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Was Vincent Van Gogh Autistic

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Jerry Seinfeld Autism Controversy

“Was Van Gogh Autistic?” AWA-E38

As part of our research, we were amazed to find a high volume of people querying Google about whether comedian Jerry Seinfeld is autistic (e.g. 400 people per month Google the phrase Jerry Seinfeld Autism.

The Seinfeld autism controversy began in an interview with Brian Williams of NBC News:

Heres the full transcript:


I think, on a very drawn out scale, I think Im on the spectrum.

Brian Williams:

Why, what are the markers if I was sitting here analyzing you


Youre never paying attention to the right things.

Basic social engagement is really a struggle.

Im very literal.

Paige Layle Talks Autism On Tiktok

Paige Layle is an eyelash technician from Ontario who recently went viral on TikiTok after posting a 4-part series about being an autistic woman. Her TikTok account is filled with facts about autism and she talks about how it took a long time to get her diagnosis because she is a woman that doesnt necessarily fit the mold of being autistic. People Magazine reported that:

Layle also said that girls with autism tend to live with mental disorders, disclosing that she currently has seven, including OCDAll of these mental illnesses stem from having autism, but OCD, anxiety, and depression are very, very common, especially in girls

learn more about autism! i get many questions every day to make more vids about it, i will continue to show you guys! ##feature##fup##fyp##featureme original sound paigelayle

  • Matthew Labyorteaux Actor

The Prison Break star told CBSNew York:

Autism is central to who I am. I wouldnt change it.

  • Kim Peek Inspiration for Rain Man Movie
  • Sue Ann Pien Actor
  • Henry Rodriguez Reality-TV Star

Known for getting Married at First Sight, there has been a lot of speculation on Reddit as to whether Rodriguez is on the spectrum.

  • Scott Steindorff Producer

Steindorff produced top films like the Lincoln Lawyer. Now according to The Hollywood Reporter, he is producing a documentary called Spectrum Neurodiversity. Steindorff is on the spectrum himself and said the documentary:

  • Ian Terry Big Brother Star

Ian said on Twitter:

About The Art Of Autism

The Art of Autism is a 501c3 nonprofit. We are an international collaboration of talented individuals who have come together to display the creative abilities of people on the autism spectrum and others who are neurodivergent. Our mission is to provide a forum to connect with those who wish to employ these abilities. The Art of Autism accepts many art forms, including blog posts, art, poetry, video submissions and requests for book and film reviews. We seek diverse viewpoints including those from autistic people, parents, siblings, therapists, and others. We look to partner with organizations with similar goals for awareness, acceptance, educational events and the provision of opportunities for our participants.

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‘a Classic Case Of Bullying’

Jastrzebski added to WFTV that the ordeal was “a classic case of bullying.”

Image source: WFTV-TV video screenshot

“There’s a saying: You cannot fight City Hall. Apparently, you can,” he added to the station. “I believe as an American citizen, who was naturalized a long time ago, the most important things are constitutional rights.”

Born March 30th 1853 Vincent Van Gogh Would Go On To Become One Of The Most Legendary Figures In All Of Art History But There Are Still Many Things Most People Don’t Know About The Troubled Painter

Famous People with Autism [180+ Athletes, Actors ...

A self-portrait of Van Gogh. Image Source: Wikipedia

One of the most influential artists of the 20th century, Vincent Van Gogh sadly did not live long enough to see the extent of his legacy. Only 37 years old when he died, the Impressionist painter lived a brief life, marred by madness and one which we know a lot about, thanks to the frequency with which he penned letters to his family and few friends.

That said, there are still some interesting facets of van Goghs life that are not such common knowledge

1. There were four Vincent van Goghs.

Vincent van Gogh the artist was named after his older stillborn brother Vincent, who was in turn named after their grandfather. Another of van Goghs brothers, Theo, fathered a son whom he named Vincent Willem van Gogh.

2. Van Gogh likely suffered from multiple mental illnesses.

One of van Goghs earlier works, titled The Potato Eaters Image Source:

Many modern-day psychiatrists have attempted to diagnose van Goghs illness from the symptoms he appeared to have exhibited over his life, including hallucinations, depression, and seizures. The probable diagnoses include schizophrenia, syphilis, manic depression, hypergraphia, Geschwinds syndrome, and temporal lobe epilepsy.

Not only were his little sisters and brothers like strangers to him, but he was a stranger to himself. Biographer Charles Moffatt noted that he had an inability to read the intent and emotions of others.

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Van Gogh The Tortured Artists Early Life

Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30th, 1853, just as the intensity of the Romantic era was starting to wane. He was the third Vincent, after both a grandfather and a brother who had died at birth a year earlier. Born in Groot-Zundert, Holland to upper-middle-class parents, Vincents father was a pastor in a Dutch Reformed church, he had five siblingstwo brothers and three sisters. He was close to only one of them, his brother Theo. In fact, Theo supported Vincent financially after Vincent tried and failed at many different careers: teacher, bookstore clerk, art dealer, and missionary. We know a little about Vincents early years other than that he was a quiet child with no obvious artistic talent. He himself would later look back on his happy childhood with great pleasure.

