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What To Get A Child With Autism For Christmas

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Shopping For A Neurotypical Child Verses A Child With Autism

How to Make Christmas a Success For Your Child With Autism

Its usually not too difficult to figure out what a neurotypical child might want for Christmas. If they dont tell you, you can buy them a gift that most other children in their age group ask for or you can use the recommendations suggested by the manufacturers. However, many children with autism show little or no interest in toys or other material things.

Its not uncommon for any child to fixate on one specific toy or item at some point in their childhood. For some children with autism that fixation can go on for years. It may be impossible to get them to give any of their attention to a different item.

In addition, when people attempt to spark their interests with pictures or verbal descriptions of things they might like, they may stare blankly for a moment and then walk away as they may not grasp the concept of Christmas. Their likes and dislikes differ for each individual. Some kids with autism love hammock chairs. Perhaps, they like having a space to themselves. In order to figure out what to get them, more investigative work may be required.

Liams Life With Autism Sensory Overload

Quick Review: This book provides a sensitive and touching reflection on living with autism. It helps children with autism to understand their condition, but can also be read by the family to help build empathy for their beautiful child.

Check the price on Amazon.

Benefits for children with autism:

Books are always great gifts for children. This one is a particularly poignant book for a child with autism. Its one that your child can empathize with, but so can any parents or loved one of a child suffering from sensory overload.

The main character in the book has hypersensitivity. He has trouble with noises, large crowds, bright lights and changes in routine. He also has trouble expressing his feelings. The narrative explores how life can be a huge struggle for Liam.

But, it also shows how Liam is a normal child in so many ways. He loves dancing, his family, and his favorite toys.

The book overall shows how Liam is misunderstood, but at the end of the day is a much loved and lovable person in his familys life.

Consider sharing the book with your childs daycare providers or teacher once youve finished with it as it gives such a compassionate insight into life with autism.

Care For Me Learning Carrier

The Care for Me Learning Carrier would be great for a caring, gentle child. Its a toy dog carrier that a child can carry around. When they open it up, your child can play with their stuffed toy dog. There are also 100 different noises that the carrier can make via the buttons around the outside of this great, versatile toy.

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Foods That Encourage Breaking A Special Diet

About one-third of children with autism have been on special diets to try to improve their symptoms. One example is a diet that excludes gluten and casein , although some research shows it may not improve autism symptoms. To be on the safe side, always check with the child’s parents before gifting food with casein or gluten, like ice cream or cookies. Also check about any other special dietary issues or food allergies, and submit a list of ingredients before handing over the treat.

Autism Magazine Publishes Toy And Gift Giving Guide For Autistic Children This Christmas

Christmas Activities for Autistic Children

Autism Parenting offers gift suggestions for those who have loved ones who are part of the universe of ASD children and families

LONDON UK / ACCESSWIRE / November 15, 2020 / Autism Parenting Magazine Limited have launched their newgift-giving guide displaying choices for autistic youngsters and teens. Whether the loved one is a toddler or a teenager, the guide includes options which are perfect as gifts to stimulate the senses, and train the mind and body. Since the holiday gift-giving season is fast approaching, the list of gift ideas is incredibly helpful. These are gifts which are suitable for birthdays or other occasions as well.

The list of suggested items includes toys for sensory issues as well as educational and other types of gifts. The gift ideas are further categorized by age group. Experts suggested a range of budget-friendly gift ideas to help in choosing the best toys for the particular autistic child.

The guide’s gift categories include gifts for autistic toddlers, presents for young kids, toys for autistic kids 5 to 10 years old, kids aged 10 +, and gifts for autistic teens. Depending upon the age, gifts might emphasize gross motor development, stimulation, calming, teaching cause and effect, hand-eye coordination, spatial reasoning, strengthening fine motor skills, tactile exploration and support of speech, color recognition, and math, and language activities.

For further information, visit

About the Magazine:

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Preparing For Christmas: Autism Resources

The Christmas period, with lots of change, social interaction, expectations and demands to negotiate, can be a very exciting but often stressful time of the year for many autistic people. We have put together a brief list of useful resources that we hope may prove helpful in making this festive period as special and as stress free as possible for those you work with.

N.B. Many of the below resources were written pre-covid 19, although many of the tips will still be relevant and apply, some may not.

Below are a variety of resources that give guidance, advice and ideas for the festive season:

Make A Schedule For The Day

As well as a schedule for the big day itself, it can help to incorporate a regular Christmas activity into their routine in the build up to Christmas, such as opening the advent calendar, watching a Christmas film, or turning on the Christmas tree lights.

However, you may want to give your child some time not focused on Christmas, which lets you monitor how anxious they are feeling and gives you chance to make any changes. If there are any moments on Christmas Day or beforehand that you think might be a bit too much, create a Christmas-free zone where they can have a bit of quiet time with a favourite activity.

