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What Is Autism Like Video

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Parents Are Teachers Too Embedding Instruction Into Daily Routines And Activities

What Is It Like to Live With Autism?

The goal of this workshop is to help parents reconceptualize teaching and learning as something that occurs during daily activities to teach a multitude of skills. Regardless of the skill level or age of their child, parents have the opportunity to not only involve their child in daily routines and activities that occur at home and in the community, but to teach important skills within the context of those routines and activities.

What’s It Like To Have Autism Spectrum Disorder

A kid with autism might have trouble:

  • talking and learning the meaning of words
  • making friends or fitting in
  • dealing with changes
  • dealing with loud noises, bright lights, or crowds

Kids also might move in an unusual way or do the same thing over and over .

A kid with autism may have a little trouble with these things, or a lot. Some kids need only a little bit of help, and others might need a lot of help with learning and doing everyday stuff.

What To Do When You Worry Too Much By Dawn Huebner Phd

Psychologist Dawn Huebner has created a guide full of practical advice that children can use to control their own anxiety. Its written in kid-friendly language, so can be read together or by the child alone. Putting worries in a strong box and having designated worry time rather than letting it affect them all day are just a couple of the tips included. Its also very informative about what causes worries, so can help you to understand your childs thought process.

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Tv And Videos Can Create A Link Between The Internal And External Worlds

Many children with autism live inside their own heads. One of the greatest challenges parents face is finding ways to engage their child in the real world. Many TV “worlds” have corresponding real-world venues that you and your child can explore together. Depending on where you live, you might choose to visit Sesame Place , take a trip on a “Thomas the Tank Engine” train, attend a “Wiggles” concert, or visit a PBS-themed exhibit in a children’s museum. If your child is a Harry Potter or Disney fan, of course, you’re in luck: the number of wonderful options to share is huge; you may even discover that you and your child have more in common than you thought.

These Five Videos Show What It Is Like To Experience Sensory Overload

What is Autism

How does it feel when all of your senses are heightened? And how does it feel when your heightened senses collide? Imagine walking down the hallway of your school having to close your eyes because the flourescent lights are too bright, the school bell rings piercing your ears, you walk into the cafeteria and are bombarded with obnoxious smells, you have to go to the bathroom yet the bathrooms with their flushing echoing toilets and nasty smells are a place to be avoided.

Many autistic children in schools face these situations. Sometimes when students are overwhelmed with sensory overload they will shut down, other times they will scream and kick someone when he was in second grade. Yet, many school employees have difficulty understanding what is prompting inappropriate behaviors.

Below are a few videos which simulate the experience of sensory overload.

The following film posted by the National Autistic Society comes with a warning: this film contains flashing lights, bright colours and loud, sudden noises. Some people might experience motion sickness in this 360 degree virtual reality film.

To see what it may be like from one who has trouble communicating with words watch Carly Fleishmanns video about visiting a coffee house.

Last year Sir Ashley Smith shared this video and blog with the Art of Autism. What does it mean to have heightened sensitivity for an Aspie?

Alison Ludkin shares her experiences at a train station in this art video.

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Under The Love Umbrella By Allison Colpoys & Davina Bell

Captivating neon illustrations add even more charm to this already delightful story. Under the Love Umbrella reminds children that comfort and love is ever-present, even when you are not near your family. As it is quite abstract, it allows you to explore what the love umbrella might mean to different people. If your child suffers from separation anxiety, this could help you explore that.

Mental Health In Post

Dr. Rashmeen Nirmal provides key information on the mental health functioning of young autistic adults within the context of post-secondary settings including college and university. She discusses management of common mental health symptoms in students with ASD, in particular, depression and anxiety.

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Providing Culturally Sensitive Pbs To Families

BCBA’s Mariko Tachi and Noreen Dunn describe their experience of providing culturally sensitive PBS. They identify three key factors: Developing rapport informed by the familys culture; Incorporating cultural beliefs and parenting practice into development of PBS; Acculturate the key stakeholders beliefs when training for implementation.

Oxford And Video Games

What is autism?

Can Autism and video games go together? A recent Oxford study, published in Pediatrics, found that children who played video games less than one-third of their daily free time were more satisfied with their lives and also functioned at higher levels of sociability. Also observed was a lower level of hyperactivity and fewer relationship issues and emotional problems.

Also observed was a lower level of hyperactivity and fewer relationship issues

However, when the children played more than half of their daily free time were not as well-adjusted. The thought process here is that these children were missing out on other more beneficial and enriching life situations. Moderation is the key.

What about children with Autism, how to video games affect them? We have found these results to be more or less the same for our own child that has Autism who happens to love a couple different video games. There have been a few studies where the children with Autism are so engaged in their game that they cant pull away. If you have an Autistic child, this is just stating the obvious with anything the child is engaged with. Its going to be difficult in the beginning to help them understand time constraints, this is also true with normal children. More on this later.

