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Is There Any Cure For Autism

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While There Is No Cure For Autism Many Types Of Treatments And Programs Can Help People Manage Their Autism Symptoms And Improve Communication

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While many different types of treatments exist that can help people with autism manage their symptoms, there is no single autism cure. In fact, autism is a lifelong diagnosis. Parents who wonder if autism can be cured for their child should instead talk to their doctor about different types of therapies, programs and medications that might help their childs specific symptoms.

Top Ten Ways To An Autism Cure

  • ABA Therapy ABA Therapy, again and again, has shown to improve autism effects. Some parents have even claimed their children have been cured through ABA. We disagree with some of their practices. More on this below.
  • Test for Toxins Its important to find out why youre detoxing. Get a hair analysis and find out specifically what some key toxins are in your body. Then deal with those things specifically.
  • Gluten Free / Casein Free Diet Many children with autism have severe gluten allergies. Gluten doesnt do anyone favors, but for some autistic children, its a debilitating toxin. Same with casein.
  • Implementing A Ketogenic Diet Ketogenic diets were developed to treat epilepsy. Recently, they have shown to be just as useful in treating other neurological disorders like autism.
  • Medium Chain Triglycerides If a ketogenic diet is difficult, MCTs might be your answer. The purpose of the keto diet is to raise blood levels of ketones to therapeutic levels. One of the best ways to get MCTs is through coconut oil. Consuming coconut oil can raise blood ketones to levels that can affect brain growth and development.
  • CBD Oil I know, sounds too good to be true. CBD Oil has helped some autistic kids tremendously. A recent study showed improvement in 80% of children.
  • Pre/Probiotics In another recent study, implementing Lactobacillus reuteri resulted in higher levels of oxytocin and improved the brains ability to form new connections that foster learning.
  • Therapies Covered By School Or Insurance

    Autism therapies, when paid for out of pocket, can be prohibitively expensive. Top-notch therapists can charge $60 to $100 an hour , and many therapies are most effective when provided for many hours a week. For many families, the “best” autism therapies are those that are both available and free or low-cost.

    While there are dozens of autism therapies, only a few are provided through schools or paid for through medical insurance. While these are not necessarily the only effective therapies they are, for obvious reasons, the most popular. If you’re low on funds, these therapies can be the best available. Often, in combination with other treatment types, they can be quite effective.

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    Looking For A Cure Overshadows Genuine Treatment

    Its possible that the search for a cure also overlooks good news on the treatment front that is nonetheless short of a full resolution. Over time, about 10 percent of ASD patient will show dramatic improvement by their mid-teens. Although still formally diagnosed with ASD, they are able to improve their verbal and daily living skills considerably.

    Its unclear if the Bronx study, or others that have found similar cases of apparently spontaneous resolution to ASD symptoms, hold any clues to developing a directed cure to the disease. So far, no particular patterns have emerged that might show a particular demographic range or treatment technique leading to resolution.

    Among the population that improves, however, there is at least some suggestion that responsive therapies lead to better outcomes than directive therapies. ABA techniques such as pivotal response training and other naturalistic approaches fall into this category.

    A 1987 paper suggests that the relative success of these models has a lot to do with easing those with ASD into social interactions in such a way that it eliminates the stressors often associated with social contact meeting new people represents a break in pattern and routine and often requires the kind of social sensitivity that those with ASD struggle with. By gradually introducing social skills slowly and in settings where the patient was comfortable, ABAs can eventually reverse adverse behaviors.

    Unfortunate Consequences Of Social Difficulties

    Use Your Brain for Science » Blog Archive » Bad Science on ...

    They can appear to be very insensitive and unsympathetic.

    They can seem stand-offish as they seek out time alone when overloaded by other people.

    They dont seek or find comfort from other people.

    They can appear to behave strangely or in a socially inappropriate manner.

    They may be very lonely and feel isolated as they dont know how to go about forming friendships.

    Because of all the above they can often be targets for teasing or bullying.

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    Going Forward Achieving Better Outcomes For All

    The World Health Organization declares that the highest attainable standard of health is a fundamental right for all human beings. Leaving aside entirely the idea of a cure for autism, people with autism deserve much better health care and health research than they currently enjoy.

    By adequately identifying and addressing medical issues associated with autism, a wide range of individuals challenges and difficulties can potentially be reduced, including anxiety, impulsivity, headaches, poor sleep, depression, aggression, self-injury, obsessive and compulsive behaviours, gastrointestinal problems to name a few.

    No one should be expected to suffer a lower standard of health simply because of an autism diagnosis, yet diagnostic overshadowingattributing medical symptoms and conditions to the diagnosis of autism and therefore not offering appropriate investigation or treatmentis widespread.

    If an individuals experience of autism does not involve health problems that result in suffering, and if the symptoms of autism are not perceived to be an impediment to happiness, independence, success, an enjoyable social and personal life, and to being in control of their lives, then there would no reason to seek intervention. However, for the majority of those diagnosed with autism, there is sufficient suffering and serious disability to rightfully deserve thorough investigation and appropriate intervention.

