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What Does Autistic Child Like To Do

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Repetitive Or Restrictive Behaviors

What does problem behavior look like in child with Autism

An autistic child who has adopted certain repetitive or restrictive behaviors may exhibit some of these signs:

  • performs repetitive motions, such as flapping their hands, rocking back and forth, or spinning
  • persistently or repeatedly lines up toys or other objects in an organized fashion
  • gets upset or frustrated by small changes in their daily routine
  • has to follow certain routines
  • plays with toys the same way every time
  • likes certain parts of objects
  • has obsessive interests

Great Toys For Children With Autism

Parents often think of toys as a vehicle for pure fun and playand for typically-developing kids, they often are. But for autistic kids, toys can serve another purposeas a teaching tool. It sounds counterintuitive, but we really need to teach these kids how to play, says Jan Blacher, Ph.D., a developmental psychologist and director of the SEARCH family autism research center at University of California-Riverside. For children with autism, play does not come naturally because they dont have built-in knowledge about what to do with toys and how to interact with other kids.

So which toys can help teach those much-needed skills? We asked Blacher as well as Rondalyn Whitney, PhD, an occupational therapist and assistant professor at Philadelphias University of the Sciences, to weigh in. Their picks:

Board GamesFor children with autism, the best toys are those that facilitate playing with others, because autistic kids have a lot of trouble with social communication, says Blacher. Simple games like Candyland can help teach skills like following directions and taking turns, and they also involve social interaction with another child. As children get older, more complex board games like Boggle, Scrabble, checkers or chess are terrific.

Dont Act As If Their Identity Is Strictly Autism

Its often said that autism does not define a person. That autism is something a person has, but not who they are.

There is some debate regarding this as many people, some autistics included, feel that autism does indeed define them. That they would not be who they are, for better or worse, without autism.

Im not going to debate that in this article, but I will say that autism is not ALL that makes up an autistic person.

Autistic people are just thatPEOPLE! They have likes and dislikes. Dreams and hopes for their future.

Your likes, your dislikes, the things in life that are important to you, these are what you want to be talked to about. These are the things that make you YOU, and someone with autism is no different.

They are people first, just like you and I.

If you simply think of someone as autistic and treat them as such, you miss out on all of the other things that make them who they are.

You dehumanize and categorize them in a way that can be demoralizing. This is NOT something you should do to anyone, especially someone with autism!

Its OK to seek a better understanding of autism so that you can support an autistic person in the way that they need, but always remember that they are people first and foremost.

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Don’t Take Things Personally

Children with autism may not respond in a manner you understand or expect. They may walk away from you, ignore you, or have a tantrum.

Its easy to have hurt feelings, but do your best to keep your emotions in check. The child is working hard to adjust to your expectations and your reality. Be as flexible as you can, and keep trying to form that connection.

Science Fiction And Fantasy

World Autism Awareness Day: Why early intervention is ...

Science fiction and fantasy are often of great interest to people with autism. Depending on their interest levels and abilities, people on the spectrum may learn every detail of a particular “universe,” write their own stories, watch and rewatch movies, read comics, attend cons, or even build their own costumes.

There is a whole world of opportunity for hobbyists out there, at all levels. Find your inner caped crusader, and get involved.

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It Won’t Always Be Like This

“During the hardest times, when my son wasnt sleeping or eating or when he melted down over lights and sounds, I wish I knew it wouldnt always be like this. I wish someone would have told me that the child I have now will grow and change and regress and thrive. You will feel frozen in time at different points. Know that it will get better. And harder. It will change.”

Kate Swenson, Cottage Grove, Minnesota

What Kind Of Toys Do Kids With Autism Like 11 Must

Children with ASD have trouble interacting and communicating with others that they often withdraw into themselves. You want to support them in this aspect by stuffing them with playthings. But what kind of toys do kids with autism like?

Regardless of the many discomforts, autistic children have an ardent desire to play. Do they enjoy the same type of playthings as children without the spectrum do?

Autistic children want toys that make them feel good and secured. The moment they find interest in a toy and starts to get the sensations they like, the nice feeling helps decrease discomfort and fear that enables them to explore their minds freely. The result is they express themselves naturally.

They will start listening to you, play with you, or follow your directions all of which are forms of communication. This approach enhances coordination, conveys conversations with other people , and overall improve their neural processing systems.


< < In search of gifts for children with autism? We found the best items that offer calming and sensory benefits. Take a look!