Negative things include being materially deprived, emotional abuse, mental and physical abuse, a diet loaded with sugars just to name a few.

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What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism spectrum disorder is a developmental disability;that can cause significant social, communication and behavioral challenges. There is often nothing about how people with ASD look that sets them apart from other people, but people with ASD may communicate, interact, behave, and learn in ways that are different from most other people. The learning, thinking, and problem-solving abilities of people with ASD can range from gifted to severely challenged. Some people with ASD need a lot of help in their daily lives; others need less.

A diagnosis of ASD now includes several conditions that used to be diagnosed separately: autistic disorder, pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified , and Asperger syndrome. These conditions are now all called autism spectrum disorder.

Causes And Risk Factors

We do not know all of the causes of ASD. However, we have learned that there are likely many causes for multiple types of ASD. There may be many different factors that make a child more likely to have an ASD, including environmental, biologic and genetic factors.

  • Most scientists agree that genes are one of the risk factors that can make a person more likely to develop ASD.4, 19
  • Children who have a sibling with ASD are at a higher risk of also having ASD. 5-10
  • Individuals with certain genetic or chromosomal conditions, such as fragile X syndrome or tuberous sclerosis, can have a greater chance of having ASD. 11-14, 20
  • When taken during pregnancy, the prescription drugs valproic acid and thalidomide have been linked with a higher risk of ASD.15-16
  • There is some evidence that the critical period for developing ASD occurs before, during, and immediately after birth. 17
  • Children born to older parents are at greater risk for having ASD. 18

ASD continues to be an important public health concern. Like the many families living with ASD, CDC wants to find out what causes the disorder. Understanding the factors that make a person more likely to develop ASD will help us learn more about the causes. We are currently working on one of the largest U.S. studies to date, called Study to Explore Early Development . SEED is looking at many possible risk factors for ASD, including genetic, environmental, pregnancy, and behavioral factors.

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Autism Anxiety And Covid

COVID-19 has profoundly heightened anxiety in the autism community internationally. Our families and organizations are struggling to provide a stable environment for children, youth and adults with autism spectrum disorder. Able adults with ASD are also feeling the strain. ACT has invited three respected mental health clinicians, who have presented for ACT on autism and mental health, to answer questions on Anxiety and COVID-19.

How Is Autism Diagnosed

Is It Autism?

Doctors check babies and little kids for signs of autism at every checkup. A parent may think that something is wrong and tell the doctor. Maybe the child is old enough to speak but doesn’t. Or a kid doesn’t seem interested in people or plays in unusual ways.

When a doctor thinks a kid might have autism, he or she will work with a team of experts to see if it is autism or something else.

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How Is Autism Spectrum Disorder Treated

There is no cure for autism, but treatment can make a big difference. The younger kids are when they start treatment, the better.

Doctors, therapists, and special education teachers can help kids learn to talk, play, and learn. Therapists also help kids learn about making friends, taking turns, and getting along.

Social Communication And Social Interaction Challenges

Social communication

Autistic people have difficulties with interpreting both verbal and non-verbal language like gestures or tone of voice. Some autistic people are unable to speak or have limited speech while;other autistic people have very good language skills but struggle to understand sarcasm or tone of voice. Other challenges include:

  • taking things literally and not understanding abstract concepts
  • needing extra time to process information or answer questions
  • repeating what others say to them

Social interaction

Autistic people often have difficulty ‘reading’ other people – recognising or understanding others’ feelings and intentions – and expressing their own emotions. This can make it very hard to navigate the social world. Autistic people may:

  • appear to be insensitive
  • seek out time alone when overloaded by other people
  • not seek comfort from other people
  • appear to behave ‘strangely’ or in a way thought to be socially inappropriate
  • find it hard to form friendships.

Read more about;social communication and social interaction challenges here

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Toilet Training For Everyone Revised And Expanded

Tackling toilet training successfully is crucial for a person to be fully included in the community regardless of age. Dr. Mirenda gives an overview of toilet training myths and a wide range of issues to think about in preparation for any type of training. Katie Rinald then presents detailed information on Rapid Toilet Training during daytime hours, including straightforward strategies for both pee and poop training.

Roald Dahls Marvellous Colouring Book Adventure

What Does it Feel Like to Have Autism? | Autism Awareness | Operation Ouch | Nugget

Something as simple as colouring can be a great calmer for busy minds. The focus and attention-to-detail needed for such intricate work is totally absorbing, helping children to escape negative thought spirals. This Roald Dahl version is full of images based on his beloved books, which always focused on the power and magic of the imagination.

