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Best Careers For Autistic

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They Can Concentrate A Long Time On A Repetitive Task And Spot Mistakes Better

Jobs For People With Autism – BEST 4 Ideas (YOU Need!)

We find them good for software testing and quality assurance they can concentrate a long time on a repetitive task and spot mistakes better, said Anka Wittenberg, SAPs head of diversity. One person got so into a task for so long that he didnt realise he should take a break. SAP has since put a big watch by his computer monitor so he doesnt overwork.

For SAP to reach its 1% goal, it must look beyond its usual recruiting goals of hiring people with excellent communication and teamwork skills. Most people with autism arent strong in those areas and would have fallen out of our normal recruiting process, Wittenberg said. We had to be open to that reality and make them part of our broader diversity strategy. The more diverse we are, the more innovative we are.

A boost in confidence

For many autistic people, the greatest benefit of a job isnt the specific work experience, but rather the self-confidence they gain.

Through the years, Thomas Kingston, a business law student, has endured offensive comments from people who said they thought he would be weird like the character in the movie Rain Man, and were surprised to find him to be really nice. But last summer, he got a massive boost in self-confidence and developed skills in administration and team work, during a brief stint with the UK Department for Work and Pensions.

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What Makes Us Unique

CARD leads the field in top-quality treatment, an achievement that is the product of CARDs commitment to its patients, the field of applied behavior analysis, and the public policy that creates access to treatment across all demographics. CARDs founder, Dr. Doreen Granpeesheh, is a pioneer and leader in the field of autism treatment and research, and she fosters an environment of collaboration and mentorship.

CARD Careers: By joining the CARD family, you will start a rewarding career helping the lives of individuals affected by autism spectrum disorder. Since CARD was first founded in 1990, our Board Certified Behavior Analysts and behavior technicians have helped thousands of families affected by autism using the principles of applied behavior analysis. Every CARD employee is treated as a valuable professional and an important member of the CARD family. CARD provides state-of-the-art training, support from experienced, certified clinicians, and access to renowned research to build careers that make a difference!

Among our career opportunities is the chance to become a behavioral therapist that truly impacts the lives of our patients. There are many programs and benefits to working with CARD, besides the rewarding experience of positively helping those on the autism spectrum. If you are driven and motivated to impact peoples lives for the better and are interested in a clear career path to growth and success, look no further!

Aviation Maintenance Inspector: $67k

Making sure that airplanes are airworthy is critically important work that requires great focus and precision. Aviation inspectors check that all aircraft instruments, components, and systems are functioning properly and that all repairs are carried out in accordance with established standards. You’ll need to be certified by the Federal Aviation Administration .

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A Job That Allows For Autonomy

Lets look at a list of reasons why an austistic person might want to work alone:

  • They concentrate better without distractions

  • Its easier on their rejection sensitivity to work where no one can see them

  • Working alone allows them to stim and self regulate in ways that might be distracting in a communal environment, but that significantly improves the autistic adults work performance.

  • There are fewer sensory demands.

  • Removing the social setting prevents a ton of the workplace discrimination against autistic people because it removes the social biases that fuel it.

Basic Facts About Autism

Best and Worst Jobs for Aspergers Adults (With images)

Autism, officially known as autism spectrum disorder , is a developmental condition characterized by restricted or repetitive behaviors as well as difficulties with communication and social interaction. Autistic people have widely varying degrees of social, verbal, behavioral, and sensory challenges. The combination and severity of symptoms can differ significantly from person to person, which is why it’s known as a spectrum disorder. Some people with ASD are completely non-verbal and require constant care, while others experience relatively mild challenges and can function well independently.

High-functioning autism is a commonly used but not medically recognized term. “High-functioning” usually refers to a person on the spectrum who has good verbal abilities and can carry out basic activities of daily living without much support.

Asperger’s syndrome used to be recognized as a separate disorder that shared many of the same characteristics as autism, but in a less severe form. One of the main distinctions of Asperger’s vs. autism was the absence of a significant speech delay in childhood. People with Asperger’s generally begin to speak on a typical or even early timeline, but they tend to have unusual speech patterns and take language very literally. Like all people with autism, they also have difficulty interpreting body language and picking up on non-verbal social cues.

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Is Working With Autistic Kids Right For Me

Working with autistic kids is not the right career for many. It is reserved for a few who derive their joy in helping people with special needs. So, jobs working with autistic children might be right for you only if you are naturally compassionate, generous, kind, and caring with a lot of patience, tolerance, and even-temperament.