    Speech And Communication Problems

    At Therapeutic Pathways, we use the most recent and research-based findings in speech and language pathology in each childs treatment plan. Our speech, language and communication goals are integrated into our comprehensive Applied Behavior Analysis treatment plan to help children develop the skills they need to communicate their thoughts, feelings, and needs.

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    When Can We Expect An Autism Cure

    If cures were available, families wouldn’t search social media for DIY solutions. Unfortunately, it’s not clear when an autism cure, verified by medical experts, will become clear.

    When researchers kick off studies, they disclose when the work will be done. Often, they miss deadlines. Experts say just 20% of autism studies have on-time results published.

    It’s hard to wait for answers to autism questions. For now, that’s exactly what we must do. Invest in therapies proven to help, like applied behavior analysis . Support your loved one as best you can. And hope that the cure we’re looking for emerges soon.

    Complementary Alternative Medicine & Over

    Why Have There Not Been Any Clinical Trials for Experimental Autism Treatment?

    Some research has been done into alternative treatment options outside of psychotherapy and medications for ASD. There are several alternative medications typically used for ASD however, theres no research to show that any of these treatments are effective and, in certain cases, may even be considered harmful.

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    Beware Of False Claims

    Many companies try to sell autism miracle cures, but these often give families hope and take their money without providing actual results. Some of these products may even be harmful to ones health. Products to avoid include chelation therapy, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, detoxifying clay baths, raw camel milk and essential oils. None of these have been shown to help with autism symptoms. Some people may claim they helped treat autism for themselves or a family member, but it is likely that in a lot of these cases, people are just experiencing a placebo effect. People should generally make it a practice to stay away from products that promise a cure or a quick solution.

    The Cure For Autism In Children And Possibly Adults

    • Autism

    I dont know why I didnt figure this out sooner! Forgive me. I have had all the puzzle pieces for years, I just never spent much time working on fitting them together. However, I always had a nagging feeling that what I am about to suggest, could be the cure for autism-I just didnt run with it!

    But once you put all the puzzle pieces together-the likely cure for autism in kids and probably in adults seems so obvious I want to kick myself.

    I even helped raise an autistic boy from age 5 to 19. But the first time I had all the puzzle pieces would have been about 5 years ago. But I was busy trying to research all the other diseases cured by correcting Vitamin D3 deficiency that I didnt apply what I was learning to autism. But all the amazing things I have learned in the last 5 years about Vitamin D3 have finally hit me in the face.

    I expect autistic brains can be cured with very high dose Vitamin D3 therapy over maybe a three month to one year period! Crazy! I can imagine many readers saying. Keep reading, and by the end of this article I think you will come to the same conclusion!

    I expect a very high likelihood of it working in young children, and a pretty good chance it will work in autistic adults as well!

    Lets start laying out some of the puzzle pieces, here are some relevant facts needed to construct this theory.

  • A recent study in a mouse model of autism show that giving the pregnant females Vitamin D3, eliminates all autistic behaviors in their offspring.
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    Natural Supplements For Autism

    1. Fish Oil

    Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids, specifically the EPA/DHA in fish oil, is critical for brain function and is highly anti-inflammatory. Supplementing with omega-3 fatty acids like fish oil is one of the most commonly used complementary and alternative practices in children with autism spectrum disorder. Study results have been mixed but some have demonstrated marked improvement in autism symptoms.

    2. Digestive enzymes

    Since children with autism tend to have digestive problems and may also have leaky gut, digestive enzymes can help with absorption of vitamins and minerals. According to Autism Canada, digestive enzymes can improve digestion and reduce inflammation, which is very helpful since impairments in digestion and absorption contribute to the childs impaired nutritional status, which can in turn contribute to and further impair immunity, detoxification and brain function.

    3. Vitamin D3

    Vitamin D deficiency is more common in children with autism compared to children without autism. This is a key vitamin required for healthy brain function. A vitamin D deficiency in a pregnant mother may also increase autism risk in her offspring.

    One study even showed that autism rates are highest among babies conceived in winter months and, furthermore, that the season of conception accounts for 11.4 percent of cases of autism, intellectual disability and learning difficulties. This was a record-linkage study of 801,592 children in Scotland.

    4. Probiotic

    5. L-carnitine

    Asperger Syndrome And Social Interaction

    Autism Acceptance Quotes. QuotesGram

    Very often children with Asperger Syndrome have at least average or above average intelligence. It is normally the social aspect of interaction that causes problems for children and teenagers with Aspergers.

    They often have good language skills but they tend to take language more literally and find it difficult or even impossible to interpret language spoken in a joking way or in a sarcastic way. They themselves tend to mean what they say and they expect other people also to mean what they say often very literally.

    They may find it difficult to interpret facial expression, gesture or tone of voice. They like things to be precise and concrete rather than vague and abstract. Not understanding about turn-taking in conversation may cause them to be unpopular as they tend to talk at great length about their own interests and dont recognise others boredom or irritation and go on and on regardless.

