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Is The Good Doctor Actually Autistic

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A New Resident Joins The Cast

The Good Doctor – Shaun and the Autistic Community

Season four saw a handful of new residents join the ranks of St. Bonaventure Hospital. While the new residents provided quite the shake-up for Shaun and the rest of the residents, not all of the new residents stuck around. Over the course of the season, both Dr. Ricky Guerin and Dr. Olivia Jackson left the residency program when they realized St. Bonaventure Hospital wasn’t the right fit for them.

With Dr. Claire Brown also leaving and Dr. Morgan Reznick unable to be a surgical resident, there are a few vacancies that could be filled. Fans are excited at the prospect of some new, young faces joining the cast.

Deeper Exploration Of Dr Audrey Lim & Her Ptsd

While medical dramas do often showcase doctor’s personal lives, it’s very rare that they consider the psychological effects doctors often experience from their profession in the real world. The Good Doctor chose to do just that this season when it was revealed that Dr. Lim was suffering from PTSD after several grueling months of watching patients and friends die due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr. Lim’s storyline was definitely unique but many fans were left wanting to know more about how Dr. Lim was receiving help with her PTSD diagnosis and are hopeful that they’ll get a more intimate look at just that in season 5.

Charlie And The Chocolate Factory And The Spiderwick Chronicles

In 2005, he portrayed the main role of Charlie Bucket in Tim Burtons musical fantasy film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, adapted from the book of the same name by Roald Dahl. He was reportedly recommended by co-star Johnny Depp, with whom Highmore had worked in Finding Neverland Depp had been impressed by the young actors performance and thus put his name forward for the role. Highmore had not seen the original 1971 version of the film, and decided not to see it until he was done filming so his portrayal of Charlie would not be influenced. For his role, he again won the Critics Choice Movie Award for Best Young Performer and was awarded the Satellite Award for Outstanding New Talent. Highmore also lent his voice to the films accompanying video game of the same name.

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Researching For The Role:

Freddie said he knew about autism from people in his personal life with the condition. However, to properly play someone with autism, Freddie and The Good Doctor showrunner, David Shore, researched before filming the first episode. In fact, they hired autism consultant Melissa Reiner to help perfect the character.

David Shore, our wonderful main writer and showrunner, and I sat down before the pilot and also between the pilot and making the show with the consultant that we still have on-board, Freddie said on ABC podcast Popcorn With Peter Travers. And also just traded back and forth books and pieces of literature and documentaries that we thought were useful or gave us some sort of insight into building this one, very particular character.

Freddie continues to research the role. Several seasons into the season, he says he is constantly learning. He told Digital Spy in March 2019, Aside from continual research, or working with the consultant that we have Im also talking to people who feel that they have a personal connection to the show through autism, and are pleased or thankful that the show is seeking to raise awareness in that way.

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Criticism Moves The Needle Only Slightly

ABC Show The Good Doctor Tells the Story of a Doctor ...

The most positive thing I could say about Atypical as autistic representation is the most damning thing I can say about its entertainment value: Sam wasnt treated that much differently from any of the other characters. Usually autistic characters are the only ones who are handled from external and distanced perspectives and come across as not-quite-human, but everyone was a little hollow here. Their big moments often felt forced. They all moved from plot point to plot point and from pathos to comedy with few punches or punchlines landing.

I was similarly not surprised but disappointed by the response that Atypical received. Most of the professional reviews I read praised the show in ways which belied how underqualified the critics were to address autistic stories. At least one outlet actively recruited autistic sourcesincluding mefor an Atypical-pegged article on representation. But at least one other major outlet hired a non-autistic parent of an autistic child to write about what the show did and didnt get right about autism. I had a lot of non-autistic people tell me that they loved the show. I even had a few try to explain to me why I was wrong, saying that the series had expanded their understanding of autistic people, when I tried to explain why many of us were not fans.

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Is Freddie Highmore From The Good Doctor Really Autistic

TV has been taken by storm by yet another medical drama, to join Greys Anatomy and House in the big leagues. After a long drought of a good new medical, we finally have The Good Doctor. With the former Bates Motel star playing the genius autistic doctor so convincingly, fans are wondering if Freddie Highmore is autistic. Read on for all the details.

About Freddie Highmore
Alumni Emmanuel College, Cambridge

Freddie Highmores representation of the autistic Dr. Shaun Murphy is so authentic that it can sometimes confuse fans of The Good Doctor. On the show, he plays a resident surgeon at a reputable San Jose hospital. Here are all the details about the currently most-watched TV show in America.

What Is The Plot Of The Good Doctor

The Good Doctor is on a medical drama from South Korea of the same name, that revolves around a resident doctor. In the U.S. version of the show, that doctor, Shaun Murphy, has autism and savant syndrome. The show grossed a whopping 16.1 million viewers just last week, proving that this medical drama is here to stay!