It would be best to also have some sense of humor to help lighten up in difficult moments and the ability to stay calm in chaotic times. However, your intuition plays an important role in whether or not you will manage to work with autistic children. If you opt for any career option in the field, be ready to be optimistic, dedicated, and willing to establish a positive connection with autistic children, their families, and the therapy team, even in challenging situations.

Key takeaway

Jobs working with autistic children can be very rewarding as long as you have a heart for them. Consider the careers we have pointed out and pursue the relevant courses to enable you to get an opportunity to help autistic kids, their families, and the institutions that support them.

Vast Potential And Lost Opportunities

These are but a few examples of the many possible careers for people with autism. Since the autism spectrum encompasses individuals with a wide variety of levels of skill and function, no one career or employment field can be singled out as the best for the autistic to pursue. Individuals with Asperger syndrome or high-functioning autism are quite likely to have many more options available to them than individuals affected with more severe forms of ASD.

However, large numbers of people at all points of the autism spectrum are very employable, making exceptionally skilled and dedicated employees, a fact that seems, as of yet, virtually lost on the business community. Hopefully, as the level of autism awareness increases, society will become informed enough to realize the potential currently being wasted as employers fail to provide autistic individuals opportunities to shine.

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Careers For People With Autism

People with autism perform best in positions that maximize their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. In general, they should seek jobs that provide structure, require attention to detail and avoid those that regularly involve intense interpersonal work or require a strong short-term memory. Here are eight types of occupations that may be a good fit for someone on the autism spectrum.

Whether your teen loves to draw or spends hours online, identifying and developing their skills is the key to a fulfilling career. Lexington Services specializes in helping children with autism and other learning challenges reach their full potential. to learn how Lexington Life Academy empowers its students to succeed academically, socially and professionally.

Actor: $2188 Per Hour

Hiring autistic workers

For some people with autism, becoming immersed in a role on stage or on screen can be deeply satisfying. In fact, well-known actors like Daryl Hannah and Anthony Hopkins have revealed that they have autism. You have to be able to memorize a script and repeat the same performance over and over again. Formal training can help you develop your craft.

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What Is Autism Spectrum Disorder

ASD is a neurodivergent condition that may present challenges with social interactions, communication, and behavior. For example, individuals with autism sometimes have trouble understanding other people’s emotions, may prefer to stick to a strict daily routine, and can be more interested in a single, niche subject than in people.

ASD affects about 2% of adults in the U.S. Yet, despite how common ASD is, people with autism are often not well understood by employers and coworkers. Though the Americans with Disabilities Act prohibits disability workplace discrimination and protects people with ASD, individuals with ASD may find it especially challenging to meet expectations around social behavior and communication, even when they excel at the day-to-day tasks of a job.

Fortunately, as more companies become aware of neurodiversityand the strengths neurodiverse employees bring to the workplacethings have started to change.

Best Choices For Autistic Careers

By: Vanessa Blanchard

Weve covered the worst jobs for autistic adults, so now lets talk about the best choices autistic people can make in their job search.

There are a lot of factors that, when considered, would help autistic people thrive in their careers. Many of the things we will discuss in this article can be easily incorporated into any workspace that wanted to try. Its important to remember that some of the biggest obstacles autistic people face in the workplace come from non-autistic people who dont want to try.

So, lets talk about 5 career choices an autistic adult can make when looking for a job.

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Start Your Job Search

We are in the business of finding work for people with disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Hopefully, this list has given you a starting point. Take a look at our job search portal for the best jobs for autistic adults that you may be interested in!

  • disABLEDperson, Inc. is a 5013 non-profit organization whose mission is to reduce the high unemployment rate of individuals with disabilities.
  • We are simply here to serve.

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Common Proficiencies Of People With Asd

Autism Awareness Audio Course

You may have heard the axiom: If you know one person with autism, you know one person with autism. Like everyone else, people on the autism spectrum possess a wide range of skills, abilities and interests. However, many people with ASD demonstrate one or more of the following career proficiencies:

  • Visually oriented. Many individuals who are on the autism spectrum are strong visual thinkers. With a keen attention to detail, they can easily spot things others may miss and excel at intricate work.
  • Interested in animals. Children with autism often develop strong bonds with their pets. Because they can relate to an aversion to eye contact, loud noises and over-stimulation, people with ASD can be especially attuned to the needs of animals.
  • Good with facts. People with ASD have a tendency to approach situations logically, which can be helpful for making objective decisions. Many individuals on the spectrum enjoy research and develop an impressive knowledge base on a topic of interest.
  • High technical aptitude. For individuals who are very detail-oriented, technical skills often come easily. Many people with autism have a unique talent for learning the ins and outs of machines, systems or programs.