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More Than Anything Else Be Loving

Having an autism-friendly Christmas can seem difficult, but the changes needed are really a small impact on the host. They will have a huge impact, however, for a child with autism and their family.

We often spend half of our family holidays apologizing for one thing or another, handling meltdowns, or intervening in arguments. The other half is spent trying to enjoy our holiday while stressing when we will need to start apologizing, handling, and intervening again.

Making some small changes, and putting forth a bit of effort into hosting an autism-friendly Christmas is one of the best ways to show your family that you care this year.

Let them know that you love your autistic family member and want to help in whatever way you can. To me, thats showing the spirit of Christmas.

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Explain Autism To Other Family

12 Steps to Surviving an Autistic Christmas

Autism isnt always the easiest thing to understand.

First off it is a huge spectrum, so its hard to know what to expect. Maybe your family member will only struggle to make eye contact, or maybe theyre completely non-verbal. Either way, its still autism.

It can also be really difficult for kids to understand because kids tend to be black and white.

The other kids in the family will think that the child with autism is being favored, or is simply naughty.

Its really important to explain to kids, in an age-appropriate way, that their cousins brain works differently, so they cant always do things the same way that other kids can.

Sometimes they dont share toys, sometimes they dont eat the same foods, and sometimes they dont answer questions.

All of that is okay because were all different, and thats what makes us special.

Trust me, youll end plenty of fights by helping the other kids understand why one of them gets chicken nuggets while they have to eat their veggies!

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Anything Made With Potentially Toxic Materials

Even for older children with autism, it’s important to avoid toys and other gifts that could contain toxic materials. Not only are many autistic children unusually sensitive to chemicals and toxins, but they are also more likely than their typical peers to mouth or lick objects. Many children with autism also lack the ability to make good choices about how to handle such gifts as chemistry sets, “slime,” etc.

Best Gifts For Asd Children

Here are some recommended sensory toys for children with ASD. The gift ideas are grouped based on the specific sensory needs of a child. And whats convenient is finding these children´s toys online.

For children with oral sensory needs:

Knobby Super Chew by Chewy TubesThis super chew product from Chewy Tubes is a delightful oral motor toy specifically designed to provide positive oral stimulation. The product comes with a closed-loop handle that can easily be grasped by children. The bitable stem of the super chew has a rough-textured surface to ensure that the oral sensory needs of a child are satisfied. This toy can be purchased for $5.81 at Amazon.com.

For children with olfactory sensory needs:

Montessori Scent Boxes/Smelling Bottles from Pink MontessoriThis product features two wooden trays with six-cylinder boxes. These sensory items are intended to improve the olfactory senses of children and calm children with olfactory sensory needs. The cylinder boxes have removable lids that facilitate the placement of different scents. This product is available at Amazon.com for $34.00.

For children with vestibular sensory needs:

For children with proprioceptive sensory needs:

For children with visual sensory needs:

Stem Cell Therapy For Autism

If you are looking to provide your child with a present that he/she will benefit from all his/her life, Stem Cells Therapy is the answer.

Contact us now and receive a Special Holiday Discount!

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Autism At Christmas: How To Prepare A Child On The Autistic Spectrum For The Festive Season

  • We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article.
  • Christmas is an exciting time of year for most families.

    Sparkling decorations, shiny new Christmas toys and fun family festivities usually make December one of the highlights of the year. But for those with a child who has a condition on the autistic spectrum, the change in routine, big events, loud noises and large crowds can make it feel stressful and overwhelming instead.

    There are still many ways parents can plan for Christmas and make the holidays fun for everyone it just requires a little more thought and forward planning.

    If you have a child who has autism, these tips can help you and your family to make the holidays as happy and hassle-free as possible.

    Practice Some Give And Take

    The best gifts for my autistic children this Christmas ...

    Autistic people can be incredibly blunt if they dont like a present and this can be very hurtful to relatives who dont know them well. To minimise the risk of this happening, ask people to buy your child sensory toys if possible. Theres no guarantee theyll buy the right ones of course, so preparation is key when it comes to the giving and receiving of gifts.The idea that the thought behind a gift is more important than the gift itself can be a really tricky thing for an autistic person to grasp, so if this is too abstract for them, just focus on something else.Social stories can be very useful for explaining how it feels when your gift is rejected, as well as learning why saying thank you and being polite are so important. If your child struggles with this, it might be a good idea to explain it by pointing out that just as stimming makes them happy, but seems confusing to other people, manners make other people happy even if theyre a bit difficult to understand.

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    Inner Reflections Zen Garden

    Soothing and proper tactile activity for teenagers with autism. The Inner Reflections Zen Garden provides the perfect resource for sensory breaks. This set includes a pound of soft white sand, a wood sculpting tool, a sand roller, a stone inscribed with the Japanese symbol for Peace, and a bamboo tray.