    Often they dont recognise emotions in others and dont express their own emotions easily or sometimes they express them inappropriately.

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    Is A Cure For Autism Being Developed

    After a disease’s discovery, researchers look for cures. Issues like cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, and AIDS consume the work of researchers all over the globe. The cures they find could save millions of lives.

    Why is there no autism cure yet? The disease was discovered in the 1940s, so it seems like researchers have had a lot of time to find answers.

    For some researchers, a cure isn’t the answer. Autism spectrum disorder is a complicated condition that stems from plenty of competing triggers, including genes, the environment, and parental health. They say untangling all of those cues could take decades, and that’s time better spent on finding a way to help people live with ASD.

    But some researchers are looking into an autism cure. While 2021 may not be the year a solution is found, plenty of exciting discoveries happen every day.

    Autism Therapies To Avoid

    Since there is no known cause or cure for autism, there are many so-called “treatments” or “cures” out there that may sound like they will be effectivebut in reality, some of these are hoaxes that can be useless or even risky. Many such treatments are built around debunked or unproven theories about the cause of autism.

    Some popular theories include the idea that autism is caused by vaccines, by poor diet, by a lack of a particular nutrient, by pathogens or parasites in the gut, and more. The outcome of using these therapies or treatments can be devastating, both physically and financially.

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    The Kids Who Beat Autism

    At first, everything about L.’s baby boy seemed normal. He met every developmental milestone and delighted in every discovery. But at around 12 months, B. seemed to regress, and by age 2, he had fully retreated into his own world. He no longer made eye contact, no longer seemed to hear, no longer seemed to understand the random words he sometimes spoke. His easygoing manner gave way to tantrums and head-banging. He had been this happy, happy little guy, L. said. All of a sudden, he was just fading away, falling apart. I cant even describe my sadness. It was unbearable. More than anything in the world, L. wanted her warm and exuberant boy back.

    A few months later, B. received a diagnosis of autism. His parents were devastated. Soon after, L. attended a conference in Newport, R.I., filled with autism clinicians, researchers and a few desperate parents. At lunch, L. sat across from a woman named Jackie, who recounted the disappearance of her own boy. She said the speech therapist had waved it off, blaming ear infections and predicting that Jackies son, Matthew, would be fine. She was wrong. Within months, Matthew acknowledged no one, not even his parents. The last word he had was Mama, and by the time Jackie met L., even that was gone.

    How To Spot Fake Treatments

    Is there Cure for Autism and Mental Diseases & how to cure with remedies…..A brief explanation

    There are some warning signs that may suggest a treatment is fake:

    • it claims to “cure” or help people “recover from” autism
    • it claims to work in most people and have quick results
    • personal “stories” are used to claim it works, rather than medical evidence
    • words like “miracle”, “faith” and “trust” are used
    • it can be done by anyone without any training or qualifications
    • it costs a lot of money

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    Autism Is A Spectrum Condition Often Known As Autism Spectrum Disorder

    This means that, while all Autistic children and adults will share certain aspects of the condition, the ways that they are affected will differ from person to person and inevitably some will encounter far more difficulties than others.

    At one end of the scale people are described as high functioning and they will need far less support in their everyday lives. People at completely the other end of the scale are on a much lower level of functioning and may need 24 hour support.

    There are very many ways of differentiating between the levels and they are sometimes known by different terms in the USA from those often used in the UK where I live. But these intricacies of description are far outside the scope of this particular blog.

    Is There A Cure For Autism

    By Katherine G. Hobbs, AA

    Some families feel relief after an autism spectrum disorder diagnosis. Other families are hesitant to accept the diagnosis. Almost all families feel overwhelmed and ask, What is the cure for autism? There is no cure for autism, but there are treatments that can reduce some symptoms. Early intervention is key to making sure your child can function to the best of his/her ability. Therapies, gadgets, and medications are all options to help your child thrive.

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    Measuring The Activity Of Dopaminergic Neurons

    The work was done through a multi-institution collaboration co-led at Boston Childrens Hospital by Mustafa Sahin, MD, PhD, director of the Rosamund Stone Zander Translational Neuroscience Center and the Translational Research Program, and Christopher Walsh, MD, PhD, chief of the Division of Genetics and Genomics. Walsh was among the researchers who first discovered the association between 16p11.2 and ASD in 2008.

    The team devised a way of differentiating induced pluripotent stem cells created from patients own cells and bearing 16p11.2 copy number variations into dopaminergic neurons. The investigators then studied how neurons missing the 16p11.2 region behaved in a dish.

    One advantage of making human stem-cell-derived neuronal cultures is that you can do drug testing very easily by measuring the activity of those cells, explains first author Maria Sundberg, PhD, of the Sahin laboratory.

    Their experiments involved probing the network activity of the derived dopaminergic neurons with more than 1,000 sensors at once. This allowed the team to observe how individual cells fired and then formed a cluster of signals that spread throughout the neuronal network in the dish.

    We discovered that dopaminergic neurons that are missing this 16p11.2 region were hyperactive compared to the control cells, says Sahin.

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