Van Gogh received a fragmentary education: one year at the village school in Zundert, two years at a boarding school in Zevenbergen, and eighteen months at a high school in Tilburg. In 1869, at sixteen he began working at the Hague gallery of the French art dealers Goupil et Cie., in which his uncle Vincent was a partner.

He began to write to his younger brother Theo, a correspondence which continued for the rest of Van Goghs life.

Van Goghs job took him to London and Paris, but he didnt like the work and was dismissed in 1876. He briefly became a teacher in England, and then, deeply interested in Christianity, a preacher in a mining community in southern Belgium.

What Turned Things Around

After months of hearings along with the federal lawsuit and research into recent free-speech litigation Mount Dora decided to settle with the couple, acknowledging that city codes need more clarity, WFTV reported.

And City Council members on Tuesday voted unanimously to accept the settlement, which gets rid of the fines and the lien, awards the couple $15,000, and lets the “Starry Night” paint job stay, the Sentinel said.

Image source: WFTV-TV video screenshot

Oh, and another settlement term was an apology, which was delivered by Mayor Nick Girone at City Hall on Wednesday, the paper noted.

“I would like to start by extending my sincere apology to Nancy and Lubek for how this matter has turned into an unfortunate dispute,” Girone said, WFTV reported. “The city will undertake a prompt and comprehensive review of our present codes in light of the court findings.”

Image source: WFTV-TV video screenshot

More from the Sentinel:

With this matter behind us, this city wants to look ahead and focus on reviewing our present codes and to continue and embrace arts and artists with open arms since we are: Someplace special,” the mayor said, referring to the citys nickname, the Sentinel reported.

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He Was Nicknamed The Redheaded Madman

As van Goghs mental health was often poor, he spent a lot of time in and out of hospital. Over the years, the hallucinations and delusions he experienced became more intense and frequent, and he started attracting the attention of his neighbours.

Scared by his behaviour, they named him le fou roux and rallied together to collect signatures for a petition against him . In response, the police evicted van Gogh from his home for good, and he once again returned to hospital.

Is Keir Gilchrist Autistic

Step inside Vincent van Goghs paintings | FOX 9 Morning News

Keir Gilchrist plays teenager Sam Gardner in Netflixs Atypical. Sam is autistic in the show, causing many fans to ask is Keir Gilchrist autistic?

The answer is no:

Despite playing an autistic character, Gilchrist is not autistic. The actor did a great deal of research to get to the point where he could play an autistic person, including reading works by writer and speaker David Finch.

source: Newsweek, Atypical on Netflix: Is Sam Actor Keir Gilchrist Actually Autistic?, July 12, 2021

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Paranoid Schizophreni Poem Analysis

In identical twins, if one identical twin has paranoid schizophrenia then the other one has a 40-50% chance of also developing it. This is also how researchers know that genetics isnt all of what causes schizophrenia. So what else can be causing it? Researchers have thrown out there that it can also be caused by environmental factors where the person lived, what type of environment they grew up in, etc. It is also proven that factors that happened while the schizophrenic was still in the mothers womb could have played a huge role in developing the disease.

  • 1623 Words

Van Gogh Was A Pioneer Of The Post

Over a period of three years, van Gogh painted an impressive 43 self-portraits but it had less to do with vanity than necessity.

As he struggled to afford paid models and had a limited social circle, van Gogh simply had few other people to paint.

In his self-portraits, he often appears as scruffy and unshaven, with deeply sunken eyes, a weak jaw and missing teeth. There are even some portraits he even did right after he cut off his ear with fresh bandages.

His other cost-saving tricks included painting over his artworks instead of buying new canvas which makes you wonder what else could be hiding under those 900 paintings!

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The Asd Social Way Of Being

Additionally, the way in which a person with autism experiences social interactions and their general social way of being may also contribute to their success. Although social skills vary widely from one person with ASD to another, in general, social skills for people with ASD may include things like having few friends, getting overwhelmed by too much social interaction, and limited tendency to share ones interests, thoughts, and feelings with others.

The way a person with autism approaches social experiences can support their success in life. For instance, having only a few close friends can support the persons well-being. Their friends may have similar interests and may be truly supportive of the persons goals.

Needing alone time and space from others can help the person with ASD to have a clearer and more focused mind. Not spending so much time socializing and on small talk and being more straightforward and logical in the way the person communicates with others can help them stay focused on their goals and reaching the next step for success.

This way of living can contribute not only to the persons success but also to their overall life satisfaction.