    Presents For Young Kids


    This colorful rain tube is simple to use and great for all ages. Perfect for highly visual students. Turn this sturdy 8-inch tube over and watch a cascade of multi-colored beads fall as you listen to the soothing sound of rain.


    Stretch, mold, and pull the putty until you find all the hidden objects and then hide the pieces again! Strengthens fine motor skills and provides tactile exploration. Versatile therapy tool, fidget, and travel toy for imaginative play. Supports speech, color recognition, math and language activities.


    These soft and colorful blocks help satisfy sensory and visual cravings. This building toy also helps develop a childs spatial, logic, and reasoning skills.


    Explore all four of these one-size-fits-all mitts and feel their textured surfaces. Includes mitts with sequins, faux fur, raised bumps, and a smooth surface. Theyre great for creative play, touch exploration, and sensory integration.

    $57.99 and up

    With the super-supportive saddle and low-to-the-ground design, this scooter offers more security than a typical ride-on toy. Those with gravitational insecurity can scoot with confidence, in prone, kneeling, or sitting positions.


    $135.99 and up

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    Gift Ideas For Autistic Teenagers

    Finding the right gift ideas for autistic teenagers may seem overwhelming, but it doesnt have to be. These specialty items and ideas can work well with autistic teenagers and are socially appropriate. During shopping, you should consider the development age of your teenager that you are shopping for. Let us know which of these 75+ gift ideas for autistic teenagers was your favorite, down in the comments below!

    Events For Children With Autism Over Christmas

    AUTISM PARENTS GET EMOTIONAL | Christmas Drive Through for Special Needs | Vlogmas Day 4

    14th December, World of Wonder Christmas party, BelfastThe indoor play centre in Carrickfergus, Belfast is hosting a Christmas party, especially for children with autism. There will be a visit from Santa, with a silent anta option, as well as a sensory area and a chill out room. Book tickets at wowni.co.uk

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    Plan A Sensory Retreat Ahead Of Time

    I am not suggesting that you have a fully blown sensory room prepared for your autistic family member to hide away in, though that would be awesome! But having a space where the kid can hide away for a bit and regulate his sensory system is vital for having a happy, autism-friendly Christmas.

    Maybe this simply means that you close off your bedroom so that they have a quiet space to themselves when they get overwhelmed.

    Maybe you set up a quick sensory bin to help them calm down.

    Even something as simple as having a comfy chair away from the chaos with a phone and some headphones can help an autistic child to calm down and enjoy their holiday.

    Again, just ask the parents or the child what they think will help. Theyll probably even bring along a weighted blanket or some noise canceling headphones to help out!

    Silver Plasma Lightning Lamp

    Another great gift for autistic children is the classic Plasma Lightning Lamp. The base produces high-frequency electromagnetic waves that cause the gases to turn into plasma.

    If you touch the ball, the lightning bolts will combine into a strong beam and follow the movement of your finger. Clap hands to it and watch the pattern in its striking pulsations.

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    Limit The Number Of Presents

    Setting a limit on the number of presents can help stop your child getting overwhelmed by the day. The NAS suggests giving one physical present from mum and dad, and perhaps one more from a family member, while others could give money as an alternative.

    Even if theres only a couple, give the gifts one by one, rather than all at once, and balance them with a familiar object for instance, handing over a new toy alongside one they already treasure. Unless your child likes the sensation of unwrapping, theres also no harm in giving the gifts unwrapped.

    Gift Ideas For Children With Special Needs

    The best gifts for my autistic children this Christmas ...

    Its the time of year for spreading holiday cheer, so we at Hopebridge set out to help Santa and his elves come up with some of the best gift ideas for kids with autism. It can be challenging to find the perfect present for children on the spectrum who may not be into this years trending toys or could be overwhelmed by the latest gadgets. If you need a little assistance imagining your kiddos wish list, we broke down some of our favorite gifts into five fun categories for toddlers and early learners with special needs.

    Before we get to the goods, here are a few extra tips to keep in mind for shopping for children with autism spectrum disorder :

  • It does not require tons of money to make the holidays special.Rather than flooding your child with gifts, consider choosing a few select items, 8 nights of super simple presents for Hanukkah, or buying one big Christmas gift alongside smaller stocking stuffers.
  • You do not need to buy new in order for it to feel new to your child.Check out Facebook Marketplace or your communitys mom groups to scan for items that will make your kid happy. Many parents sell or give away toys their children have grown out of in order to make room for new toys, so use it to your advantage. Activity cubes, balance bikes, Legos, push toys, doll houses, train sets and more pop up all the time and are often still in excellent shape.
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