Those diagnosed with s show almost prodigious capabilities, including encyclopedic memory, that are otherwise not seen in human beings, and falls in the autism spectrum.

Dr. Shaun Murphy, in this case, is an autistic savant, with a huge knowledge bank, and a passion to become a successful surgeon. The character was developed by Houses David Shore, who wanted audiences to love the doctor not just because of his disabilities, but because of his willingness to overcome the challenges that they bring.

Shaun, as a character, is highly intelligent, rarely makes eye-contact, is great at what he does, and was hired after the hospital president persisted. In the shows premiere, Shaun is seen as a medical hero who saved a little boys life after noticing something the attending physicians did not.

Shore made it clear that he did not want to make Shaun look emotionless or mindless. Peoples perception of autistism is often incorrect, and Shore was determined to change that mindset.

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The Bates Motel Actor Believes It Is An Exciting Challenging Role

In The Good Doctor, Highmore portrays autistic surgeon Dr Shaun Murphy whose autism assists him in his profession.

In an interview with Digital Spy, Highmore spoke of how the character of Shaun is one that is interesting to be involved in, saying The character of Shaun constantly evolves and changes, so its an exciting, challenging role. But it also feels exciting in the middle of a season to be preparing to direct. Maybe that sounds insane!.

When talking of preparing to direct, Highmore is speaking about his directing of episode 15 in the shows second season. Acting as producer on the show as well as being the lead actor, the 27 year old said that directing made sense: I find working on the show all-consuming, and so it sort of made sense it was this natural extension of wanting to commit and contribute in other ways, where possible.

Speaking about how he was surprised to be cast in the role, Highmore continued: I guess I feel very fortunate to have been offered the part of Shaun, and I wasnt, myself, involved in that process from the other side. But it seemed like an incredibly important project, and thats why I wanted to be a part of it. Im proud to be a part of it.

Highmore sprung onto the hit show straight off of another show that thrilled audiences in the form of Psycho prequel series Bates Motel, which he also found himself to be directing.

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Murphy Is The Classic White Cis Male

‘Good Doctor’ star on playing an autistic character, breaking down stereotypes

Murphys relationship with his mentor dr. Its pretty remarkable that an average 17.4 million people have been tuning in each week to watch a character with autism. Dr shaun murphy has both autism and savant syndrome in the good doctor. The good doctor does that, counterintuitively, with a protagonist whose inability to connect emotionally is one of his defining features. Expertly played by freddie highmore , dr. The shows biggest battle isnt that american audiences wont connect we all love a good medical drama its that it has to finely walk the path of making their autistic lead character not fall victim stereotypes. Read the official abc bio, show quotes and learn about the role at abc tv. The good doctor depicts one character with extreme realismbut not all autistics are like the character on the the good doctor may choose to present its autistic protagonist front and center, but in the tv show the good doctor, would dr. The patient continuously escapes from his hospital room, and jared keeps tracking him down. It is based on a 2013 south korean series of the same name. Season 4 of the good doctor premieres monday, november 2 on abc. Shaun murphy, a surgical resident with autism. To start off with some of the positives, freddie highmore already looks like a great choice to play dr.

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Autistic Representation In The Media The Good Doctor

Autism in the media heavily revolves around stereotypes. We either see an autistic child screeching and becoming a parents worst nightmare, or they seem to have an obsession with trains . Even in 2018, Autism in the media suffers from the same issues weve had before. However, with the exposure of the internet, things are slowly changing.

One example of this is an American drama series called The Good Doctor. I got recommended this show and was a tad sceptical at first, As previous shows Ive heard of or seen usually use the same autistic tropes. This show is based on a South Korean show with the same name.

First lets look at the positives

Overall, His traits are universal yet limited for an autistic audience simultaneously. I do like it when they delve into Shawns character and how he lives, instead of just being in his workplace. The neurotypical characters of the show are strong. Even the minor side characters who make comments over Shawns condition. Some sceptical and negative, some positive . Theres also a special guest one episode where one of the patients is actually autistic and likes to harmfully stim himself by punching himself. I wont spoil but the contrast with him and Shawn is a good example on how different each autistic person can be. This is why I prefer to see autistic people as a case by case basis.

What does everyone think of this show? If you have seen it. Feel free to comment below!


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One Twin Can Perish During Or After Separation Surgery

When doctors attempt to separate conjoined twins, it is usually before one of them passes they know one twin will likely expire in order to save the other. In other situations, the shared systems may leave one twin without all of the organs necessary for survival.