Historical Overview Of The Mental Problems Of Van Gogh

One of Vincent Van Gogh

Already from his early adulthood Van Gogh experiences mental problems. His father writes he always has the inclination to melancholy . At about 20 years old he is often gloomy, withdraws himself from other people, is focused on religious issues, andpartly because of these behaviourshe loses his job as an art dealer. In the years 18751877 , he shows a strict ascetic attitude, combined with an unhealthy lifestyle. In 18771878 he writes My head is sometimes numb and is often burning hot, and my thoughts are confused and he mentions indescribably strong feeling of fear . He also injures himself Last night I used the cudgel again . In 1880 he describes himself as a man of passions, capable of and liable to do rather foolish things for which I sometimes feel rather sorry. I do often find myself speaking or acting somewhat too quickly when it would be better to wait more patiently . He behaves so strange that his father suggests him to go the psychiatric asylum of Geel which Van Gogh refuses . Shortly thereafter he regains his artistic activities. Late 1881 he writes several letters which in comparison with the rest of his correspondence, are remarkably long and also rather incoherent .

Fig. 1

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Art Career And Style Transition

In 1880, at the age of 27, he decided to become an artist, which no one, not even himself, suspected that he had extraordinary gifts. He painted many self-portraits in this decade.

His evolution from an inept but impassioned novice into a truly original master was remarkably rapid. He eventually proved to have an exceptional feel for bold, harmonious color effects, and an infallible instinct for choosing simple but memorable compositions. He moved around, teaching himself to draw and paint while also receiving financial support from Theo.

Welcome To Autism Advances

The processes of diagnosis of children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder can be daunting and confusing for individuals and families alike. Following diagnosis, obtaining and maintaining NDIS support leads to a myriad of services and supports designed to gain and maintain skills and build capacity. Navigating and selecting the right services for you can be a tedious task.

Autism Advances offers a unique service, specifically designed for clients who have recently transitioned to NDIS supports, or who are experiencing difficulties, specific problems or dissatisfaction with their current situation. Utilising a combination of formal qualifications along with work and life experience, we focus on a holistic approach to autism, building a safety net of supports and services around an individually tailored plan that aligns with the goals of the individual and the needs and ideals of the entire family unit.

At Autism Advances we strive to

  • provide assistance to support the independence, social and economic participation of people with a disability, and to enable people with a disability to exercise choice and control in pursuit of their goals

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  • provide parental support to manage and co-ordinate services and direct care workers, and

  • provide access to direct care workers, peer mentors, play leaders and life coaches to be all that we can be.

A Holistic Approach

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They Painted Home Like Van Gogh’s ‘starry Night’ For Autistic Son And Got Fined Then It Was On

Since their son has autism and has long loved the work of legendary artist Vincent Van Gogh, Nancy Nemhauser and Lubomir Jastrzebski decided to have the outside of their Florida home painted like Van Gogh’s “Starry Night.”

The idea was that the iconic swirling colors and surreal depictions of the night sky from Van Gogh’s masterpiece on their Mount Dora home would relax the couple’s adult son and be a beacon for him if he ever got lost, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Image source: WFTV-TV video screenshot

“It’s a landmark for him,” Nemhauser told WFTV-TV regarding her son, who’s 25. “He can say, ‘Van Gogh house.’ It does comfort him.”

But last year the city said the massive mural covering the exterior of the residence along Old Highway 441 violated code, which led to fines of more than $10,000 and a lien on the house, WFTV said.

Then it was on.

Nemhauser and Jastrzebski a physicist who emigrated to the U.S. in the 1970s filed a federal lawsuit claiming Mount Dora was squashing their constitutional right to free expression, the Sentinel said.

More from the paper:

Nemhauser called the citys opposition to artist Richard Barrenecheas depiction of van Goghs famous 1889 masterpiece, which is on display in New York Citys Museum of Modern Art, selective enforcement. There were other murals in the residential section. I suspect that someone didnt like ours.

Image source: WFTV-TV video screenshot

Van Goghs Staples Were Coffee Cigarettes And Bread

‘Van Gogh Alive’ at Starlight Theatre takes you inside artist’s world

Despite his privileged background, van Gogh spent his adult life in poverty, surviving on cheap food . His diet consisted mainly of bread and coffee, he drank alcohol excessively, and was rarely ever seen without his pipe in hand.

His brother often donated to his cause but van Gogh, obsessed with his art, chose to funnel all funds into buying more creative supplies.

Considering he worked himself into the ground, had poor diet and loved to smoke and drink, its no surprise really that he was also regularly sick.

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Fascinating Facts About Vincent Van Gogh

While Vincent van Gogh is one of the art worlds most renowned painters, he is also synonymous with the term tortured artist.

Only 37 years old when he died and having only sold one painting, van Gogh sadly did not live long enough to see the extent of his legacy which includes his works now being some of the most expensive in the world.

Curious to find out more about his life? Read on

Van Goghs Death And Diagnoses

He later left Saint-Remy in May 1890 and went north again, this time to the rustic village of Auvers-sur-Oise, near Paris closer to his brother Theo, where he would go on to create some of his most famous artwork.

Framing Van Gogh as a mad genius reduces him to his mental health and illness. He wasnt a great painter because of poor mental health. Nor did he allow it to stop him from painting. In the eyes of many, his unconventional style was a symptom of illness.

Many psychiatrists have attempted to forensically diagnose Vincent van Goghs mental health issues. The list of possibilities includes schizophrenia, porphyria, results in mental disturbances, bipolar disorder, temporal lobe epilepsy, Geschwind syndrome, and autism.

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