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Four Legs And Fur May Change Your Child’s World And Give You Hope

“We were on an endless search for that one thing that was going to make the difference for our son … and then we adopted Xena, a severely abused and neglected puppy. The moment my son and Xena met, there was an immediate and undeniable bond. He spoke freely to her he sang to her he played with her. They were inseparable. We spent years and thousands of dollars on therapy hoping to accomplish what this dog was able to attain instantly. My son finally had a relationship where there was no judgment or expectations placed on him, but there was a friendship that allowed him to let it all go, open up and be himself. I am not saying that all families living with autism should have a dog, but I will say that miracles do come true, and your miracle may be at your local shelter waiting for you.”

Linda Hickey, Johns Creek, Georgia

Hobbies And Activities To Enjoy

My Child flaps his arms Does that mean he has Autism?

These are some of the most popular activities shared by autistic children and their families. Of course, you and your child may have completely different interests, but these ideas should start your creative juices flowing.

As you read through this list, you may think “my child isn’t able to comprehend or participate in any of these activities he can’t even speak.” While that may be true in some cases, the ability to speak, sit still, or otherwise “behave normally” are not required for most of these activities.

Many children with nonverbal autism are accomplished gamers, artists, swimmers, runners, and more.

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Use Time To Decrease Transitional Tantrums

Many children have trouble leaving preferred places and activities. This is a BIG one for my 5 year old. There were times I wouldn’t even take him to our neighborhood park because I was so scared of that awful moment when we had to leave. He was unpredictable and erratic. Sometimes he would scream and fall to the ground, or try to run into a busy street to get away from me, or lash out to hit me. It broke my heart and downright scared me. One thing that has been life-changing for us is using Minute Warnings/Timers: Your child may need a 5 minute, 2 minute, or 1 minute warning before there is a change of activity. These warnings help the children prepare for the transition. They will begin to learn that the warning comes and then the change comes. Eventually, the minute warnings become routine, even if the next task is not.

We set a timer on our iphone. “In five minutes you need to take a bath.” “In two minutes we are leaving the park.”This helps a child feel more in control without controlling us. When the timer goes off you have to carry through every single time. We did this continuously for two weeks before we started to see results. Now it’s been years and it still works. Set your boundaries, stick to them, and follow through.

We Dont Need Autism Awareness We Need Autism Acceptance

Youve probably seen the bumper stickers, Facebook posts and the t-shirts calling for Autism Awareness. But as parents of children on the Autism Spectrum continually insist, our society is aware of autism. Its autism acceptance that we need. Though one in 68 American children are now diagnosed with autism, our society still treats autistic individuals and their families as social pariahs. To become a more inclusive society will take advancements in access to services, affordable health care, employment opportunities, Medicaid expansion, fair pay, and more opportunities for quality education.

More for Parents and Families:

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Im Not Someone To Pity Simply Because My Child Has Autism

Autistic children are writing books, making films, creating blogs, and making all sorts of other groundbreaking achievements. Yet, when a parent tells someone their child is autistic, they are usually met with an unnecessary apology or look of pity. Autism is not something to be pitied, and our societys outlook should change to reflect that.

We Are Incredibly Lonely

Does My Child Have Autism?

For all of the reasons already listed, its easy to see why being the parent of a child on the Autism Spectrum is a lonely experience. Parents are with their children all the time. Many will be with them for the rest of their life. That makes joining a community of friends incredibly difficult. Divorce rates amongst parents of children on the Autism Spectrum is especially high. If youre a friend of a parent of an autistic child, ask that parent if theyre okay. Ask if they need something, or if you can help with anything. Showing them theyre not as alone as they may feel will go a long way in brightening their day.

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Kids Are Getting Diagnosed Sooner

There’s no laboratory or medical test for detecting autism, so doctors must rely on behavioral signs. In the past, many were reluctant to label a child as autistic until symptoms became obvious. “The average age for diagnosis had been about 3.5, with many children diagnosed much later,” says Amy Wetherby, Ph.D., director of the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities at Florida State University, in Tallahassee. But that’s changing.

One reason is that pediatricians are becoming more aware of autism. At the same time, autism specialists are better at identifying early telltale signs such as a lack of babbling or pointing. “Most children with autism will show some signs of developmental disruption by their first birthday,” says Rebecca Landa, Ph.D., an autism researcher at Baltimore’s Kennedy Krieger Institute.

And while no one is yet diagnosing autism in children that young, doctors can now make a reliable assessment by 24 months when a child’s brain is still rapidly developing. “If we can intervene while a child’s brain is very immature, it will be much easier to help change her behavior,” Dr. Wetherby says.

