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Homeschool Curriculum For Autistic Students

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If you are a homeschooling parent, I highly recommend you join our free Autism Helper Network and join our Parents Group. If you are using TAH Curriculum with more than 1 child to homeschool, Curriculum Access our subscription curriculum may be a good option for you. Reach out to see if it would be a good fit.

Fundanoodle Muscle Mover Cards

We also like to use the Muscle Mover cards to practice our letters! Right now were working on uppercase, but well move onto lowercase soon. The muscle mover cards have a letter on one side, with a corresponding animal movement on the back. The cards are dry erase, so kids can trace the letter and then immediately take a brain break by doing the animal movement!

Beyond that, weve used the cards for letter recognition, and you can also build the letters with wikki stix or play doh!

So those are the basic curriculum choices that we have made for A-Man this year. Were bouncing between preschool and kindergarten levels, and were incorporating a ton of his therapy activities into our days as well. Plus, of course, were just doing a lot of life learning. Exploring our world and reading tons of really fun books together!

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5 days agoAug 08, 2022 ·When my son was five I purchased a math curriculum and he was struggling so much, I decided to buy another one mid-year at someones recommendation. That too turned into a disaster. The best way to buy homeschoolcurriculum is to know what you are looking for. But before you do this, please listen to the past podcasts on the topic of curriculum.

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Homeschool Help And Tips

2 days agoLearn why choosing to home school an autistic child may be a good choice for you. It could help your child find greater academic success while enriching his or her life. … Get theultimateguide to choosing homeschoolcurriculum! Enter your email below to gain instant access. Yes, please! I want the free ULTIMATE GUIDE to homeschool

Special Needs Homeschool Curriculum & Resources

Homeschooling Your Autistic Child? 10 Tips That Will Help!

1 week agoAug 25, 2020 ·The products in the 2020 Ultimate Homeschool Curriculum List are sure to get your kids excited about learning and engage in communication. … B.Ed K-7 and mum of 2 kids with Autism, meaning lots and lots of experience with OTs and speech therapists who have also influenced design concepts. … She has also written a training guide for parents …

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Homeschooling Your Autistic Child

Discover helpful information about homeschooling children with autism and how Bridgeway can make their learning experience successful.

There Is HOPEYou already know how challenging it can be to teach your autistic child. But youre not aloneBridgeway Academy is here to help. Our HOPE Program for children with learning disabilities offers everything you need to meet the various emotional and educational needs of your child. Because teaching an ASD child shouldnt be frustratingit should be rewarding.

Were Here for YouOur free downloadable whitepaper, Homeschooling Your Autistic Child, is full of helpful information about autism, why homeschooling could be the perfect way to educate your ASD child, tips and tricks on homeschooling, as well as resources and support links. When it comes to educating your autistic child, allow Bridgeway to help you make learning a rewarding experience for everyone.

Learn more about our HOPE Program by clicking here, or call .

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Homeschooling Your Child With Autism

More parents of children with autism are opting to homeschool for a variety of reasons. In this article, you will information about homeschooling your child with autism, including: pros and cons to homeschooling, curriculum options, how to ensure your child has access to social opportunities, and sample schedules.

Tips On Homeschooling Your Autistic Child

Special Needs Autism Homeschool Curriculum Memoria Press Myself & Others

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So youve chosen homeschool as the way your autistic child will be educated.


It will be quite an interesting journey. Full of hard work and great reward.

What are your reasons?

Maybe youve considered some of the reasons to homeschool that I wrote about in my last post?

Whatever your reasons are, now you might be wondering, How do I make this work? How can I make it a success?

Ive gathered together 10 helpful tips and advice on how to make homeschooling your autistic child a success.

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Curriculums To Guide Your Montessori Homeschooling

1 week agoNov 04, 2019 ·If you plan to assemble your own curriculum, I recommend that you list out all the Montessori sections to ensure that you cover all of them. These sections include mathematics, language, sensorial, practical life , and culture . Within the culture section, there is also art and music.

Best Homeschool Curriculums For Children With Autism

Fact-checked by Vincenza De Falco, Autism & Learning Disabilities Specialist Coach

To say that education is important is an understatement. In reality, education is not only important but also necessary for a fulfilled and successful life. It is a lifelong process that improves academic and social skills in children, setting them on the path to success. So, it doesnt surprise that parents wish to provide the best schooling and educational opportunities for their children.

But do you know which kind of schooling is best for your autistic child? Lets find out!


