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Do Autistic Adults Look Different

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Do Autistic Adults Prefer Mouths Over Eyes

Ask an Autistic #20 – What are Autistic Shutdowns?

In a seminal eye-tracking study, Klin et al. found that, in watching excerpts from a movie, neurotypical adults preferentially looked at the protagonists eyes, whereas autistic participants looked less at faces, and, when they did, mostly paid attention to the mouth region. Klin et al. hypothesize that autistic adults preferentially gaze at mouths of speaking people, because this is the facial region that provides them with essential interactional information.

However, it is unclear whether autistic adults genuinely prefer the mouth region or whether they simply avoid the eye region . While some studies reported a preference for mouths over eyes in autistic adults , others did not replicate this preference or even found no group differences in fixations on the eyes or on the mouth . Such inconsistent results may be partly due to methodological variation between studies: some paradigms render the mouth region salient , while others attract participants attention to the eyes . A promising way to determine the extent to which autistic adults are genuinely attracted to mouths would be to render the eye region particularly relevant, while keeping the mouth region salient. If the preference for the mouth is robust, one should expect it to obfuscate the relevance of the eyes to autistic participants.

Social Behavior And Social Understanding

Basic social interaction can be difficult for children with autism spectrum disorders. Symptoms may include:

  • Unusual or inappropriate body language, gestures, and facial expressions .
  • Lack of interest in other people or in sharing interests or achievements .
  • Unlikely to approach others or to pursue social interaction comes across as aloof and detached prefers to be alone.
  • Difficulty understanding other peoples feelings, reactions, and nonverbal cues.
  • Resistance to being touched.
  • Difficulty or failure to make friends with children the same age.

How Is Autism In Women Treated

While theres no cure for autism, medications can help to manage certain related symptoms or disorders that may co-occur.

But medication is only one aspect of autism treatment. There are many types of physical, occupational, and talk therapies that can help you better interact with the world around you and manage your symptoms.

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Why Is Eye Contact Important

On the one hand, we know that eye contact helps people communicate their interest and attention to a conversation partner. Its also important for communicating interest in having a social interaction with someone. Often times, we need to maintain eye contact in order to pick up and respond to important social cues from other people. And of course, a failure to make eye contact can be misconstrued by others as disinterest or inattention.

What Happens As The Autistic Brain Ages

Cluster of symptoms reveals gene

ASD starts in early childhood and continues into adulthood. Many of the symptoms and the brain patterns normalize with age but, along the way, a lot of complex development takes place.

For instance, 20 to 30 percent of people living with autism develop seizure disorders. But the reason isnt really understood. It may just be that theres this chicken and egg issue, or sometimes the seizure disorder can predispose them to autism, and sometimes it might be the other way around, and we really understand that link yet, Dr. Anderson says.

Then, there are other mental health conditions that come into play. It is common for people living with ASD to also experience anxiety, depression and OCDmore so than in the general population.

One thing is for sure, society can benefit from the autistic brain. Many people with autism dont see it as a disorder. They may see it as a gift, Dr. Anderson says. Society generates enormous benefits from individuals with autism. Theyre so good at tasks that are really important to society. And I think its important to always emphasize that its in societys best interest to help create environments where people with different brain structures and ways of behaving can thrive.

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Should We Force Eye Contact

So should we insist on eye contact with those who find it uncomfortable? As with many complex questions, the best answer is probably it depends.

First and foremost, we encourage you to begin by exploring what the issue means for your son. How does making eye contact affect your son? Does it help him pay attention to the conversation or make it more difficult?

How Does It Work Differently

The connections within a brain bring it to life. And its the brain cells or neurons that act as the messengers. When a brain cell is active, it creates an electrical impulse and that gets propagated to other cells in the brain. We think that electrical activity holds the basis of thought and behavior and how the brain functions, Dr. Anderson says.

Researchers indirectly measure these electrical impulses by looking at how synchronized regions of the brain are. When regions are working together, they tend to have brain activity at the same time. Functional connectivity is the measurement of how much two regions of the brain seem to be synchronized or talking together.

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Is There A Test For Autism In Women

Theres no medical test that can diagnose autism. It can be a difficult process that often requires visiting several types of doctors.

If you believe your child could be on the autism spectrum, make an appointment with their doctor. Depending on your childs symptoms, their doctor may refer them to a child psychologist or pediatric neurologist.

If you suspect that you may have undiagnosed autism, start by talking to your primary care doctor. A psychologist can also help you evaluate your symptoms and rule out other potential causes. Learn more about the process of working with a doctor to get an autism diagnosis.

Autism can be very hard to diagnose in adults. You may need to visit a few doctors before you find one who understands your symptoms and concerns.

If possible, try to ask close family members about any potential signs or symptoms you might have displayed as a child. This can help to give your doctor a better idea of your childhood development.