My Kid Works Harder Than Any Other Child Her Age

As already mentioned, we do not live in a society that is accommodating to people on the Autism Spectrum. This means that an autistic kid has to work much, much harder to function just about anywhere they go. Behind that hard-working kid are parents, teachers, and therapists who are also working hard to help that child. An autistic child acting like their neurotypical peers has not been cured. Hes simply working 100 times harder to keep up, and thats something we should all keep in mind.

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What Causes Autism: 6 Facts You Need To Know

There are lots of frightening rumors about what causes autism, a mysterious brain disorder, in children. We asked leading experts across the country to get you answers.

Nancy Wiseman had a feeling early on that something wasn’t quite right with her daughter. When Sarah was 6 months old, she stopped babbling, and by 10 months, she was silent. By 18 months, the increasingly aloof toddler no longer responded to her name, and she resisted being held, kissed, or touched. “I felt that I was losing my child a little more each day,” says Wiseman, of Merrimac, Massachusetts. When Sarah wasn’t saying any words or even making sounds that resembled words by 20 months, her grandmother, a school psychologist, suspected that the girl might actually be deaf. Instead, Wiseman was devastated to learn that her daughter had autism. “The diagnosis really knocked the wind out of me,” she recalls, “but I was relieved to finally know what was wrong.”

There are many unanswered questions,” says Alice Kau, Ph.D., an autism expert at the National Institutes of Health, which funded more than $74 million in autism research in 2002, as compared with only $22 million in 1997. Still, researchers are beginning to make progress in unraveling this baffling disorder, and the number of resources available for families is increasing. Here, six facts about autism that every parent should know.

Autism Caregiving: Treatment Helps

What Does it Feel Like to Have Autism? | Autism Awareness | Operation Ouch | Nugget

Caregiving for a loved one with autism can be tremendously difficult. But happily, treatment can often make a difference.

âThe good thing is that people with autism can learn many of the things that they donât know intuitively,â says Shore. âIt just requires direct instruction.â Skills that neurotypical children learn unconsciously â such as evaluating a social situation or reading a personâs behavior â can be taught, step-by-step.

There are many different approaches to instructing children with autism, including the Applied Behavior Analysis , the Miller Method, and the Floortime method. Shore says that there is no single best approach. As a caregiver, the key is to be flexible, to try different approaches, and see what works best with your child.

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A Parents Guide To Autism Treatment And Support

If youve recently learned that your child has or might have autism spectrum disorder, youre probably wondering and worrying about what comes next. No parent is ever prepared to hear that a child is anything other than happy and healthy, and an ASD diagnosis can be particularly frightening. You may be unsure about how to best help your child, or confused by conflicting treatment advice. Or you may have been told that ASD is an incurable, lifelong condition, leaving you concerned that nothing you do will make a difference.

While it is true that ASD is not something a person simply grows out of, there are many treatments that can help children acquire new skills and overcome a wide variety of developmental challenges. From free government services to in-home behavioral therapy and school-based programs, assistance is available to meet your childs special needs and help them learn, grow, and thrive in life.

When youre looking after a child with ASD, its also important to take care of yourself. Being emotionally strong allows you to be the best parent you can be to your child in need. These parenting tips can help by making life with an autistic child easier.

Why Do Some Autistic Children Like To Give Hugs

This is an interesting question, because the common belief is that autistic children dont like giving hugs. As we know, children with autism can experience an aversion to normal social experiences like playing with others and being affectionate. Many children with autism are very sensitive, so affectionate acts, like hugs, can feel painful or uncomfortable for them.

However, not all children with autism experience affection this way. Just like there are a variety of symptoms, there are a variety of ways children with autism express themselves. One behavior that can be in flux is that of showing affection. Some children with autism can comfortably show and express affection to a small number of people they feel very comfortable with, such as parents and siblings.

Another possible symptom of autism is that a childs show of affection is indiscriminate. He or she may show affection for a total stranger as well as a parent. Because autism causes problems in social development, this over-affection may be caused by an inability to correctly receive and give social signals. In this scenario, its possible that a child with autism you know may like to give hugs. He or she just happens to be one of the children that express affection.

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When My Child Is Having A Meltdown Please Stay Calm

Meltdowns occur because children on the Autism Spectrum often feel overwhelmed by their surroundings. Therefore, a sense of calm is required to end the meltdown and restore a childs feeling of control. During a meltdown, the parent will likely be busy trying to calm their child. A helpful person standing by shouldnt approach the parent and child. They can help by trying to make the immediate area as peaceful as possible. As Autism Speaks recommends, Scan the area around the child for sights and sounds that may have contributed to the meltdown. . . . Is there an alarm that can be silenced? A flashing display that can be temporarily turned off?

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