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Tv And Videos Can Open The World To Your Child

Many children on the autism spectrum are fascinated by animals, trains, or other aspects of the real world. Selected TV and videos, such as “Animal Planet” and the “Eye Witness” videos can build on those interests.

Next step: a trip to the real zoo to see real crocodiles, a real-life train ride, or just a visit to the pet store.

Coping With Behavior Challenges During Covid

The focus of this presentation is to help parents whose children have limited language skills, making it difficult for them to understand why their usual routines have been totally disrupted by COVID-19. The idea is to provide some simple tools for your toolbox to help family members prevent and/or reduce the occurrence of problem behaviours by setting realistic expectations, communicating clearly, and establishing structure and routines to get through the day.

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Practical Tips For Helping Families Reduce Stress

Parents of children with developmental disabilities experience higher levels of stress than parents of typically developing children. During the current pandemic, these feelings of stress have been further heightened for the many parents who are getting few breaks as they care for their children. This webinar will provide some practical tips and strategies to help parents reduce their stress, including a discussion of the importance of self-care, cognitive reframing strategies, and a mindfulness practice.

What Can I Do With My Child All Day Strategies For Supporting Young Children

6 stages of Autism Meltdowns

Many parents of young children are wondering how to provide some type of learning support during this challenging time. This includes children whose parents are concerned about speech/language development, children on the waitlist for autism assessment, and children who have recently been diagnosed with autism but have not yet started early intervention. In this session, a behaviour analyst/special educator and a speech-language pathologist will provide a framework for thinking about how to provide support.

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Auditory And Visual Teaching Is Ideal For Autistic Children

Autistic people often learn best with their eyes and ears, while words may not sink in. Carefully curated TV and video watching can help your child build knowledge and skills that can be used in school or the community. Whether it’s a PBS show intended to teach phonics or a National Geographic documentary on birds, your child can learn a great deal from TV. You can also order and use videos specifically intended to teach skills and ideas from sources such as Model Me Kids, which create videos for autistic children.

Back in the bad old days, children watched the “boob tube” and saw whatever happened to be playing. Today, parents have tremendous control over their child’s television experience. Parents with autism can use that control to their own and their child’s advantage by curating the shows their children watch, experiencing the shows together, and building on TV watching with real-world experiences. A few tips for helping your child get the most from TV time:

Highly Focused Interests Or Hobbies

Many autistic people have intense and highly focused interests, often from a fairly young age. These can change over time or be lifelong. Autistic people can become experts in their special interests and often like to share their knowledge. A stereotypical example is trains but that is one of many. Greta Thunberg’s intense interest, for example,;is protecting the environment.

Like;all people, autistic people gain huge amounts of pleasure from pursuing their;interests and see them as;fundamental to their wellbeing and happiness.

Being highly focused helps many autistic people do well academically and in the workplace but they can also become so engrossed in particular topics or activities that they neglect other aspects of their lives.;

Take a look at the Spectrum magazine, written for and by autistic people

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What If My Friend Has Autism Spectrum Disorder

Some people with ASD do not feel that they have a disorder and don’t want to change. They’re proud of who they are and they want to be accepted, even though they may have different strengths and weaknesses than most other people.

All people deserve respect. But kids with ASD may be teased, bullied, or left out because they’re different. Bullying and teasing are never the right way to treat other people, but it may be hard to be a friend with someone who has ASD.

Kids with ASD often don’t understand playful jokes. You may need to be very clear when you communicate with someone who has ASD.

Try to be patient and kind. Remember how hard it might be for the person with ASD to understand how to be a friend. Stand up for classmates who are bullied. Tell adults, so they can help protect kids who are bullied.

Early Signs Of Autism Spectrum Disorders Video Tutorial

What Autism Feels Like

The American Academy of Pediatrics , Centers for Disease Control, National Institutes of Health, autism advocacy groups and researchers have all drawn attention to the importance of the early detection of autism spectrum disorders to make access to early intervention possible. The scientific literature indicates that the average age of ASD diagnosis is 4 years, despite the fact that about half of children with this neurodevelopmental disorder may be detected by age 14 months.

The AAP recommends that ASD-specific screeners be administered within pediatric practices beginning at age 18 months. However, these screeners are imperfect and often require parents to provide yes or no answers to questions about the presence of certain behaviors. Yet ASD-related behaviors often present inconsistently, and are intermixed with behaviors seen in typically-developing children. In addition, ASD-related behaviors often differ from typical development in quality, not just in quantity.

Dr. Rebecca Landa is the director of the Kennedy Krieger Institutes Center for Autism and Related Disorders. The videos and information presented within this tutorial were obtained through her research, funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, focused on early markers of autism spectrum disorders and early developmental characteristics of children with and without ASD.

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