Throughout the process, remember that you are your most important advocate. If you feel your doctor isnt taking your concerns seriously, speak up or get a second opinion. Seeking a second opinion is common, and you shouldnt feel uncomfortable doing so.

Eye Processing And Physiological Arousal In Autism

Living with Autism/Asperger’s “You don’t look Autistic”

What factors might account for the eye-avoidance face processing strategy in autism? Despite the importance of the eyes for recognition of identity and expression, they may be the most threatening area of the face for individuals with ASD. Eye contact is a potent signal sending a powerful message to its receiver as invitation for social engagement and intimacy . In everyday face-to-face encounters, social communication is initiated and regulated through the language of our eyes. For individuals with autism, avoiding eye contact may be an effective strategy for discouraging social interactions. Indeed, people with autism anecdotally comment that looking into another persons eyes is an unpleasant, even painful experience .

To examine the link between eye contact and emotional arousal, children with ASD and neurotypical children viewed face stimuli displaying either a direct gaze or averted gaze as their skin conductance was recorded . Whereas the neurotypical children showed no changes in skin conductance as a function of the gaze condition, children with autism exhibited a stronger skin conductance reaction to the direct gaze, indicating hyper-physiological arousal . Past research has shown a good correspondence between skin conductance levels and subjective reports of emotional arousal suggesting that the elevated skin response reflects the autistics heightened emotional response to the eye gaze stimulus.

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Why Is It Hard For People With Autism To Make Eye Contact

Why is it so difficult for our son to make eye contact. What can we do and what shouldnt we do to encourage this important social skill?

Todays Got Questions? answer is by developmental pediatrician Amanda Bennett, behavior analyst Megan Carolan Tomkinson and psychologist Judith Miller. Dr. Bennett is the director of the Autism Speaks Autism Treatment Network site at Childrens Hospital of Philadelphia, where Mrs. Tomkinson and Dr. Miller also practice.

Editors note: The following information is not meant to diagnose or treat and should not take the place of personal consultation, as appropriate, with a qualified healthcare professional and/or behavioral therapist.

Thank you so much for your question. Its one shared by a great many people particularly those on the autism spectrum and those who care about them.

Using eye contact is an important nonverbal communication behavior that most of us use automatically in social interactions. However, as you describe, making eye contact with others can be very challenging for some people with autism adults as well as children.

The answer to your question is difficult because research and clinical experience produces a mixed message as to how much emphasis we should place on teaching and reinforcing this skill.

S That Show What Autism Looks Like

Worry, fear, chaos, exhaustion, hope, love. These are some of the many words parents of kids with autism spectrum disorder use to describe their reality.

In honor of Autism Awareness Month, we asked to share what autism looks like in their families. While no two stories are identical, these parents wish for what everyone wants for their children: acceptance and joy.

Keep scrolling to see what autism looks like and read what it means for nearly 50 different families.

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Were Too Honest For Our Own Good

You would think that being truthful was something you would want to promote but, in the interest of sparing someones feelings, apparently, were expected to lie from time to time and, whats more, if you dont then youre the jerk!

Known as a white lie, this is something many autistic people have struggled with, due to our literal way of thinking. However, recent studies into autistic people and lying have suggested that its not quite as simple as we wont lie because we cant. Instead, reports fromQueens University have found that, when autistic people do speak out of turn, its because we see the make-believe as mean and often believe that it will be less upsetting, to tell the truth .

Given the reasoning behind this, I think it would do more harm than good to try and change this behaviour in autistic people. So, if you ask us a question you dont like the answer to, just remember that this is an opinion an opinion which, though indisputable in our eyes, is not necessarily fact.

Signs Of Autism Vs Adhd In Adults

People with autism sometimes give ambiguous looks ...

Below are specific behaviors adapted from the diagnostic symptoms of autism and ADHD according to the DSM-5.

  • Challenges taking turns in a conversation
  • Monopolizing conversation with ones own interests or thoughts
  • Difficulty making interpersonal connections
  • Hyperfocus on a specific topic or interest
  • Abnormalities in eye contact and body language
  • Not picking up on body language and facial cues of others
  • Literal interpretation of language
  • Inability to see the perspective of others
  • Misperception of language or social situations
  • Challenges with adjusting behaviors to match different social contexts
  • Frustration and anxiety over unexpected changes in routines and schedules
  • Extreme rigidity
  • Socially awkward, not fitting in with any social circles
  • Difficulties with completing everyday life activities independently
  • Challenges with accepting feedback or corrections
  • Lack of motivation to engage with others

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Autism Doesnt Have A Look

Since the birth of our now teenaged autistic son, there have been many moments where someone has said, Well, he doesnt look autistic! This is really frustrating for me as a parent of a special needs person because it is a perspective of what people see, instead of what an autistic person can do. It is also an educational moment for me to explain the nuances and in-betweens of this neurological disorder that can manifest so very differently in people.