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Speech And Language Practitioner

Speech and language practitioners provide a key service for the development and learning of those who have ASD. They work to prevent, assess, diagnose and treat speech, language, social communication, cognitive-communication and swallowing disorders in children and adults. Their main goal is to increase the social/communication skills of individuals with ASD so they are able to form meaningful relationships with other people in their lives. The services they provide help to develop paths of communication and social skills that allow their students and clients to express their wants and needs and participate in school and community settings to the maximum extent possible.

Speech and language practitioners must have a minimum of a bachelors degree and/or masters degree with a focus in communication disorders. In addition, they must acquire state licensing. They also need excellent communication and interpersonal skills, in order to best teach their clients how to communicate.

Autism Workforce Training And Employment Programs

  • The Specialists Guild is a nonprofit social enterprise focused on working with people and companies so individuals with Autism can earn a living doing meaningful and fulfilling work based in San Francisco, CA. Click here to apply for training.
  • The nonPareil Institute is dedicated to providing technical training, employment and housing to individuals who have been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. They train high-functioning adults with autism ages 18 and older on different aspects of video game and app design and development at a pace each student can manage. This non-profit is located in Texas.
  • Exceptional Minds is a Sherman Oaks, CA, nonprofit vocational center and animation studio for young adults with autism. to learn more about their program.
  • Aspiritech, a nonprofit based in Chicago has a program to train high-functioning people on the autism spectrum to test software for tech development companies.
  • Nobis Works is a nonprofit organization in Georgia that specializes in job placement for people on the spectrum. They also offer training programs that last anywhere from three months to a year and are designed to teach the skills necessary to succeed in the workforce.

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Opening A Vocational Training Centre:

Lastly, one of the best jobs that anyone with this syndrome could embark on is opening a vocational training centre where he or she could do the wonderful task of helping others who have Aspergers and do not have the confidence to work in offices or companies.

Few other jobs visual thinkers can look for are

  • Automobile mechanic
  • Video game design and web page design.

The Need To Balance Autonomy And Teamwork

Best Jobs for People With Autism and Asperger Syndrome

As you can see, social trauma is a major contributing factor to our desire to work alone. We feel compelled to work alone because isolation prevents further trauma. Isolation can seem like our only option, and thats just not healthy.

Humans are social beings and research shows that social connection and support protects people from the long-lasting impacts of trauma.

That being said, having the space to regulate our nervous systems, control our sensory environments, and manage our focus will allow us to perform our jobs more consistently. Some of the best jobs for autistic people will allow them to work on their own and then touch base with a consistent, supportive team on a regular basis.

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Good Career Choices For People With Autism Spectrum Disorder

There was once a time when individuals with autism were considered unemployable due to their disability, but that is certainly no longer the case. This thought process is harmful, outdated, and even discriminatory. People with autism, other developmental impairments, and mental health issues have a variety of abilities and skills that make them successful employees. What some may view as a symptom of autism and weakness, might actually be a strength for that individual some of these symptoms are viewed as advantages in the workplace and beyond. Many people who have been diagnosed with autism have gone on to enjoy great success in a wide range of careers.

Because each individual with autism has different strengths and limitations, its important that they choose a career that is in alignment with their natural interests and skills. There are a variety of interest inventories that verbal and non-verbal individuals can take to determine areas of curiosity and strength.

With assistance from a parent, counselor, or mentor, people with autism on all levels and of any age are able to determine what type of career may be best suited for them. No matter the disability, there is always great ability as well.

These are just a few interesting career options for those with autism:

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People With Asd With Amazing Careers

Experts have speculated that many famous historical figures including Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, Emily Dickinson and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart may have been on the autism spectrum. However, modern psychology has only recognized a formal diagnosis of autism since the mid-twentieth century, so it is impossible to know for sure whether those individuals were affected. While many people prefer to keep their health information private, the following notable individuals have all publicly acknowledged that they have ASD:

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What Is A Vocational Rehabilitation Agency And How Can It Help Me

Each state has a Vocational Rehabilitation agency that provides employment service supports to people with disabilities . VR is paid for by the federal and state government, and you might be eligible if you apply. It is available in every state to help people with disabilities prepare for and obtain jobs. In big cities there may be several VR offices, whereas in rural areas there may only be one office that serves many counties.

Finding Successful Careers For People With Autism

Autism Treatment Center in Evansville, IN

The key to successful employment for many individuals with autism is in seeking career choices that suit their specialized interests and talents. Many with autism tend to focus intensely on very narrow fields of interest. In many instances, these interests can be developed into a very successful careers. While skills can be uneven in many people with autism, those related to their individual interests tend to be very strong, often well above average.

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