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How To Pick The Best Curriculum For Adhd Kids

1 week agoStep one: Find your ADHDers learning style. Finding your childs learning style is one of the keys to success in any homeschool. I dive into homeschool learning styles a little bit in this post, but most kids with ADHD seem to prefer hands-on learning. My kids love active learning and anything they can do while moving about.

Why We Love All About Reading

5 Reasons to Homeschool Your Autistic Child

We love All About Reading because the lessons are attainable for A-Man.

Were doing the pre-reading program, and its moving at a slow enough pace that hes grasping the concepts.

Hes got a really good grasp on his letters, and were taking the rhyming word practice slowly as he learns to pair words and listen to the ending sound.

I also love that its simple for me to do.

The cards for each lesson go into a box and are divided by lesson, so I have everything at my fingertips and ready to go.

A-Man is also getting much better at coloring with the practice.

He loves that each letter is paired with an animal, and hes really enjoyed listening to the stories included in the book that go with each letter.

Thats huge, because A-Man typically hates being read to.

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Using The Autism Helper Curriculum For Homeschool

I have a special place in my heart for the homeschooling TAH crew out there. We have so many dedicated, enthusiastic parents using TAH Curriculum as a main homeschool curriculum or to supplement and support learning from school. We created the curriculum to be easy to use and I love how this has translated to the home setting.

Aspergers Syndrome And A Special Education Plan

You may already have experience with an IEP or a 504 Plan, but what are they, whats the difference, and do you need one for homeschooling?

An IEP, or individualized education plan, is an in-depth document for all students who require special education services. Both documents or plans will usually be created in a group setting that includes the parents or guardians of the student, teachers, ESE Coordinator , and possibly other specialists such as speech, behavioral, and occupational therapists. An IEP can provide services and support that a 504 plan cant, such as specialized instruction, which may include different levels per subject and possibly more one-on-one time for the student, to name a few.

A 504 plan can accommodate students who can learn within a general education environment with stated modifications. A 504 Plan is a better option when the student is able to function well in a regular education environment with accommodations. The 504 is typically less restrictive than the IEP, and also less defining or denouncing. An IEP is a better option for students with a disability that is adversely impacting education. 504 plans are formal plans that schools develop to provide students with disabilities the support they need, covering any condition that limits daily activities in a major way.

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What Is Public Education And What Challenges Does It Have Supporting Children With Special Needs

Parents may begin with a public education for a variety of reasons. They want their child with autism to socialize with other children and assume they will receive good teaching from the teacher who teaches the neurotypical kids. Often the reality is other parents are resentful that their child is receiving less attention because of the presence of a child with special needs. Classes are large often with no time for a teacher to provide extra attention. The teacher may have no special training in autism spectrum disorders and personal aide time is limited if provided at all. Traditional teaching techniques used in most classrooms involve too much listening, sitting still, and not enough breaks. Lesson plans are not modified specifically to accommodate special learning needs.

Public schools may lack the resources to provide a sound education for a child with autism. The school may not have a professionally trained staff, teacher aides, or special equipment such as a laptop computer. Laptops can be beneficial for children who have difficulty with motor control . They often find it easier to type than to hand-write. Many autistic children enjoy working on computers so providing them with one to use is motivational.

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What Is The Best Homeschool Curriculum For A Child With Autism


TeachTown is easily one of the most popular curriculum when it comes to homeschooling a child with autism. Two tracks are available TeachTown Basic and TeachTown Social Skills and each track extends to approximately age 12. TeachTown Basic is a mix of computer-based and parent-led learning, offering subjects including:

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Public Schools Vs Homeschooling

Should I send my autistic child to a public school or go for homeschooling?

This is one of the biggest concerns of parents when it comes to the education of autistic children. Before you make a decision, it is important to consider both approaches based on your childs individual needs and sensitivities.

While public schooling has its pros and cons, the biggest reason it may not be suitable for your autistic child is that schools often fail to accommodate childrens individual needs.

This kind of teaching approach is unlikely to work well for autistic children as they learn at their own pace and often require additional attention to learning new stuff. Plus, if your child has sensory issues, learning in a room full of children can be a challenge for him/her.

On the other hand, choosing to homeschool, your autistic child can seem like a daunting task. Most parents worry about choosing the right curriculum for autism and following it through. Fortunately, there are multiple amazing options available for homeschooling children with autism that you can choose from.

Scroll down to take a look at some of the best homeschool curriculum for autism. All of them can help your child learn and grow in their own space without facing social anxiety and sensory issues. Choose the one you like the best!

How To Get All About Reading

You can get All About Reading from All About Learning Press here!