Autism Brains Alike Very Different From Normal Brains

Common ‘Developmental Patterning Defect’ Seen in Autistic Brains

May 25, 2011 — A common brain defect occurs in about 75% of people with autism, molecular analysis of autistic brains reveals.

It’s becoming clear that there are many different causes of autism and that autism takes many different forms. Some researchers have proposed that the various “autisms” may even be different diseases.

But now a research team led by Daniel H. Geschwind, MD, PhD, director of the UCLA Center for Autism Research and Treatment, finds that the vast majority of people with autism may share the same underlying defect in brain development.

“Is there some convergence, some commonality among the various forms of autism? That is the question we asked, and we showed that there is,” Geschwind tells WebMD.

“It’s definitely a very striking finding,” Robert Ring, PhD, tells WebMD. Ring, vice president of translational research for the advocacy group Autism Speaks, was not involved in the study. However, most of the brains analyzed in the study came from the Autism Speaks tissue-banking program.

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You Dont Have To Be Autistic Advocates To Understand

Sadly, for the millions of parents who know better. We can only continue to do what we do best: love and support our children. Nobody else will. We are the keepers of disappointment that developmental milestones dont apply to us, or when we find that medical insurance does not cover overly expensive and much-needed behavior therapy. We are the proactive and often angry parents questioning why sensory integration and assistive technology are not incorporated into our childs Individual Education Plan .

An autistic child may be one of those you see in grocery store aisles shrieking at the top of their lungs or wandering off non-stop at a moments notice. So please, do not be quick to judge the parents. Looks are very deceiving and are not always what they seem. Consider that it may not be bad behavior maybe theyre children with autism.

Lack Of Social Communication Skills

Things Not To Say To An Autistic Person

In order to be successful in pretend play and imitation, typically-developing children actively seek out engagement and communication and quickly learn how to “read” the intentions of other people.

Children with autism tend to be self-absorbed, and have little desire or ability to communicate or engage with playmates. Peers may see this behavior as hurtful , or may simply ignore the child with autism. In some cases, children with autism are bullied, scorned, or ostracized.

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How To Deal With Autism In Adults

Adults with ASD have certain traits which make life difficult for them. They are different.

Which makes it challenging for them to get through their daily life without struggles. But there are ways to work with adults with autism to ensure they receive the best treatment possible.

If you are working with an adult with autism, the first thing to do is to learn and educate yourself about ASD. This will eliminate conflicts in the work environment by minimizing misunderstandings.

Autism causes issues in the individuals communication. Adults with autism who are high-functioning can speak fluently with high level of vocabulary.

But those on the lower part of the spectrum may be non-verbal or may only use sounds to communicate. Make sure that you give these adults sufficient amount of time to communicate and dont force the communication.

Autistic adults may not be able to understand nuances or wordplays while communicating. Try to avoid sarcasm and keep your sentences short and concise.

Sensory overload is a huge problem for individuals with autism. They get overwhelmed with the stimuli in their environment. You may find the situation you are in comfortable, while they get extremely overwhelmed. They do not enjoy certain common physical gestures like hugging or pats on the back. Try to respect and understand their desire for personal space.

What Do We Know About Autism In Females

Numbers vary, but overall it is widely accepted that autism is more commonly diagnosed in men than in women. Current estimates suggest that around three men receive an autism diagnosis for every one woman. However, there may be several reasons for this. Taken altogether, research suggests that it is unlikely that ASD is equally common amongst men and women, yet, growing evidence suggests that current diagnostic procedures may fail to capture how ASD manifests in women and thus exaggerates the already existing difference in prevalence rates. Women have also been found to be diagnosed with ASD at significantly later ages and to experience greater delays in the time from an initial evaluation to receiving a clinical ASD diagnosis and so this may also impact numbers and statistics.

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Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder

In order to determine whether your child has autism spectrum disorder or another developmental condition, clinicians look carefully at the way your child interacts with others, communicates, and behaves. Diagnosis is based on the patterns of behavior that are revealed.

If you are concerned that your child has autism spectrum disorder and developmental screening confirms the risk, ask your family doctor or pediatrician to refer you immediately to an autism specialist or team of specialists for a comprehensive evaluation. Since the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder is complicated, it is essential that you meet with experts who have training and experience in this highly specialized area.

The team of specialists involved in diagnosing your child may include:

  • Child psychologists
  • Physical therapists
  • Special education teachers
  • Diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder is not a brief process. There is no single medical test that can diagnose it definitively instead, in order to accurately pinpoint your childs problem, multiple evaluations and tests may be necessary.

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