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The Good Doctor On Abc Is About A Young Autistic Doctor Shaun Murphy Who Leaves His Rural Life To Join A Big Hospital In San Jose

Shaun murphy, a surgical resident with autism. Shaun murphy is charming, sweet, tender and all alone in the world for reasons thatll become clear by the. The good doctor himself, dr shaun murphy, is a surgical trainee with excellent memory recall and attention to detail who faces stigma but often saves absolute numbers of autistic doctors practising in the profession are unknown. This is something which has an impact on the way he relates to his environment. Dr shaun murphy has both autism and savant syndrome in the good doctor. This allows the show to constantly juxtapose. Main characters a young autistic doctor who joins the residency program at san jose main characters. Shaun is on the autism spectrum which means he has a disorder which affects his brain development. Murphys relationship with his mentor dr. This tv show is definitely one of the kind as. To start off with some of the positives, freddie highmore already looks like a great choice to play dr. The good doctor is an autistic savant, thats why he is so smart and comes across as medical genius. Glassman that less than excellent means that someone else dies. our call:

Is Dr Murphy On The Good Doctor Autistic

Is The Good Doctor Actually Autistic

Is Dr Murphy On The Good Doctor Autistic. One study suggests a 1% prevalence in general practitioners and may. To start off with some of the positives, freddie highmore already looks like a great choice to play dr.

the good doctor freddie highmore isnt autistic how he makes his performance so believable. Shaun murphy may be fictional, but i am not. Shaun murphy is the main titular protagonist of the good doctor. There is much that the good doctor is not positioned to teach us. Read the official abc bio, show quotes and learn about the role at abc tv.

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On Shaun’s Evolution As A Character:

” spoke mostly about Shaun and the development of his character over time,” Freddie told the LA Times. “People who aren’t aware of autism in a personal way or haven’t watched the show sometimes say, ‘How will Shaun change? He’ll always have autism. What’s his arc going to be?’ So one of the things we discussed early on is, ‘Yes, he’ll always have autism. But he’s going to change continuously as an individual as he adapts to this new world that he finds himself in.’ That was exciting to me: This individual, regardless of whether or not he’s on the spectrum, is going on a journey as a character.”

Just because Shaun has autism, that doesn’t mean he’s not going to grow and change as a person.

Specifically, as Freddie said on Popcorn With Peter Travers, he’s enjoyed watching Shaun evolve from the naive young man he was when he first arrived in the “big city” for his residency after growing up in the countryside: “Just because Shaun has autism, that doesn’t mean he’s not going to grow and change as a person,” he said.

On Representing Autism On Tv:

While Freddie was creating his character on The Good Doctor, it was incredibly important to him that Shaun wasn’t just a one-dimensional “person with autism” but rather a complete individual with his own complexities, just like any other character on your favorite TV shows.

“I appreciate the way in which Shaun is a fully formed character,” Freddie told USA Today. “Often, people with autism on screen have been represented as somewhat emotionless or singularly focused on one thing and that isn’t true. We get to see Shaun in moments of joy, what makes him excited, alongside the very real struggle he’s facing.”

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We Bet The Good Doctor Fans Didnt Know These Interesting Facts About The Shows Cast

  • 14 May 2021

The Good Doctor, since airing back in 2017, has become one of the most beloved medical dramas worldwide. The series follows Shaun, a young autistic doctor, who travels from his mid-city life in Casper, Wyoming, to join the medical staff at the renowned St. Bonaventure Hospital hospital in San Jose, California, who uses his unlikely skills to treat patients and prove his abilities to his colleagues.

The series features Freddie Highmore as Dr Shaun Murphy Antonia Thomas as Dr Claire Browne Hill Harper as Dr Marcus Andrews and Richard Schiff as Dr Aaron Glassman, with the shows star-studded lineup also constantly introducing fresh new faces to keep up with its exciting, dramatic and often downright heartbreaking storylines.

Read on to discover where youve seen the cast of The Good Doctor before, and learn some interesting facts about the impressive actors.

Autistic Adults Review The Good Doctor

Freddie Highmore (The Good Doctor’) on autistic surgeon with wonderful heart, hopeful outlook

~ 7 minute read

The Good Doctor, which airs on CTV, has drawn much attention from the autism community. It centres around Dr. Shawn Murphy, a young autistic savant resident surgeon at an American hospital, played by neurotypical actor Freddie Highmore. Highmore has drawn praise from some parts of the autism community for the care he has brought to the role. However, others have raised concerns over the representation of people on the autism spectrum in the media and the overall message that a program like this presents to the public.

Autism Ontario assembled a diverse group of adults with autism to review and discuss The Good Doctor. The group consisted of self-advocates Michael McCreary, comedian and author Courtney Weaver, freelance writer David Moloney, Autism Ontario Board Member and Mutual Fund Indexer with CIBC Matthew Lemay, freelance writer Anthony Spezzano, Capital Markets Specialist, TD Securities Christian Maltesta and, Nicole Corrado. Michael Cnudde, self-advocate and Specialist Communications and Project Development, Autism Ontario, moderated the panel.

All in all, I find that it plays the autism card a little too heavily, said David. He found the shows lead actor and writers tried to show autism as a broad concept or a construct. He thought this was too general an approach and much was lost this way. It doesnt really portray the positivity exuded by people on the spectrum.

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