior, Social Skills Training, Functional Communication Training, Natural Environment Training, and Generalization Training.

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Extreme Hours Of Therapy Limits Autistic Childrens Free Time

Okay, so this is true with both old and new ABA.

The fact is most ABA therapists recommend between 20-40 hours of therapy a week for autistic children as young as toddlerhood.

Put another way, autistic children as young as two years old are expected to keep a part time to full time job being trained to comply with therapists and act neurotypical.

In an age when children are being encouraged to spend more time in unstructured play, autistic children arent given that same luxury.

In fact, even outside of therapy hours, parents are encouraged to continue therapy activities and strategies almost all the time.

When does that leave autistic children a chance to play in their own autistic way?

When does that allow for downtime that is so needed by autistic kids?

Why should autistic children have to be on for so many hours?

I dont think any child should have to work 20-40 hours at changing who they are, period.

Aba For Autism Isnt One Size Fits All

What is autism and how does ABA therapy work?

Several different therapies are rooted in ABA principles. Therapies include discrete trial training, natural environment training, pivotal response training and more. Regardless of the type of therapy used, when therapists use ABA for autism, they can measure childrens progress with hard data and see clearly what therapies are working and what therapies are not.

ABA can help improve childrens communication skills, sharpen focus and attention, develop social skills and more. Its multifaceted, fully customizable approach allows therapists to be creative and adjust to the needs of the child, which increases the possibility of bringing about meaningful and positive change.

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Important Reasons Even New Aba Is Problematic

Now, if this is the first youre hearing about ABA and why it may be harmful, I highly recommend you check out my previous post: Whats the big deal with ABA therapy?

That post outlines the history of ABA and includes several reasons why autistics advocate against ABA therapy for autistic children.

You can also learn a lot from this post: Autism Therapy Red Flags All Parents Should Know and Watch For.

It outlines tons of red flags that will help you determine if your autistic childs therapy is harmful, whether its ABA or not.

And with all of that out of the way, lets dive into why even New ABA is problematic.

Who Can I Contact If My Private Health Insurance Denies My Claim Or Request

Private health insurance must process your claim or respond to your written request within 30 days.19 After receiving a denial or discontinued services, you can submit an appeal directly through your insurance Member Services department. You can find this contact information on your insurance card or in the benefits handbook. When you call, ask to speak to someone about an autism-related or behavioral health services appeal. Your insurance plan might request you submit the appeal in writing. Other plans might have an online appeal process. Regardless, the insurance company must respond to your appeal within 30 days.20

When the insurance company denies your request, they are supposed to state the reason for denial. They are also supposed to make all related documents available to you. Request these documents if you do not already have them. When you appeal, include prior assessments, treatment plans, goals, and letters from your childs pediatrician, the school district, or the regional center. These documents should all support the medical necessity of ABA therapy. Keep additional copies of all these documents during the appeal process.21

These resources provide additional information on the private insurance appeals process and SB 946:

  • for DRCs publication on appealing denials by private health plans.
  • for DRCs publication on SB 946.
  • for a list of all plans under the Department of Managed Health Care Services .
  • for a list of all plans under the Department of Insurance .

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What Are Aba Teaching Strategies For Parents

Well keep mentioning this any time we get the chance: ABA therapy is completely individualized and tailored to the specific child who is receiving the services. This is why its so effective in teaching our children. Giving them exactly what they need for the specific skills and behaviors that need developing is the best way to help them progress. There are some general guidelines that go along with the ABA strategies we use however, and you can use these generalities in your home with your child. This will help keep your childs expectations consistent, at the clinic and at home.

Proactive Strategies

Proactive strategies are things that you can do to reduce the likelihood challenging behavior will occur or things that you can do to help your child learn new skills. Here are a handful of examples and this, in no way, constitutes an exhaustive list.

Visual Schedule

For the daily tasks that your child may be averse to, draw up a daily schedule. At the start of each day, you can go over this schedule with your child. This lets your child in on the expectations of the day, instead of having it sprung on them in the moment. It would be good to include the things your child enjoys within this daily schedule too. This shows them that yes, they may have to do this task that they dont enjoy, but they also have access to the things they do enjoy before and after that task is completed.


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