We started A-Man on pre-reading, and they go up through level four.

This is a mastery-based program and not a grade-specific program, so take a look at each of the levels to pick one thats going to fit your kiddos current needs.

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Homeschooling Curriculum For A Child On The Autism Spectrum

Once upon a time, I stressed about choosing homeschool curriculum. I would peruse the catalogs, or check out the latest offerings online and circle in the catalogs whatever I had my eye on.

It is funny now to find an old catalog and see the things I wanted but never ordered. I am quite glad that I didnt have enough money to purchase everything my heart desired as I am sure I would need to be living in a palace to house all the curriculum I would have bought.

Jack-Jack is such a joy to try to teach. He rarely complains about learning, however, his biggest issues revolve around retention and not desire to learn. About a decade ago, I learned a secret about teaching my children teach where they are at, normalize the fact that we all struggle in some area, and just love them where they are.

Here is my 2020-2021 curriculum rundown for homeschooling my child with autism:


Homeschooling with Movies

Jack-Jack needs to constantly repeat the same materials. I like CTCMath, and Jack-Jack likes the animation of Mathseeds. Using two programs gives us the best of both worlds. Additionally, Mathseeds offers a unique way of teaching other subjects including habitats and countries around the world.

Beyond the Stick Figure Art is a great introduction course to drawing, watercolor and more. This video course is taught by a gentle soul who will guide your child to becoming a better artist.

So there you have our Autism Homeschool Curriculum for the Year 2020-2021.

Guiding Principles Techniques & Academic Best Practices

Can You Homeschool Your Autistic Child?

The Language Builder ARIS program is anchored in the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis and adapted to be easily implemented by educators without formal ABA training.

ARIS lets educators adapt the lessons to individual students and to a variety of learning environments while ensuring that there are no gaps in the students progress toward academic readiness.

The lessons in ARIS follow a standards-based learning progression created by correlating to:

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Want To Homeschool A Child On The Autism Spectrum

Many homeschooling parents ask me about how I was able to homeschool my son. Let me say that it was one of the best experiences of our lives.

But, one of the first things that youll want to consider when prepping to teach a child on the Spectrum is the method that suits you and your child best. With so many homeschooling methods out there, you can help narrow this down by considering the type of learner your child is and the types of things that make the material stick with him .

One important thing for parents of children on the Autism spectrum to consider is which method is going to allow you to continue with the therapies and treatments your child needs with little to no interruption. For this reason, some parents of Autistic kids find a more relaxed or unschooling approach to work best because these are the most flexible methods. On the other hand, some parents find a structured approach that allows flexibility to be the most comforting. In both cases, homeschooling gives you the ability to work around the therapies and treatments you already have in place.

Whichever style you choose, you must also consider what will work best for your child. Some Spectrum kids dont deal with change very well, so you may not have the ability to change curriculum programs midway through the year like parents of other children. This is something important to keep in mind as you choose your program for the year.

Our Autism Homeschool Curriculum Choices For 2020

Are you a curriculum junkie? The hardest thing for this homeschooling mom is figuring out what curriculum to use without having shiny thing syndrome. Just when I select a curriculum, someone mentions something else, and I am off to explore what that curriculum looks like and why it would be a better choice than what I currently have selected. However, I am proud to announce that I have selected my 15 year old sons autism homeschool curriculum.

Homeschooling a child with autism is definitely a challenge, but it is not impossible. In fact, some of those challenges have made homeschooling exciting after so many years of normal schooling. Additionally, I have found countless benefits of homeschooling an autistic child.

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Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner

Based on more than 60 interviews with homeschoolers with different learning abilities, Homeschooling Your Struggling Learner provides a wealth of insight into what its like to teach an autistic child at home. The book is written by Kathy Kuhl, who herself homeschooled a struggling child from elementary school through graduation.

How To Get The Right Homeschool Curriculum For Autistic Children


In picking any homeschool curriculum, you have to choose between:

It is a lot of work, though, involving:

  • Understanding your states homeschool laws on the subjects you have to teach
  • Planning subjects, topics, and lessons effectively
  • Keeping records of teaching, achievements, and coursework
  • Preparing your child for standardized assessments, if they are required in your state
Off-the-shelf Pre-designed curriculums are available for autistic children, but you risk not having enough flexibility to be able to accommodate your childs wishes.

Most specialized autistic curriculums provide some variation in teaching methods, but you may need to supplement these with your own input.

Bear in mind, specialized curriculums often come at a premium price, so you will have to budget for your choice of program

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